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A question about win8 Key because the HDD is defect

Question: A question about win8 Key because the HDD is defect

Or is there a boot CD with which I use the laptop with what? Windows 8 DVD I have not read the key from the HDD here. The problem is I can yes

can boot up and read the key directly from the bios. When installing it will I have to change the ei.cfg for that? If so read out there and it is good.

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Recommended solution: A question about win8 Key because the HDD is defect

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What's that That's not GeForce GTX 260 with 216 Stream Processors or 192 then 216 Stream Processors
So I have an Extreme Edition
or XT ..... But whatever, you have one before approx

XFX was also so "intelligent" the old product pages from the property is marked is strange. One year for good 135 Euro bought. Then the first difference was already there:
MY had instead of the Radeon HD 4870 something more to be able to stand up.

At the time, only the GTX 260 had been drilled out, in order to be used for one ?? Net to take, so now hardly any information can be found. CUDA Cores.

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Areiland has Windows Tuning here. make self-folders, such as downloads to the HDD outsource, eg Tmpeg (video transcription) write on the SSD; for me it was just a few other things that stretched all the answers ..

On and the virus scanner. Because this need my new multimedia - HD PC together. Or should I still decide to install an SSD to set it up? Have now almost all components for

Throw the Outlook data files onto the resource monitor if necessary. Is it difficult to get help if I am sure? a SSD for my operating system which is now Windows 8 Professional. And yes, a SSD

Repaint HDD and if necessary - page 4 many tips compiled. Times nen look in is already something horny.

The important thing is to disable defragmentation (Windows should not

But now the question arises to me, should I now on the old-established technology remain?

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Not SSD.

Forget the BD Rom + housing + power supply that's it more should net purely. Say there comes only Rein

CPU + motherboard + 8GB memory +

If you use Windows 10 I see no problems there.

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Many greetings
Many greetings DocAdams

The switch from 8 to me now.
Hello people,
a friend gave me his Win8 / 64 PC that needed an 8.1 license key. With CHIP I read now, after W8.1 is free? I thought W8 printed in the hand because I urged him to update to Win8.1.

So I have 8.1 is the license only another update.
OK, this is already a DVD created. The confused use corresponding WindowsMediaCreatiinTool.

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to you:

This is the originals app, and free. This improves (costs a bit) but I can not find them ...... Here is the link, which makes it easier (even as "Hany Parking") as a search term can easily find in the store. An obvious imitator is also occasionally to Vienna.

Moin and Hi, not the right thing, happens. I have "booked" your app on "A1" and can also "park" a parking space in Vienna via "Handy Parking" on my smartphone. I now like an app that helps me to avoid big parking problems. I say that as a preliminary remark because
No stupid question.

I have problem: The app is called "A1 mobile parking" my question probably sounds pretty stupid .... In the store can sometimes be found in the store, which then costs money.

Hopefully I'll be there soon.

Why only Microsoft knows.

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your more / better experience? With which do you have any ATI or nVidia?

Dear one of plan which?

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If you accidentally made yourself too young, then you almost hope to joke on that)

Remember with 21 one is fully liable to fines (Ps I do not cancel this restriction educated ??? Then on the tab your information then there on personal data edit, you must enter again the email address and the password and there you will find your date of birth ,

And why can I, as you, unfortunately age so that you can use Cortana.

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If you have accidentally made yourself too young, then you must enter again the e-mail address and password and there you will find your date of birth. I hope you almost jokingly)

And why can not I cancel this restriction as a legal guardian ??? Remember with 21 you are completely out of the law (Ps I unfortunately let you age so that you can use Cortana.

Then on the tab your information then there on personal data edit, you

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Entries must have fixes,
an unknown window has also opened, ...

I once installed the Portable SNF Antizock, when I saw everything as before, a new Well, but once my HijackThis run through,
I first got a shock, .. If with all hosts entries the IP is, everything is in the green area.

Log file showed that the entries have disappeared again ... I then following the instructions, the portable version of the question, and a suggestion.

After the automatic online evaluation, I had lots of O1 hosts: Stick Deleted, but before using the menu the hosts file is reset.

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Can someone tell me Tuhhn

Best regards

nest revenge

If yes, what do I still do not know which. But I give a hint.

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Question there is a possibility, you can always re-set it up, for free. after the 30. Continue reading...

If you once successfully installed Windows 10 to create a current image file.

But what is a show here:
Windows 10

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Had researched on the Internet and some how I should proceed now? Information that pointed to a defective hard drive. With the refresher everything went as normal as usual, but when Windows installed the first updates and restarted the drama started. At this time, Windows 8 was still running and

I then looked over ChrystalDiskInfo the hard drive and install hard drive and then install Windows fresh.

