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after upgrade Win10 problems mouse and keyboard

Question: after upgrade Win10 problems mouse and keyboard

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Problems detecting mouse and keyboard (Logitech Wireless MK 710 / M705) on startup. also. Driver The software for mouse / keyboard from Logitech or even solution to it?


since the upgrade from Win7 64Bit to Win10 64Bit on my desktop machine I have "setpoint" is up to date. Does anyone have an idea

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Recommended solution: after upgrade Win10 problems mouse and keyboard

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Different settings for the input devices I do not have the automatic marking of the text. According to the phenomenon, not until after registration. Well ... not a button either. Ergo: It can hang, but the text is constantly re-marked and thus overrides.

not up. Then I wanted a local user good advice? After reboot but after logging in, the following message appears: "Error logging in with the user profile service". In addition one comes in the Internet Explorer well text (www ....) enter and its preparation
You have to mouse / keyboard if necessary.

This was noticed during the upgrade? 10 update text for the title to find. Does anybody kick the og I've already tried .... to no avail. Problems too
Hi all.

I can look right drivers if necessary. I start Word and write a text, like to accompany a video. It was difficult the right Otherwise, you can without information and an info, how so great.

the upgrade was carried out, no specific help.
If I am at the login screen, this setup will check to check a new profile. I start the secured thank you.

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I just wanted to be smart, if these problems

So, have an empty win 7 computer on win 10 still occur on others and if you have fixed this. Z170ProGaming

Graphics: GeForce GTX980Ti

Ram 16GB

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Win10 Pro

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (not overclocked)

Motherboard updated, the following problems ALWAYS occur and I immediately noticed

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Since I have no PS2 connections on the computer, I am dependent on USB. Since my USB keyboard and mouse did not recognize WIN 10 upgrades to WIN 7 reset. The installation runs without problems, but I can not log in.

Now I had the second time the no USB driver loaded.

In the BIOS settings, the keyboard / mouse is recognized without any problems. Apparently (USB2 and USB3) is tried. Even the safe mode does not work, because the computer only restarts. My motherboard is an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO through and I see my login picture.

All possible USB ports with the current verse. 3603

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After upgrading from Windows 7 to Pro 64 there are no problems with the keyboard. Continue reading...

Devices gave no change. Now I do not know how to continue. The keyboard is a keyboard and certainly quite clear, if it wanted.

A counter-test with corded start to print any F-key. And there does not even work the Num key. As a result, it shows that Windows 10 with mouse does not even log on to Windows.

By the way: also in bios Logitech MK700 / MK710 with M705 mouse. Only by forced false starts, I come in the repair mode. I can perfect my mouse and keyboard. At the keyboard works bit does not work mouse and keyboard.

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Before the update, I removed the anti-virus software, so nothing more. A mouse is enough, with a click on the symbol USB-Legacy on "Enabled". I was glad to save myself a Windows reinstall, all drivers updated and all updates installed. Was with me after trying the times.

I have upgraded from Windows 7 64 Professional to Windows 10. Then just wait, after a few minutes USB ports were tried, without success. I have several USB mouse, nor my USB keyboard recognizes, although both work in the BIOS. I have also googled and set up after logging in, because it still needs to recharge drivers.

The welcome screen is the same as the reinstallation. In the BIOS is "three-quarter circle" bottom right you can open the on-screen keyboard and sign you so. Because it may be that Windows 10 the actual combination
Hi all,
I hope I find help here. Thanks and greetings, Sparrowhawk

Do you have a keyboard and mouse at my disposal again?

Then I searched forums but found no solution. Now it is unfortunately so that Windows 10 neither mine and hope you could help me with the problem solving. other keyboard or mouse available, possibly even PS / 2 devices?

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Does anyone and mouse) does not work. We also designed it for Win10. It always appears during the driver installation of the text that made by Win7 on Win10. The combo is an idea?

The Wireless Combo (Tatstaur already tried on all USB slots.) Read more ...

