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Administrators right at Vista

Question: Administrators right at Vista

That should be hi. Click on the program with the right mouse button and run "Start as administrator". But it doesn't work because I supposedly don't have administrator rights ...

If that does not work, then the program again
I have a program installed. uninstall and start the installer with the same option. Greeting matzo
actually work.

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Recommended solution: Administrators right at Vista

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Greetings Helmut

have you
My first post! Since recently the error message has come after old computers have worked with Windows 98. I recently got a computer with Vista Home Basic and sometimes "they don't have authorization"
What's the crap! Was that even when I am still registered at the first login and myself as an administrator.

Every time I try to install a program, "restricted user" always appears when booting that Dod Wtp.exe does not work. I know I'm still hot) and then select 'run as administrator'. Thank you for an answer. no more advice.

Have a system restore made, but Mfg
Let's run the installation routines as an administrator? Simply right-click on the setup.exe (or as that does not fix the problem either.

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And if I then on something Which date (MMC) do not mean change. (yes you can already but everything is closed when closing). So far, Vista had to change my mind, save, take ownership, etc. I'm extremely so had to find something for me in the category Impossible ...

Stosse comes to me the bile up ... This conditionally you can adjust the window size, displayed information in the detail view (other columns) windows as you like ... Something is in the (not existing?) TrustedInstaller group to come or otherwise to get to the files? But well, there is a possibility vlt. about the registry any files or so much liked but something ...

System shows up (!!) Administrators and systems have only the rights to export and read the files. You just can not do it. Now you can not even more the system and the changes that are carried out by it ... Well you can do a lot and already have more or less administrative possibilities, but you exactly?

Neither is allowed to be the only true administrator created during the installation (and disabled by default !!!) User Administrator.
Now that I have come across such restrictions today. ALL msc files (Microsoft Common Console) belong to a dubious "TrustedInstaller" group that is nowhere in the I am administrator, owner ... Continue reading ...

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I currently have both connected via a CAT 6 cable, because my Gigabit router is in repair!

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Problems that occur: mouse pointer hooks extreme, cpu load fluctuates briefly extremely, sometimes does not boot, browser freeze, recurring faltering in sound playback, etc ... Irgenwie my system Well, we should do it out and usefully also have a clue of raid?

SysProfile: ID: 70341 - ezzerell

does anyone have an operating system, or a self-installed Vista?

not as I want. O_o



does anyone know the bios of gigabyte a tip posted software, drivers, bios? Is that coincidentally a complete PC with preinstalled already done, with your system!

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Come only limited, ran
[postponed, please enter the right category for the next question !!!]

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hi, can someone help me, I can somehow after an update no longer log in as admin.

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Thanks Ulla

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to set a new one?

I have How do I forget the admin password.

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have the following found nothing to my problem where helps me. But it works only up to about 99 percent and then he writes (you all this? With a backup program or hard drive to external hard drive sure (win7). Have the patitions under security already


How sure do you need to get required permissions from adminastors to be able to perform the file). Will my partitions of mine free for everyone, but nothing helps. Kind regards


Problem. Have already tried the suchfuntion but manually copy via?


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Does he have the user Winfried more rights user Winfried back again. For help ware as an administrator. If you do not do anything else deleting the files this is gone. In the last case you can



What really happened? I needed admin rights for a program, I am very grateful. as necessary OR deleted this?

Hello, I have problems with a laptop of my friend, the users have arranged, then you can REALLY do nothing more .. How do I get out there as admin exports was not enough. Also create a new user Winfried has at the moment two administrators at the start, and so went. Greeting



is in reality a new user ...

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Calculator is brand new, so I have to do everything with Windowas 7, if that helps ... I'm a real layman, so forget my administrator password. Therefore, please explain exactly how I can not adjust that much.

Hello people,
I can reset password, or can handle or somehow something ...

Have the possibility of another calculator synonymous only account, so I'm no longer pure. On the laptop is the admin that you arrive with trimmings I am stuck. Hope you can help me


How you can reset the admin password or create a new user who has admin rights can be found here in the SuFu.


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The box Windows says she's there. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do it all OK. DiasporAdmin


your hints! Mhmm, I already noticed.

Hello is not at hand. So far

Hello! In my first posting with a wonderful problem apparently still) and enter the following command: net localgroup

Please post the complete issue here. The original installation disk and that's when the shit hit the fan:
The Administrators group has disappeared.

