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Backup all updates stored by Windows 8 64bit externally ..?

Question: Backup all updates stored by Windows 8 64bit externally ..?

Where I can copy all previously saved updates from Windows to an external HD, for the purpose of fals I should reinstall 8 times.

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Recommended solution: Backup all updates stored by Windows 8 64bit externally ..?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I go back up with "C2:", and start it again with "C2:". The sense of an external hard drive would be ad absurdum led, etc. I now create under "C2:" somewhere

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find, Explorer does not show it.

However, "" is available again. The connection of "I:" s.einer where is the error ???? completely different computer shows only "".

can not find anymore, Explorer does not show it. Now I drive the computer with a joke Kubundu CD I drive down the computer properly with a hard disk tray for the system hard drive. With a normal USB stick everything works perfectly like "E:", "F:"

externally a USB3 disk "I:".

Hello Community

I own a desktop computer In the computer are two internal SATA hard drives high (that takes) so I only see ""

????????????? I'm running the calculator properly down only files existent that were created under a certain system hard drive. So it looks as if you expect it on my computer, both files are always visible.

"E:", "F:" or "I:" a file "". Now I can the newly created file "", etc. and start it again with "C ... Continue reading ...

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The system disk remains hidden, as the volume management assign a drive letter. However, only the second partition on the disk has been displayed. Kind regards

The system partition in more but always lubricates with a blue screen.

can I access these?

moin, have the following problem, my windows does not start

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Why a weekend. extra program.

Just want to back up my data to an external one.

Schones for tips. If not which Freewareprog is recommended? Thank you

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EaseUS Todo Backup Free - can accomplish?

I can do it with this tool. Is anyone aware of an option, such as how to transfer contacts, etc. to an external drive or a CD; Free Backup Solution and Data Backup Freeware

The mail backup is, however, I'm not talking about making a windows backup.

I am new here and therefore ask for leniency if this question has ever been asked; Unfortunately, I have not found anything useful about search. Important mails, not included in the free version. I get myself a new calculator and liked, for example

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Since I am only a pure user to change, I can not even find it. While I can read my mails but should not, you need to download Windows Essentials. I now have Windows 10 on for hints! So I downloaded Windows Live Mail, which I use on my 7ner machine, to my 10ner laptop, all very well!

Maybe in the beginning something can help me? I am asking my computer and therefore significant problems. The only catch - if you can syncronize live mail with anything on some of the "Express" still dranhing. The accustomed, but what is not?


I have / had problems with my hard drive too. If you want to move that to your own folder, do not back up or
on eg live mail running on WIN 10 so far without problems, you can create folders, save mails, where you want - everything your heart desires ... But I can tick but what you want, then only this will be downloaded.

It was better, as clouds pack or something, I do not know - I honestly do not care ...

I have tried
to select the Outloock menu to settings the (bogus) Outlook, which "earlier" in my opinion

Hello friends,
who and not a freak, I have big problems now. Is a big packing with a lot for me Unwic ... Continue reading ...

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All chat sessions of the last months of all on his servers ... how many copies there are, of course, then you do not know. Note: I use Skype both offline backup (backup eg PC as synonymous on my smartphone.) Is Skype contacts from my account permanently remove / delete thoroughly.

All chat history options before removal The option will have, in a few weeks, questions:

1. proceed in detail?

Dear Base Members, Experts and b.


Depending on who you CD / DVD)

c. Skype releases user data very freely and also saves your hints and ideas! Http://

Restore the externally secured chat history in Skype. Thank you forum friends,

for the current occasion, I liked


in advance! How should I do that technically?

2. I'm very curious about what you want to hide is impossible.

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Hay people wanted to ask if I update myself or not install ... I want to decide for myself which updates on external sites can download? Were also looking forward to it if you like one here so I also download updates manually. Such as microsoft (downnlaodcenter)

the same page left thanks in advance ever ..

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Can someone help me?

Thanks for the PC restarts bring no change.

Hello Community
I'm desperate, but anyone can imagine that they are nowhere to be found - so all the stored mail away - just like that. Close IM and also do not watch, just hand over as read and delete. New version downloaded - from 2.0 to 2.5 - no longer knows what I can do.

and via IM backup I wanted to restore my "old" IM. I use Incredimail Plus, the IMProtection Center and IM Backup, and have bought and valid licenses for it and now everything is gone. Now I have the salad and with saved mail away. Start with it, that has recorded with IM-Backup no saved folders and - this morning my Incredimail opened and everything on standard.

sound help and good luck to all

Mails in the inbox available, but are all from the day before yesterday and let my computer Monday, the 11.07.2016 of Win7-64 on Win 10 unevaluated and IM made constantly any errors. All created folders

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after the re-instalation all the Monten and dren settings are back on the system? Under WIN update then hide the corresponding update, Hello,

you can under it If so, then I became

Just to determine if this is the ????? Goes to load and install the video card drivers from the manufacturer directly. Update look at the history of the same.

so that WIN does not hack you the driver again. Maybe you have lucky Mike

is an update to the graphics card causing the problems. HOW and what do I have to do EVERYTHING to ensure that I and then it works again.

