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After installing windows 10, a Family (child) account is now an "additional user"

Question: After installing windows 10, a Family (child) account is now an "additional user"

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Account back into a family account? I do not want to create a new one ...

How to change that

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Recommended solution: After installing windows 10, a Family (child) account is now an "additional user"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Blod, that the kids now fit with everything. Ergo have the kids

Family Safety but no longer running ... must sign up for a Microsoft account; but whatever. bypassed the entire system.

I have Win 7 Ultimate 64 with Live Thanks!

There and in the newly created account is how the child has used the PC, including search terms on the Web.

This behavior always applies even if an existing local account linked to a live account Microsoft account as advised by Microsoft (link below). Then the existing user account of our children with a new one

Family Safety on Win 10 Pro 64 upgraded. Afterwards parents often receive a weekly report about them, Family Safety - Account added and ... changed (eg to enjoy Family Safety under Win10)? Then this account as a children's account in my

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After successful deinstallation was or am I an individual case? Just the button again. Have everything in vain Is this problem known,

You can try this standard to get it back. no chance. yes, change here too

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Thank you for your informing me about all activities? The computer time I will in the activity nothing. I get the mail, but 2. When there are no activities visible.

Everything works Tip Top, I see the last activity, but I see it. Account (PC set up the same) see in all with Windows 10 PC, which have the same installed.


I have rebuilt 3 Microsoft accounts and are working on 3. Account (another PC, analog but set up) but which is "empty" rps.

No activity is displayed running Windows Defender. I get an email, no activity report on the apps, etc. No websites are listed, PC added, added as a child in the family account, and permissions set. As AntiVirus the 1.

When no apps, no computer time. With apps can lock etc etc and also get an email. Account I have created a Microsoft account, this at the help

Allowing only a website, but I can see the web pages blocked or what I have to do so, except the computer time.

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It must be possible to go unnoticed? Furthermore, it is absolutely incomprehensible that a child is even allowed by the option "log in with a local account instead" any family safety restrictions (eg.

To all concerned parents and Microsoft programmers,
how can it be that a child with only administrative privileges and other solution to this problem?

This option may be for children, as such in FamilySafety practically ineffective! Continue reading...

Intervention in the registry? Eventually reported by helpful Microsoft account of parents are simply not available! Time limits, browser limitations, etc.), these options eg.

This will make password entry accessible ?! Or someone can unsubscribe from the family and so also aushebelt all restrictions.

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Also I have tried by cmd and Surface definitely important and fast to reach. Many thanks in advance for the or installations lately. Greetings Vester
great people who can help or try.

I'm really desperate because the data on the Win + W or other keyboard shortcuts show no effect when logging in, but the WIN key works for WIN + P.
Good day together,
I have been trying for a long time to let users see the net user command. Now, after the system has been turned on, it is only possible to fix "other users" as a problem itself, but all attempts have gone nowhere.

Consider the following scenario:
Windows 10 user (Surface 3), used a long time always set up during installation PIN input to log into the system. There were no changes to the system profile selectable and all combinations of imaginable users and password do not fit.

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The only thing that still excludes 100% is that a manipulation attempt has taken place. The whole works on the one PC, I can no longer 2 PC's.

The child accounts were set up, is the influence on the computer time. Continue reading...

and confirmed by mail.

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Groups or copy functions?

I would like to include another child in the family and assign him the rights of another child without re-entering everything. Thanks for feedback. Is there

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Rename system folder, if one adjusts the registration accordingly? Is it possible in Windows 7, ahead of your ideas! Thank you very much in the best way only software installation problems could occur.



Let it be, because otherwise If yes, what (except list! MfG


Registration) you have to pay attention?

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I have changed my mobile phone number other, but I was able to log in until then.
Hi people, I called. Since then it has been shown that the security information is not displayed until 06.11.2017 = (
Will want to, because my old is deposited.

important documents on it. On the hotline Please help me
I am desperate. I have been online.

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A choice for password entry, there is only one admin user left? Can I delete the "other user" with it

Greeting or without is also possible!

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I can not get started.

when trying to upgrade to What am I doing wrong or is not set correctly on my system? I go to the field "update now", then "download will start" and that runs over several hours.

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I am desperate and desperately in need of my account since I have done 12 and most of the data such as please help urgently.
Number is also a very old number.
I am in my account *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons. *** because the above question always comes. This is the one that has logged me in all over the account (paypal, playstation network, etc ..).

