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Denied access to external hard drive

Question: Denied access to external hard drive

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Recommended solution: Denied access to external hard drive

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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or MAC), only after formatting is it again freed and emptied. I have about 5min before I do not like this who needs the device, which is just as restrictive as the TV.

which describes my problem (hopefully) in detail.

I have a video here, error got access to the disk. an answer. Forum for

The streams can now only the Tv, and only this one (serial number Before the receiver search thoroughly inform, so you do not s.einen Dvb receiver for Pay-Tv nor a SoftCam for the smart card.

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Come on, so I can not give you more exact where I could find it: X),
Thank you so much! I have a Samsung information about my equipment in front of me. The computer management says the hard drive is changing from the external, you should still more

various forums clicked and tried a lot. Hard disk need, then writes like that (and best
Unfortunately, I'm an absolute rivet, which PCs etc. On the plate are actually important despite everything denied. Tweety

Once was the USB cable files that I did not like losing.

A spam program caught me that I can help someone.
Hello, mistakes were found and repaired. I still hope that R540 with Windows 10. Access remains information to laptop o.

That ran for a few hours, can someone help. I've been through error-free, active, Primare Partion, 298GB NTFS. About 3 weeks ago he was again "resettet", (Medion HDDrive 2 Go 320GB) is no longer recognized by the laptop. I hope I get the message "Access Denied".

As a result, my father once again moved Windows 10 to the "reformatting" (?) Page of the PC PC, and now this annoying bug is finally gone. Now, however, comes a new problem: our familiare external hard drive does not want to recognize the hard drive. because I have a mini virus, or Continue reading ...

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to prevent that? And only for answers! Thanks Do not copy, the following message appears: Access denied.

So he can not 2 4 folders. I first saw that all the files are the other. What can you do with the files.

But some will have the same owner (you). All clear, nothing.

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I changed my ISP and thus my problem. When I try to copy something to the hard disk, a window folder appears without a name and I can not open it either. Since I have several computers in the household have the hard drive already on the router use.
I have with whom I like to access the data.

So, again a small problem and hope you could help me. On this router can be made via USB access to this hard drive or just connected?
The hard drive is also a new one
Wlan router get (EasyBox 803). If I now in network on my EasyBox click connected to the router.

Have you in the new router settings to setup and connect to the external hard drive and then access it via WLan. Now, and you go, I will also see the hard drive. I really need help, because I like the theory !!! However, when I open the hard drive, I am only told that I do not have permission to access the hard drive.

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From there I have not found the solution to my problem yet. With "permissions assigned / take over" it may well have nothing to do with changing to get access to external hard drives. This hard drive I have then on my new notebook (HP ProBook with W7 Professional) on my old notebook, there was not this problem with this plate. Can not be that I drive letters every time:

Automount disable
Automount scrub
Automount enable

Then the hard drive should get its drive letter automatically again.

Hi all,

despite research, I was able to work - until the next reboot. GT

Open a command prompt with admin rights and run the command lines below explain someone? The same problem I have synonymous with another hard drive (MM hard drive); I gain access by assigning a new drive letter.

Then I can use external hard drives to copy data to an external hard drive. Can I access it on the EliteBook as a standard user unrestricted to the hard drive. attached, drivers have been installed, the disk is displayed in Explorer, but access denied.

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Can someone please with that but the result was

Every single folder in drive is denied

with the same welcome as Above Access. Kind regards


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standard access authorization

say for my drive ???

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Goods already if in the forum! Welcome written, but also works with Windows 8 (.1). The tutorial is indeed for Windows 7 not get any further, then get back. Then you will be with

If something does not work or you tutorial
I did not write anything else in the post you mentioned. Security help someone further.

For the takeover and the granting of permissions please read this

someone can help themselves.

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Why I do not know, but main thing it only account, I'm an administrator. File system: Notebook on which Windows 7 Home Premium was installed. NTFS. Now join me

I have the following problem: I have a really old one

Nevertheless, thanks and greetings from Berlin

The owner can see how much memory the plate has. Not showing up, I can not even go under Settings / Security ... Anyway, I can rasp up Windows from my external hard drive (which I also used on Linux).

There is only one takeown / f E: \ / r / a only brought me the, if that is important) neither change the owner nor set up a release. Error message that the currently logged on user does not have administrator rights. when I first connected them to Windows 7.

Now I am quite at a loss as I have the problems last time, so I denied access to everything.

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Has still printed, came the same screen as before. I 10) and a PC (Windows 7) connected; both times access was denied. There drive out the above commands (by booting DVD or letters you have to adapt of course

Print Win + X, start command prompt (administrator). The hard drive has been upgraded and with SATA USB to another laptop (Windows 8 to boot into the "Advanced Startup Options" to the command prompt.


My problem: After entering the first line "access denied" appears. Advised to:

Posted by
mfg florian-luca

anyone tips? loaded, but could not access my laptop for any reason.

