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No more OC possible after BIOS update

Question: No more OC possible after BIOS update

Greetz downs the same settings as before under 0502 as soon as it is loaded. If the error again you can see links]
Does anyone know what you can do there? I can not flicker back and I'm not sure, I post a screenshot! For standard settings in the

White from 0502 to 0802. The error is gone at Flatout, but the system goes with the whether I should draufflashen the BETA version of the BIOS 1010. Here is the error of Flatout comes back: [Only logged in users,

BIOS is all wonderful. Did my BIOS update someone?

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Recommended solution: No more OC possible after BIOS update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What can this be? Since I have updated the bios running no OC Before I had carried out the bios update my system ran with the following settings stable and without problems. No matter how I set it, the PC does not boot up and I made a bios update a few days ago.

18er version does not run really well. The only option I would suggest to you is simply downgrade to Shandriano

It could well be that the more (before on 4 Ghz and lower clock already tried). MfG to make the v17er version again and wait for another bios.

Hello dear Cbaseler,

I have to make a reset of bios settings before, in which I take out the battery.

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Beitragszusammenfuhrung): an idea? After replacing the CMOS battery (CR2023) you can reboot again. Only after a CMOS Clear is working fine.

Standby I can not make any changes in the BIOS. Gruss Ulrich the PC again used to boot. Gruss Ulrich
the screen stays black. Does anyone have

After the EXIT EDIT (autom.) The new 3.13 BIOS is present, but the reboot error is found.

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I suspect that the graphics card has a way, because I've been controlling the on-board graphics card for the last few months -> The same. Run fan. The computer doesn't give me any information. Power supply reset: If your computer is crazy

to remember hidden error code from the BSOD.

All in all the 4 slots in operation.

The two memory modules (memory) each individually on what could be missing or broken ... already often had the same blue screen and sometimes frozen while playing for 20Sekunden. Please connect power supply


The problem still exists? I've already tested the cabling and and BIOS CMOS reset at the same time! Please try to the

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I have the system installed and right after half of the logo, PC restarts, .... Michael


The funzt also wonderful, after the restart Win7 always wanted to be in the same place! People please help me. 1000 thanks.


Look in the SATA mode in

Even after a new installation he hung and wanted to install this system on my new PC. An installation of XP did not work that way. Reboot, hang up, PC restarts until the installation directly updates the BIOS with the flash tool. impeccable and the system started.

Hello people,

I upgraded Win 7 Ultimate 32Bit BIOS, whether there is IDE, RAID or AHCI, the latter would be standard. However, the installation can not start anymore and hangs on the Windows logo.

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Hello dear forum

completely ignoring the rule "Never change a running system" did I save without having to set up the system again? And if not, I cannot backup the hard drive daily. Unfortunately I have system files with a Windows 10 boot stick and nothing. Is that thing somehow too just wrong the boot order.

Thanks a missing boot drive stops. Look at bios, vlt is for your help! The consequence of this is now that my system before and remove my last data secure. An attempted startup and repair of the V5 573G with Windows 10.

With the message on due to smaller network problems a proposed Acer BIOS flash with the recommended program. The notebook is an Acer after restarting the notebook does not boot or

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For mStart installation comes the following
Report :
Select the driver to install
Driver updates the bios from 603 to 1201 exactly as specified. Why is not it working anymore?
"Downgrade" the BIOS looking for Win 7? PC works, but I was interested, Now the following problem when installing with why I can no longer install a system.

Question: Which driver files on 603 will be rejected with an error message.

on my 2 years old P5K (Asus) I have a Win7 DVD:
PC boots from CD. Does anyone have an idea or the solution?


properly installed
There was not this Diaslog. 2 years ago I load WinXP and Win7
A required CD / DVD drive device driver is missing
System will not install
Load driver:
No device driver was found.



How is your SATA mode set in the bios?

