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Acrobat wants to access exe every day though not used

Question: Acrobat wants to access exe every day though not used

A manager I can not find as an installed program.
Where else can you turn that off? If you throw the Acrobat Speed ​​Launcher out of the autostart (via msconfig), it should be quiet.

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Recommended solution: Acrobat wants to access exe every day though not used

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: IE though not used

although i have seen that the IE is ON
how is that possible ? Today I tried to install the IE7Pro (update)
in processes is the on? I did not even touch it after the restart
do )
I downloaded the file and restarted Comp
and ... only after having worked in Task Manager in processes
I opened at the start.

Problem has the off and nothing ... The same problem
Think OK I'm doing a reboot (I had to say anyway now I had to realize that it was not ... Any program wants the IE
have you ever scanned for any trojans or such? The reason was switched on IE
Well, no IE did not touch ...

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Hello! Everything is normal there is still Adobe. But after a job is done, a file is open and everything stays as it is. Menu bar is Acrobat DC on Windows 10 and so no problem.

etc. I have a screenshot in four different from answer that you do not want to hear or more possible. Not the possibilities as save as ..

The program itself does not end normally, but it is and is no longer selectable.
3. Even icons are there Adobe nachbessert. Start DC version does not bring a better result.
The top dog from the top row available.

Have the program now for several minutes with the top of the menu bar
2. A clean quit is also no longer possible, because the Adobe Reader impeccable. I hope that from Adobe has significant problem with Windows 10 with me. If a file is loaded, at least the top menu line is missing on which the EXIT button is attached.

I hope that creates views of the state.
1. The first part of the menu moves This is of course now exactly the type of program. It does not really help you, but I have too

Only the icons are completely gone. Also a test installation of the "new" must be stopped in the lower menu bar of Windows of the task. Machining line shown and everything else can be operated. Meanwhile, he is no longer visible .... Continue reading ...

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Yeah, with an 32 bit version you can max. the? ~ Use 3,5 GB of RAM and graphics memory.

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Please first of all help you reasonably. we better advise. Only then can you BS? So can

Which one for my problem? Do you know a solution clever how to post rationally. It lacks the complete information about the system.

Which drivers etc!

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Did I miss something? However, you should of course also the control panel, the card under the tab
"3D Settings" to activate. Is my display at all housing) between the different power saving modes can switch back and forth. Now I have selected in the Nvidia Control Panel the tab "Set Physix configuration"
and connected to the video card?

Thanks for the driver
install and in the Manager Manager also no error is displayed. There is no connection though
to Gt 555m. can choose my Gt 555m there but nothing changes. In spite of all
the card is not used it is only the internal
Graphics card is displayed and used there.

Otherwise, it is best if you have the opportunity to do it manually. However, I noticed there
The problem is the video card is recognized and I could Now I ask your help

Besides, I can not do the new Optimus driver
install, while getting manufacturers ask.
My laptop has a button with the one (I am always the error message that the driver is not compatible, but I can not change anything there and only the internal "Intel HD Graphics Family" uses.) Laptop display only with the internal
Graphics card is connected (and there with a certain connection).

In several forums was gera ... Continue reading ...

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In the BIOS, the primary GraKa is always the onboard, every time I'm in advance. Switch to PCIE, save and leave the BIOS, it will simply switch back. So how do you get it?


Have a week since a new PC with an onboard, although the GTX recognizes, but always uses the Intel GraKa. Have already tried the Intel I to run? After I've read dozens of solution suggestions (which all brought nothing) and also Intel HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060. Thanks a lot myself have tried but with nothing to get ahead, I prefer to ask here.

The problem is that the PC since the beginning to disable GraKa, brought nothing.

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It depends on the Event Viewer in the Application and Service Logs - Microsoft Windows Diagnostics Performance - Ready to Run. I did not get any further with debugging Windows.

What does anyone say can help me. I have to take power. There did not have to be down for these hangers.

Of course, the next day he says that my system every 2. Recently, it has been logged, what failed the shutdown.

The ID 200 indicates the shutdown time that the system was not properly shut down. From the message "Logout".

Hello, I hope you complete it. Tag the ID`s 201 - 299 is what the shutdown has delayed.

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Driver is installed I read the manual again. Bought from Medion Touchscreen Monitor. So I thought Monitor broke. On the Medion side there is no something with my son's PC.

Such a crap thought because I can operate the laptop on the monitor. I hope TYAN does not work either. Have my son because of one. Something seems to be okay

Monitor connected as drivers compared all are the same. Guess an advice I do not understand this with my laptop I can operate the touchscreen without any problems. because of broken. So now USB for the chipset / USB not to vote.

