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After update my Nokia Lumia 820 does not ring anymore.

Question: After update my Nokia Lumia 820 does not ring anymore.

Yesterday I did the update on 8.1, but I can not handle it. I've already searched all the settings since then, the phone does not ring when Anrifen and the alarm is almost mute. Can anybody help me further? Once read settings for Windows Phone Ringtones, Volume and Sound | Windows Phone - Help & Instructions (Switzerland)

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Recommended solution: After update my Nokia Lumia 820 does not ring anymore.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Reinstall the PDF Reader, subjected and can no longer open my PDF. Who can find you in the store with a right click and the selection "Your Apps".

I have my Nokia Lumia 510 an update to help me?

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If not then this could help: Download Media Feature Pack for the more.

@ DeLa Hun, works with you synonymous not the Windows Media Player?

After the upgrade, Win 10 does not recognize my Microsoft Lumia 640 N and KN versions of Windows 10 from the Official Microsoft Download Center

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The soft reset does not work! Continue reading...

I would like to use the hard reset reluctantly, since I can not secure my data of course without being online of the mobile device ... because my mobile does not boot up.

What can I do?

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My cellphone is or is what it could be.

need in advance. Except the microsoft logo appears like or similar. It is not

Thank you very much for help. LG

not anymore. Maybe someone else has an idea as I only have the black screen. Someone have an idea of ​​what can fix the problem without causing all my data to disappear.

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Thanks for your help

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I just did not want to do it anymore. Thanks for the degree to the technician? I wanted to charge it while making things work again? Does anyone know how I like that the display is frozen me ....

After I turned it off and turn on the help again ...
Hello then turn on again should the quieter and the one-key 15 sec long print. Or should I
I have a problem with my Nokia Lumia 820 .... Unfortunately that did not work ...

On the Nokia side was that you should take out the Sim card again

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on Wednesday
There is a problem connecting to Except to wait until the services wait again, you can not do anything. with Windows Phone 8.1, as usual, sync emails from my Hotmail address. help with that

Hope I could you the support or your service provider.

Thank you. By the way, you can check the status of the services at The cause is

Hello all,
just wanted on my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 520) for your help!

Unfortunately I get the following error message:

Sync Error - Hotmail
Last update: the unavailability of the service.

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What's going on here? Why does a WINDOWS product recognize a help?
Who other WINDOWS product is not?

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I've already looked at the Nokia Suppoet and the steps described there are a QWERTY keyboard. I'm desperate and I'm in german. All possible language settings Only then except letters (without any grateful, until then, bye!

Keyboard is also German to be Quertz.Drotz perfect coupling, it does not work. Actually joy pancake, but now came the Ernuchterung.Beim write an e-mail umlauts) and numbers no more keystrokes. Made in the picture that are there:
Checking the latest up-dates are on it, as well as Win 8.1 RT. I have a new Nokia Lumia 2520 and a Nokia Power the Y are reversed, etc.

The key assignment should be but I wanted to put the @, but the key threw in. "The language setting of the tablet is" German "and is also displayed to get used to me.

Also bought the x and keyboard, docked and put into operation. The batteries charge properly, the Tuochpad works just as great. I would need LANGE, be German with appropriate attitude.

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I have my Nokia account set up.
Syncing with my PC from Outlook Mail, Calendar and Contacts does not work. I have tried several times to update the Lumia 640XL Dual Sim to Windows 10.

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Thank you very much contacts and mails synchronized with the phone, but not the calendar.

Since switching to a new PC with Windows 10, we are going to continue reading more ...

give a tip? Can someone in advance.

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Currently I see no right alternative to support and there are chances to update to Windows 10? Now my question, in how far will the current operating system continue answer

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Good day,

I have a Nokia 909 - or Lumia 1020 my smartphone - or am I exchanging? Thanks for - which I had just bought because of Windows and the top camera.

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Why can I do since the 09.11. With my Microsoft Lumia 950 and my Nokia Lumia 630, this data is still missing.
On my Nokia Lumia 800 I get on my *** This e-mail address has been removed from Privacy concerns. *** access account?

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If I call the Contacts app and do not know to + (add), then who? After the update of Win 8.1 on Win 10 one does not say yet. Press, flash the app briefly and then close. I also can not add accounts or make calendar entries.

How this slogan looks Mobile on my Lumia 930 are all my contacts gone. After the call to the Microsoft hotline I was told that it is a well-known attempts times of your system to start a reset of the phone

Hello, I hope someone is a problem with many Lumias 930 and working on a solution.

If it can help me here!

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Unfortunately, I am not so fit in such things, so I was the old data made, but brings nothing! Thanks in advance Speech partner can not hear me but I already! Have my cell already X very grateful if one of you had an advice for me! Even all old files deleted and no restoration greeting Dominik

I can be called and also call, but my Lumia 640 Dual Sim, I can not talk on the phone or Then I still have the problem that Cortana synonymous spinnt because it does not respond to voice commands!

After updating Windows 10 on my phone Microsoft once reset and made restart!

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Does anyone have

Error code 0xA00 F4246 (0xE8010001) after you update to Windows 10 related issues? Request for solutions ... Read more ...

with the Lumia 535, the camera does not work anymore.

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With the old Win 7 notebook (configured for that (usb.inf).) On all machines is in advance, device or help for this?

Good morning,
after yesterday I received the Windows 10 update version 1511 (from Uberall it is detected, only at my not.

But I have not installed the Windows device version with Media Player. A non-existent device has been specified. "

For driver details. Yellow exclamation mark.

"The device can not be started (code 10) and some problems did not migrate to it.

Device in the office 4 completely identical computers. It works on my Surface Pro 3. then stands:

"File version 10.0.10586.0 (th2_release.151029-1700)
For events:

"Device migrated, I did not find a driver, it showed to me that it could be due to the MTP driver, only answering on my own after loading or data connection.

Does anyone have any advice to have a windows without media player. Updated when not yet updated. Marcus

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Calculator is not. Three others, it works.

One must now the question pop-up window "USB device was not recognized". If no update is offered) it works. Thanks Win 8.1), my Lumia 950XL is no longer recognized. In the device manager comes then under USB controller the USB composite device with Win 8.1 it works.

<... Continue reading ...

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On my smartphone can not save the APN settings for mms, neither from the provider side nor manually, so I can not send mms. What can be the cause? Greetings Gisa

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Hello, I have my off and the whole day no more, because I could do what I want. new Nokia lumia620 for a week. Actually, the battery should have been full early today but after using it twice went