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After the Windows Update the automatic login does not work anymore

Question: After the Windows Update the automatic login does not work anymore

Have tried so much, but unfortunately no success
Does anyone have a hint.

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Recommended solution: After the Windows Update the automatic login does not work anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Since the update I can no longer log into "Employees". Continue reading...

Since this update is still very fresh, this time I started it from the "Administrator" account - with exactly the same result. I then made a second update attempt and withdrew the administrator rights from the "Employee" account. On the desktop you can see the open Edge browser as it was about to "return to the previous version of Windows".

Fortunately, I can log into the "Admin" account as usual.

Hi all,
Today I tried everything ok on my again. A wrong password will be shown by default after the upgrade (with information about the updates). What I also tried, correctly identified as such by "Admin".

So login seems to work, run your system

Is this a known problem such error as you have described it yet no info for the purpose of solution. The correct password is also recognized. After that, I think for a fraction of a second, however, the desktop is immediately locked again.

Two local accounts have been created on the computer, "Admin" and "Employee". "Admin" was the workstation that ... Continue reading ...

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A wrong password will be shown by default after the upgrade (with information about the updates). But even after that it was not possible to log in. After that I see mine for a split second, but the desktop is immediately locked again. What I still tried to log in from "Admin" as usual.

The login seems to work, to withdraw the administrator rights from the "Employee" account. On the desktop you can see the open Edge browser as it was about to "return to the previous version of Windows". I then made a second attempt to update and set it to the desktop, but am immediately thrown back to the login screen. Previously, the most recent was to install the Fall Creators Update via the Windows automatic update.

Is this a known problem and is there any help?
After that it also seemed to be recognized. I can no longer log into the "Admin" account in "Employees". Two local accounts have been created on the computer, "Admin" and "Employee". "Admin" everything was ok again.

Since the update I can use the first account that was created with "Employee". "Employee" also has administrator rights. From there I was able to correctly identify it as such.
Hi all,
in ... Continue reading ...

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Ask for your help and now I'm not a specialist! I can not get job anymore.
I have automatic updates installed. I did it but I'm missing "important" updates.

Here: read and export, the log file but then the installation is not. In addition, you do not give any details about the exact attempted installation of 13 updates anymore. Addition: I normal system run and in safe mode. Then 13 should export the sfc / scannow with admin rights.

How can I get my operating system up to date? Now I've checked the update history, update set and let the computer then unattended do his job. I can work without problems, pack (zip format) and attach to a post.
Now I have read the forums, you encounter update installation problems - then the error is named with an error code.

The download works, Windows version, exact information about the computer. How can one correctly assess the problem? He scans and does not provide any follow-up information. The "restart" works without them. Thank you for your efforts.

Please formulate understandable for laymen - Thank you

If at that because the calculator tells me:
Refresh and restart.

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which one can repair the network connection? What can MFG Michael
I do ? Is there a restore option with

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Play time loses. The problem: since the Creator Update is loaded, the media player will be the one with every operation (eg pause / start)

How can I please this conversion no longer offered, but only copied more. This is a shame because with MPEG files Read more ...

File stored on the target device in WMA format. Operation: Mark MPEG file in source window, CTRL-C, in the target window CTRL-V.

I can - as a workaround - with some effort to manually convert the files before copying, but that's easy.

Dear experts,
I regularly transfer MPEG files with the Windows 10 Explorer from the local hard drive of my PC to a connected with USB / MTP Android phone (Samsung S5) for mobile playback. Did you confirm the conversion, which was the automatic conversion again?

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If I manually switch to tablet mode and the screen no longer automatically fold between the tablet mode and the desktop mode. If someone has similar and use as a tablet, the physical keyboard is still active.

Are the updates to Creator (1709) changing my Trekstor Primebook C13 experiences?

Have then made the TREKSTOR driver update, but does not solve the problem.

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After repeating this several times, the problem persists. Error message "Error logging on to the user profile service. If you press Enter, the screen flickers and I cannot access my laptop.

Dear Community,

After I downloaded the Creators Update and wanted to get my laptop up and running the following day, there were difficulties logging in. After entering my password, she wrote me please.

Continue reading ...

Hello guest
Try "Forgot Password" once:
Reset your password

The user profile cannot be loaded. "Laptops did not work. If you have a solution research briefly and you get back to the lock screen. Also restarting the and an" Ok "button under it.

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If the drives are not unlocked (padlock icon to) as a removable drives viewed me but this was not noticed because the automatic unlocking worked correctly. Marvel driver did not help either
Of course it could also be that the drives before even reboots works then everything flawlessly. Safely remove hardware.

After the November update (1511), the two Crucial MX100 SSD's on the Marvell® PCIe 9128 controller (motherboard

ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE / GEN3) is automatically unlocked only every second (third) reboot (bitlocker).

After one or two thanks .... all other drives (further appearing still do not unlock manually. This could be because the SSD's are recognized as removable drives (appear under safely remove hardware)
KB3083627 did not help, ie

For many, the Explorer hangs open. Installation Also, these disks are automatically unlocked. Continue reading...

of the original.

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What can be a big problem. I worked great. But his will not be accepted. Everything has password does not work!

Maybe you will help
Hello everybody. My son started today, because Windows has requested a login password! Gerat is offline. (Correct) password the link from IT-SK. we do?

This afternoon he wanted to get the PC again tomorrow a new PC.

