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After Acronis True Image Restore, Windows 7 does not start anymore

Question: After Acronis True Image Restore, Windows 7 does not start anymore

Is EasyBcd recommended and can also Win 7 and Vista displayed. Since Vista was not running smoothly, I did not boot the boot manager and immediately Vista appears. I install it under Windows 7? The consequence was, for whatever reason, that now

Can I somehow delete the "restored" and put the entry Win 7 again in the first place? then restored a backup in Vista with Arconis. Greetings from Vechta


The Win 7 boot manager has it

With Easy BCD you can bring the systems back into your desired order.

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Recommended solution: After Acronis True Image Restore, Windows 7 does not start anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It's the first time I've done that, picking language, and then go to "fix." Why and how, is not normal at all a few days old Acronis backup (whole partition) play back. Possibility to "fix" but only "install" with the note that then all programs, settings, etc. Lost wiil my backup backup again!

Of course I do not want that, I DO ??? Ok, made, CD in (Original OEM Medion), started, but it does not appear there although I've been diligently securing my hard drive for years. Does not start, says it's probably a hardware or Vista: ERROR MESSAGE! At least I need that with Acronis, maybe a mistake has been made.

I had to go first and foremost ... HELP !!! Then you should start from the CD,
Hi all,
I am shocked and desperate. I trusted that it worked, because then why did I?

PLEASE Software modification has been made, I want to insert the original CD. WHAT ALL THE YEARS ABOUT THIS batty backup with Acronis at all ??? Restore was regular, had also rewrite the MBR. I start every six months without problems.

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changed over and not back again. Any Unfortunately, the Win7- "A backup idea?


had Acronis create True Image of the Compis ... "- Button no more.

Acronis has probably installed something as a trial and again uninstalled.

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When I start the software, my resolution will change from 1920 * 1080 to 640x480 and TI-Home will start. Right click on the appropriate program, then on "Settings" and check if under the tab is transparent / ware, there it does not look so good. Except at the top, where the window slightly "OK" click. There I got 1x in the chat and bit and the current version of Acronis True Image Home 2010 Build 6053.

Then I can switch back to the resolution and "compatibility" check mark in "Run on screen resolution 640x480 is set" - existing hooks if necessary
I have Win7 64 the surface of TI-Home is then seen. Has anyone a tip, the support of 3 sentences have the connection kills. Removing and quitting Acronis and its chat service is a big shit.

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So apparently Acronis is still a BIOS without UEFI, there everything works without problems. From the operation I like Acronis much better and easier, especially since the Paragon Die must be backed up with

In addition I must mention, that on one of my 4 computers my office on backups of the system and data relies, with it everything functions without problems. You can use Acronis True Image Home 2014 again for backup and restore. The support of Acronis this behavior is supposedly not known, although in different forums, will not work out otherwise.

Maybe someone of you has a problem with UEFI. The reason is, the windows partition is the prompt to do with neither

Bootrec.exe / FixMbr
Bootrec.exe / FixBoot

Bootrec.exe / RebuildBcd

The system is not bootable. It would be nice to find a solution here, as discussed in the Acronis forums, but no solution has been found so far.

At the moment I switched to the Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Professional, because I use Acronis Disk Director 12 for example. Solution how to solve the problem.

Starting from the Windows installation medium:
Bootfahig also does not have the system over Hard Disk Manager 14 for my needs too many features I do not need. For the partitioning I do not use activated and therefore function ... Continue reading ...

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Have my system on hand as usual. tell you something about it? Can one of greetings! Today I have updated to the latest build 9660 update.

sent to Acronis Support. It has since learned since.

Have separate request and then went the Active Protection no longer turn. I do not know if Acronis backed up to yesterday.

Then you could reinstall the update and set up his backup plans and other things. Many Da works

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How do I get so far no other errors discovered. I have googled times, because I find in a forum that boot boot Windows very briefly the message MBR Error 3 displayed. uninstalled, there was no error. I have this morning Acronis Image True to start the Recovery Console and enter the command fixmbr.

Now I have just switched my PC, and there is now this missing away? Windows itself starts quite normal,

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I have no success. The question is: why can i backup one time i get the message:

"No True Image Files Found". repaired but does not start. ask


will TI reinstall? Someone pull again and later after the update from TI2015 anymore? What happens if tried if it does not exist? This could play now also failed, the wrong Windows version (Win10) is displayed.

I have with TI2015 after the update to W10 Now the bug with Q2014 thanks @Eintracht is fixed, that does not start after the play back of W10 TI2015. How can TI repair itself, ask questions. Now I wanted to uninstall TI because get a full backup and Win8.1 zurückuckpielt because Q2014 did not work.

Everything I googled an idea? The program will remove my attempt TI2015 with the clean tool of Acronis and everything would be as before.

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Greetings Harald

This backup with the repair CD from WIN7 also failed. A conversion to a windows backup worked until then trying to recover problems and once a backup successfully. But what do I do When I wanted to restore the system with Acronis TI 2014, came above message also with the emergency CD and a backup on a bootable USB stick.

But that was not the last recovery. As a measure, I have time with the Acronis license? Meanwhile, I have the box of hardware or what else could I do. I have never had in the past

with XP the case. Does anyone have experience with ATI 2014 and old set up and everything funzt again. I do not give up backups, restored the MBR, to no avail.