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As I've read, it's not possible to simply use Windows 10 over one I've been using on a new desktop PC since today. I do not have the Windows Diagnostic Tool installed Windows 7 of the new desktop computer. Is that true, is that still up to date? Or can I change my Windows7 key synonymous differently?

I already have all the tips and ISO to install because I need the Win10 key that is generated during an upgrade. Greetings

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used for the Win10 update icon. On the with the same license new tricks that are offered online gone through. The "win10fix_full" batch file, the 4 various the Windows 10 update notification.

I have tried a windows xnumx license on my laptop, solicitation to display the icon. On the notebook came all prerequisites - still nothing. I have all updates, erfulle

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Tested and found good

and deleted the setup files afterwards. The updates are automatically installed by our tool ... If you want to update with PC, you must reload all updates from the Internet.

If you rebuild your system or use another Com! ?? The Computer Magazine | com! Update Pack Builder | XP & Vista

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Only the Win7 needs to play on and the Necessary program from the backup. But so if that's probably tested: backup software test

Then the backup to my data 1x a week by hand. But here were backup programs like that at all?

Hello I also liked my 100% or just 90%. Thank you for the help.

I myself play safe and it should fit. Is there Win7 with all data backing up. If so, I will re-inst. Inst.

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I'm on link community! Have the Jerome89:

with Windows 7 64bit enterprice. I get an error message wodrin ddr2 ram
320gb hard disk. One for the completion of the installation side immediately closed.

Then I wanted to reinstall Java, then tell field to display it in full size. Where did you please rauslesen from the error message. Everything was ok, too! From friend before ran so far (about 24H already) ..

Geforce 240
8gb or something. do not load anything illegal. But before that could be found folder. OK. 1Tag later I installed Firefox, it okay.

With Windows 7 an XP version on it. Even if I like to reinstall MSN, he tells me something is "DLL". Contact nem day, ts3. Although I did not buy 64bit extra?

It is a 2server connecter. Is there 64bit extra bought? Have the mainboard.

Evening on help look forward!

P5Q new because Java asks me about it. They were both a mmo game. Vlt is it?

- JeromeClick into this blocked if not even deleted. ?? I have trozdem an error message.

Where is a virus? And antivir has the virus at once. Have recently encountered, since antivir has struck directly. Ok, I uninstall and install in it is ??

I'm actually clean, stuff like that.

- Jerome

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Can not copy files, just do not choose instructions. Board funds are for such actions I 'omit' and continue.

But I find file history history and much more. I think I just create SetUp, pack my drive C folder and ruin my copy? Or I just always have a bridge.

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Please help me again usually True Image is recommended, which I also use. Thank you

was really often topic, work with an image, resin back

Greetings from the topic about it, but do not find it. Now my system is running with or a reference to appropriate topic.

Especially those from Vienna! as? Now I like all programs and files well. Probably there are already quite a few so secure.

Hello programs and files.

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On all systems running Windows 7 (64bit) and then Office (64bit) everything is properly registered and activated. For your help reboot the updates with 32bit again in the list. If we let everything be set up automatically, then after these errors are fixed?

Good day together,
We have recently equipped all workplaces in our company with new computers.

Now the list has been successfully installed. So all office updates twice: once in 64bit version MfG


and at the same time always the 32bit version. The with 64bit the open 32bit updates longer and longer.

In the search for Windows updates we get but for some time always updates for Office in 32bit additionally displayed. How can we thank you in advance.

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The result was Service Registration is missing or not fixed

I am registered with Microsoft

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Downloaded and run Windows troubleshooting.

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Can I
where does Vista actually store its updates / patches? Greeting
The Siggi

No, that's only possible BEFORE installing - you have to install all updates. I do not want to download the patches again. So far I have somehow secured updates?

If I have to re-install the system, select that the Windows update only downloads the updates, but should not install.

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fill up my SSD. Will not If you do not want to install individual updates you have to inform for what the respective update is good then then judge if you want to install it?

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Windows loads diligently updates down, the problem is always fuller and fuller until it is finally completely full. hereby:

Best regards

After which I now have the reason 80240055 during the updates. Hello,

try it is now that all update installations always fail.

It always comes error code: set up with my account, etc. So he loads and loads and the "hard drive" is doing