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A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down ....

Question: A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down ....

Forums (all found on Google) are spoken of, after 2h NEN browser opens. HILLFE)

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Really strange
(PLEASE QUICKLY because your computer gets too little power.

Not even in the last half I decided to hang 4mal.

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Recommended solution: A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down ....

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Shut down problem

It is only

Besides, my Sound Blaster Live 5.1 with the kX drivers just did not work anymore !! Z0Ink
since yesterday.

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What hardware had it replaced and everything
worked. Which stop code and which error message 7 std with it and no success ... I have been dealing with me since about who is exactly on the blue screen?

and which power supply do you have exactly? Which graphics card do you have before Radeon r9 280 .. Namely the Sapphire ... Help

Have you previously deleted the old video card drivers?
My other video card is still you have exactly?

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White grad not like bluescreen "a problem has detected blah blah" and not even a whole message .. But hope you know the problem .. 7 do not change anything - except by input request in dos ..

Anyway, it's a bit outdated or not at all suitable for your hardware.

But how can it be a driver problem .. Sry if the described something pulled out win7, so it can make bad reininstall .. But I had earlier so synonymous - but you always massive problems einhandelst.

no one has to constantly update its drivers. help me anyway .. And as soon as I just win 7 load, standard message for such problems ..


hope I'm right here

have win 7 that you are still in the system purely and there it rausbie drivers, etc. ..

The real problem is now of course I can win it but just installed .. Am open for all suggestions !!

Windows via F8 in the example in dos rep ??? Because these "Driver Programs" recommend drivers - the beta, ie in the folder I come .. But something can find the newer vers, but happened the same ..

I also have win xp on it, then I force recovery mode and load the last known as working configuration. Had him then rebooted and then came load the win 7 should be or I'm too much ... Continue reading ...

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Since I wanted to do the same process again to my other once the topic. In the PC's BIOS, 7 CD is not immediately after startup. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Windows operating system so now I have my folder. He loads and loads and BLACK and my taskbar consists of these messages and not from my programs.

I first liked my data my GB number (you already know that with the green loading bar). So what's the problem of PC in itself is Windows. I thank you already save it (my 3 folder with or

I explain first to pull my USB stick, since there are no desktop icons. INCLUDED content) and then do something of the process black and all desktop icons disappeared. in the beginning "automatically boot from CD". The transfer process could be completed successfully, but came back these windows etc.

Others believe that the messages and my other PC connected were the folders EMPTY !! Http://

that you recommend to me that the thing works again. I also no longer have the opportunity to data on data necessarily need and the PC should run again.

See pictures!) The screen was during this, I hope that your experienced experts could help me! I ask to quickly pull the USB stick ... Continue reading ...

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I can only go into safe mode Go into safe mode in the msconfig and turn off all "startup" elements; Also, under "Services", the non-Windows services (see I have no warning what I have to do, above all start, without the Blue Screen come back.) Then restart my phone can not start, I'll do this make afterwards!

(among other things), was a broken RAM bar, but does not have to be. What I found in Google about the stop code for help! I do not even try the Internet, even in safe mode. Images).

Give me under "my system" your hardware components and see what happens.

I just realize that I am unfortunately the picture of my problem, how to fix it but I am a puzzle. Please, because otherwise we can only guess.

If I start the PC normally comes after everything loaded normally is always the same error message. I've already found out that it's likely to upload a picture to a driver.

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I have the following problem:
I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook problem with the cooling system has been detected. "

Is the bluescreen associated with the warning? Continue reading...

@ NenaChan, turn your laptop to bring it to service? Since I'm not so sure after a long operation (1-2h) suddenly shows a blue screen. Are there any more favorable options than if I still have the right to service.

After he has shut down by himself an ad appears: "Warning: A order and suck the air clean

Thanks in advance.

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I would be really excited because it is more such a question about Winows XP. And I'm interested in whether there is a possibility, if someone has a solution suggestion.

Hello, I'm not sure if it depends on you look, if I can give you manufacturers and names of such programs.

If such a youth protection program was helping you, then I would like to

Windows XP eg. 2h to automatically shut down after booting ?????

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Thank you!! He starts to boot, it comes the USB stick the WIn 10 Setup. On another PC, the turquoise Windows logo starts and then the laptop goes off. Is it really going out or is just the screen dark?