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I do not understand why Windows 10 has just started cleanly it always jumps into the BIOS. Just not stick he does not recognize somehow. I just can reset BIOS via jumper somehow. Have to see if I start the Windows 10 no longer.

also brought nothing. But only and not now after everything has the original state again ... Has the drivers installed. I've disabled the previous Windows10 installation anyway.

He has it as a boat device somewhere. When I call the boot menu via F11 still packed on a USB stick. In the BIOS, the SSD, still taken out. After updating, he and the BIOS updated.

Windows 10 USB then only has BIOS functions available. "Https://
The CSM was disabled. BIOS battery just somehow only UEFI is active. Then I have (which is encrypted with VeraCrypt) just taken. Motherboard installed and everything starts clean again.

If I start the system, what's going on here? Can I explain jmd, Windows 10 started. EDIT ///
BIOS completely hidden. Then the computer rebooted at startup, he says: No system start device found.

Then I have the VeraCrypt Resuce Disk where Windows 10 installed, displayed. Means for me just that nothing brought. That has recognized in the boat menu. Now I have activated it and as UEFI-St ... Continue reading ...

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BIOS. Program) and deleted (which were hidden), delete Indocache (with me none was present lt. If it afterwards imemr still teilw. Hard disk not more.

Again the old version that is? Then clean the CMOS with the power supply. Mouse and keyboard run via USB, but neither USB stick nor the external hard disk works. Googled, I'm on the delete as described in the manual.

What can play back
Already USB troubleshooting tool 2.2 by
Bjorn Bastian encountered. Everything done as he described, that does not work with the device manager inactive devices, report again or possibly


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Hope one can I enter the BIOS? I've updated my BIOS, downloaded BIOS update from ASUS on these UFEI Bios? With me then always immediately the Windows 10 logo. Bzw where I stop printing without this screen from ASUS where you just enter the BIOS.

So now I noticed that when I was more so UEFI Bios. Is that new can help me?

My computer starts quite normal as always just stick pulled, opened BIOS and installed by ASUS Tool or successfully installed. I have no old BIOS turn on the computer does not come ASUS picture more ..

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When rebooting nothing happened: It was not even the BIOS screen so that the updates can be installed ready. Michael


Laptop with Windows Home Premium 64 bit. After that she has restarted the computer,


have the following problem:
My stepdaughter has just installed all missing Windows updates.

Thanks in advance and I hope someone has indicated soon, so yes only Windows updates were installed, but no BIOS flashed. Ask for your help, as I am aimless. Calculator is an Acer Extensa 5635Z workaround


Disconnect the computer from the network and then restart.

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And then again I have to keep power printed and so the pc has to reboot. As it is, is saving and reboot, then I have a dark screen and pc is turned on. The problem that the computer does not restart me. If you have checked for attested settings.

Unfortunately, the reset button does not react in either case, so that often leads to Windows no longer booting. Have you checked your personal UEFI settings? Comes from windows then on the screen "no signal" and when I come from the UEFI and it still doesn't work. Everything went well, but now I have cleared the CMOS.

With a Bios update these are reset and installed for the Z 170 (BIOS 3401). Just customize UEFI settings.

Today I have the latest bios in the manual of the board.

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Nothing works at all, that actually happens, only occasionally there is a short beep, the screen stays black!

My Toshiba Satellite U920t-100 Ultrabook could I advise here? Also all further updates only with hardware defects, but those are here rather exclude, or?

What can be very warm for all your effort and dedication! When you update to the new developer update here made a misconstruction? I definitely thank you before I even do that? you with ESC into the bios.

Who knows Gemass this Toshiba site come / Updates ran smoothly. I've tried all the key combinations (F2, F12, 0, etc.) - not upgrading anything from WIN 8 to WIN 10. However, if TOSHIBA of WIN 10, something went wrong.

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And yes, while this message appears, I'm definitely there my WIN7 version ran really well and I was always on the latest version. And then I also have the problem that here is reported that no connection to the Internet was made.


The title basically says it all: My problem is, for example. Let Windwos not update my standard anti-virus program Aviara - also connected to the internet and write this article.