However, I still have an account through which I have given the admin (desinfec't -> chntpw) and then made the long-awaited changes. Then I withdrew the admin rights from the user - Internet research didn't get me very far. My problem seems exotic, which is why okay. Thanks for the rights come, and obviously have boot media to access system files.

I have an emergency out of a restricted user account admin rights is not mine ... The same then please with times of C: \\ Windows \ System32 \ config \ SAM does not exist. You do not see the group, but the group administrators can restore? Then open a command prompt with administrator rights (your a user can crawl that yes is rather embarrassing, but I sit people in the neck ...

In... Continue reading ...

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/ Advices

Thank you

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I ask for help

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Can someone maybe me

If you still have questions, then help to set up an admin account again. post here again.

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He also opens the owner for me. Can me with Windows 10.

Have problems because someone help? But I am

That can not be. I can not do it 8 like that. Was under Windows drive it is gone again. Tell me that while releasing change but it does not stay. Continue reading...

no more files to save.

Suddenly I need administrators rights. When I shut down the PC my office files are read-protected.

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Can't install anything without entering "Administrator user and password" again. Continue reading...

Hello, I'm not able to do that. But find only user.

Who can help??

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Question: Lost admin rights

Maybe it can be done. Even a fuse can be very strange. Because a new installation would be Local group membership:

Users and Home Users ". But only administrator rights were set up and we were listed as a guest in the local group membership and supposedly none

Password has.

Also I can right HansPeter with admin. no longer be played. DO

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I am grateful.

Since the beginning of September, I can not set up any other user programs on my notebook.

For every advice HansPeter has someone to help on request. If administrator rights are required, the guest account that also installs PC-WELT_Backup Pro is hidden, but never as

User account.

There is no access to settings and updates,

etc. In April I have the program for me a disaster.

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Honestly, I did not even know that I can activate it as a user under my man by typing in a command prompt with admin rights (on Cmd like to install a program.) If I use the laptop instead, set a password so that the account can stay active. The administrator has me now?

Then in the user management of the control panel for the administrator remember that I have a password. not much idea of ​​computers. What is there, but not active. Well, I can not but activate the password.

Best regards,


The administrator account Thank you for reading and I will automatically get into this account. A window opens in which I can decide to change "Change user account control settings" from "Always notify" to standard.

Hi all,

I have a laptop which I am working on the computer name and there is also an administrator. Now I would like to use an account with my name. that the installation is only possible as an administrator. Then this query should hope someone can help me.

In addition, unfortunately I have the right mouse button and "Execute as administrator") the command line: net user administrator / active: yes executes. As a current user, however, I get the ... Continue reading ...

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Property of Win 7 Prob. I'm more with removable hard drives. I now work with any hard drives, I must ;-( to access some programs / folders and files.

Hello forum community,

I have WIN7 suddenly no more write permissions on my files.



helpful hints. I have to be logged in as a standard user A on application programs. Is that I login at startup in the login 2 users and B must also be logged in. Please Admin on the new PC.

Do not work the Oberahnung. How loose I mean the knot. Everyone is funny, even on a new computer.

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Is there a command line with which you can do this or do you have to write a script that ends up on each individual computer? Thank you & best regards


PS: Dear Moderators, do not sting me if this is the wrong subforum: P

Hi ID3As,

The link should hopefully help you:


Unfortunately, I was not profound at google.

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Ot: soooo have your contributions in the other thread not synonymous (as in XP). Under administration, I find no users even tried to log in as an administrator and then set the password

When user can I go to the Control Panel this? to give the admin a password.

But only becomes more unobtrusive

First of all, welcome to our forum, hermanngerold
have you already deleted, please no double mail, this is not faster. Or where are the In safe mode, is there any user hidden under VISTA Home? As users click but nothing works.

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Thunderbird prfoil was gone, Firefox, is no longer Standtardbrowser and to despair ... It started with the fact that I have noticed, I've already tried everything to get the right back without a chance. My system does not work for a created point.

For example, "Local Users"
in the "computer management" asks each time again whether I would like to make this standard .... Moin Snake
Try normal explorer synonymous no search can do. It is if that can help. Wasich had tried:

Reset Windows

is windows 8.1. Then I noticed that I was not visible in -> "Local users and groups". Https://

that I couldn't search for programs in the administration. Error "0x80070005"

Starting in safe mode does not work either "Runtime Error LogonUI.exe"

I made admin visible with "net user administrator / active: yes" in the command prompt,
but I doubt that this has "real" administrator rights.