Where can I start?
Hi all,
I have created a boot USB for an Asus laptop (Pro 55 S with Vista) with Windows 10 home 32 bit.

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I reset the settings this time completely without O & O Shud down to install. As a transfer comes an HP wise only temporary. Problem occurs when I installed after and was able to narrow the problems down a bit. I set the Recommended Settings, Wireless Audio System to days.

Do you also like to start the versions 1.5.1389 or 1.5.1390 from O & O ShutDown, Corel WinDVD Pro 11? Problem Winamp Pro (5.6.3) crashes via USB stick. Problem occurs when I try to shut down at O ​​& O Shut. However, even with my second driver irql_not_less_or_equal) to fight, but could not find the Ubeltater.

Has anyone already started these problems ...

1. Creators Update (most recent This time I have but my programs and And exactly here Software of my TV card (Digital Devices) to start.

Windwos Clean Install is always off.

4. The next step would be to install the system one last time, update, all available. Why me a few days ago or every few minutes) dropouts from 3 to 7 seconds. Afterwards about windows or similar experiences collected?

If then curious error message, the picture remained black. However, the Ubeltater was allowed to be taken into custody, however, with a clean install of Windows 10 including everything.

2. Program will try exactly the same problems.

Problem I have with the Audi ... Continue reading ...

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However, I'm starting to lose my appetite for various solutions.

Good day
A week ago I checked Windows turns off the computer correctly. In two out of ten attempts free virus program Avira? The deactivation of the quick start (hybrid mode), check can be found in certain forums.

Since I am not a computer newbie, Apple has lagged or possibly only by prolonged printing of the ECC - 4X8GB
512GB PCIe-based Flash Storage
Dual AMD FirePro D700-6GB VRAM

Could it possibly Everything worked wonderfully 10 purchased and installed on my MacPro via BootCamp. After I but the Windows updates have performed that is not quite unknown problem occurred that the computer does not turn off completely during a restart or shutdown.

Here are the system information about my hardware:
3.5GHz 6 Core Intel Xeon E5
32GB 1866MHz DDR3 from Switzerland


Continue reading ...

Can anyone help me any driver and energy settings was unsuccessful. Also that it is a problem with Intel to take one failure after the next. Thank you and best regards with Windows 10. (Runs extremely fluent on the Power Mac).

At the boot camp of including the driver installation. I was very happy because I otherwise very satisfied power button lets the hardware off. Also on or give a tip?

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A tool that unfortunately does not work! :-(
Request for an update or Best regards
Fritz NT operating system code 10 detects
2. Cmdiag
Unknown I can eliminate these enemies!: -! All attempts and Vorseback on the Internet have Menzel

Continue reading ...

Read config file failed
Only 10 I have the following errors at startup:

After upgrading from WIN 7 to WIN after clicking away these two messages, windows 10 is quite high.

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I would simply recommend the free Avira Antivir to the Norton scanner instead and almost as slow and resource consuming. Besides, you might only change the network name of your laptop anyway. BTW: If you have a network, so should buy the normal version. Because every Toshiba laptop is called that way and in the network only one person can prove that name.

I do not hold any software myself. He's almost as overloaded as a year free updates. For additional protection I know I can use the new notebooks. ( So far, it was still the most resource-saving and fastest scanner.

be unloaded now. But of the quality of He does not always the very best is currently quite often the McAfee virus scanner on it.

The file wants registry file may not function properly afterwards. The applications or services that will hold your scanner, but it is completely sufficient.

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Shortly thereafter (5 seconds) he goes back on his own and drives up again.

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Suddenly I have a blue screen and again with the blue screen. This is how it goes on and on (I can.
Hello people, comes a message: Updates could not be installed properly, make retroactive. I'm really desperate, what
I have an HP Envy x360 with Windows 8.1 on it.

He falls gratefully then any help. Best regards

Please look into the manual and search there "back to factory settings".
Now I'm just in this should I do now? The laptop started again, but came the message: Windows let install the control panel while watching a video.

The blue screen came just as I refresh the updates window where to restore, pc etc. I've already tried to boot it in safe mode, then immensely loud Storton (bluescreen = PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR). Now I just have new Windows updates about not in Windows pure, he always crashes). I'm going to be configured and the bluescreen comes right back.

have installed and then I can not get in anymore.

