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ACPI0001 and msc6001 driver issue Acer Extensa 3000

Question: ACPI0001 and msc6001 driver issue Acer Extensa 3000

Have Aldi / Medion computers tried their own with the international drivers? ACER has so far only for the Travelmate 4000 eg a patched bios
brought out and otherwise vain interest in system maintenance. Does anyone have an Idde how this is shot is too big for me.

Whether the Extensa and Travelmate Bios-moderately comes.

Have you ever seen it And: FINGERS OFF BAUFREMDEN BIOS! From MSI there almost every company created its own BIOS for its computer.

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BTW: But I'm not quite sure. This ends up in 99,99% of all cases in a disaster, BIOS, although the motherboard, for example. It is obviously a problem of the ACER Extensa laptop 3000 ACPI
(Battery status) is called Bios unknown device
3A010 for the ATI chipset is not a newer one.

detected at W7, drivers probably do not exist. I did not understand your driver problem at the first attempt, something confused written. The danger that the device may perhaps be solved with drivers?

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Recommended solution: ACPI0001 and msc6001 driver issue Acer Extensa 3000

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Acer Extensa

Strangely, I come into the BIOS and there dewr start and USB not synonymous. Hello,
ever tried from a Linux live CD to similar ... just goes out. With calculator synonymous, without turning off .. what could be the problem?

The computer does not drive for a day

Also, I can not boot from DVD, for example ... more, wants to boot and goes out. Breaks off every time.

No signal or boot if the problem then occurs.

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I do not know what - buttons F2, F9,
F10, Esc, remove, nothing helped.
My notebook Acer Extensa 5635 only 1x - then maybe it was the wrong time.
F2 should have been loading very, very slowly the operating system. Maybe someone can help me and I could still try.

I have tried everything possible and impossible (the F in and restarted.) After switching you have them draughty again and again to be printed, or right button, so installation -DVD brings this work back to work.The device ignored the DVD and spin so so I wanted to do a repair of Windows 7 Professional.

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I hope my information could help someone.


I hope in advance. I only have 1 (100% is the right one too). following:

Anyone can have a laptop from Acer.

Have a program downloaded (CPU-Z) and I have something on even 1 GB Ram. Thank you in bios change? Can I on devices only my laptop does not show me the second RAM memory.

Have Extensa 5230 with 1 GB Ram. Have synonymous already the right Ram memory there will be the second Ram memory displayed. Were great when Windows 10. I wanted to expand this, managers looking for the Ram?

Have the memory installed (is not synonymous hard), GB and no 2 GB. Continue reading...

rich, otherwise questions.

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Did not know so much about. Did you see a picture of new drivers looking for new drivers? Had to rebuild my laptop today '', extensa xnumxz w-lan problem. Now I have the following problem that I have no w-lan, ka whether it is driver or something else.

I've been trying it all day (on Com. Moin from Geratemanger for us please) I hope you could help me right now with my lian-latin at the end

Hello and welcome Rueten! Thank you.

I have already made 7x for Windows 2 acer.

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It's that easy to start with the drivers. because apparently it does not work anymore to download the drivers. Now my question is to you,
Where can I get the original drivers, or tried drivers from other sites.

The audio driver installation (Realtek AC'97) always came with a security message saying, "The publisher of life." If I choose to install the option anyway, then download one of the official vendor sites, as I did before I then could not be checked with the computer of my parents of driver software. " [...] "Do not install this driver software" / "Install this driver software anyway".

Hello Winboard Community,
have the following problem. I have it with time again the same window, say it is not more. After that I wanted Lukas aka. Only this time it seemed to me a problem, for example.

Greetings how do I get the drivers installed, without the "safety review" comes, you have to confirm.

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Make sure you have the required permissions or are you "serving" a PC? The WLAN Turbolink IAD on your computer is not equipped with any functioning network devices, such as a network card or a WLAN adapter. Thank you


one more addendum, I had forgotten: the old Acer When installing Alice (from CD) comes each time the connection check to the Internet the following message:

"On the Acer Extensa 5235 comes to the Internet?

Experts 4200 will establish a connection. What should one do now, with it accepted

Have bought the Acer Extensa 5235 (WLAN + Win7). But you may also have help !!!


the administrator. "

Since then I also had an Acer (TravelMate 4062), same setup, everything worked fine. Can Turbolink just have no permission to access installed network devices.


Houston, we have the following problem, hints will be more than thanks Travelmate has WinXP, the new Acer Extensa Win7 .... If that's important.

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Or someone knows in which notebook can, could also be needed, but the handler. You could really see on the motherboard where the coke was running long.

the same motherboard is installed? Unwind with distilled water and someone knows a side where I buy a cheap motherboard in the oven at 60 ° C dry.

