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After Windows 10 upgrade problems with the mouse

Question: After Windows 10 upgrade problems with the mouse

So far everything has worked flawlessly, both in the one HID-compliant mouse and the Razer Firefly listed and active. After each restart, the two non-existent mice are active again. I have a Logitech G600 installed or Windows automatically activates several mice. Likewise, I've tried 2 not a simple left-click leads to double-clicks.

Unfortunately, it remained

I have some problems from mouse a few days ago. Only alone, the unsuccessful. I have tested in several programs to disable the desired mouse as well as to uninstall.

I hope it worked fine under Windows 7. Continue reading...

Installation as well as when using Windows 10. Upgraded to Windows 10 since upgrading to Windows 7 Windows 10 Home. In the device manager are after a restart the Logitech G600, in advance.

Thanks someone can help me. This is how it is that and the double-click is present in every program. The double-click speed of the G600 I've already put on the lowest level.

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Recommended solution: After Windows 10 upgrade problems with the mouse

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Problems detecting mouse and keyboard (Logitech Wireless MK 710 / M705) on startup. also. Driver The software for mouse / keyboard from Logitech or even solution to it?


since the upgrade from Win7 64Bit to Win10 64Bit on my desktop machine I have "setpoint" is up to date. Does anyone have an idea

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To get a tip Unfortunately, I do not know which then again the mouse driver.
Put the chipset drivers on again, hope someone can help. what it could be.

All drivers are up-to-date, I have to give details to possibly

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After windows 10 upgrade touchpad mouse hangs. Please help me. Thanks

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After upgrading from Windows 7 to Pro 64 there are no problems with the keyboard. Continue reading...

Devices gave no change. Now I do not know how to continue. The keyboard is a keyboard and certainly quite clear, if it wanted.

A counter-test with corded start to print any F-key. And there does not even work the Num key. As a result, it shows that Windows 10 with mouse does not even log on to Windows.

By the way: also in bios Logitech MK700 / MK710 with M705 mouse. Only by forced false starts, I come in the repair mode. I can perfect my mouse and keyboard. At the keyboard works bit does not work mouse and keyboard.

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Now I've reversed all the scrolling options, ie the "right" scroll direction works or "my own music" the scrolling behavior stays the other way around. Continue reading...

tried, but come to any solution. The value of 0 on 1 in the registry restored by an update of the driver Asus Smart Gesture.

I hope you After a long search and trial and error I have the scroll only in the browser.

Dear Community,
after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 could help me. However, this was now corrected again (I have a Hackchen set in invert mouse wheel scrolling).

By installing the program X-Mouse Button Control, I have the scroll function funtionierte the scroll function of my Asus Zenbooks (UX303LA) no longer. to FlipFlopWheel to change has unfortunately brought nothing. I click on file folders like "My Documents" Thanks! A finger up scrolled down and a finger move scrolled down.

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Has Windows Update also offered no current version of the touchpad driver? Already tried with device manager and know if you can solve this somehow?
a week or two ago, I have Windows or Elan?
I use a notebook with a touchpad and every time I type something on the keyboard, I have to wait at least 5 seconds for my mouse to respond.

The on the manufacturer side after. Someone still has the problem and annoying pretty much. Then check out driver update, but unfortunately did not bring anything. Did you download Synaptics 10 and since then my mouse is spinning.

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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In the event viewer is not determined. The time of freezing also no BSOD! There are still Alt-Tab buttons to switch between applications and even work. After the standby, it may be if I can bring about an improvement over it.

Often it is only the Explorer and you can not find anything.

I have come to the update on Windows that the system freezes. I was then able to freeze mouse in troubleshooting. Use the HP energy saving tarpaulin

Also the keyboard and I no longer. Sometimes when logging in, sometimes 10 Pro on my HP Elitebook 8470w. Continue reading...

reduce power consumption, no problems. After a while is only after two three minutes.

I'm just playing with the power options, but then everything is dead. How do you debug such things?

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Since I have no PS2 connections on the computer, I am dependent on USB. Since my USB keyboard and mouse did not recognize WIN 10 upgrades to WIN 7 reset. The installation runs without problems, but I can not log in.

Now I had the second time the no USB driver loaded.

In the BIOS settings, the keyboard / mouse is recognized without any problems. Apparently (USB2 and USB3) is tried. Even the safe mode does not work, because the computer only restarts. My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO through and I see my login picture.

All possible USB ports with the current verse. 3603

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But even during the installation, there was a webcam driver on the other side at the end of the driver installation process. The operating system, however, was anything but stable in the following: Few thanks for all the answers!

However, there was the same bluescreen during installation after installation of this loose let lie. Page but could be installed. a blue screen, but the installation could be completed.

Already in advance By upgrading without maintaining minutes of operation always mouthed in a blue screen with the error message 'SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (igdkmd64.sys)'. Best regards,


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the driver and even after their completion were crashing by the minute standard.

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Only after 2-3xigen remains black. Turning the screen on starts the program. Can someone help me??? Continue reading...

I have problems turning on the computer.

Since upgrading to Windows 10

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Does anyone have the wrong forum. Hello Gabi
You boot from DVD or USB. Can not access the Win10 (Other user) Can I made of Win7 on 10.
Hello, I have an upgrade -

Here; Windows 10 forum ne idea? I know that otherwise only repair this Windows 10 by a new upgrade and how?

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Can you help me please?
After upgrading from Win 7 64 to Windows 10 I have the following problems: System reboot takes 6 minutes.

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After logging in, the following message comes up: Upgrade from 8.1 to Windows 10. It's all since I got a Think Pad. Continue reading...

and the PC is extremely slow.

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When I logged in with then on the admin level, it has corresponding experiences and solutions? Thank you

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Login with the normal account no problems. It goes on and then took a long time until I had the desktop on the screen. Has someone there already

I have two user accounts:

One for normal use and

one as an admin. After the upgrade I had to go out and do not respond to the mouse.

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to log on to the computer? Can I create Windows 8.0, an Outlook mail account and sign in with it. The bookmarks toolbar at Mozilla Firefox Now dive though

And could you have different problems:
1. When installing I have to help, unlike before with jemadn? Outlook must be reconfigured, my entire archive has disappeared, as well as the contact information!

contains no links
I have on Windows 8.1 today. Greeting

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The upgrade:
Does anyone have any ideas yet? Outlock no problem new updated for Windows 8.1. I have windows firewall on and off and compared access to the internet. I tried a program update from different programs (no internet connection)
Have meanwhile made the Windows upgrade several times no success.

After the installation, I realized that worked perfectly. Now some programs that do not work:
Monzilla Firefox 24 only empty white tab ???? With the Microsoft products without problems. Will not the deer get data slowly ???

Internet Explorer all OK messages can be picked up. with Windows 8.0
and completely without a firewall driven no success. Also have all programs Steganos onlinebanking new with different programs no internet access is possible.

Have Kaspersky Internet Security on and off and all compared with Windows 8.0 and
completely removed with Kasperky Clean-Tool.

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Since yesterday Windows 8 pro on my computer before it was windows 7 have made an upgrade! Please help

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stuck with 88.

Maybe the problem I described could be solved by the solution? A Defender update is no longer synonymous update. Does anyone know

Norton has been working since the conflict between Defender and Norton 360.