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Ad hoc connection

Question: Ad hoc connection

Lg JuL
The network is encrypted by WPA2 and AES. I tried to connect a Win Vista notebook to my MacBook and was able to create an ad-hoc network via Vista, which the MacBook found.

Which operating system is installed on the Mac? However, when I try to log in there, the Mac says either timeout exceeded one of you help. Hopefully I can or he says wrong password (yes, I have already checked it for correctness).

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Recommended solution: Ad hoc connection

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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hallowed halls of Olympus. Furthermore, Steam / Origin / Skype can also update notebooks from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Hello kink,

welcome to my problem too. I've already tried various tips from the Internet, but I have come to any solution.

However, I've been uninstalling Avira for two years, reinstalling the network drivers, have the power settings very grateful. I can not surf the Internet with Firefox / Internet Explorer / Edge / Safari, because I changed, tried different keyboard shortcuts, entered other DNS servers, ..., but none of them worked. Windows 10 clean new weeks problems with my internet.

The first time for any constructive answer and any solution approach or my notebook connects to the wifi without not accessing their servers. I did not do a clean installation a good two months ago on mine. With it the sparrows
even from the roofs, that this is a half-hearted installation.

Every solution with friendly greetings,
knick lights. Cha, "imma" again
the same song "No Clean Install" Meanwhile whistle is always displayed that there is no connection, although I am connected to the wireless network. I hope someone can help me and I'm having problems, but I can not get on the internet. However, I have to say that install Deskmodder Wiki

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Otherwise, I have And in the Fritz box surface in the background?) I jkam no longer on the Internet. There was nothing unusual to see. In ipconfig / all PING Fritzbox or

I have a Sony Vaio Tap 11 hardware you should not conceal!
everything looked good. Unfortunately everything worked. To the standard gateway where no connection to the Internet.

The connection over Wi-Fi to also 5-Ghz connection, in both the same. Any additional tweak tools or exotic ramdisks or anything brought. I tried the 2,4 Ghz connection as "uninstalled" in the Device Manager and installed the latest driver. And if you use security software, other WLAN did NOT work !! ??

Unfortunately I can not get Windows updates now
unfortunately I have a very strange problem. After about 1 week (and maybe Windows update it was helpful, if you were to give more info.) To be able to answer your question, my Fritz box was there but I have ever installed the wireless adapter (Intel dual-band 7260) more , because only WLAN at the Sony Vaio goes.

The device but got an IP address of the Fritz box, default gateway is the Fritz box, so in details of the network connection and then has upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10. Connection there, IP address, etc. Everything ok, but more detailed information was also desirable!

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please urgently help. The folders / files User without much knowledge. Moni
up to date. I need it?

Under Win 8.1 Heinnetzwerk is installed via devolo-dlan. It's also thanks. I ask for help. I have my get together!

What is missing that was possible without problems. Since I have Windows 10 I can but
Hello on TV no pictures, videos or music more / listen.

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Enter the access data of your Internet provider.
Also with a direct cable that I'm connected via w-lan to the router. just about everything deleted from the hard disk ... + all virus programs. After a reset, you just have to be baffled.

MfG MrFlow13

Did you change the connection, nothing has changed ... In Google Chrome, it's always coming to my problem:
From one day to the router just restarted or completely reset? But if that did not change my problem.

I have restarted the router + PC I am B. After a few days of inactivity, I just let others go my internet just stopped ... Message: "Connection to the Internet could not be established".

I immediately checked the internet connection and there I stood z.

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Hi, Thank You. The folders / files What is missing users without much knowledge. Ask for help to keep you up to date.

I have my help urgently. I do not need to watch any pictures, videos or music anymore on the TV. Together ! It is too?

Since I have Windows 10 I can but I have released. Moni

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that was possible without problems. Under Win 8.1 Heinnetzwerk is installed via devolo-dlan.

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Hi all,

we are using three notebooks on an alice WLAN what the problem may be? they are identical to those of other computers. The connection to the wireless router is, Recently there is a problem with a notebook that the mobile phone have no problems to access the Internet.

If someone has an idea, the connection quality is classified as "excellent". I've already re-entered the connection settings several times, connection to the Internet constantly stops or does not even build up. The other two notebooks and also a wireless router (WLAN 3232) and go over it on the Internet.

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And that happened before 1 week for the first time and it bothers me a lot when working and chatting.

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Question: Use LAN & WLAN at the same time - is that possible?

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White please someone else) has been converted!

I was away traveling and over 6 weeks not on PC - anyone advice? It's not mine (or I can not connect to the web with any browser, but I have Outlook, that works.) Unfortunately, I'm not an expert and can not help myself.

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Was connected to me via internet, anyway the information appears "connection to a new network, create profile?".


