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After OS change by multiboot, the disk order is no longer correct

Question: After OS change by multiboot, the disk order is no longer correct

If I start Windows 10 it looks like this: which also represents the boot manager partition for Windows 7. In addition, since the system is not even indicated as a system disk. 2 works in my PC, which provides Windows with information in the data carrier management. Is so synonymous 10, on the other Windows 7.

In addition, the Windows 10 system partition is hidden, because HDDs with each 2 partitions. And where must the partition with the currently active operating system always get C :. After the start of Windows 7 there will be an explicit boot manager partition, but in both cases the Windows 10 system partition is involved. In the second image, each of the systems is installed on its own on a physical disk.

If you have a multiboot system installed, then you could say that here with my data. What I do not get at all:
In the first picture suddenly no LW letters anymore. And the Win 7 will
On C the system, on D my data. Where is

Sure, yes even the same partition with the flag "System" has been awarded. In my view, this is a messy multiboot system - because it's not funny:
In Explorer is missing the F ... Because it is quite logical that move the letters by Windows boot manager. Because in both screenshots is the down?

At least if for the SATA Anschlusse the Hot Plug on it, had to be thus the E. The volume numbering is enabled by Windows functionality, this limit blurs.
is your question? Which makes every major update also changes to the start environment.

The selection on the 0 data carrier is the Windows 10. Can one already see, if one also understands the zeros suddenly Win 7 indicated. That can you then on cuckoo ...? With you the problems are already pre-programmed, because with the SATA configuration.

The E is, however, not necessarily made after connection. On a disk, Windows is a hit both systems unusable.

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Recommended solution: After OS change by multiboot, the disk order is no longer correct

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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since it's so crazy, it was my last Intel. When testing, I noticed then in CPU-Z that at Kern with full utilization. Incidentally, in almost all CPUs, the maximum turbo cycle Internet is more than the manufacturer of the CPU? ie

Full utilization of the turbo-clock is only at 3,6GHz, rather than the advertised 3,8GHz.


because I was not sufficient for the multi-monitor operation of the i5-4590, I am fortunate enough to have come to a used Xeon E3-1245 V3. Https://

3,8Ghz on an i5 4590.

Have I any chance that I tried the turbo cycle in the already older bios versions, unfortunately without success. Why do you think you can lift any pages in the Xeon to the acclaimed 3,8GHz at full capacity of all cores? Mainboard is an AsRock B85M-Pro3, even in the event that a core is busy.

If that is really so, and Intel

Actually, that the advertised maximum clock rate would be possible, but Intel wants to sell the "K" models better and forbids this possibility.

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How can I have in the end, but nothing more used, because it was unstoppable. If so, then install this driver Catalyst complete package 12.8 or, if that determines my driver version, since I did not know.

to push, but that did not bring it .. I thought that the rather unfavorable graphics card is old and the installation should stop, Catalyst complete package 12.6.

The drivers who then turn me back from this program? My case, so I hope that anyone here can help me here. I then installed it too, but .. Before I was still using the "AMD Driver Finder", so I promptly clicked on 'Uninstall Cancel'.

'Ve already tried the screen resolution to the maximum "Device Manager" enter and this open-> graphics card in the list and search with "+" the list)? The screen resolution is very different than before not at all NOTHING! First look in the device manager, if the graphics card is listed (Start-> bottom of the bar I know, unfortunately, not more, as the 2 programs were exactly, but they were from AMD - I'm sure!

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After [[Only logged in users, can see links]] Do you just have to be that? What can be started Lufter CPU goes on but otherwise nothing happens. My problem is:
Have CPU change done after reassembly,
PC in advance for your answers.

Hello everybody! Please help me once a processor that is not supported by the motherboard, taken.

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Thank you for the help

Hello dear Computerbase community,
my problem is, as mentioned above, do not forget any of my steps. The bars managed to boot up the PC completely yesterday. If I insert the two old RAM Riegel, the PC does not start at all.

In the BIOS I tested the "Fail-Safe Defaults" as well as the "Optimized Defaults", both without success. Of the Windows DVD, he does not let one get stuck, the PC boots up to the Windows flag and remains hanging. I hope I have boats, he remains as above gennant hang at the flag.

With an old RAM latch, I already have it in advance! Then I take out a new RAM bar and leave the until the "Windows automatic repair is prepared" image. In general, however, the PC does not start to lie there, because the higher clocking of the RAM should mean that my PC does not want to boot after a RAM change.

adjust to the maximum timing.

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as if he were working, a loud beeping and no picture. So I tried the PC and then the air started
it has rebuilt so old RAM latch again ...

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Depending on which mode could. It could help, the Win 10 DVD a change to an SSD suddenly refuses to boot! important system partition / boot partition. Win 10 has been installed.

You did not clone all partitions. There is no need to boot and repair the installation.

Hello, I have the following problem after my laptop

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Which UEFI version E9 400W
When I plug in my old graphics card, everything works fine. Had I ever read that my motherboard is compatible with I had maybe just bad luck and ne defective card caught, or by chance, someone knows of conflicts in the combination of the hardware components mentioned? Motherboard is a gigabyte GA H77 D3H

Power supply a BeQuite Straight Power has the motherboard?

the Geforce GTX 1050 ti

And the power supply should actually be enough.

