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Exclude AHCI effects for Win7

Question: Exclude AHCI effects for Win7

I have manipulated a PC with 4GB-AS and SATA-FP with an AHCI-CD to install XP. Now I have on that
it can only use 2GB-AS? If yes, how can I have anything to do with it
Please picture from taskmanager. I think you mean the RAM / RAM with AS
AHCI of a partition Win7 installed.

Thank you.
Does the AHCI effect on Win7 have a negative effect) completely getting rid of the AHCI effect? Or how (on XP Win7 release the entire 4GB-AS?

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Recommended solution: Exclude AHCI effects for Win7

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Win7 AHCI mode

After the installation, I wanted to install IDE again because of missing SATA drivers in IDE mode.
Good day,
I switch to AHCI, the operating system does not start anymore. Now my question is how can I change from IDE to AHCI without reinstalling? My problem is that I do not foresee Win 7 ...

To my knowledge, this is how the search function used but found no problem solution to my problem.

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SATA is also accessible.

Look first if your XP the Controler / the IDE mode, or I have something wrong? Is there any way to recognize Win7 hard disk at all (sometimes this also works with AHCI.) OT: SATA "emulates" but just auh down in that direction?

Halo, I would like to install partition in parallel and I need the IDE mode. Reason: I liked WinXP Pro on a separate no own standard HDDs uA MfG


from AHCI to IDE (SATA).

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The file ahcix64s.INF from 2012-03-19, 3.3.1540.22.
1a) Installation in Windows7 SP1 64-bit

In Windows (if BIOS has been reinstalled in the IDE or RAIDXpert2, you can also find the right one?) Current MSI Website and MSI Support:
On-Board PIDE / SATA Drivers, AMD RAID Driver, For what a driver is needed knows as current ISO on USB stick before.

It was midwiele several attempts to install various RAID drivers from the board manufacturer MSI, which install WIN in IDE boot mode, but later can switch to ACHI. For a normal boot, Windows will not start and it will require the AMD Catalyst install manager CIM, which cancels the installation. Unfortunately I do not get the possibility Windows to start and then offers with new installation a driver selection, which no drivers gem. Windows will be updated by updating, but AM3 +.

Hi all,
recently I've put together a new calculator online, almost on the INF, a setup is missing. Motherboard MSI 970A-G43 that contained a * .msi file. Thanks and ATI 3.3.1540.40 version of 12 / 10 / 2012. What seemed better to me was identical to one I had before, except that the board has crashed.

Win7 Home Premium, SP1, 64-bit can only be accepted as a suitable driver, although RAID is active. Neither about the devices manager, nor I do? Following driver plus, AMD 970, ... Continue reading ...

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And how do I know now switched to AHCI only IDE was displayed in the device manager. How do you actually know which


yes and you have done everything right. Now only the AMD Sata controller and the AMD Ahci driver are in the device manager. Do you use an SSD ??

So once downloaded installed reinstalled and properties, driver details amd_sata.sys

My motherboard is the Asrock A75m.

Hello dear forum
After being in the bios of IDE you ??

I am very happy about your answers


in the bios also IDE COMBINED set to DISABLED. Which driver version did the AHCI really be enabled?

I thought I need AHCI version you need?

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Question: Exclude updates

The update then fail eventually. How can I tell Win10 that I did not like this update?

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I am looking for a way around my external hard drive
Scan with Ad Aware is excluded in Windows
as "New Volume (F. In Ad Aware will only
C and D are displayed, but when scanning the external hard disk,
So F synonymous with scanned. What's funny, the hard drive is right, that's me
that can not do with the free version? I have the external FP synonymous only when I need it.

But that's what I want to exclude,
But I have no idea how I can adjust this. Greetings

Turn off the external LW during the scan.

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That does not search this folder.
Can you look at it.
is it possible i do not think so. An explicit exclusion gives completely exclude folders from the Windows search?

However, hidden or system files will not be displayed if they are hidden through Explorer's folder options. But the whole thing is really safe only if the current user does not have access to a folder. I know, that you prevent the indexing on certain folders this somehow? Then the Windows search can be limited, but then the file names are still found.

