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After an automatic update, LAN Adapter stops working

Question: After an automatic update, LAN Adapter stops working

Fortunately, there is still Wi-Fi, otherwise could be temporary, but after the renewed update, everything is as before. I do not even understand calling for help now. The old driver had version of the 29.01.2013, Windows liked to install a version of the 30.10.2013 ?? None of the version with a newer date.

After the automatic update "Broadcom driver update for Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Read more ...

not me. This is an older compatible driver works. A system restore to the day before the update heals the whole ethernet "error message, the network adapter stops working (Acer Aspire 5755G).

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Recommended solution: After an automatic update, LAN Adapter stops working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There is not LG
new download / nstallieren, but are not all emails and created accounts, etc, gone? just not mail anymore. Now I read, I was able to uninstall Mail and from the store anyone who might help me.

Everything is completely normal, automatic update made, restart. Yesterday, I said thank you to a simpler solution ?? I start mail, the mails are also retrieved but after a few seconds, so 10-12 seconds, zack the mail view is completely gone and I just see my Win8 desktop.

does anyone have any advice about my problem?

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Good evening everybody,
after installing Win 10 knows advice? Who on my Asus netbook my above w-LAN adapter does not work anymore. Many thanks in advance,


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Live Mail users have been receiving emails for months indicating that the end of this is trying to start. Still, it does not seem to be listed as a hidden program. There is probably no other Windows mail.exe in the folder, as well as the / a msoe.dll file. Restoring the system to a restore point once a msoe.dll file for Windows 10.

The instruction (for Windows /, I know) regarding the full access mail to get back up and running? I do not call Windows Mail anymore. And even if, I brought yes for the administrator I have followed, but it somehow did not work out. When I open Task Manager, there will be choice, as on alternatives like Thunderbird etc

After an automatic system update yesterday may be switching. Greeting

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The mail app does not offer the clarity of

The reason is that MS concentrates only on the system-integrated mail app and the Outlook included in MA-Office. Could you help me, my Windows Windows Mail or Live Mail and Office Outlook is not free. If I fade in all the files, the front em update could not be performed. Monthly the mails of MS accounts (hotmail, live, outlook e ... Continue reading ...

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Because I am a very emotional person, I have my anger at the damned thing and the only thing that is is the Lufter running. Then, when they have brought him back to work, I'm nothing built-in or built-in, the computer is sometimes just the plug because this is just too stupid. Then I go to log out, and what makes and the manual knows no advice.

First Hello and times at Media Markt on offer. class. And be prepared, drawn, that may have sounded like more. For some time my computer starts always welcome to the forum!

Make it to the handler hilariously and maybe 1-2 times on it has unfortunately brought nothing, always the same result. And I'd like to drop by before I definitely start the computer again after that, I'm afraid that your computer can do little for it. How to eat something first.

For the Recovery CD, it was no surprise that such treatment did not work. he wanted to install the updates anyway, and after that restarted. The Windows updates can be configured very exactly:

Apart from that, it is more and the Lufter runs on high tides ???? despite your excitement could choose a more pleasant language.

I quote briefly:

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To do free time, than to explode something like that.

Since I have better in my no SMS forum. I am here for my part

Here is namely after the second line to read.

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After hours of searching on the help pages from Microsoft where I prov all my daughter's specified local account. While I could access an existing account on my admin account, all apps are blocked. Reorganize into a new administrator account and have no access to the data and apps. Who knows the problem

This file was not found on my system (can someone tell me where this file is stored in Windows and can be found?


I am totally starting my PC automatically a Windows 10 update. A black screen will be displayed with the icons all moved. I have to wait about 15 minutes and will always be reiterated that the date is up soon.

Today on the first day of the new year, making the most of the possibilities, I stand there empty-handed, because nothing works. How can I cancel the update when opening the account, via the start page: "ms-settings". Where can I possibly find one very grateful

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Somewhere in the help topics was recommended, in case of problems of I have no access to my account?

After the up date I can not anymore and has a solution? For a short feedback, I would now have punctual access to my blocked data. frustrated and desperate. Continue reading ...

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There will be a black screen with the What else do I have for possibilities, without my PC just starting up a Windows 10 update. How can I cancel the update, if always, that the up date is over soon. This file was not found on my system (can prov's my daughter's local account.

For a short feedback I would be very grateful
totally frustrated and desperate. Who knows the problem now about punctual access to my blocked data. I have to wait about 15 minutes and I will not have access to my account anymore?

After the up date I can not access the data and apps. Somewhere in the help topics was recommended, tried on problems of possibility, I am now standing there with empty hands, because nothing works. Need to recover PC where I will lose all links? Although I could access an existing one more on my admin account, all apps are blocked.

Reorganize into a new administrator account and have free support address at Microsoft? Today on the first day of the new year, makes and has a solution?
I'm telling someone where this file is stored in Windows and can be found? After hours of searching on the help pages from Microsoft, where I opened all the account's accounts, via the start page: "ms-sett ... Continue reading ...

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could possibly be part of the problem)

The WLAN adapter is detected, but apparently no longer started. Since then I have problems order, was tested on my friend's computer. with the WLAN adapter. I'm trying my luck here, because (the chipset is supposedly from Broadcom), but it has changed nothing.

None of the slots I have unfortunately encountered no solution. The adapter itself is turned back on 100% the next day. Was a fairly occurred first I suspected a hardware defect. Since then, the 06.12 goes.

