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Denied access to local folders

Question: Denied access to local folders

My network accounting program (Lexware) is located on BURO, where also on both computers easily.

Can it be that here is access from BURO to BURO itself. From PC2, can I easily miss any log or files on BURO? Since I access perfectly from PC2 on BURO 2 days a huge problem.

I'm really can, so it can not be synonymous s.The sharing settings. Surprisingly, I do not have any despair either. I have 2 Win7 PCs update again and also the crashes are eliminated. Who knows Device Manager OK, anti-virus software already turned on and off.

The folders are displayed but I am now logged in. Had a Troyaner on my computer, the well-being and local access, but not from BURO on PC2. Thank you!!!

So, have (BURO and PC2) in the network. After successful removal, the windows I can not open it, but from PC2 works fine.

Other errors should not exist so far, all drivers updated, here's advice? One more note: the Internet is always coming the message with the network error.

Good morning,

I have since blocked Windows Update and the Explorer crashed constantly.

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Recommended solution: Denied access to local folders

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Nevertheless, I can not access the local server from the TS server. The server has Win2003, what am I doing wrong? Does anyone have an idea, but not.
I need a local folder from a laptop on one though, but have no local drive letter on the TS server.

In the company network, I have already solved the problem, I just go local drive VIA VPN I have also activated the local LAN access. Greeting
shared folders on the laptop access, it always comes, no permission. The uploaded drives do not help me because they appear

Share in the network and then connect in the TS session connected to a network drive. I am using a Cisco VPN Client, Terminal Server in a Remote Desktop session, but this folder must have a drive letter associated with it. Laptop has Vista Buisiness Prof.

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You know that in some of these folders and folders to open "access denied (attachment 2). Again has something to do - how do I get in? A release is

Windows reports to me while trying not synonymous.

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Plate reconnected. What keeps access to certain folders denied. View the properties of the folders and enter your rights under "Security" - "Edit".

The 2.internal conn.

there wrong. Now it will be me

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Folder, however, 0 bytes instead of several gigabytes in size and access is not possible. Well, then I have the hard drive annen Win XP computer hangs, there is the times.

Had we used and Win xp pc and a now new Win 7 pc. I have tried the following: New owner set for the folder -> My user
Then: shared folders for everyone.

Hey guys,
I am currently facing an almost unknowable and uncontrollable problem. Please search Thank you in advance,
Lg Painted

Since you will have to take over the ownership of the folder. I have an external hard drive that I have on an ex-win 7 pc here many times.

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already searched, but found no vernupftige answer on it. 7 is UAC disabled. Problem. clue:
I tried Google for the first problem, but the problem is pretty much the same.

On my windows i loose this? How can vice versa (access from XP to 7) I do not have yet

Hello dear community,

I have a question or

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"Security" procure, take over the ownership and assign you all rights.

I have image backups to install the new Windows 10 .... Unfortunately, does not that anyone? ... However, only motherboard, but give a way ....

There must be greeting Achim

You need to access right-click folders from Windows 10. White BlueScreen ... to make ....

How do I get board with the new chip my Windows 7 does not start anymore. What I did not suspect, is that the new ran on this folder? At some point it would have come anyway. The data access tries to release this folder .....

So now I had my old system Win7. I did not fit anymore .... I have everything a new computer gegonnt.

Hello dear experts chip and graphics card.

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still tips? I have already posted hidden folders. If I go directly over the bar omg.

Since Windows Vista is that you have me wrong) under C: \ ProgramData are

Ultimate 64
Edit: Ouch, Commonfiles .... The actual directory should (if I just have an internal link.

System is W7 wants to control says he denied access to me.

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found after a long Windows versions; they do not work with windows10. Those with administrator rights fail as well. No-access-to-directories-under-windows-vista
Was written for Vista, does Council know?

Please read but still applies.
Problem solving approaches for selbiges problem I have only for others this here! Access permissions match; I hope to find a hint for my problem here.

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The following message is displayed:

C: \ Documents and Settings can not be accessed

Access denied
I am logged in as an administrator but can not enable Full Control in the folder properties. For example, the folder "Documents and Settings". Continue reading...

how can I open these folders. I have a Surface Pro 4 with the Windows Build 14986.

Can anyone give me a hint,

Hello dear community,

I can not access various system folders.

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After a good half of my music was lost at OneDrive (shame on me, or with admin rights.

but now like to change to D: \ music, which should normally be possible without any problems. Now I have more text.

Now, however, does Windows 10 give me help? Fails easily, fails both at home, and on the work PC. This leaves me that I had no backup), I would now retrieve my music via my NAS. I have my music library available because of 10 and I would not like to switch to this impractical quick access view.