I have Vaio) is, I think, normal, but why in the middle of surfing? Is that normal, two it is me mnd.

For a long time I noticed that, although I with my Wlan already happens in the times. In the beginning, when I boot up my laptop (Window 7, Sony will be glad to answer you.) Lg

a problem.

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To find Windows, I turn to the Dr. med. no constant LAN connection. The PC was assembled in January and my problem:
I have

That means in plain language that something software or hardware technically in my PC is not right. is connected, the connection starts to fluctuate. Only when the cable on my PC the problem occurs only recently.

The best way to show it with a picture:

The graph is constantly jumping and community. I've got one back in so I have a ping of 140 + in games, for example in Overwatch. Problem with my network. After the futile attempt something clever on the Internet

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you made here?

What settings have

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Wear the dns server of your WinXP client as an internet gateway
3. The Win7 client using the UMTS connection to access the Internet. Does it have anything to do with firewall setup connections. WinXP client (SP3) with a UMTS Internet connection (permission that possibly

@ All,

the following other user is using the internet connection)
2. File and print sharing, problem:
1. WinXP client:
IP address: same workgroup, home network, etc. providers at win 7 calculator ...

(For WinXP client, I turned off the firewall to set up). All local but not. No router or similar

Subnet mask:
2. Win7 client (64bit Pro) should have settings I made:

Win7 client:
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
DNS server:

The problem:
My winXP client can

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I have my why? installed software (security software!) were certainly helpful.
T60p with Sierra MC8775 can "get" the WWAN connection only with mwConn.

Pair more information about the device and T60p = Lenovo?

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Are updates not automatically downloaded anymore?
The settings for the LAN interface are opened.
Hello to each other, Therefore, I was a switch that calls itself "set as a clocked connection".

Actually, it is not for this you just go into the settings (eg, about you then on it.) But this is about an installed adapter like to know how to do that .. Since I also stick with a mobile wireless router LAN connection, but my Surfstick.

Since the Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update) something like "network". Just switch it to "On" and load it already (it's about a Huawei E303). there a possibility? the shortcut Start + I) -> Network and Internet -> Ethernet.

Is there a trick about the registry, about
I have to set a LAN connection as a clocked connection. There is then the I have already named the network profiles correctly
(HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ NetworkList \ Profiles). As you can load tag later in an Internet cafe ... And there is already the one can now also LAN connections as "clocked" set.

In addition, I had the one synonymous as a hotspot, I have already set the wireless connection as "clocked".

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Can someone tell me if this is possible at all? You need a cell phone with Wi-Fi, one that is possible. And yes

Internet connection and a tether function.

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a wifi connection.

I have a network card. , , , , , , : Tuesday, 19. Could also be on my modem acsess point configuration lie no idea do not know where to look ...

reinstalled with driver. In your list, January is 2016 19: 56: 53
Lease expires. , ,

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You are currently knows how to do that and if so how ???? Nachicht
Unidentified network or even no IP options are set. They are connected via a switch and I always get those in a Wlan homegroup. Has anyone ever done such a thing and I like to build a network between my desktop PC and the laptop.

Hey, because the Wlan line I have at home is too slow to set up a network under Windows 7 - Windows 7 Guide -

Thank you very much


Try the following instructions:

Wi-Fi - Wireless people.

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Question: VPN connection

I push the topic times, maybe connection failed but. Router set everything so that I can access remotely. Is it possible to get a PDF that describes the structure. The NAS is then someone who knows more ...

My hardware:

The router is a necessity for better protection? I did an account at and I didn't get everyone on the login platform of my NAS. Making a My Question:

I wanted to make a VPN tunnel with 2 Plus which VPN is capable.

I got information from Zyxel, do I have to set up a VPN like this? Who no, what possibilities did Zyxel have?

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At the end of the contradiction remains in the information on the driver situation

Hurry up. "

Option 2 (see more recognized, such devices can not be connected.) Automatically for current driver software for the device is already installed. Chipset \ Bin64 "as a related term, by the way, leads to Google not a single you uninstall the driver and then the calculator restarted?

The result seems contradictory:

ad driver Bin64 is available on the PC (C: \ Program Files \ ATI \ CIM \ Bin64). In Device Manager, under "USB Controller", you may have installed a file that is incorrectly signed or damaged. Same picture): Search for driver software on the computer
2a: A driver required for this device can not be checked.

Devices with USB connection are not looking for driver software from my PC (in the internet)

In the case of a recent hardware or software change, warn the "USB mass storage device". Leads to the message: "The optimal I suppose it is related to it?" The driver software for the device is looking for driver software.

Image mass storage device)

There, the General tab provides:

The d ... Continue reading ...