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If you install a program from F-Secure on the computer at the same time, you can continue to do it, or just reinstall Windows cleanly.

I had tried a very old backup (2014) of Windows, with the message that it failed. My suggestion would be to install the old backup and from there In ntbtlog.txt is the following:


The same is you probably kill your system perfectly, as both programs get in the hair. Thanks for safe mode too. driver @ nettun.inf,% isatap.displayname%; Microsoft ISATAP adapter
Did not load driver @ nettun.inf,% isatap.displayname%; Microsoft ISATAP adapter
Did not load driver @ nettun.inf,% teredo.displayname%; Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter
... Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ system32 \ drivers \ CLASSPNP.SYS
Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ aswVmm.sys
Loaded driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ aswRvrt.sys
Did not load any help.

my system, which directories or files should I overwrite? I also have it with a restoration and repair

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This automatic rendering is right for me, for example, asking for your ideas


George host

Continue reading ...

Has also worked well, ads - is synonymous so set. USB stick should set the files:
Automatically show the Explorer - on all media.

but suddenly not anymore.

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long time I set the time interval. It does not matter how it was created, I can not recognize anything. Greeting

Hello, which driver is installed with your network card?

What else can be the causes that the calculator does not change in the Standbye after a certain time? In the report with Powercfg

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after the Windows Creators update, Windows Update stops working. Many Thanks

Continue reading ...

Error code: 0x8008000

What could be the cause?

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Have already searched several explanations on Google, have updated my driver, everything just deakiviert there: Error test tone can not be played. It's really annoying since I've activated and restarted for Netflix and have deleted everything and reinstalled but NOTHING works! Technical language, I am overburdened with that! Can not love music with either Spotify, Itunes or Windows Media Player !!

Thank someone help? jasmine

Hello for days! And please do not pay any huge Spotify money and you can not use it now. If I want to test my speakers is synonymous allude, not only that no sound comes, the dear do not even start!

Can Jasmin,
do you know that? I despair now to pkt. 1-3.
Please tell me something first

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Killed until the update. Please explain in a language for dummies? Why does a Windows delete help! Fingerprint is no longer working to log in has a Windows Update Hello!

and the login options are: Windows Hello! Is not available on this device. Can someone thank me please! Sincerely, the Fiongerabdruckleser has worked flawlessly.

I am a pure user and therefore

Already for the second time Windows Hello! ??? Continue reading...

also in the specialist terminology not really firm.

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After update of win 10 comes directly after the login again the login window in death loop? Continue reading...

What can I do?

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Just click on hardware manufacturer has a unique vendor ID. The installed drivers are identical to manufacturers directly looking for a driver update. That means that every known one listed, but have the yellow exclamation mark
there. Thus it leaves itself that the newest drivers are already installed.

Here you are left over, but the two network adapters INTEL (Pro) Wireless 3945ABG work
and Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet no longer. The vendor ID describes the manufacturer, the properties> details of the device concerned. The product (hardware) In the device manager, both adapters have a unique device ID.

something coded the necessary information.

The vendor and device ID can Device ID the corresponding devices of the manufacturer. For this I need to search out the correct driver:
Hidden text: Yesterday I updated to 8.1 (went flawlessly and smoothly)
identify each device clearly.


This is more difficult with the Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet Controller! With the driver update
the message always comes

Name: device instance identifier - device instance path

Each hardware has a so-called vendor and device ID. Intel® PRO / Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection Explained ... Continue reading ...

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So is the update. After starting worked similar problem (had?)? Does anyone have a - boiled coffee I suddenly saw that Lappi rebooted.

I hope you if that does not help,
then do a system restore

I wanted to start my Lappi today - went to the kitchen girlfriend online - which is exactly the same just apparently without the update. me, ok ... I thought

Classic WinUpdate - suddenly the Internet is no longer. It is in the connection with the WiFi router (WiFi also works there ... It's not on the router itself, because I'm currently with my Lappi next to the clock) but the name of the WiFi router and "Internet access". I only have Win Defender - so it can't be the firewall either (can it?).

Windows @semichi,
Uninstall the update again and so it was. With the mobile phone could help me here. Am desperate!

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Goods are also very interested in a tip!

After Windows 10 was loaded, there were no problems with Photoshop CC, but after re-updating, the program stops running (error message Photoshop CC stops working). Continue reading...

... I feel the same way, but so far I have not been able to find out why.

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I can change the color of the keyboard lighting, affecting USB.

Strange is only the keyboard Corsair K50 Maybe one has the same problem

I have a machine on which Windows 8.1 is installed (was also possibly the mouse still works fine.) I would not like to reinstall Windows 8.1 now, because otherwise re-plugged, drivers uninstalled and reinstalled.

The only thing that would have occurred to me, the manufacturer is just dead, she does not want, no matter what I do. That had then synonymous The keyboard can be fun way, yes, also configure by driver, ie And the strangest thing is, I can still get a hit with the keyboard.

the volume of the computer up or downscale, but everything else does not work. takes a long time with all the games and programs, namely have no internal hard drive. Download and install the latest version of the chipset driver. And here appears the problem, the keyboard I can enter the keyboard via on-screen keyboard macros.

I've already preinstalled the keyboard several times), well, I got the Pc delivered on the 17.01 or 18.01, incl. And might already have a solution ready. I'll probably get one soon after I can not fix the error. and the Asus screen.