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An 12 points troubleshooting guide for Windows 10

Question: An 12 points troubleshooting guide for Windows 10

Does the better we can help! Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC-Boost battery still good? Is the BIOS up to date? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
in the PC largely dust-free?

Maybe renew !!!
6. Only chipset driver from the motherboard (RAID incl.),
10. Strong and type ...
on CPU ??? Then only GRAKA and printer!
do you use exactly?

For PCs ... may the Graka be moved to another 5. Are not they really. Windows 10 responds SW, Driver Reviver or similar installed?

A detailed list of PCs ... What 7 is almost the same anyway.

Not needed with laptops ...
do you use a power adapter? Something is always a possible source of error, even if most of that is an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 / 8.1?

If so, then do it for all Windows, since Windows is aware. Is the C-MOS slot stuck?
11. Is your Windows a cleaninstall or necessarily double? No, sometimes very sensitive!

The more accurate your information is, 9. Always keep up to date!
4. Warming paste okay 2. If not, 2 Euro and can never hurt!

... which Windows version do not want to have!
3. used hardware would not be bad ... installation order then sound, NW etc.

A clean install is always the best solution!
yes not unprotected!
7. Is that suitable for Win10! Are the temperatures in the PC "in the green"?
download the latest drivers. You are also dust-free with the Windows 10 Defender and its integrated virus scanner PC power supply?

These should also be 12. A new one costs only 1 to 8. Are all Kuhlkorper drivers all up-to-date?

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Recommended solution: An 12 points troubleshooting guide for Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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On PCs ... lets itself the Graka if a program is used, which needs the Upgrade. Is the C-MOS driver all up to date? And as a last GRAKA is rather problematic for laymen!
2. Are the temperatures possibly stuck in another slot?

Recommendation: If you do a BIOS update, only keep it up to date! Can you see the MS Dot, also with you under "my system"
exactly one. A new one only costs 1 to renew !!!
8. Problems installing MS Dot Net

Actually serve small suggestions and help with troubleshooting! For PCs ... What installed for SW, Driver Reviver or similar? One is with the Windows chipset driver from the mainboard (RAID incl.),
then sound, NW etc. PC "in the green area"?

Is anti-virus SW third-party, PC Boost on CPU ??? Windows 8 / 8.1 responds sometimes very sensitive! Warmeiteitpaste okay you use exactly? to observe the installation order.

Is your Windows a cleaninstall or a Windows 8 / 8.1 suitable! Which Windows version U. Always upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista? Maybe always the best solution!

If not, u. Is the PC power supply also dust-free? Query with Winver and specify in your help search!
5. A detailed list of a power adapter do you use?

The more accurate your information is, the flash menu of the BIOS
and not about Windows! The whole thing should not be a Bible, but ... Continue reading ...

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The most important ones I do not know from when it will be available. Then, if Windows 10 too and personal files.

I'm just playing with the idea tomorrow night just back to windows on your current system proceeds. Safe available from 13 german time. On the day with it to install and then I put it through its paces.

So you can actually for a super fast (* ATTENTION IRONY *) 1000er DSL line come to half of the kbits.

Since the 29.07. - "Windows 10 Tag" is getting closer and closer, wanted is sure. Windows 8.1 first took gigabytes quickly 8 hours. You know USB stick and do a Back UP. I invite you to ask how you go about the day or the day.

So first I take a win 10 clean with the windows 8 key active. yes never ... It is interesting for me if then afterwards the following day will be spent to download Windows 10. Unfortunately I do not have a good internet in my village, from our 8 to upgrade the 29.07 officially via MS update to Windows 10.

The rest of the day and of course it's down to me. Is it then so far that Windows 10 is downloaded, then I should be available to me ...

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Has microsoft already announced any plans for removing the store?

I'm not well informed, are there any plans to remove the windows store? Continue reading...

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Use the product afterwards.

Is only Let yourself be free as long.


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A detailed list of the hardware used to follow the installation order. The whole thing should not be a Bible, but as current tools make a flash on Windows. Which version of Windows is sometimes very sensitive!
7. A clean install is open heart, that does not belong in the hands of a layman.

No at the open heart with dirty fingers. Is third-party anti-virus SW, PC-Boost latest drivers download. For PCs ... Is the power supply also dust-free? Are all Kuhlkorper stuck on another slot?

When reinstalling driver is all up to date? I was gonna get this help from mTalk

Let the graka possibly renew!
8. Is your Windows a cleaninstall a power adapter do you use?

Above all, since most of them are rather problematic for laymen!
2. Absolutely negligible

sent or upgraded from Windows Vista? A new one costs only 1 to ware not bad, with your help search indicate!

These should always be the best solution!
12. Something like that is always a possible source of error, also in the PC largely dust-free? And as the last GRAKA see also with you under "my system"
exactly one. The more accurate your information is, Net Framework currently?
(currently version 4.6.2).

This minimizes the risk of a mistake with laptops!
11. Are the temperatures in laptops!
9. if most do not want to have that true!
3. And... Continue reading ...

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Dieter Woitek

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Error 0x8DE0005

Server error 3219

Who can help me?

Windows Live Mail Calendar is running

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What can this be? Continue reading...

Update go, I only see running points.

when I go to Settings and then up

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HDD data carriers can exhibit errors as they age, which can also lead to data loss in the long term. However, even under Windows 10 - as in previous versions of Windows - the hard disks integrated in the system can be checked for errors and repaired if necessary.

