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After update cumulative update for windows 10 version 1511 for x64-based systems (kb3105211) ...

Question: After update cumulative update for windows 10 version 1511 for x64-based systems (kb3105211) ...

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x64-based systems (kb3105211) "Can I no longer start all Office programs, including OneDrive Does anyone have the same problem and know a help?

after the update "cumulative update for windows 10 version 1511 for Thanks!

for busniness.

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Recommended solution: After update cumulative update for windows 10 version 1511 for x64-based systems (kb3105211) ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What can I do that when shutting down I've recently got windows10 and constantly wants to update at the top of the subject line. Windows10 make this update, although it already exists! The whole thing is just not updating anymore, which is canceled anyway ?!

When I turn off the computer just annoying :-(. Thanks in advance for your help
Greeting Sahra
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I hope you could help me, liked it, updates and shut down or

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The screen then appears on a blue background: "Working on updates." After completing the following updates, a reboot is required. "Restarting will then take 4-8 hours !!! Continue reading...

Or: "We could not complete the updates ..."

Will this be repaired automatically at some point?

Update status after (since 10.12.2016): "Installation error" or "To install the

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My system:
Windwos 10 Pro on Surface3 Pro (i7)

Thanks in advance

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When everything was done then I had no sound for system recovery. Continue reading...

someone has the same problem. Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3081436) and Windows Audio failed to start today.

Error message was -> service makes everything run again.

Wanted to ask if security update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows downloaded 10 for x64 systems (KB3087916).

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to fix the error? What do I have to do / do

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After the global update to 1511, I always get the information that the problem was found and fixed. And now? I have already run the Troubleshooter for Windows Update several times as an administrator, above error when trying to install the downloaded update. Another attempt to install the downloaded update

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ended again with the above error message, even after restart.

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The changes are made retroactive. "I also played again German:" Updates could not be set up. Without success. I have x64 was the Cumulative update easily install.

Although i found iwas with old registry entries on the internet,
KB 3081436 zips on my desktop. By the way, error code is 0x8024001e
All Registrybereinigungen of the last update since I have however no old entries, which I could delete ... Is it perhaps because of me that deactivates an English version of Windows, thus also Firewall and virus protection.

However, the error message is in the same problem. On my laptop with Win 10 Home
Does anyone have a tip for me? For the desktop with Win 10 Pro x64 it already had some win 10 user with the problems had been .... The last cumulative update, I could still easily install, because there was a rollback after each installation.

I have successively downloaded all the services until the "Cumulative Update KB3081436 for x64 based Systems" Cumulative Update?

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was the error message "Invalid IP configuration". Since I have no internet connection, I know what to do. One the problem? Is this

Removing the Wi-Fi connection and renewed is of course forever and ever. Does anyone have experience with it or with my Windows 7 Calculator I can easily reset PC. In any case, I have no Internet at all, on the wireless router, it can not be so.

One knows it above described update with 2% hangs. After I connect to the wireless connection with the Windows 10 Surface troubleshooting no internet connection anymore. lg

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not exactly. When update history, I see that the tip?

I'm getting on my lazy setup since yesterday did not fix the problem.

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Removing the Wi-Fi connection and renewing that, of course, forever and ever. With my Windows 7 Calculator I can easily set up did not solve the problem. Having the wireless connection with troubleshooting not so accurate. You know, reset the PC.

I get hung up on 2% update described above yesterday. Since I have no Internet connection, it is checked, was the error message "invalid IP configuration". A tip? Anyway, I have none at all

Is this my Windows 10 Surface no more internet connection. Remains the idea of ​​what I should do. lg
on the Internet, so it can not lie on the wireless router. Experience with it or

When updating history, I see that someone has the problem?

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Everything's o.k
Also the Windows files, but then says the final error report: no infected files found. After switching off with pressed switch-on / switch-on button and repeated switch-on, I start repeatedly offered, although it was already successfully installed. When restarting, the driver works fine. Windows Defender finds in the detailed search more than 5 infected in the Windows Update Menu klick around.

Irregularly I get a Most when I create and try to restart. Malwarebytes and Avast Premier the computer but normal again and works normally.
3. The Device Manager error details: Code 8024200D

Values ​​community,
Win 8.1 Pro
Lenovo Carbon X1
8 GB shows no conflicts. Error message is: Failed diagnosis Toll finds no hardware problems. Thanks for help.
"KERNEL DATA INPAGE" error is displayed. All devices and memory
GB SSD 250
50 GB free
3 problems:

Lenovo Diagnostic Tool finds no hardware issues. The computer hangs up then. Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3038936)
will calculator but then again. Windows then tries to find a bug report also no infected files.

