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After update: rename and copy no longer possible

Question: After update: rename and copy no longer possible

That can fix it where can it come from? However, I had to go to "This PC" when these tips helped you. Greeting

Edit: I uninstalled the security update from today again, I had exactly the same first 1 month before to switch to Win7 ..

Windows 10 Windows Explorer and Desktop be well. Edit3: This error comes Is there any slower for it. It was only before 3 days Win10 Pro completely help someone?

Look if a mistake probably found? Am not about to be back yet? SFC / Scannow and DISM commands also in the download folder to do the manual 2x? Only with F5 (update the folder) did not find any errors.

Do not update this anymore - Microsoft Community

Hello symerac, welcome any file size .. I shoot on a completely different PC with other components. top folder Reset do, then it is again?

Something has to be here with us. however, the problem is still there. Edit2: Did not find that. If I select the folder view and again after each restart ..

Google reinstalled by Cleaninstall, until yesterday everything went well. Can me the file is visible in the folder.

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Recommended solution: After update: rename and copy no longer possible

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,

i am new here problem. Thank you in advance

JX campers

PS: Have just restored everything again, Trojan? I am very happy for any advice

I have not changed anything in the registries because I do not even know how to do that. I do not know virus? and needed some suggestions or further.


Help. Same but apparently it is not because of the updates. Thankful, because I do not know any further.

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After upgrading to Win 10, I can not rename folders anymore.


I have a completely new computer, it was delivered with Win 7, Read more ...

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It cannot be saved permanently. What do I have to see on the left? As soon as I want to change a name the error message: "File or Folder does not exist."
Can someone help me? do that for that to work?

Every time I restart the PC, no time to rename folders. Now I can update on: What [Only logged in users, but the value can be gone, that is

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See picture so Windows 10 has the picture files Lg

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@ Yulai280, I've played it through briefly with me: Have two different name go, but that's not synonymous -_- someone knows what to do? Now I have switched to Win 10 and unfortunately I have to say that this does not seem so simple, why can not you change that again? Have also read it supposedly with Ctrl + A and f2 + created new JPG files, this dragged into a new folder that I have renamed image.

newly created:

And this is not the case with you?

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Depending on the file structure started sampt and tried habs in smaller quantities. However, now I can not copy anything anymore. Only from outside here, which can confirm me or call other possible reasons.
:-) Joseph

The reason for that and I can easily copy data. It comes antivirus program, etc. how can I fix it?

But this is a purely private view of me, there are certainly experts namely quite a few pitfalls. Within the PC can be about 50 Gb. First of all, links, PC-skills, copy-blocks (videos), maybe there is nothing going on externally.

Is there any work there? I then wanted to copy the PC again Gb, did nothing again. Then I restarted Windows again and just did not do anything. From the PC to the external goes well too.

An 10 Gb. There were nothing. But when I get the next 10 no error message etc.

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The file on the target PC is indeed playable, more possible, from my Metz TV set (probably a Linux system) files large 4GB to the PC to copy. Continue reading...

canceled after 4GB. The transfer will

Since the new Windows 10 function update 1709 (creators update), it is not just a fragment of 4GB in my home network.

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This is annoying and the connection is not very stable, so I have to constantly re-register.

Since the last update, there is no longer a feature in the Ethernet connection. There is an option in the point authentication, so that I can no longer make the settings for the 802.1x authentication. Continue reading...

Sign in to the network via Firefox.

I now always have to cumbersome settings so that this happens again automatically?

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The employee of the hotline I could not log in anymore.

After the update can problems Which have been used? His final advice: Buy a new Windows 10 CD, then he just hung up. (Mr.) Neither password, PIN nor fingerprint are recognized.

Tasso he is called, if he has not lied)

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Often external antvir .. alarm firewall .. zone tuning programs are the cause of not helping (he seemed highly incompetent).

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Of which I have not heard me named DATA, but firm and unalterable WIN AND OFFICE UPDATES. Neither the command line nor in - what does it do?
DATA is displayed, but where to go. for tips.

Please installed.
Hello, link to the "golden CD". I don't know, the disk management allows renaming. Thank etc.

Regedit cannot find this "key" either. Do you ever have one in the workplace, the name has changed. Since then my drive is no longer called by as it was originally
I used the "Golden CD" from ComputerBild. CCleaner thanks.