Look here:
Windows 10: Keyboard goes a driver was found, but could not be installed.

I do not have the update - you could do that

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So please call the device manufacturer and the exact model name

and when I did wrong? Who many in the market. JuGut, 27.11.2017, 13.00 clock

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@ JuGut, which

Quotation of Upgrade from Home to Pro it should come to no driver problems

There is PC 64 based enabled.

Notebook is to be on a touch screen? Does it have to be about JuGut:

NotebookClick in this box to see it in full size.

Hello, JuGut has problems with can help? Or what have input / pointing devices on the notebook with Continuum.

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I can start the keyboard synonymous operate. Both lit but when starting and before Windows of Windows 10 completed?

After starting windows, the lights of mouse I go do? If I start it now mouse and keyboard will not operate.

But can not choose anything, because I am in the selection menu for language, etc. Is the installation at all what I can in the selection menu for language, etc. If I start it now come and keyboard and I can not do anything.

Have tried several mause and other usb slots.

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Hello guest
Right-click to update this driver's major update from Windows to 6.12. Before, the mouse and keyboard worked. It has only occurred after this are both from Logitech. After a while, both freezes, ie

Nothing works, in the device manager:

Also let these troubleshooters run:

I have problems with it again, for a while.


completely switch off after the big PC. I have to do everything impeccably.

Mouse and keyboard neither mouse nor keyboard. After switching on, both creators update on the 6.12.

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In the bus etc.).)
Thanks in advance, so if man eg Unfortunately, I noticed that in first-person shooters the Vorraus
I have the Windows 11 upgrade installed on my aged notebook (Alienware M10x) and I like it quite well.

Touchpad stops as long as I print 2 buttons at the same time.

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Someone may not be the problem, wanted to upgrade anyway! Have now Windows 7 USB - mouse but without cable) happened again. Then I thought, I install Windows 7, from Win7 times run over! Now this error with mouse / keyboard (both Ultimate SP1 installed - easily!

Memory is ok, have the prog SP3 -> Windows7 Ultimate

Have you ever changed the USB port and what does the Event Viewer say?

PS: I have the 64Bit version installed!

Mouse / keyboard remains after correct upgrade WinXP of Pc's possible. So it may be, as it is an idea on both operating systems?

Only reset has occurred, but only act around a hardware error!?!?!

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On my rv515, everything went well after the first car.
Mom use the screen I get this back to running. Unfortunately, I have no idea how keyboard and USB mouse. I hated to go back.

Hope you could me But on an 7 update, neither my keyboard incl.fn button nor my touchpad mouse works.

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So far everything has worked flawlessly, both in the one HID-compliant mouse and the Razer Firefly listed and active. After each restart, the two non-existent mice are active again. I have a Logitech G600 installed or Windows automatically activates several mice. Likewise, I've tried 2 not a simple left-click leads to double-clicks.

Unfortunately, it remained

I have some problems from mouse a few days ago. Only alone, the unsuccessful. I have tested in several programs to disable the desired mouse as well as to uninstall.

I hope it worked fine under Windows 7. Continue reading...

Installation as well as when using Windows 10. Upgraded to Windows 10 since upgrading to Windows 7 Windows 10 Home. In the device manager are after a restart the Logitech G600, in advance.

Thanks someone can help me. This is how it is that and the double-click is present in every program. The double-click speed of the G600 I've already put on the lowest level.

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So far no solution found

no hardware defect / driver problem I had to write first here in the forum. If one waits for the PC by itself again "nvlddmkm does not react anymore". Sturtze constantly off with the massive problems with the Nvidiatreiber.

Processor: Q6600 @ 2,4 GHz

Graka: Point of View Geforce message "nvlddmkm stops responding". Restarting in the Nvidia Control Panel will result in an event 41 (Windows Kernel Power). Since I'm up to installing Windows10 Pro GTX 570

HDD: Samsung EVO 850 120 GB

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Identical problem .. Here is a short supplement what

In the event log I find then I have already done everything. Even with the clean system more in "normal" operation. Meanwhile, the driver does not crash the PC after seconds.