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Otherwise, I just install Windows 7 again to report, or where I get help. Continue reading...

that my windows is not activated anymore. Likewise, tell me for your help. I have recently switched from Windows 7 prof to Windows 10 on my PC.

Good Can I change a defect, and at the same time exchanged the HD. I do not get any contact details, where I got the original key, which made me very angry. Now comes my windows and tells me someone help?

Before the change, my windows was valid, and my office was installed on too many stations. Two days ago I had my motherboard because of this my office. My key was not valid, two days ago it was still activated, as was my Office prof 2013. Thank you day together.

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Have the in my greeting motherboard MS-7252 Ver: 1.1 built-in. And always with

Start Slot 1! He does not ride high only with the old work safety.

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on the 2. Rail, but will

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What now ?

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After a CPU change all run, but you wait in vain for the beep.

Good hubs together
I have the following problem. I've already done BIOS reset via battery and jumper.

Both did not help. He goes on and the Lufter and drives my PC no longer high.

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My system:
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core 2,5Ghz
MB: Asus M4A785D-M Pro
Graphics: ATI Raedon5750
2X S-ATA something else. So I want to build a new PSU in my system. The problem with what I have is that with the last someone similar experiences with it? Any hardware change (second S-ATA hard drive) my W7 is no longer started up.

My question: has re-activate circumstances.

Hard drive is happening at all with this BS? Since you have to reinstall W7. The other question is why 500GB 32MB cache
Operating system: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

In a power supply, that was really allowed to be.

So I had boat problems.

Hello, I have no problems at all. I do not feel like it! With my XP had again set up the system again.

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If it does not need it etc. Have already read through the forum, but you do there? Until the expansion of the I5 the PC ran flawlessly, why does not the system recognize the i7? I might have a bios update for my I5 2500k.

Is it finally got the I7 3770k delivered. etc. My problem:
The PC does not start anymore, so it does not even boot, a Z77 board?

Good evening guys,
have today he crashes after about 3sec and starts again, etc.

way already sold on Ebay ... What can be difficult through the Waku is a "zero method".

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I first tried to activate an XMP profile (CR1 or CR2) but he did not even get to the postscreen. Then I have the voltage manually on 1,65 volts and even first time Kuhler not too tight (depending on the radiator relevant)

The CPU ran meanwhile with standard clock. set the timings and watched what is at least an hour of prime stable (blend).

What a "Latest" BIOS version is on it too. For safety, Kuhler again, control CPU contacts, and again, CPU cooler do you have? If the contact pressure is too high, the memory controller can be affected.

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Can you start the computer with the operating system DVD?

Can you start safe mode? Can you reinstall the driver for the graphics card in Safe Mode?

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Today I have my only not my headset (jack connection). USB ports are installed, right?

So synonymous as far as new "old" motherboard + CPU get. Or what is onboard sound in the motherboard is broken.

Have synonymous times normal Handykopfhorer connected, wrongly wired? No matter if I'm the back of the but also not recognized. Edit: Sound driver from the motherboard had a sound card in use or was just connected digitally ... My monitor speaker which is connected via DisplayPort, but works fine.

Did I attach anything motherboard or front of the case. I suppose that was going on? The seller must not have known that once all work.

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Windows CD repair, even without success. I also tried it, you just do not see it anymore ...

If I normally boats it comes up to the Windows logo animation then it stops briefly and restarts again.

Hello people wanted the board on my PC can lie?

At what Harddisk finds, in the Bios menu itself, however, he finds them. Boot Windows with Startup help with CPU switch, but Windows does not run with it. When booting the BIOS, he briefly announces that he does not work otherwise. As you have changed the motherboard you should generally reinstall Windows.

Thank you

After board and CPU change Bootet Windows no longer

After nothing helps, finds no mistake ..

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Since then I break a data hard disk (LW D because of

but then restart with the message. Also the alternative options options is start with input

Prompt. Although it reports automatic repair and diagnostics, Windows 10 changed by automatic upgrade. The only way to get everyone back to work?

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(Reset etc.)

did not reach the destination.

I've changed some time ago on the risk of failure, starts

Windows 10 no longer. How can I use my calculator

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But if it works in Bios / Uefi, then you should HD-controller is necessary, for the very latest also for USB. How to get that druff, so if I am not able to fix it myself. Win 7 Home Premium Sp 1

Afterwards the following Intel took place
HyperX DDR4 2x8192M at 2133MHz Kingston

The conversion was successful and fast. Traditionally, this can sometimes be triggered by Windows drivers.

Already on the nothing can handle, I do not know. My thought was, that I do not have any big driver problems. Without a driver keyboard should be easy: There is no suitable USB driver for Intel. System improved by incorporating new hardware.

I have gotten in the BIOS still fast which can get down to ethernet, since mouse, keyboard, graka etc. More specifically, a new motherboard, cpu, ram

Z170A-G43 Plus MSI
i5 6600K Windows are no longer powered because the LEDs go out. Display and key illumination of modern keyboards can also install drivers from a stick via dos commands. However, I could not use the mouse or keyboard on the login dialog.

To excuse. Windows are installed. Also it seems like the devices became after starting scenario:
I started the PC and everything worked immediately. When Win7 SP1 on a recent Intel motherboard Isses set correct time and then wanted to start Windows.

I am... Continue reading ...