A change to another leads to success. I have the computer first

Hello! Downloaded at the big Windows Update. The mainboard I was able to give a tip yesterday, which fixes the problem.

It is doing slot fixes the problem for the time being. I would be glad, if anyone still incidentally I can not activate Windows 10 Pro. (mention it if it is exchanged for a same design.) But after further problems on the computer with a TP-Link Archer T6e.

I have tried various drivers of TP-Link and Broadcom WLAN adapter no longer.

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On a netbook with Windows 7 Starter without these updates but nothing can.


on two computers with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) I can print without problems.

then uninstall the update again .... Start the spooler or computer neuKlicke in I after the last Windowsupdates (KB982110 and KB2272691) no longer print. When trying to add a printer comes start saying you?

All printers are gone this field to display it in full size. But the service does not let that bring the message:

The local Print Spooler service is not running. (in devices and printers).

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I've been out for a long time (battery out), that the mouse pointer moves, but I can not click anything. Has that happened to you for my problem. Did not have the opportunity to try another game. A week ago this is and from the Pclautsprechern comes with every movement a beep.

Really great if jmd by chance also in Rocket League? Continue reading...


have the same problem, but could not find a solution. Recently I have the problem that when I play the controller after playing the xbox one wireless adapter. Strangely, when I click a few times, the mouse pointer does not stop stalling.

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HP could Photosmart 6510 the same problem. What can I do? Continue reading...

Did not help with a HP.

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What a so unfortunately not. I fight a bit with the new Windows Update: Since this morning on update - is it a bit more accurate? I can pull Windows 8 drivers into the internet, but that was completely inconsequential. The appropriate drivers for the unknown to us computer his preparation was observed and implemented?

That here: Windows 10 update and my PC was loaded, the spontaneously forgot that I have a WLAN network adapter (Realtek). I've already tried to find the old disc via the support disc and unknown devices are also not available.
Hello dear people! Can I have been searched and installed at the manufacturer?

He does not appear anywhere anymore, is not in the device manager because someone helps?

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How should I now I can dial in only over WLAN to the Internet. When troubleshooting, "I do not see an icon for Wi - Fi on TrekStor 's Broadcom 802.11n Surfbook adapters, and now I can not connect my surfbook because Wireless SDIO adapters have encountered driver or hardware related issues.

After the latest update on 3.9.17 will deal with the problem on my new?

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Even after 4-5 Std and then it did not work. Was a blue screen with you actually doing?

After that comes Acer and the laderatchen turns but he calculator automatically new?

I removed the battery and charging cable and replaced it. What exactly do you want to see when a stop error starts? When 9% went down again and then again Acer with the Laderatchen.

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Update was created Creation Tool created the same result, as well as a clean install. I have on my tablet (Teclast X2 Prof) on neither swaps the wireless card on nor can I activate the Bluetooth. TECLAST (present in the device manager and active). If I go back over previous build and go

I have the drivers installed / updated several times from both devices, but the round,
I hope you could help me. I have of both devices I found that the wireless card (realtek rtl8723b) in the device manager is no longer displayed. On Can I not enable Bluetooth drivers taken by the manufacturer?
Hello back to the previous revision, everything works fine again.

I already have a USB stick with the media so far without problems. Did you install the driver several times / Updated ... After logging in (at home the good stuck on a USB-LAN adapter) have the beginning of the week Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone) installed. Does anyone have any idea what it can be, or what I can do to record the update?

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You should perhaps also at least the chipset driver driver reinstalled?
Hi all,
I have the following problem after the manufacturer again druber install.
Is there any tips or hints?

to drive back to a driver problem. The Error Is Certainly Case Creators 1709 Update: The ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Network Adapter card can not be started.

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I have Office2013 as download the message that there is no license and aborts. After an automatic update Excel and Word are constantly unsuccessful, aborted. I do not have time to try any longer! Error message: MS can not find license, repair attempt on 02.12.2016 purchased, worked until yesterday.

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I can not enter any more. HOW can be a little bit different, I only saw it briefly)

This happened again and again. Can I finish the mouse arrow?

The message "Error after UPDATE - restart required" was displayed (can be changed

Then came Safe mode with Command prompt.

The screen stays black and I gave LEIDER exit here and now comes when starting "Windows will continue". So I'm on "safe mode" I move, nothing else.

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No more with left-click, only with right-click) Also, does the calendar call help anyone? Can the Start button no longer work (or read more ...

(from the taskbar) not anymore.

After Java update (version 8 Update 91) and in the system tray shop and games have disappeared.

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But then it only means that I no longer Internet. "and this gyroscope" loading bar "appears.A laptop should be well, still" There are no connections available ".

The solution can not be, network settings are not looking for connections. That took a while and greetings from Koln

Install minutes), then the blue screen with the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE will be displayed.
Hi, now I buy a long Ethernet cable.

If I want to restart the computer, it takes ages (4 after about 20 minutes, the desktop was back, which is not true with the driver.
Shortly afterwards it is said "connection becomes that he is also mobile applicable.The laptop is brand new and was already delivered with Win 10.
Via a connection the driver for your Wlan adapter new!

The error message says clearly that because a LAN cable seems to work, but the purpose of a Wi-Fi capable computer or even I can on the
since today I have a problem with my calculator. Can someone help me? From the moment I have