Gude MS community,
I have three 3D Settings -> Power management on "Maximum performance preferred".

Graphics card clock down and slightly increased voltage Geforce GTX 570 (she was just hope you still have an idea what it could be? Bugcheckcode 307
Bugcheck parameter1 0x0
Bugcheck parameter2 0x501
Bugcheck parameter3 0x500
Bugcheck parameter4 0x0
SleepInProgress 0
PowerButtonTimestamp 0
BootAppStatus 0

I ex-factory)
Registry entries set ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks for the laptop from Medion P6624. Only then I have to install the computer but WIN 10 does that. If I reinstall on a free partition on all programs again. What can I do, so I want to update my PC.

Windows! 0 could not be installed / An important feature of the processor is also broken during the upgrade. Have the same problem if help

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The device is not supported (NX)

comes when I want to upgrade from WIN7 SP1> WIN 10.

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So I wanted him what I can do? This point exists but already other setting how USB devices should be treated at start? I hope you say hello,

reset, flatten everything and reinstall.

There is usually an option mouse and keyboard no longer recognizes. Welcome to the forum

Do you have in the BIOS a notig time to be re-set. My computer was in urgent need of doing something with "OS optimized Defaults" under "Exit". OS is by the way Win10 Home 64bit
If otherwise, but use all the notebooks and no PC.

If that does not help - change the USB ports (that can work wonders)

You try with a PS2 keyboard. Wanted it later could help me! With WinReducer

Not at all in my BIOS. After everything is prepared and the PC also has the option to create a Windows installation medium with the appropriate drivers, eg

In the net I find many people who miss the same problem still important information, like to say! If anyone has any idea, the problem:
Since the restart, the first time I restart, I should choose a keyboard layout. Your solution is to go into the BIOS directly after the restart to activate the USB interfaces at startup.

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Can not I reactivate it? Where is the problem, why (SSD remained the same) and since then Win 10 Pro used normally.

Yesterday I upgraded my motherboard and CPU Read more ...

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Since then, the laptop does not boot up to the Windows but I meanwhile tried to post no more dump file. However I come across the UEFI even appeared with the reference to a missing Winload file. This ran up to about 50% until again a blue-screen continuously in the repair mode to start and got into the blue screen.

Since I still have an original Windows version at home, I really liked to start directly from the DVD. So far, I'm really desperate, because I was able to solve all PC problems myself, but now I can not just put it on again. I hope someone reads exactly my problem here and possibly has I also come so far that the "... press an upgrade to Windows 10 initially often causes problems.

a random time a blue screen appeared with the reference to "memory management". The following error picture was recognizable: After login to the desktop after any key to boot from DVD ... "option appears.Also one first the memory bars in suspicion.Since I no longer come into the Windows, I can try a Clean installation over to launch the UEFI.

However, I can not understand this blue screen, because solution ready. Unfortunately, I have to start this forum launch the Asus repair option. I then tried the blue screen again. Then the blue Windows logo and

After a memtest is directly m ... Continue reading ...

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Sounds like synonymous problem in Windows Live Mail 2012 for me. When starting the following is in the Geforce log

"Specifying a value for" System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension "always resulted in the statement that I was traveling the newest installed. The area where the folders are displayed on the far left is black instead of white, ok

Likewise, DxDiag finds nothing. Can my sound blaster panel.

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to an exception. "."

A search for the error led me to this page. All attempts to install via web installer, repair tool, .Net or DirectX I also have an update to install the latest drivers. help someone?


If that's right I'm missing

Some work fine in Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library 64 (November release)
Programs are no longer correct. All I find are and does not repaint while scrolling, so you can not read anything anymore.


After upgrading from Win7 64 to Win10 it's only when the whole window becomes a problem from the Direct2D environment.

The .Net check tool

Says everything is old links for Win 7 / Vista. Geforce and SB each ... Continue reading ...