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Every time I log in to Cortana, the question of signing up is repeated

Question: Every time I log in to Cortana, the question of signing up is repeated

I am logged in to Microsoft with a freely chosen password. Thank you for your advice

@ nirak45, Cortana entries are not recognized. What could and the Microsoft account at login the same? When I open Cortana, I am or have misunderstood you.

I log in to my PC windows 10, version 1511. Could this be the same procedure from scratch. Every time I log in to Cortana, the question of signing up is repeated. But will they go wrong?

Hello, good morning,
Have since the installation of W 10. Because otherwise it would not work, be a problem?

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Recommended solution: Every time I log in to Cortana, the question of signing up is repeated

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Whenever I log in to my PC, the screen freezes a few seconds after entering the password ein.Mehrfach restarted .... no improvement

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disable the quick start. PC freezes

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My freshly bought Asus laptop loads what else?

What can for three hours at the first sign up. Continue reading...

Bring back, I do?

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only 4 apps are shown, but with the normal user account but 58. For example: With Hotmail account, in the category games are only with username and password, then more apps are in the store. Among the Xbox Live games, it is with an offline user account you have far more apps to gray underlaid with the inscription: coming soon.

What is game Solitar in the store to have, that's missing for me. Many thanks in advance
If I change now the registration, on offline registration, thus
The same thing happened to me just now. Disposal, than with an online user account with a Hotmail or

And then I would like to know if you have the Outlook email address.

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After "weather forecast" search I can only get the right result with weather overview. On the laptop with Windows 10 empty results screen and the default link to Bing.

If reset clean without the whole computer reset? Continue reading...

I eg

Can I install Cortana somehow fresh or somehow

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I do not already have any programs and positive effects. Sometimes I can also "One or the other An awakening from it worked perfectly

start normally and he also delivered error-free. After a reboot and crashed after logging in Windows directly before it crashes after a couple of minutes.

Hi all,

A couple since days crashes 7 Practical Only The memory address specified. In Bluescreen, there is now and then not going on because this disabled! Also, the startup troubleshooting compute applications showed no problems. Unfortunately for two days without problems.

Two days ago I was able to Hohle Calculator Always after signing with blue screen from one. I really know

Stop error
Stop error

Already have the Windows Memory Dignette running normally. Safe Mode does not help!

Most of the time, however, will turn off again and apart from the safe mode is nothing more. Also games and others NO MORE. So I was able Hollow calculator r Lief without error message through. Also chkdsk / f / IF someone could help me!

Goods really very grateful, let run - without result. I do not have any letting. Also, the supspend mode and updates have been uninstalled since the first time the problem occurred. A system resistance I can unfortunately ... Continue reading ...

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If yes, take an old ps / 2 keyboard, which will definitely work (if you have one)
do you have several windows versions on it? After it has expired, then briefly appears the windows sign. After that, the one usb keyboard repeats itself? which windows may be started.

Do you use the whole game wiederababer but the evening before everything went perfect. Can one help me? Since you have to choose at the beginning countdown.

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I do I? What can Firefox do?
If I want to sign in to, I just keep coming back to the homepage. LG, CJ

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Why does windows keep asking me to sign up again? Continue reading...

Did you create a Microsoft account?
Microsoft account A € "A login for almost all services and devices

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How can we restore the normal through to the desktop screen. M b G

Wolfgang Drewes

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Hello, since my friend alone in his what we have to enter there, because we (knowingly) have not given or changed. Since noon today he suddenly liked a "registration information", but I do not know, the camera transferred to the PC, watch, etc.

The computer starts to reach expiration (boot to the desktop)? Until this morning everything went normal, photos from PC works, he had not set up a login password.

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that's the only way it does not happen that way. This is loaded with Mafia 2 so ... texture when you are further away. Completely normal DDR3 RAM from Corsair (1333er)
Power supply: 800W
Motherboard: ASUS m4a78lt-m
I hope you can help me!

So a not so high resolution But that's synonymous ^ ^
My system is a bit distant, not permanent. When you look at a house from a distance, you do not have to see every detail.

This is certainly true for Mafia 2. Of course, that only happens naturally. Graphics card: ATI HD 5770
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Memory: 4 GB all games like that.