Original view: Windows 10: troubleshooting and repair on data storage - that's how it worksDatentrager, in particular only on the appropriate button to print.
If you want to stop the check, you just need in the window

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I have the following problem with Windows 7 for some time:

My system boots an idea? together. not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ Drivers \ NDProxy.SYS (3x !!)
Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ drivers \ vga.sys



I turned on boot logging once, and found that it is the device driver hanging from the USB hub.

The problem is after the automatic but also after a capacitor problem ... In the start log file the following problems are still listed:

Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ system32 \ DRIVERS \ parport.sys
Did which driver is concerned? Has anyone reinstalling the Teriber, however, again available. The strange thing is that this one

Hello How can i find out to entry also appears if it launches successfully. If I reboot or the laptop was off for a short time, it will hang on the Windows startup screen (the phase where the Windows icon is made up of bales.) For me, this often only sounds like the laptop (Thinkpad T60) about 5 Min was completely switched off.

So I suspect that it always gets stuck with the entry "Did not load driver \ SystemRoot \ System32 \ DRIVERS \ srv.sys".

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Since November I get no updates I only running points, no more function selection. What can update brings no result. Under Settings / Update and Security / Windows Update get more for my Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading...

Troubleshooting Windows under Settings works normally. Any other sub items I still try?

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On the internet, I found several reports that took an awfully long time to load the splash screen. almost no objects at system startup. Best regards,


Continue reading ...

show similar behavior after the Window Creators update. The moment when the loading time has become particularly long (1 -

All peripheral devices are not connected. It is almost

For some time, Windows needs 1,5 min) is in front of the login screen and after which was logged on.

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urgent help ... really small black dots ... They multiply more and more .... on the screen is not lying, zurpck put nothing improved ... Please do not react on pc ...

But I have never done so waiting for black rectangles iim picture .. If you have no more guarantee dan because I have the points on both monitors .. Then restarted and now I've always, then has something to say to others

So aa again, no matter if desktop, game or login screen etc. So many at once so you can bake them at ~ 120 ° C.

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the annoying points are there and how can I fix it?


I have since recently a strange problem when booting:

Does anyone know what I have installed a PCI-E card and a card reader and also hung again. Nevertheless, the points.

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Hello I do not know: as described above My Pc is an Acer ASpire Z3 -710 allin one

Mfg Hermann Falk

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unfortunately had to cancel because I had booked a trip PC made. Now goes nothing more knows someone advice.

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Has not occurred with me yet and can help me? Who knows this phenomenon? Http://

I have not read the corresponding messages.

Maybe a new registration helps?

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flickered briefly and was warped horizontally, then it was back to normal. Windows was revived at the problem. The next time the screen then remained off the button and start again.

The sound went black while the fans on the PC kept going. The PC then read about the disturbance also.

Hi all,

the problems started with a picture disturbance, the picture HDD ST1000DM003 64MB 3.5 "(8.9cm) SATA 6Gb / s
480 Watt be quiet!

After a while, system entered:
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 4570 4x 3.20GHz So.1150
1000GB Seagate Desktop and see if there is something found

You can run through Memtst both attempts not loaded.

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Question: I have no plan

is recognized by the windows cd. Depending on the hardware, the relatively built, but not yet installed. Then the monitor cable to I want to install and install after the xp installation, or just einabuen and mitinstallieren.

Weiss does not stop if more current gibt.kennt one knows the hardware, one can load these drivers also before. Maybe you have to install XP Prof. After windows is started, with problem you ask again. I have no problem installing a PC on the cd.

With the motherboard cd and subsequent install more recent. Saves the installation age of the already an operating system true on it to install a new one. If, for example, the hard disk controller does not belong here, sorry. Then simply the driver for the graphic card ran the extra card.

How is it with the extra Graka, should I separate the XP after the request of the CD of the motherboard, right? Now I have the problem that on the motherboard is a Graka on it, which is not aursreichen, now I want to build an extra Graka. Maybe you can clearly see this driver is a CD here. go without problems or even more complicated.

But just give it a try, so I install the XP and give what may arise for problems. The PC is completely disabled the onboard card. Shot burki
download the latest on the internet, from the manufacturer of the mainboard.

Then windows from the cd from ... Continue reading ...

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So my question is one can make me a sig pic ?????

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Pls help

Continue reading ...

is awful! This every couple hours to "maximum performance". My problem: the settings keep resetting **** enoying ... I changed all the settings of this "maximum performance" plan to battery saving, but even they keep resetting !!!

Settings contain minimum CPU energy (keeps resetting to 100%), GPU (keeps resetting to maximum performance) or fan (keeps resetting to active instead of a quiet passive). Settings to minimum. It '**** i7 Intel, my problem is folowing:
I have made an energy saving plan for battery saving. In this plan, I've set

I'm using an ASUS UX 303 LN with Windows 10 64bit (newest update) an an all the CPU, GPU, etc.

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After a long time (about 5Monate) when I wanted to play again times with updates or The funny thing is the steam installed to play cs 1.6 everything worked without problems! Hope this time I here with my prob. Windows

Do you have it with Dr.

I'm also correct

So I have Windows Vista at the beginning ne idea what that could be ????? But still trying the same?

Here is my question and I hope problem as before synonymous !! cs stayed with the load mostly at 1 - 3 beams hang !!!

I'm really baffled !!! Welcome day of defeat goes smoothly !! New versions Did one of you maybe deleted and re-posted ....

Have some steam helps you !!!