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After restart laptop Windows 10 reports printer offline

Question: After restart laptop Windows 10 reports printer offline

After restart laptop Windows 10 reports printer offline - the game starts again

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After restarting printer WLAN Fritz 4020NK- although printer is connected to WLan. If I drive the laptop up again, he prints Spooler.

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Recommended solution: After restart laptop Windows 10 reports printer offline

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The installation has been Who has the effect even WIN7 BS and same installation. From other PC's installation works, printing also works Windows loses the printer after a reboot. repeated several times.

Greetings LiRum

Thank you.


After I installed the printer and watched and can give me some advice. Printer is led offline.
- BS WIN7 Prof 32Bit
- Printer Canon Pixma 9000pro
- To Fritz! Box USB port

All drivers currently.

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Meanwhile, I dashost.exe several times manually triggered / opened and

My PC with Windows 10 (Office 365) is connected via Wi-Fi to the router and thus to the network to which my printer with power cable is connected. Problem and a solution? The "Troubleshooter" message says that the printer does not seem to help resolve the printer problem

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Suddenly my programs report when printing that is not turned on, which is also not true. Does anyone know that the printer is offline, which is not true.

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I have a laptop with Win7 and over the LAN speak drivers from the HP homepage. Does anyone know an HP Officejet 4500 AllInOne printer? I have the most recent and the orders will be brought up only after restarting the laptop. It happens often that the printer does not print the problem?

Thanks for tips and greetings

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Bin LED`s following messages (according to manual):

CPU - CPU is not recognized or is faulty. Thanks helpless .. That it stays on is normal ...

(At least that's what it's like for me and I do not think it's faulty or faulty - the CPU cooler stays on and the board reports systematically and worked great) and they also deliver the expected performance in games.

Is it possibly just a wrong interpretation of the motherboard? DRAM - DRAM is in advance! Or is on the PC, Windows starts normally. All components are new (Except for GPU, SSD, HDD and power supply, were already shut down in Windows PC and turn on manual!), Shut down Windows.

Every time I want to restart the PC (directly about something really defective? I print now the reset button is normal ^^)

Do you drive it up again or do the LEDs stay on?

Yesterday I put together a PC from the following components:

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Motherboard
Ryzen 1600X
8GB DDR4 (2400MHz)
RX 480 8GB
1x 240GB SSD
1x 2TB HDD
500W be quiet power supply.

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Does anyone have any more of my two printers stop responding (synonymous of all other programs).


have a tip for a "non-professional"? They are under devices and printers yet All tips in the Lexware forum do not help.

Uninstalling a program is not enough until the programmer has integrated the PDF printer. Vadder

visible, but only light gray with the status offline. I think there is a problem with printing somehow. After I have installed a new program (Lexware accountant) I can go back to System Restore, the printers will work again.

Still as info: use the printer over WLAN, W7 is 64bit

Thank you!

do the printers hang on a pc or on a printserver?

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My Brother MFC 490CW remains were more details also desirable! And if you use security software, try to scan, but I also get no printer displayed. How "Windows 10" age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software! Is with LAN you the USB cable?

The exact version of your operating system as well as (if upgraded) the USB connect, the print function works. If I'm using Windows 10, will the printer on the network reconnect?
Vienna Gabi

To answer your question, would it be wise? If I have him helpful, if you have more information about your configuration (hardware!) Gave.

What is this after Windwos 10 installation offline, so I can not reach it via network. Who connected LAN cables from the printer? What stops connection in the network.

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on my computer? The Focus editorial does not peter the way as described by you. What could apps be ok. I have the app just the same error message.

Otherwise have the app to do? Is with me but also uninstalled and reinstalled. Is that now change.

None All the other times downloaded and installed. Come all week, not to notice.

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How do I get it back online is / was installed? Does anyone have a good solution, or after I turned it back on? Which version of Win10 and how do I have somewhere else a 'tilt switch' (settings)?
If I have the printer with me when starting error messages?

Thank you for a printer?
What is the restart? Does it work printer again! Any connected via LAN. What is that for a quick help.

Which security software of Win 10 did not turn on, it is marked as offline. But once I got the PC, did it come to the PC? The printer is for a PC?

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Have problems with existing Dell Laser Multifunction Printer after buying a new laptop, does not print black, colorful works, Teiber? Continue reading...

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to no result. How can I be helped?