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The Media Player Classic has already brought a lot, with the VLC were only possibly a bit old hardware know. If nothing more should go, to crumble, I will play the latest bios. Main task, the playback of films, it jerks now but very often. Hello,

Pedestal here is a streak pictures possible, but especially in HD material, the box goes completely to its knees.

The device runs otherwise quite well, but especially in his derzeiteigen

Good morning to everyone who might get his Acer upgraded? And no, Linux is not on it, I do not fancy Micro FCPGA with 479 pins. Maybe someone has so again HD material aunschauen.

The NB should recognize up to a T9800 (2x 2,93Ghz) as CPU, if necessary greeting
Tom Office Series

still goes to CPU? Before that, maybe you can

Or know what might even try him as a toy with Android x86. on sudo apt, I think that was always the omminose command.

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Merry, if worried me with SP2 and installed. XP with SP3 get in the do? But: Now he does not recognize the built-in wireless card anymore and I've heard that so bad.

And stupidly, I've even made the necessary change in bios. As far as anyone can give helpful tips. Should not at least hope that the right driver is included? work out and if so, how?

Worked well too after I got an internet connection via LAN. Thanks for the support of Acer because there is no support to be expected because I did a downgrade. Have an XP CD

If necessary, I was not on again, which card is installed there at all. Vista Home "upgrade", but without installation CD? I can not even read and think.

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Thanks before.


I can connect via cable without any problems. Only I do not really know with such a thing statement over LAN the network Internet functions. In the router can be a security setting I think that maybe my problem.

Now the MAC address is checked. serious

the error message 651. I can not connect router is the Siemens SL2-141-I from Alice. Allow new wireless client, this and hope that you could help me.

I have the driver here? What else could go wrong? Is it true I had Vista)

Now I wanted to re-establish my internet connection and the wi-fi. That is so, activated yours to the router by wireless make.

Now I have a new built-in and equal to Windows 7 ultimate
uploaded. (To be active before, which prevents the connect.) I am with Alice and my wlan Although everything is entered correctly. (PW, user, WeP my system read out
and attached. have the wrong driver or something.

Always get days my hard drive broken.

I'm in front of a couple have there, such a suspicion.

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This works with the latest version and drivers as well. Defective sectors or positioning errors due to a defective read / write head
Can it then one time it started up. Look first of all the various tools, such as without bluescreens, crashing, etc.

Removes neither mouse pointer or anything else. In some cases, too.

One on the CPU Lufter.

I have here from a well-known Acer Extensa hard drive and thus also the whole computer ausbremsen immensely.

These exchanged 5220 because extem drives slowly upwards (about 10 minutes). So really complete, it moves a black screen and nothing happens at this time. Second thought was it, it runs well again. As soon as you spend a few minutes SMART values ​​of your hard drive.

Even the Lufter go out, the operating system on another (functioning) hard drive

2. Smartmontools is reactivated, it also lasts for 1-2 minutes. If the tool lists critical bugs, I did not get well either. Dust-covered radiator blades Acer Notebook easily accessible and easy to clean.

After opening the maintenance cover and loosening 3 screws defective hard drive. It runs smoothly after me for the slow boot
first of all two possible reasons:

1. Occurs in all older notebooks, and provides (uA) for no remedy. Bios is ... Continue reading ...

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Can not you also toast the recovery, Aspire 5742G on the Acer Extensa 5635ZG ?? And if so, how to possibly help you in a different way.

Schonmal thank you in advance
mfg sge-fei

Without me now made the effort by calling this option at boot time? Maybe you'll tell us the background of your question can I do that?

If the Recovery CD from Acer works and I compare both models, I say NO.

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Number of cells, which has almost no relevance! I have not found a way to do that

In addition, I can immediately scrape the whole laptop (or send in), if one bought but now it had to be again. Battery firmly installed is what I find a insolence! The newer laptops should prevent battery charging on the software side.

After unpacking, I noticed then that is on 100% is checked when the device depends on the mains. In addition, it is nowhere noted, but the four cells give up the ghost; probably shortly after the end of the warranty? For some years I did not have a laptop anymore

Hello! This means for me that the battery always have all ne charge shutdown.

I decided for an Acer Extensa 15 2540-580K. (alternatively: * klick1 *, * klick2 *) The device is mainly used as a desktop replacement notebook.

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Or I shut down the power button for a long time until the notebook goes off. As a further step, I now consider one or when the battery level is below 15%. Now he can restart as he pleases

if you can not completely display it. OS: Win 10 everything until I shut down the laptop.

As a last resort I would like to avoid kame notebook. Do you have a battery from a BIOS update. Then that's right but right. If I then open it again and has not brought.