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Does anyone know a trick on "disable computer protection". Now you choose under "Protection Settings"
your Vista PC backup and Vista
should be excluded

Partition and click on "Configure". Operational system (Vista) take out, since it is standard mass with inside.

to do this anyway? Now you call again the complete in the next
Click on window

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Windows 7 also can not log on. Prof., working group. And how do I get the long .. So was created and is not a member of the group users.

Windows 7 then him? How could users from the group Authenticated Users? I have a user who just for a release I do that? Everything else

What was created and is not a member of the group users. Quote from stool


times can identify, or you delete him. Either for a release, then he has a short question zwischendruch. I have a user of only for a release Prof., working group.

This should also not log on. This should be senseless.

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I have set up a home network via my router. Now I also have another one additionally created another user (standard account). But how can I exclude now that the other user on the netbook when he is logged in to my shared files ran ????? To make files between my laptop and the netbook

For this I have added netbook (Acer aspire one) with Windows Starter.

I have a laptop (Acer Aspire 5741G) with Windows 7 Home. He now sees all the shared files, on laptop and netbook, that's what I want the only user. Fails to release the appropriate files.

I am an administrator on the netbook and not.

Make your "home network" a "workplace network" then you have the possibilities! I am also at the laptop.

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Greetings Beggo

Then I will always exclude such a folder of my choice by default?

can I briefly answer the weekly automatic backup as you asked: YES

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in advance. Greeting

Continue reading ...

Exclude OneDrive folders from the library? Is there any way that Thanks a lot

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But he wants the AMD AHCI driver to be included for the first time. For should he please look in here:
Example using 7 Home Premium 64 bit. It depends on what meaning you give the Benches and how the SSD feels during the daily work. OS is Windows advantages in terms of performance over the standard AHCI driver?

He has the ASUS Formula V I am using the AMD AHCI because he has the driver version 11.7
Manually integrate AMD AHCI driver version 11.7. And here
if it is the Windows 7 Standard AHCI driver.

Currently he has install, but does not get it! and a Samsung 830 Series 256 GB. Performance against my AMD system which performs better.

SSD Samsung 830 MZ-7PC128D / EU

Does the standard AHCI driver work?

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Support

Does the AMD AHCI driver at all the AMD AHCI driver at all advantages ....

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this is no longer possible.

Could include the exclusion of single (erroneous) of a faulty update in Windows 10 again? Now under Windows 10 updates was possible until Windows 8.1. This will cause the failed update to block the entire update process.

How would it be if one deselects the individual

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Hi all,
I sync my my phone with another app the birthdays, also from the contacts, show. After synchronizing and displaying the known problems with Android Phone for years, which does not seem to change, or does it? I activate the birthday calendar at, do NOT sync it and leave it on Outlook account with my Android Phone. In principle it would be enough if I put the calendar in

Now it's like all the calendars under my outlook account insist on my birthdays, I had the following idea. Greeting
Outlook could lock sync, or something like that;)
Someone an idea?

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Have you checked the startup programs?

not all programs running in the background are disabled, only the ones listed there. In principle, I would care about the minimal memory requirements, however, are the background app all custom OS. Windows10 64bit Version 1703 (Build 15063.447)

By this setting yes key shortcuts (Ctrl + Alt + letter) offset by approximately 5 seconds executed and so the operation unnecessarily braked.

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Have entered the path for it, but Is that so provided ?? Acronis has saved the file anyway. I see in the second picture what wrong entered? I'm there (I do not work with Acronis)

twice in the path a quotation mark (") ....

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Have in root a subfolder Foo

Hello! Is there protection for Foo, but not for Fuu, that everyone has access without login? Can I do the HTACCESS directory protection, where to log in, where do I do that?

and in Foo a subfolder Fuu ...

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ALL files will be synced to onedrive as an online backup -> works fine. I want to synchronize photos (eg all in a folder with subfolder ...) after onedrive PC works better ...).

I have enough online storage under onedrive (office365 ...). In addition, I use the photos functionality (is (as an online backup) but did not like these images in Onedrive photos viewed, searched, .werden.

If so But syncronize from but every other (small) change works quickly and reliably. First upload takes a very long time, does it? Goes - how?

Thank you very much

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not quite as fancy as google photos ...

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Hello, the program Malwarebytes moves me every time the program 'Copyto Synchronizer' in the quarantine folder, as soon as I work with Copyto. I have already made the following settings:

Which settings are excluded.

Is it still there: the right one so that the program is not postponed?