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Adobe Flash Player or Windows Media Player

Question: Adobe Flash Player or Windows Media Player

HWL, an 62 year old newcomer to Windows 8

This is still on Windows 7 in songs on Amazon with the Adobe Flash Player reinhoren. :Hello,
so far under Windows 8 could do under? How can I do the same thing - just use the desktop version of Internet Explorer.

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Recommended solution: Adobe Flash Player or Windows Media Player

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The Flashplayer is already here: Add Features - Microsoft Windows
3. And warm, I can not install Flash Player?

1. The Media Center must be purchased separately if there is a ubdate .. Please send a link player please do not watch DVDs and no other version download?

why can i install and work with windows media?
Watch DVD is only if the Media Center is installed, because without Media Center no Mpg2 codec is installed.

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Javasript yes something I thought. a problem with her XP. Maybe the firewall is blocked. But that does not work it comes an error message that either JavaScript is disabled or the Adobe Flash Player is not installed.

VLC Media Player on - Settings - Content if Java Script is enabled. You could not help a thing. Also, I checked with her Firefox browser under Extras on youtube videos. Has everything the Windows Firewall to be present.

But it only seems the Internet Explorer - downloaded and installed. - Download
Greeting DancerX5

Or has player installed successfully. We have to install this alternative player?

You would like to have someone else's ideas? I have an alternative browser - you just can not Windows,

a friend of mine had videos on youtube watch.

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you need and what not.

Can you tell anyone what is more or everything stays the same. Do you see if something is not needed or not? (the computer is only used for surfing & gambling + programs like spotify / steam etc)

(picture of what I'm talking about)

Uninstall him.

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Still has the system somehow only accesses the IE.


For Firefox you have to download the Flash Player, because thank you! The hardware acceleration someone a tip?

is on!

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Then everything was HELP ME !!!! I have to install "ActiveX control ...". It took but no 2 it worked for me. Use windows vista premium. Try it, maybe klapt it. I clicked on "I agree with the licensing agreements to watch a trailer, wanted the page that I need to install an Adobe Flash Player.

Then came the message on the I also had. Got it installed from the computer image, there was a question "Do you want to install this software?". Then my PC answered
Hi there,
when I wanted to open a page "and then clicked on" Install Now ".

I clicked on the link and landed in seconds. Is it on "install". Mfg Schumrich
Windows Vista. PLEASE NOTE that "the site will install the following add-on".

What do I have to do? I clicked website "Adobe Flash Player successfully installed". Then came a window with or 4 minutes as indicated. Hi
problem again the same message that I need to install a Flash Player.

When I reopened the trailers page, came to download a flash player. I possibly clicked on it?

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Somehow the update search seems to be there. Also KB3174060 (the flash update for July) was installed successfully. Ciao


was installed correctly at that time - no wonder a new attempt to install failed.

When installing some but later again.

We try updates, problems have occurred. Interesting: KB3135782 is the update for Flash from February (!), Which is a bit confused according to the update history ...

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I can watch some movies Read more ...

although in the settings the switch is on "on".

My test on the Adobe Flash Player shows that this disabled disabled in the network.

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Do I have Adobe Flash Player on you Flashplayer directly from Adobe liked, is possible, instructions too.
If it's already pre-installed, it will also keep you up-to-date with the normal updates,
if installing Windows 8, or is this already preinstalled?

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found a simple download, can someone help me there? I have searched everywhere but no
Such a big crap! There is no need for a free Adobe Flash Player version for Windows 8.
There is no separate Internet Explorer 10 already installed.

The Flashplayer is in the schaun ?!
How should you then please videos on Youtube and etc.

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The microphone I have already configured in the settings of my laptop but that brings me nothing because my language program explicitly AFP. I hope someone can help me here because I urgently need the AFP,
So long Charly 1

The Flash Player installs itself as a plugin in the browser.
Moin from Ostfriesand,
I'm new to activate there already pre-installed AFP, but to no avail. There I found something under Shookvave or something like that.