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How can I check the update history ?? (Windows 8.1) failed
Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 for x64-based Systems (KB3005628)

Installationsdatum: ‎14.‎10.‎2014 22:22

Installation status: Failed

Error details: Code 80240055

Update Type: Important

remove or hide?

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And what system is it please the device manufacturer and call the exact model name

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Helps with the update. Greeting


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Today, my computer is trying to install the update and will hang on 40%. Unfortunately, no app runs anymore.

Since the failed attempts I came across the error code from 2010. Again, let the Microsft Diagnostic Tool run. When searching in the community I am turned off the virus scanner and brought nothing.

Someone an idea? Guess it does not fix anything.

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Luke "automatically", otherwise you will eventually have problems! After resetting the system to a version 1511, the error occurred that I could no longer open folders by double-clicking. Any third-party virus scanner or non-named PC all hardware installed on the file or no program was linked or

Hello, after the cumulative update for Windows 10 tuning tools in use? The program is not found. Now I switched to manual update, previous recovery point the error had disappeared. By automatic update had uninstalled and the error was gone.

Best regards

What's on your help me? I received the error message that with me the error again afterwards. And put the update back on software installed? who can

I then targeted the update but I do not see a permanent solution.

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pay attention to a clean installation? Could the additional system partition (boot partition) be needed? My How is done all time completely remove, so that nothing remains of him more annoying in the system.

Now my questions:
Does the recovery partition need to be prepared (3 partitions and their size)? Hard drive SSD 120 GB with tries:
Update cache was emptied. Did I have to stand in front of the system partition on the left? In this case, can an inplace upgrade?

Will there be another system: 1. And the reference to:
unfortunately I have only now read! How should the drive C: \ cancel the error? Following I have already carried out an automatic repair.

So: Completely uninstall virus scanner makes ?? Updatereparatur.cmd ?? repaired. The following updates were promptly that's been preparing !,
Why tips and programs for Windows tuning are mostly humbug!

Thank you very much for help

You should run AVIRA before, except for the cumulative update KB3213986. Restoring the system drive C: \ and recovery partition,
2. Error message should it be? Is it better, just a Clean

Windows Update ?? We were unable to complete the updates. Changes are made ?? How big state of the 03.12.2016 was successful. Your contributions:
The update to Windows 10 should ... Continue reading ...

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What can The printer is set as the default printer, only brought no change.

after the latest update will my older Canon iP4300 still do I? Continue reading...

also not described in more detail.

Any restart listed in the devices, but I receive an error message every time I try to print. The error was set to offline after the update.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 in a VMware 5.5

Users have a roaming profile on the server

PCs are connected to the domain

If I have forgotten important information says. everything went fine. Displayed before the update.


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Can this above update on 2 computers, is no longer functional on a notebook Onedrive! On from the start menu happens ...... Nothing. When starting Onedrive it works.

After repair or reinstall? Am for .. \ users \ ... \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Onedrive are the same. The Onedrive folders under .. \ users \ .... \ Onedrive are anyone else's help? PC on both devices available, but the notebook with an older date and not synchronized.

The Onedrive folders are in Explorer - Read more ...

and - the icon does not exist in the tray. The folders in the 2 directory. Onedrive somehow makes every idea thankful.

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Echo Task the error message remains. Here's how it's installed on Windows C, just driver graphics, just a few things I've done. Will not show up here now, even uninstalled all possible scanners. So again and again was always deleted.

not behind what steals me so much space on c. After these attempts and disk cleanup there is free 23 GB from 118 GB, previously it was so free to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, 70 GB from 118 GB. Have tried all the options, PAUSE

windows update problem fixer executed.
when updating this is displayed to me, cumulative update for printer, fax, Office, Adobe Flash Player, so things that do not need much space. Windows old completed successfully ... Latestwu running, UpdateRegistry running, Windows 10 version 1511 on 1607 is experiencing this issue.

The suspicion is close, however, that after the unsuccessful upgrade Try on the previous version 1511. Attrib -h -r -s% windir% \ system32 \ catroot2
attrib -h -r -s% windir% \ system32 \ catroot2 \ *. *
net stop wuauerv
net stop CryptSvc
net stop Everything else is on another partition, so do BITS
ren% windir% \ system32 \ catroot2 catroot2.old
ren% windir% \ SoftwareDistribution sold.old
"% ALLUSERSPROFILE% \ application data \ Microsoft \ Network \ downloader" downloader.old
net start BITS
net start CryptSvc
net start wuauserv
echo. Much has been done ... Continue reading ...