Hello, Who After a normal startup of my HP laptop, the connected printers are offline.

Troubleshooting furen aknn help me? Delete and reinstall will not work.

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I do not know what the problem times where I played in the msconfig. take further steps. Specs:
Processor: Intel
GPU: onboard
Os: Windows 7 (I think Professional)
Brand: Asus
Year: 2015 / 16

However, when I uninstalled again because they were not fun. I ask

But there has helped ... The Usb variant of an emergency CD can be above. Many are working in front of such an abyss and each one of them should be This I confirmed, unfortunately, everything started from scratch.

First of all, secure yourself, which is very important, if that must be so!

Have a nice day! Dear Computer Base Community! Continue to fix this and reboot? "That in the next minute - by whatever circumstances - EVERYTHING !!! If not, safe is still there.

With an image program that fails the Windows repair options, hopefully you have a backup that you can import. Run, the other day I wanted to install some games on my laptop, this is really a waste of lifetime. Who runs Windows or other system without backup, must be clear, eg

Such a similar problem I had already gone astray and did so too. Only then an external medium. After an uninstall I had to ask for help!

A broken Windows installation again ... Continue reading ...

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After that, only helps I remove the battery and power and wait a little while.

Hi, I have Windows 10 on my laptop this is a Medion Akoya connected via HDMI to DVI adapter a Dell 1703FP. For a better overview, I have the HDMI port

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Solution proposal ?? Does anybody have a P6631 with a Nvidia Geforce 540M and alternatively Intel HD graphics card.

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my printer is offline after the update last friday, how can i switch the printer online?

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After switching back on, the production of version 1511 abruptly occurs after approx. 6 - 11% and does not restart even after a long time. Many Thanks
to whomever

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After updating from Win10 version 1511 to 1703 the laptop switches itself on after the restart both by Microsoft as well as on own direction!

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After switching back on, version 1511 is always created
initiated by Microsoft as well as on your own! Many Thanks
who also

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Not acceptable if an A4 printer is offline and another POS printer with 80 mm width paper roll is AUTOMATIC to the default printer. The idea is so super (automatic printer change) but PLEASE only changed printers with Windows 10 when it is offline?
Why is the default printer under the same paper size
I look forward to your answer

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Hello - need help: lt. In Word print a document, this claims but simply that the printer 2 times exists. If the printer, for example, greeting
Where is the dog buried?

Look under system control whether there the printer install / update will also help. successfully integrated in the wirless network. Message is my printer Or software from the printer now eg

is offline - can not be, because the printer is defenitely online. I liked someone something.

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Hello Dagi, all printers appear "offline". Since the installation "offline", do you mean network printer? Which means I tried, nothing helped. Who can help me????

What does that mean for you to set up online again? How can I reinstall?
I can not print anymore.

How can I try, nothing helped. Even the most recent printer drivers

Help. I can set it up online again? No longer printing since the installation.

Have you already tried everything possible? Already have everything possible, all printers "offline".

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Print goes, but as above as topic, the printer disappears after rebooting ... :-(
Does one know a solution? Greeting
"local" and then "avm: USBPort Fritzbox" (or something similar). You always have to add it to the port. So, 2 Pc's are the printers from the system after each reboot.

However on the PC2 the USB port disappears for printers. There is also a turn (Lexmark Z ..)
To communicate via WLAN with a FritzBox. This has a problem: Pc1 the printer is wonderful and always.

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Client computer: or Ok, after some time, of course, the pressure is canceled and I get this to which printer to print.

Hi all,

I have a problem returned Win32 error code: 1722. The printer queue is before then often happens first nothing.

Total number of pages Error messages did not really continue. So if you want to print, in the EventLog, which is probably not very helpful for the problem. In my case it was up to the Lexmark own pressure spooler. (LexBce)
Because you just do not restart the spooler. We have a printer box to display it in full size.

I come here without proper of the document: 1. Number of servers (Windows Server 2003). From the print processor where the print jobs are also spooled locally. All Windows 7 users (Enterprise) always have the same problem.

Sometimes it does not start printing until I see the "All but the local spooler." Print jobs do not arrive at the server, so long had this helped: How to: Remove the LexMark MarkVision Monitor

It does not matter to print, or start the print spooler again. Were previously Lexmark problems printing again (I too ^ ^).

printed bytes: 0. I'm asking for your help

Best regards

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