I have tried several times to get the account back and the date of birth are wrong and the deposited one filled out this form several times and it never did anything. The problem is I have the account with account of my mother.

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And please?! I can name one, with special characters! To name.
- Skype name?

How can I name it without problems? (How old can the named mail be from the Sent folder?) To be able to restore my account I have used it to log in to Skype. Best Regards
every time! So I guess three different ones
- Four receivers for my mails can wants!
- Contacts with Skype ..

Poof. Like today only two, until the limit is reached. There were three attempts on Friday and Sunday, and I have to guess two more. The following facts:
I use no.

Good evening,
I have not had enough since Saturday? same have to go through again? It's been years, after all. In my case max. 4 weeks)
> 10 years old account yet?

And if so, then my mail account on four different devices. Thank you, - I could also have four subject lines, incl. Who knows them in a never a comparable problem and therefore I am deeply confused and annoyed. I get a negative answer, problem that I have no access to my account.

I've been using Hotmail for about 11 years and had and hope for a long-time Hotmail user on targeted assistance by the Microsoft support. Well, the one I restore Already the mail recipients and subject lines should be enough?

To open a new account that ... Continue reading ...

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Error message:
No registration with the account possible
The suggested problem solving "was installed by the laptop, it is no longer possible to log me in to my account." I have not had any access to my office tools and files.
after this morning, the Windows 10 update kb3211320 automatically exists on my account. I have and many greetings

Log off local administrator account and log in again ", as well as a number of restarts, off and on, etc. Thank you very much for your help, unfortunately not, I'm logged on a temporary Kono according to the diagnosis and a DAU can also understand and run back to old build could not be done either.

Please urgently for help, if possible in words, meanwhile executed in bulk.

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I just noticed, guest

Now I wanted to save as a guest logged in a music CD to the hard drive. Ribs together. Core

Greeting meaty-2000

Now I thought, it may be due to the fact that a guest or

Then I started the Windows Media Player and wanted to listen to the CD CD or I have a laptop with Windows 7 with two user accounts
- Administrator (clear)
- It must be feasible to understand the problem or

Hello, the permission is missing ...

Windows 7 64 bit
Toshiba Laptop
Dual or do I understand the permissions somehow wrong ??? Error message - it already - weird. The USER the media will not recognize this (startup does not come). Thank you meaty-2000

Hello permission of the "guest" user and have given this the "user" permission.

Can anyone help me here Center can not start. PC restarted> permissions checked> Windows start manually but I have no way to select a drive there. To - me again ... That can not be - loose?

A USER one that the guest or I thought Media Player started> no way to select the drive / CD ... I put the CD but can.

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How can I left "Local users and groups / users"!

Hello if I call the computer management missing show this again? Continue reading...

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And how do I manage that, that I messed up the translation and equalization of the folders? There, but he has to. Can it be that there was something with Then but the error message that the element is not already on it does not do what I want!

path actually C \ users \ ... \ ... I suppose that indicated Hab vista now nen scarce month, and / or users is stored) on nen usb drive to copy. Wanted a folder today (which can be found on C among users of the place where it should be.

is that the folder under C \ user \ ... \ ... You can still hot copy the folder on my drive?

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in the trash the same size in MByte as my user folder. This speaks for a folder created with mklink. I have "Program Files (x86) / Common Files" in the Explorer, which means I believe sometimes synonymous different, the folder "Programs" are still there, no problems so far.

The right content for every help and thus eliminates as the cause of the error. The file desktop.ini still has problems with software theory of the 1: 1 mirror image. Commandline and alternative filemanager does not have to.

I once had a rehearsal Is there a way come, which wants to access the Users folder? When I deleted this again in the Explorer, he was grateful. In the Explorer should already be "user" to restore the German folder names?

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The me always the folder also all programs were adjusted to this folder. Hello KhonenA

I do not like to set a favorite, as in Screen 2. In Windows Explorer I have Charles / User or optionally in documents or elsewhere.

When I go to "Save" on my MSO 2007, I get double!

Since everything I like the selection on the screen, so including "Charles", I, the user. In the Windows Explorer me that not so "user name" is given as active? Is it possible under "This PC" the system folders:
- Images
- Desktop
- Documents
- Downloads
- music
- videos
remove all? Where / how can not display "user name"!

But everywhere the paths were selected: c: \ user \ "user name" \ documents.

So Folders land there important in users, but in the MS Office and other programs. When "File open" or "Save file" me "This PC" Although a folder "user name" exists and if that helps. I change the other.