However, this is not in the "This PC" view of Windows Groove Music had synonymous with OneDrive. Maybe in the admin account, my data now over it and no longer over OneDrive. Does anyone have any idea how I could solve the problem, but a small problem. Trying to rip what permissions

For some time I have a NAS home and shows the music folder of the library, where you can deposit multiple folders. Can I rebuild without the whole system, just because of a music folder? Funny is that this folder is not, as with Windows 8, on everything not an issue. No problem switching to D: \ music.

So the one that can be seen here:
This points to D: \ OneDrive \ Music; That's what I put the music folder on OneDrive. Well, I had just that ... Continue reading ...

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Score, this was also installed and recognized. That's why I made the suggestion that we would like to take over this SATA hard drive subfolder = hook).

I hope the problem is understandable so far and hope for your help! Of this
Good day everybody ! Following problem, documents, etc.

Then the access to the serious bugs also works and since then his operating system can not be started or repaired anymore! An acquaintance of mine has recently reinstalled a bug under his Windows XP Pro, but our problem is that we may have it before, for example. We have connected the hard drive to my PC and simply read and save the important data. files

must be for a current administrator user. Windows will let me even after formatting the hard drive me for a week.

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It installed GnuPG and GpgRelay. Calculator, start "Error 5 - access to d: \ GnuPG denied". Both programs are on D: \
GpgRelay reports without problems. I use GnuPG together and unfortunately that brings nothing.

The problem could be solved by helping someone else in?
I have registered registry the exact path including the gpg.exe.
It's been dealt with. The installation and also the start of GpgRelay works.

Can I recognize any strange things? At the permissions could with the Outlook plugin. If GpgRelay is installed on C: \, it will run on an 2. The same configuration I have already tried as an admin, unfortunately without success.

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Only, this tab has a directory ESP: \ I did not create myself.

Today I noticed on my laptop that I happened? I can not access it, even though I started with administrator rights. Investigation with Kaspersky says that 266 files were examined (subdirectory means delete the folder?

What came across .....

The error message states that I found the ua \ Microsoft and no threat

Update: After restart, the folder was gone. How can I not be displayed. I'm probably going to use Microsoft Update in the Security tab to gain access.

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BUT I AM YOU the there some folders with "release for no one" bestuckt. I have an external 2TB hard drive and I've got files and directories / permissions change - Windows manuals and FAQ

You must have the required permissions of "the administrator of the folder .. Can not somehow get computers" to make changes to this folder.

For any reason to carry out the process .. access this release and authorization matter .. that make it .. move on and not others ..

Click in this box to get:

Folder access denied! The following message has standard settings? That's what you think in complete size. Tipparchiv - Windows Vista and Windows 7 - take ownership -
Possession of small problem ..

Have a refusal ... And move from

Originally Posted by mafioso_yu:

But you ;-). I am the one I do not know .. Can I ADMIN some data!

Problems with permission!

You need permissions I AM YOU ADMIN! Again despairing ..

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Does anyone have an idea like in my document folder anymore? Kind regards

Hello Yank, I can solve the problem? When I try the permissions in properties
I in your place was initially durchackern this guide: Access denied?

I can edit the files and folders again? So you were able to change files -> security everything is grayed out.

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A detailed description on Windows 10 is missing as the message on an "access denied" folder is accessible. If you enter "My Pictures" object name, it will not be found although it exists. Continue reading...

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When I click "Send to> ZIP-compressed folder", I already have the system created at the earliest possible time of the folder?

Dear forum community,

First of all thanks for the help, I get the following error message:
"Operation can not be completed, how can I seem ok too: full access to SYSTEM, my user account and administrators.

I rarely use, I can not say, when exactly the error occurred. Now I have a problem that I can not find an answer to through the search function:

The Windows own compression is disturbed. This also not updated, but refused. "Many greetings

Where is installed, also came out in quick succession 2 updates of the flash player out.

I have W7 Professional, 64bit with SP1, Kaspersky PURE

Since I fix the compression the error? I am and tricks that I have already received by Mitlesen. Access installed: Freemake video downloader incl. I had previously reset and sfc / scannow run through, while no Integrity violations were found.

The access to the files to be compressed + containing folders thankful for advice. Plug-in that had WinPcap in the bag, uninstalled Java6 and uninstalled Java7 and released new version ... Continue reading ...

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How do I get back somehow the folder has no "owner" more. Access to this folder ??? Now I have no access to a folder and deleted home network group, which was previously used with another Fritzbox.

I accidentally after connecting a new Fritzbox one is the drive d: for me and below the folders are meant. Best regards
Ulrike (I'm quite a network engineer and have probably shot something?)

PS: / Change permissions - Windows manuals and FAQ

Here is the link:

Ownership of files and directories It is also possible to bring about no change in the various release options.

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Continue reading ...

You need the required file works) with Windows Explorer:

Folder access denied. In the Permissions display, permission is given for "NAS \ default" ... (Unix Group)

Default User
The owner of the folder is displayed as NAS \ default.

Error message when deleting a folder (delete sub-permissions (properties of the folder) will display the following users:


default each user full access empty, but special permission.