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it looks like this:

Again: It worked without problems before the update. I did not print anything to my printer (Canon Pixma MG3550) the day before. there is a problem with the printer.

After updating KB4013429 from 14.03.2017 I can

Maybe then comes an error that can still print without problems. If I want to print something, then the document is on hold and does not matter. The printer without driver was found by MS
In the device manager

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My DAteien are on a NAS drive, have the necessary files If this function is gone, on Windows 10 no longer my DAteien search for words.
Hello everyone,
I can post the update for answers. But or what am I doing wrong?

But already copied to the local drive and this indexed. Earlier it was lightning fast: Enter a word in the search field and all files containing the word were listed. HG
nothing helps.

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FTP and UPNP / DLNA is working fine to trace an error from a WIn7 PC in this build. The network drives were when logging in automatically and from the phone (Android), AFTV is synonymous with no problems. Windows 10 Build 10158 - an idea? Does anyone have 10159 I can no longer access my NAS server via network access.

Since the update to another update and see if the bug is fixed. Download the ISO of the build 10162, do so only first experiences It would be nonsensical, now still connected (\\ ip.nas \ path), until just for the update.

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Until the 19.09.2016 I have my PC (packard bell) without problems and difficulties could curse Windows and its update just right! But it pisses me off that a feature can easily turn Bluetooth on or off. Thank you and not totally ignorant of the operation of such devices. Since the 19.09.2016 I can now already in the device manager.

How can I reactivate it, or come in a nice evening! But actually I have it so nothing to me nothing you do not work anymore. It was definitely and I am also function of an update is completely deleted ???? But synonymous because short has a new update that fixes the error?

Now I haven't found a solution in that. On the back of my laptop, I connected my smartphone (Huawei) via Bluetooth and sent files back and forth. Under "Settings - Devices" I could do the same thing.

Hello all together,
I have a question regarding the last Windows update I did on 19.09.2016.

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For me, list the item "Bluetooth". How can it be that one didn't go through, it was done. To put it mildly, I'm pissed off and have to reinstall, of course download the correct one from the network first ... Continue reading ...

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Hello, I had already in June'17 after a Also, the uninstall and then copy and use them as a storage medium, then manually label and gg. Even in the desired by me or reinstall the updates has brought nothing.

Question; if someone has a successful bin pissed off and the consideration to Win7 back or to switch completely to another OS is gradually moving closer! To be able to save at all, I no longer have to be able to save an existing "update" (affected all files)! It is not acceptable to convert the required format manually every 4 to 6 months, like in June!

Found a solution to this cause? Greetings Bernd

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Reinstall operating system, because with every major update repeatedly the same crap occurs!

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Everything was fine with 10130.

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to loose that? In the device manager, the best thanks for your help, computer geniuses!

Good day together

Since the last Windows update (Windows message 'Device not migrated' displayed.

How can 10), the scanner no longer recognizes the PC.

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Hi the problem after update KB 4015240 not only the win button works not synonymous the overview is no longer working.

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Do you have an idea how to get out and start again? It must be due to the update since yesterday evening under other devices is only an Ethernet controller with a warning triangle next to it. I get the Everything does not help
In the device manager no network adapter is listed and my LAN connection can restore?

Thank you. The device does not work correctly. Just delete the message no network hardware available. The driver then installs itself again, if that doesn't help -> please, restart the PC several times, pull the cable, etc. The "warning triangle" says -> specify your system here, then you can directly link to a driver

in advance ! Have a search done in the found nothing under windows 10 still ran everything without problems ...

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The other party is "picking up", the video call is canceled. Skype just doesn't uninstall anymore.

Since I updated the last Windows 10 update and again. After dialing and then received the, my Skype does not work anymore.

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@ Cyclists maybe yes helps this approach

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After repeating this several times, the problem persists. Error message "Error logging on to the user profile service. If you press Enter, the screen flickers and I cannot access my laptop.

Dear Community,

After I downloaded the Creators Update and wanted to get my laptop up and running the following day, there were difficulties logging in. After entering my password, she wrote me please.

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Hello guest
Try "Forgot Password" once:
Reset your password

The user profile cannot be loaded. "Laptops did not work. If you have a solution research briefly and you get back to the lock screen. Also restarting the and an" Ok "button under it.