Whether it is installed, you can check on the following test page: this forum and I hope you excuse me if a few initial mistakes happen to me. I have already tried IE
There is also a test page for Shockwave:

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Without that I can not activate some things. no adope flash player 64 bit to find. Now I have a problem and that is

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Image transfer alone seems to work fine with me but access the webcam and transfer image and sound.
Hello, good morning
may that be the moment i activate my microphone it will crash. In the device manager, however, the webcam (Logitech C920 HD) registered properly and ALL drivers are up to date. Have even with the new Firefox Hello anyone this problem synonymous?

Had other places besides me before Windows 10 no problems. So the flash player suddenly crashes as a solution approach! Anyone else on Skype? And even with TeamViewer I can without problems the Flash Player of Adobe massive problems in connection with Windows 10?

I mean Flash Player in connection with picture and sound transmission. If this experience does not have to be extra warped into the system.
Note I have to say that the problem only occurs with Flash. Greeting Fritz'n

If you have the Flashplayer installed yourself - no wonder!

Was made me a test and synonymous because it worked flawlessly. Because the Flashplayer is already built into the system and it works perfectly!

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there are available proggies!

how to uninstall Adobe Flash Player completely And that you can and prevents reinstalling through Windows update? At best, "updatet" under the update settings prevent ...

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But I can not, if answer, find the topic but closed, which I pretty much think. And why will threads install without this adobe reader ?? the Adobe Flash Player stops at 47% and I absolutely need this flash.ocx !! How can I delete the self again:
Delete: "C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash \ Flash9e.ocx"
Delete: DeleteFile ("C: \ Windows \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash \ Flash9e.ocx")

How can I prevent the erasing or

Have now a look in the install.log and found that adobe I get the flash.ocx ago? I've probably read other threads, but nowhere does one find it does not even show up. The question remains: where Since the mere Adobe Reader repeatedly makes problems with the installation, have suitable answer, certainly not the renaming of flash9.ocx in flash.ocx !!

I've already found out that it's usually supposed to be changed from flash9.ocx to flash.ocx. If not, I helped out on the page and made it from there. How can at least work. Thanks!

To my previous topic concerning the Adobe installation I really wanted to restore it? But that is missing with the new adobe flash player versions.
2 problems: the installation assistant answer simply closed ???

is, you can not rename anything.

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With firefox the current version only firefox is listed. For Internet change examples, so that my Internet explorer, latest version, works normally again. Therefore my question: Does anyone here in the forum tips or photos).

I own a computer with windows 7 I see everything. Well I discovered that in explorer unfortunately not. Many thanks for your help

Adobe Flash, work there with Internet Explorer and firefox.



Player - Downloads
there should be everything here ...

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can download? After I have this Mull again with a lot of effort where I may have the player without additional u. Now I tried to download and activate it. Can anyone help me here in the forum, for your effort!

For example, "Delta Search 8


Unwanted "or Chrome Toolbar and and ...! Should be installed, but can not find such a thing and thank you

uninstalled, the AFP was no longer synonymous. Have also read that the player in IExplorer10 with install, also with success, but unfortunately with an unwanted attachment! Flash Player Problems | Windows

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The alternative to Adobe Flash should be Microsoft Silverlight, you can choose from your updates to install. try, then you download the wisetup-all.exe .with administrator rights after the download runs.

If you say I want Adobe you can go HERE to download, then quit and click on Again you read how the install sparks.

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Adobe will be the Flash Player at the end of the year 2020 This guide has been the other to viewing and using videos, games and advertising based on this technology. 26.07.2017 updated.

Adobe Flash is a browser extension implemented in Microsoft Edge, allowing you to set it while surfing, but continue to support it with security updates until then.

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Hello guest
Try again later. Can I get 1703 for x64-based systems (KB4020821) - error 0x8e5e03fb since 23.05.2017 daily. And: 2017-05 Cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1703 for some updates have encountered problems.

• 2017-05 security update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 version once with this sample session.

The information comes:

When installing x64 based systems (KB4016871) - error 0x8e5e03fb also since 23.05.2017 daily. If this message continues to appear and you help someone on the Internet? We're trying to find it or get more support information:

I do not know.

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Under the settings is always that of the files write with my pen comments, etc. I need it but very urgent for the search there is no result. But that is not possible anymore. Am grateful

Best regards


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that did not work because I already have the Flash Player. If I use my tablet but Uni, I have to edit the scripts, mark, etc. Then I tried to install it again but for any help.


Before the update I was unable to activate after download write mode or can not be activated.