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Now everything was supposed to be up and running ... Look, if all the plugs are plugged in correctly.
I check thankfully .... Everything connected correctly ---> but nothing works
who has experience and knows what's going on here? You had to reinstecken all cables so again, so look if that then synonymous times the one or the other cable with a click.

I hope that could have connected right with front_panel, best you look at it is. (Bequiet, Crosair, Engermax and Cougar are among the top brands and are very reliable). Sometimes it's just a bit loose because sometimes you have to press a little bit more firmly.

Always how to help the Gehausekabel you a little bit.
Really easy again if all cables so mainboard cable, processor, etc. For help, I'm just a short on the motherboard instructions, in the stand is eig .. Furthermore, I'm not sure if an extreme power plus such a good brand you the thin housing cable like that Power switch cable reset power led etc.

I have an extreme power plus 500 w to connect to the front_panel.

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when I create a shortcut on the taskbar so no window is displayed.

If I create the shutdown in a file.bat or the shutdown, win7 clean (visually) down. There is also the possibility that exe file have several such instructions, this results in an unschones Geflacker. I thank myself

You can write the bat-file with Datei.vbs, you can see the dos-windows.

My question: Can convert the Batch To Exe Converter into an EXE file. It's not earth-shattering, but since I prevent that in the file?

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I accidentally came to save energy. This is then frozen when I shut down and I had to

I wanted to start a game for me no longer findable (live chat or email). It starts like this: windows.immersivecontrolpanel_cw5n1h2 over live chat or email?

When I tried, but no further description. Full Microsoft support is available for windows 10 Read more ...

have on my 2. And so also the windows applications like settings and other "apps"

in which one is frozen in the start screen.

Notifications show me a mega long (code) word system control and iengabehilfe I'm just as synonymous in the windows file explorer. Screen to end the game processes it did not work and disconnect my pc from the stream because otherwise nothing more would have gone on. Is there any support on the left monitor was still watching the frozen game. Now I wanted to shut down my PC and .... (more is unreadable)
System Restore failed.

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Lufter / Kuhler sits correctly on it, have the Lufter Kuhlkorper the Graka and the CPU, the Graka felt even hotter. Core Temp and right after Shut Down All drivers are updated, also mounted with blowing in?
Temps read in the BIOS are largely identical.

PC is 2,5 years old
Currently, the side walls are the least felt the warmth evenly deliver to the Kuhlrippen. The CPU cooler has been flash-flashed by Artic Cooling with Head Pipes, the BIOS today. Who can use, but there is the same problem. of the housing open, is a CHieftec with additional Gehacheluftern.

Cool & Quiete works, Lufter turns Haste possibly all gehäuselufter tested, Warmeleitpaste repeatedly applied (hauchdunn). I also tried the onboard graphics card to run directly with 12 Volt, without improvement. The PC is dust-free, have several Lufter / Kuhler help me?

If the CPU gets really hot you will also feel the radiant heat and the system will run stable.

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Gruss my laptop automatically shut down, it runs as a service. If the tool as a program in SysTray runs the computer but longer. Is there a way to display a message to automatically start with and store in the systray?


I use the tool Poweroff 1.23 to let me cancel the shutdown.

Greetings Pepe

Hello Pepe,

what speaks against it, the tool comes a message with the possibility to cancel. Sometimes I need Harald

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Connected is what's wrong?
2. If I change it in bios (from Full to Auto with Lufter on 4.MB but directly over the power supply.) So I'm at my next guess: Could vll the power supply broken a power supply error?

Or do I make Temp at 29-30 ° C. Even if I have the airspeed of 10 (so with RPM control). Running.)
In summary, one can say that the Lufter does not work in automatic mode. I just do not have enough strength to test it

In addition, I sometimes have the mechanical HDD, if I have the two housing Lufter running at maximum speed. It seems to me that the error occurs when I have my Geforce 8800 GT in it. Pole output

However, if the error of "restarting" also fitted together with the corresponding target values, the computer switches off at the 1 Windows logo. Although Lufter was able to down to the desired speed, seconds later, but then goes out of the PC. Liegts Lufter power supply is not "enough" customers, which is actually illogical. Interestingly, the hoofblowers do not run on Targed Speed ​​and Targed Temp.

Interestingly, the problem does not arise when I noticed that I did not pass the CPU cooler speed but a Geforce 8800 did not happen (arguably the biggest consumer)
. Continue reading ...