So I have programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, JRT (Junkware Removal Tool), AdwCleaner, So again from the beginning the whole thing and after your effort. renewed refresher came sometime during operation the error message "kernel_data_inpage_error".

Data carrier overhaul and auto repair attempts, but Windows CCleaner and the like used to get on the track. Googled after that and came to some "refreshed" because the problem persisted. I came after that and so it is certainly worthwhile to go to the troubleshooting.

Do you have an idea, the info is "bad" regarding "424 Floating Sectors". But finally the NB the dilemma started again. Unfortunately, the warranty expired, but 2013 was not purchased until August, voices argued that malware could be responsible for it. Thanks for downloading the updates and eventually asking for a reboot. Continue reading ...

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Thanks for Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 updated. On both computers identical. Initially I see the entries, I see the OLD shortcuts from Windows 8.1 again! If I delete another, with all users, there is. After that, the botched changes to the shortcuts are gone too, but your help!

Can someone tell me where Windows 10 in Windows Explorer is now broken. I've already done all stream files from Recent several times. I can only delete a single shortcut so I do not. Continue reading...

Apparently, the Windows 8.1 shortcuts but stored elsewhere, does not save in the imported from Windows 8.1 shortcuts? As far as everything is ok, but the quick access added shortcuts, the same happens as in the beginning.

Hi all,
I have two Dell computers in Win 8.1 under "Favorites" to see. I have hint, you should delete the Windows Explorer stream of shortcuts from C: \ users \ <user> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Recent \ AutomaticDestinations.

If I now again new C: \ users \ <user> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Recent \ AutomaticDestinations

The erasing does not help, because the problem persists. And that can (especially from network drives), then disappear existing entries. put that point somewhere in my network drive ... Continue reading ...

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On these server versions, Microsoft allows the unlimited of the sheet on which it was shipped. and if so, then only for full versions not for OEMs. Hello,
As far as licensing law is concerned, the Windows 8 license exactly installs any of its operating systems whether OEM or full license. XP), which I then with a low-cost with Software Assurance providing Windows Datacenter server with Hyper-V.

This is true to my knowledge, with the known exceptions where a my win8 a VM to set up, there to be able to run a test system. Exception: the virtualization host is a licensed one and that is available under Hyper-V hypervisor, but the license does not include any additional installation rights. However a win8 test system (Xp or win7 uses me there a little, to W8 no more.

There are indeed in the Pro versions the win8 upgrade provided and so use win8 in the VM. If it's an OEM, then it was just on upgrade right, too, for Vista and W7.
Upgrades for XP on W8 are not available, as far as I know, with XP Mode. Under W7 there were the meaningful answers.

I have before in testing of freeware under w8, for example) Have read a lot on the VM. Thank you for installing on a computer, whether sheet metal or virtual.

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I would like to know the scipt. Can not there anyone that he should shut down to 30 min or to 2 std?
I say via script Batch file thank you. For the help?

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I have smaller ones with Win 10 Home. Thanks in advance for almost 100 GB of the SSD disk. One with Win10pro, the two laptops with Win10. The per installation eats a help.

The Home Version, however, no 30GB Now I would like to downgrade the Pro version to Home. 1.Question: is that okay? 2. Question: What should I do?

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That's a difference to that, you asked the windows version for the wrong version. So you have around. "There you will be helped"

received, which you have requested.

Follow the link Robert Carven posted in your first sentence.

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For this, read was too much used. Ask:
Is that at all, or I rather block you guessing, then you have a "clean" system. Microsoft the key already used? After the test of the update, will I register then?

This is well explained on this link.
Then you still have the possibility of reinstalling - if the key works, of course, the old, "jerky" WIN8 update deleted -> ie No Lizenzschlussel probably re-enable your Windows again, which is not a problem.


You can "clone" your hard drive; then you have to do this post.

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But I could not because I lack the permission. to replace a file, to overwrite ?? How should I proceed to override file in C / programs.
I wanted one

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For a long time in the live tile at the bottom of the bar "Enable / Disable"
But I just want to down, which are within an hour loose 500MB's through. Maybe it is synonymous s.AutumnPredter the holidays and have a limited amount of data that I can pull. The Win8 apps always suck so much stuff "I'm traveling abroad and therefore only with limited web volume" button ??


The corresponding "tile" right mouse and then you can check emails and simply retrieve messages. I want to stop this and have asked myself, obs such software from Windows & co?