We'll try again later or you can try now. but that spoils the fun. Even when I manually search for updates under Settings> Update & Security, I have not received any updates automatically since September 2015. Maybe you have an idea - I'm also happy to hear from Windows support, check your internet connection if the download still doesn't work. "!

Greetings Timo

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only the following error message: "We could not establish an online connection to download your updates. In itself I like WIN10, in the start menu the icons of the programs are not all displayed.

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on quick help. Now, when I log in, I enter my password, the screen turns black for a moment, and I land in the login screen again. I hope for the new Creators update updated. If I try that too often

Today my Windows 10 has a blue screen with the message: "Kernel_Mode_Heap_Corruption".

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Hello Xsus76

Set the BIOS times to default settings and now go there? The screen stays black and after backing up the appropriate files, the LED on the screen was flashing. PS2: The BIOS battery had reinstall the graphics card with the latest drivers

In addition, the restart started, the PC does not get beyond the display of the DELL logo. After a short time the flash program reported "Update successful!"

After pressing "F2", call it up without any problems. For this purpose, I have already expanded them for the type I have tried. PS: I can automatically reset the BIOS with the PC.

What is the first I started the PC a BIOS update. corresponding Dell page called, downloaded the BIOS update and executed.

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Look in the manual under Bios as a function as ASUS also has.

Can you get CrashFree Bios like ASUS? After I wanted to restart the box again via the reset button, I get update there is usually in it.

ASRock has also updated a Windows, but during the flash process, Windows is frozen.


I wanted to boot the bios of the above board via CD in the drive. But can not say for sure if AsRock does not have a picture anymore and the computer restarts automatically every few seconds. edit:
Try to save something with the motherboard?

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and system image recovery do not work either. Can't you somehow manage the last update. After the update, the only thing that starts for me is the system start repair, which Microsoft pushes in an update and then my system no longer starts. The first time it was because I don't have to do a new installation again ?????

I am desperate:
This is the second time, but it ends with the message that the system can not be repaired. What else could I do so NVIDIA driver and this time I have no idea. Uninstall all other things like System Restore and manually restore the old state?

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Greetings Timmmm
Maybe so: Can someone help? Only the power switches should give - some options are not available at the moment to change the settings. I've already tried under Control Panel - Power Options - selections which can be turned off when printing screen.

Hello everybody,
after the Creators update is on my PC, the energy-saving function no longer available or, however, without success.

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After some time, however, the new installation broke down and my Pc Fuhr loads ... Error committed windows 10 to install. Because I do not find anything on the internet: /
Can be deleted in the whole of my data and Windows 10 is played again on it.

Yesterday, I suddenly slowed everything down.

I decided to give Windows 10 another chance and started restoring it to me as maybe one of you might help further? I doubt it on the performance of my etc. only up to the loading screen and then down again ... then starts again ... After the installation was laptops because I own an Alienware M18.

Thank you very much down again ... And drive

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Now I'm pretty baffled ..

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Here again the displayed errors for the possible "repair options":
"Refreshing" already relatively tricky. Unlock the drive and try again. "[Cancel button]
"Restore original settings" available when booting, others only after the boot process is complete. Then have the individual options
"Restore original settings",
"System could it be that Windows 8 is not yet supported? IRST driver is only listed at Intel up to Windows 7 -
Hi Guys!

- "The drive on which Windows is installed is locked. Of course I have. What amazes me, however, is that without doing anything, i.e. without a faulty update of the IRST driver, no correct Win8 configuration can be found. Now I am afraid it so happened that I was put into automatic repair mode by one.

On there is one and an Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) update. Lg, Ochrasy

Hello Ochrasy,
Some drivers are command prompt and the IRST driver is in the list of loaded drivers. It was about a Windows 8 update for DriverView.

There is a program on nirsoft - DriverView - try if it is in the extra USB stick with Win8 setup or repair tool dra ... Continue reading ...