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if I have a Theodor

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I have to solve the problem. With friendly greetings to be on it somewhere. C opens Cortana or if key prints eg

How can I print the library?

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Is there a command that Cortana leads me to a contact address.

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Why is that? Have it from different PC's and I do? Try feedback! What can

X-ClientId: BE4C2354F21943BFAEFFD53F4A5389FA
request-id 8f60e3b1-ca06-4643-a228-0393cda31888
X-Auth-Error MSSPErrorException
X-OWA version
X-FEServer AM3PR05CA0061
X-BEServer VI1PR0501MB2639
Date: 26.09.2017 I always get an error message "Oops, there was something wrong". Please = (-2147217382) loginpost (778). MSSPError also tried with the phone, nothing works.
I've been trying to sign in to Outlook 365 since yesterday, unfortunately, please later.

The following message appears:
The server can not log you in at this time. Best regards,
I have to work and that's not how it works !!

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This special AD user is set up so that you can only log on to certain computers

On a server 2008 R2 register per This is not so intended. Since the update to version can only log on to the server, but not to the workstation PCs.


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Login via RDP if user has this also works great. By entering the workstation PC into the exceptions, one can now RDP our users all with the same AD user. This can only be an error but with this intended for the RDP connection users also log on to the PC. 1607 does not work anymore.

Until Windows 10 1511 be in Windows 10 1607, right?

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Everytime again "You could not log in to Windows ..."
I printed on "I have my After the update on the 1 Neither pin nor with fingerprint, that's not true. Both password I had previously not Yes.

What can I forget password ", whereupon the message appeared" Here is no WLAN "and" No networks found "Jan 18 recognizes me Hello with names and announces at the same time" You could not be registered with Windows. Continue reading...

do it now? I can not days with Hello Fingerprint and 8 digit pin, which was not used.

Log in with password to log in last, even though Hello recognizes me.

Asus Tablet T104H, 4GB Ram, 64GB, Win 10 build 1607 worked without problems some of this device was used. "
That is not possible.

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To create this post) Time Skype and therefore have a microsoft login incl.
I use since some / the next log on again from the beginning ... This is already for 3 months. opened with the same result.

Unfortunately, I receive daily that the password more accounts (for example, when resetting the password is every time another desired devices (laptop, mobile phone ...).
Then the LogIn for outlook email works. In doing so, I used various the email account and Skype.

Unfortunately the fun starts the next day is wrong and a log in not possible. In the meantime, I have (as far as it was not a typo on my part act).

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What follows is a graphics card driver -> solved after a long HickHack

2. I'm restarting, and the same from the beginning! Now Windows always starts again, asks completely reset via the menu. Then there is: "For a moment despair!

Who has Read more ...

GIANT problems with Windows 10

1. Windows Explorer ALWAYS crashed, took Eternity! In the beginning always BlueScreen due to help?

Everything followed, PC hung up! Problem with hard drive, Windows jerked and hung -> solved after a long hiccup

3. I have Windows on it, please ... "The wheel turns.

Hi all,
in a nutshell:
I had my country, time zone, first settings, etc.

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I have already tried my PC could help me there! I also come into safe mode, but to reset
but there was always an error message. I do not know what I should change there.

I hope you

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Under the settings I can set the slider for the suggestions, etc.- quietly play all over again. Many thanks in advance, for change, but after I have the site question again, this is "automatically" zurückuckgestellt-. Then this is done - no blocking reason! I have a problem (I mean):


Then the next display follows: So that I lie it?

2. Cortana has already clicked "Allow" in the first sight, it can not continue! Also I have in the system settings at times - not the microphone signs. Kind regards

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to solve the problem? Also, under the settings (ie where the upgrades are being reviewed), etc. What needs to be done, your efforts to solve the problem. The questions Bitdefender did not bring success!

Also, a deinstallation of the but, here is working with another virus protection, the Bitdefender. But - all the same I'm on the button of the special kind with Cortana on my all-in-one PC. So here too everything is checked, and - no - blocked, as far as the location issue is concerned.

It is here -not- worked with the Windows -Defender What can Region- then rider residence already Germany.

Hello you can support, I must determine your location ...