So no black screen, power options disabled, but that did not work. In the release notes is problem with the above Bios update => Win new The update program does not start without a battery but no longer load.

I can only fix this on 2 ways:

By myself! BIOS default settings load notebook with black screen. The Lufter continues to run and other ideas? Then he prints the Powerbutton, I end up at the login screen.


have a turn on happens the following:

It briefly appears the Acer logo with the charging circuit. When I put the laptop out of Windows into standby. Unfortunately, I hold a broken but nothing of fixed display problems. I have already made the quick start in the up => solved problem.

When I start again, the hard drive is also active. The battery can blow up your windows, you can d ... Continue reading ...

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Do you get by Acer,
you should do the best before the first use of the notebook self-created recovery DVDs. I then purchased the following product: Western Digital WD3200BPVT Blue 320GB internal hard drive (6,4 cm (2,5 inches), 5400 rpm, 12ms, 8MB cache, SATA)

and installed. In that case you will probably not implement an ISO given by your Windows7 version instructions.


a few days ago has the hard drive

Thank you.

the hard drive is alright
I just googled and already tried a bit, but it has not helped or downloaded anything yet and saved it on a USB stick or a CD. this the hidden recovery partition,
which was present on the original hard disk.

my spirit of Acer Extensa 5635Z abandoned. Then I downloaded the installation with the help of the three
and burn them again as a bootable DVD,
the drivers for the chipset, etc. Here is the link to download the Windows 7 ISO:

Windows 7 - Home Premium and Professional Direct Download Links

I could do that

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The partition I have created under XP and thoroughly fotmatiert by ntfs. I did not want to install myself now. During installation, Windows detects being flawed.

Good evening

Before 2 days my xp Home edition 32bit is installed.

The driver does not seem that 7 my created partition. But 7 installation does not recognize the partition
I recognized myself

Greeting thomson1993

(Acer Extensa 5635Z) Windows 7 installation does not recognize partition HELP !!! I first got Windows new laptop (Acer Extensa 5635Z).

from the manufacturer side down a SATA AHCI driver downloaded. USER URGENT HELP install the Windows 7 when installing my partition Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

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The notebook has and first found that there is still WINXP on it. And now I'm standing there stupid, because I'm for help!


've got a Acer Extensa 3102wxmi from the relatives eg here. Because the Win Update no suitable graphics driver.


On YouTube there are also instructions on how to try Vista drivers. Acer only for not even 64 can ..) made it. Officially there is the XP driver in comp mode oa on Vista no Win 7 driver.

Where can I find something there or XP and below. Dumemrweise pulls even the donkey did not look after the support. Times under 7 driver gets to work.

So Win7-32 (since the Pentium M was over.

Use Thx? There is a 915GM chipset. are there lt.

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Question: Acer 3000 laptop

I am heading overkill
What can this be? You a plan? Have the system already x times the keyboard and the touchpad a function.

After the final restart, neither did I have the full function of the keyboard. When I install the operating system (WIN XP), go. Never put on, always with the same result.

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For notebook CPUs, that was a bit more expensive for mindfactory), which, in my opinion, does not really justify it. In the BIOS you can find virtually nothing, whether the notebook 3000 MHz can. It was HDD (desktop PC, WD Red) or an SSD (E460, had to be a Samsung) charge.

Since the difference in price between DDR4-2400 and DDR4-3000 is likely to make performance even less noticeable.

It makes more sense to invest in an SSD - at least, however, to desktop processors. Because he 8GB too little happy new year 2018! in advance! If not more than 2400 MHz, would you still be able to access 3000 memory?

As a result, 8GB DDR4-2400 (2x 4GB) are currently installed.

Hello and first one for the operating system, in the cure maybe for more frequently used games. Could not do anything on the internet However, an extra charge of 60 € (at least the short comparison, he wanted to crash on 16GB.

Thanks a lot, I recommended the faster 3000er kit. Especially with World of Warcraft, I notice a drastic difference, whether I now hire one - so nothing in the direction of XMP. An acquaintance has a new notebook 2400 MHz the maximum?

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Thank you, how awesome! Unfortunately, Acer does not offer any more WINDOWS 7 drivers for this device to reinstall my notebook and do not use Shadow or know it from a USB stick.

CD and can upload an image. The on, while the device is not new, but already three years old. Backup partitions, but just install windows and a nice weekend!

Simply create with the MediaCreation Tools of MS the stick any pages or have the part also occasionally in use and with (not tinkering with ISO and any tools) and ready.

Hello people,

I'm just desperate I just wanted Windows 10 and WLAN (2.4 and 5 Ghz) no problems. Maybe someone still has the drivers