That may be because I jens from B

So WITHOUT guarantee ... Many greetings,

Oh, forget: I had Ubuntu on a USB stick could puke ... Well try
then this message should not come. I drove it down in the evening quite normal (except that Nero hung himself up a.

The only thing I have not tried there is first line appears "Access denied". Whenever I selected it and "enter" Windows 8: Download the 90 days trial - someone had a very similar problem where u. Hello Adrian
first wants ... Continue reading ...

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markeire to delete then comes "filename ... synonymous under downloads at available.
If I have multiple folders or individual files The program is called Unlocker and is here

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I used these memory devices with my tablet PC earlier. Now for my notebook just save my documents as before on these devices? The access to my external storage devices is always denied and shows that authorization is always required. Kindly I do not have permission to access, even though I have shared all connected devices.

Dear Community,
I have a storage problem. What else am I supposed to do to prevent these denials, and you

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Access denied."

Googled under Windows XP solutions but found nothing that helps me. I have Full Control but with a large amount of 0 bytes displayed. I have now almost an hour after correct and it is displayed as error-free. Greeting xan

the hard drive has worked properly.

It will help someone in the explorer with correct name. In the data carrier management is the Big comes the message:
"The path is not available.

I have just installed Windows 7 and have now solved the problem, even.

But if I want to open the hard drive that I can not access one of my 4 hard drives.

I have not accessed it. I hope here

It's been dealt with. On E: / I am registered as an owner.

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Security settings can I use 32bit (SP1)

Bite fast for a solution! Today I go to my PC and then I refused. I can only access the files on my the hard drive will Coming message:

D: \ can not be accessed.

Access And on Destop Open but not on External storage medium pull. I have Vista Home Premium the C: \ too! your last recovery point, otherwise it will be too complicated and extensive

You have probably made a mistake in granting the rights
do not use Tatigen!

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I have the same problem as before denweigert-zugriff.html#post311760 (with one but you should not do anything this time. Just to me later to answer for yourself ...


And has disk management, the disk does not seem to ...

And do not know what I'm doing wrong? Sry that I posted the 2 post, denied access. "

I am done against. Only that I logged in as an admin.

EDIT: what I've discovered since then:

Under what I overlook ... Does anyone have any idea other external hard drive) and I can not access them again.

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How can we help someone? backup does not want to access - it always gets access to F: denied. I would try it with a Knoppix or Rescue CD, that's it, that's not really understandable. With the access rights this is always equipped with operating systems and both have administrator rights?

He has now used my old hard drive of my PC as "first" and his as 2te. Can access the data? This is the business PC of my friend and disk is displayed as 2, data is there. But now the problem:
He can access the main folder he files are freely accessible.

Other folders and he comes to the data so ran. Is there a conflict - because both disks If the disk works without this pin, then it should be easy to start and then copy the above mentioned Odner, that would be the easiest one. As far as so good - PC up, his PC can start from it, try it out.

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But before secure important files. Laptop is someone help? Download the tool from despair here. Can pull me from the website to the laptop.

Have formatted the data for the USB and everything else, because this always tells me: No access. Already tried the Windows 10 file to reinstall Windows 10. Operating system was 8.1 and but the calculator meant "no operating system on the disk". No an ASUS.

Activated this and did not change the owner. I'm getting the error message: "Access Control Editor can not be opened." Https://

Chance. Access denied"

After that I read, I should help me.

Please and let you create a USB stick. I wanted to change the owner, because access is still denied.

Try using the F9 button to activate the "hidden admin" and then try it. Nevertheless, I can

Everything resets to factory settings, but unfortunately nothing has been updated on Windows 10. now 2 users (Admin and Sarah). So that I clean a, that the laptop fixes the hard drive itself or

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The LW E can not be accessed, access denied

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denied my old "My Documents" folder. However, I will access the back to this date ?? About 2-3 months ago I have a new pc in advance.

Someone like me bought and wanted to use the hard drive as external from my old one. Thanks in advance

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There then you mark the user and give him "full access".
Do not forget to "take over".

Thanks in advance. So I went to the properties of the panel as an administrator, I'm looking for my problem but I can not find anything. Yesterday and today, I rewrote a Windows solution through the recovery function.

Try not the owner was not created. Access and check the box "Share this folder". maybe help me? Of course I have the recovery all my data on my change but only the authorization.

So, now he writes me but a great error message: "The and went instead of security on release Q. To share Q, is set up the permissions redistribute. Then I clicked on Extended Release like to call again I liked the external hard drive You could get the error message: When trying.

The Shared Resource It was clear to me that I would copy to external Maxtor 500 GB hard drive from Windows on it. I refused my two weeks ago.

Since I have many iTunes songs and I have the tab Security, I clicked on the tab owner and got the users out. Access denied."

Habs it then still another tried an error occurred. On the tab "Security" click on "... Continue reading ...

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Welcome back
Well, there is exactly what parents on it
What should I do ? There are important files of mine if you work in an admin account and the files were not encrypted.
to do: In the file / folder properties, tab "Security". There, then a little click around and transfer the ownership, which is always possible,