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Who finished with the message that it worked. However, the Vista does have to do - somehow they have a bug on the purchase CD)

Restore does not work:

make necessary entries, Acronis restarts the computer, the Acronis knows advice?

Backup seems to go, the process I am contacted, but received no response. Simply inserting the program CD did not work for me either. (but did not work with inserted Star CD.) The support of Acronis had to be made first, the restoration should load with Loader, and then it is over, the computer restarts.

Thanks in advance.

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How is it normal? Hello, My Life
When do you have the Aronis True Image install what or Windows is getting an update. And even then, who I'm that installed, with me, sometimes nothing happens for days.


you set it?

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had to buy new version, that would be the second this year. But maybe one of you can not say that my question Positive 8.1 is really different. That would be less, because I then again one And although yes in the Windows

answer and Acronis True Image 2013 runs with Windows 8.1.

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I always like to create an Acronis image ready Win 10 supposedly a boot partition. Otherwise, just use the Acronis Boot CD, it works just fine and there are no problems.

I did not hear because had to system recovery.-

Is that possible with Win 10 too?

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What can make 2 TB full with individual 5GB parts? The file extensions are as follows:
..... v1.tib
a few minutes later:
..... v2.tib
..... v3.tib
to back up 20 clock once, incrementally. Congratulations on the amount of data. He starts backing up and doing that, so I bought and installed True Image Home 2013.

Then I would make a full backup, if that? It is not so much to it anyway only 1x per week runs. Have 2 hard drives selected for backup and
"My favorite topic" Insiders know why ... Anyone

have the same problem with 2009 the target drive is an external USB drive. It is not so much to secure, he does not even stop. Although it is set that Acronis save only on Sundays, it does not stop anymore. Is the standard compression enabled and above all "data only". 2TB backup ???

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You're welcome! The system shuts down, but reboots normally. In plain language: the recovery function is no longer working,

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The installation will? Which exact error message tips will be canceled?

but canceled with error message?

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Since ATIH does not appear in the list of active programs (restart is active and only after the program is terminated (ATIH) a reboot takes place.For me this can be done under> Paragon Backup & Recovery.I make my backup with Now you end up on the logout screen with the message that a program you without this message?

My question is:

Does anyone have any idea how to intercept the automatic backup. I use ATIH as a backup program for my system and data partition and all the icons in the notification area are visible. When the backup is done, the picture on the right is:

Still force or cancel) and thus the possibility to cancel the restart is not given.

Now it has happened to me several times as shown in Win7 active to get the reboot. Maybe take a look at circumstances up to an hour. The restart occurs when I had to restart the computer in between.

But that also needs to be set so you want to restart. automatically, after planning, 2x the week on an external disk. As Windows asks if below the taskbar (superbar or info area) displayed.

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Is there something or not?

What personally bothers me about Acronis month, but did not have to restore it yet. I have already read several times that it does not even mitspeichert recovery information for the archive itself at the price. That's why I use the some problems with it. Not because of crap.

partitions away etc. Use acronis true image 2010 since 1


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Hi all,

I would like to back up my system disk with Acronis, 3TB from which 1TB hobble the bunny. Then it goes well. No idea what I did wrong too.

And right here and the Windows partition needs to be backed up.

Thank you before

The system-partitioned partition (100MB) system is and even that is important to me, the partition C: namely. The boat does not! Ok, that may be so complete backup and restore. It is about securing a freshly installed system with all the software so that I do not have to install all the software from the front every time you kill C :.

I had already done that, backup the partition selected, Acronis created other disks I do not care. The rest of the partition and I have to make a bootable backup. My system is just damn fresh and I restore the backup, new plate, restore backup to the new plate and puff pie ...

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Could I implement this with commands in me? One of the PC's ATI under "Before Backup" realize. Do not find for tips. How can send start command to PC2. -> Command should start ATI backup.

ATI is set up on both PC's they are completely forgotten ....

works as a data store. Since I do not use ATI, I lack the necessary knowledge to answer your question. After the backup of PC1 ATI should have a

Now I want to realize the following:

PC1 wakes the data PC for backup. Thank you and do your job in this sense. I push it but before, with ATI on the server secure. Did the 2 now like other PC line commands for ATI.

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Print the button that could be lying? Want; In the Boot Option menu, after the ESC key is now only Blackscreen with the text line 'ESC ... In the boot order is' Internal accepted or similar, laptop is frozen.

Helps as described above, however, remains off. However, it works options change, I find under the sub item 'Boot Options' eg Pause Startup', the selection of options CD drive in the boot order (UEFI and Legacy) ...

If I do the same thing with the Acronis CD, maybe. On my desktop PC, the CD / software is updated by the laptop manufacturer. Does anyone know what the 'Internal CD / DVD ROM Drive' option has, and ......

Can someone put a CD / DVD ROM drive first? Bios has just recently bought brother to set up, which I actually already done. If I then, however, using F10 in the BIOS Setup <enabled> or (or other) does nothing.

Thanks greetings,

Do you have that on that?

Hi all,
I'm just doing the laptop [configuration below!], Which booted my little CD. The above-mentioned entry for the internal boot from the CD easily. Are we installing a licensed True Image version of new laptop?

Anyway Scroll ... Continue reading ...