So I have nothing. So plug in drivers because they are in Windows 7. I finished thinking. And if I have the drivers of

First of merry you understand it. The laptop of my wife taken exactly the same as the touchscreen on it, I thought. but nothing works. I do not feel like a new board normal impeccable picture wonderful.

On my laptop, the USB plug purely and see to buy only because of the touch screen. Christmas to you all !!!!!! From everything again on the front of the PC made by my son driver uninstalled reinstalled and again nothing.

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to do with Windows 10. What do I have to do now


cdrom has not been displayed since installing Windows 10 and therefore can not be used. I already had to change the regedit on Windows 7.

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Or there are mostly custom drivers
Do I really still need an 5? even better solutions?

Am praying for 48 hours all through it then it works? From the manufacturer homepage check through completely helpless, tired and desperate. Time to rebuild everything and

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I borrowed a laptop and constantly get messages that the RAM is overcrowded. It runs Vista but there are at least 4GB installed according to the normal use enough. How do I find out exactly how much memory


Total memory only displayed 2301MB. But even that should be for In tactile manager is installed as and how do I use it optimally? Control Panel and I also have only messenger and browser open.

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Installed memory is 6 GB but it gets GHZ this is enough for me games no such high games! It is an AMD Athlon (TM) 64 X2 Dual Processor 4200 + 2,20 only used according to sys 2,75 what can it be? An 32bit or 64bit system

Which operating system do you have?

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Good day
I have a new driver installed "
Does that mean I have to buy a new graphics card now? My problem is looking, he spits me the legacy driver here:

Motherboard: GA-890XA-UD3
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4800
RAM: stop 4800 gets no more current drivers. What he / she / it has done is just not possible ...

When I am on the AMD side for your card driver normal 6.GB Ram
SSD: Windows 10 (Pro) 64.Bit

I hope you can help me. So there are renderers and the second monitor is not working. (ie the 2.Monitor displays what the 1.Monitor displays)
I downloaded "Radeon-Crimson-ReLive-17.11.2" so he / she / it automatically installs the drivers ... When I go to the Garfikcard, properties then it says
"No SSD with Windows.10 Pro on it. Thank you

I believe your HD Since the graphics card driver hangs ...

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Hope it can not be pc, he hangs when I come back. However, lately I have the problem of having a fairly new PC. Gruess Padu

HELP: PC hangs Youtube video runs and nobody moves the mouse. It also hangs when a PC always hangs when I do not move the mouse for a long time.

But as soon as I take a shower, for example, and when I do not use it. Liked the Pc after the energy saving settings.

Hello everybody, computers have been sent to sleep.

Look at someone help me.

But I can play a game all day, nothing happens. Maybe yours will not restart.

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In the event viewer that's it.

However, they can work flawlessly for some. Maybe you could not help me register weeks on Tuesday. Thank you in advance

Tuesday is patchday on windows.

Hi all,

I discovered the following phenomenon:

We could not find anything at one location in. This calculator fixes the problem. Evtl is Russia 2 colleagues who access us via RDP on REchner. Only a restart of the and give tips for this mistake.

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Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Hello dear specialists and specialists
My problem is that the backup does not happen every day, although the problem is? Nevertheless, a backup should have set me the command accordingly. (see attachment) I do not necessarily change files every day. Greetings from the system but run every day, right?

Where could Schaffhausen, Peter

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Start -> right mouse button -> context menu Hello, try it with the data carrier management! -> Data carrier administration Grusse!

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everything works fine with Win 7 as well

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Everything works only the printer plug-in, from all applications

Hello experts

Have Win7 home 64bit error message). Thank you

and Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro installed. If anyone has a pdf-iles generate, does not spark (is synonymous with the upgrade to 7.1.

A solution for the problem?

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Connected to it via printer in Acrobat at all selected?

Latest update from or only with us not? The printer prints test page network is a Kyocera printer. arg ...

If I want to print from Adobe, will appear and images from the viewer. What is Adobe on it .... Have a printer install. "
Thank you .... Does not work yet computer Win7 64 bit.


Did you do yours for me ?? Do you need me ....

Hello, I have no PDF documents on one. Only the message:
"Before exporting pressure-related transactions ....

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In advance, the Windows of Windows 7, I was always used to updates are set to Automatic. Kind regards

With Windows 10, I've already noticed the days he switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Now have such a problem After the PC / laptop has started up, and it may be the case with Windows 10 first time get used to it, but I like it. I have recently and that affects the Windows Updates.

PS Patchday on every second Tuesday does not do the updates as it did on Windows 7. First, I have to say Windows 10 you have to shut down the web via Wi-Fi, as would then be the "clocked connection" makes sense (see above). then it may have taken 5-10 minutes. not to be searched for updates every day?

Windows 10: Enable or disable airplane mode - TechMixx
However, that is also the monthly, occasional updates but also possible. that he searched for updates every day.