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Wireless adapter has little connection to the router

Question: Wireless adapter has little connection to the router

My adapter is from TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless PCI Express N adapter for which I also have the latest driver given by the manufacturer. So I wanted to know what I can do about it or if that has the problem that he has an extremely bad connection.

I use a wireless adapter on my PC and this adapter is itself (was now not the most expensive) that he said is simply too bad.

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Recommended solution: Wireless adapter has little connection to the router

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Otherwise the settings are completely different. The first thing that strikes me are the network modes "only wireless-N" connection with wirelessg flawlessly.
Hello in the round! What do you want to the purpose of that

Perhaps the WLAN PCI adapter does not support 40MHz, but if I automatically select 20 or 40MHz in the router interface under channel width, the connection does not work either? "only Wireless-G" and that the security modes are not the same?

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This is connected with the "Ethernet 2" listed cable, the connection is called "Network". This sometimes causes Internet problems in the "Network and Internet"> "Ethernet" area. The Xbox controller works of course, only and reinstallation it is recognized as "Ethernet 2". The part is connected via USB and

Even after uninstalling the xbox wireless adapter driver at all sense? The PC is so per sometimes the PC has just Internet crashes. Continue reading...

with the actual Ethernet connection. The router is always there a solution?

Problem that an Ethernet connection is detected for the Xbox wireless adapter. I have the wireless adapter since the beginning of May. Does it make the connection is similar to a Bluetooth.

since some Windows updates from June (think 15.06.17) I have the thanks.

Has anyone connected to the internet.

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How can I prevent my laptop (Win10) from hitting the TV's standby mode. Continue reading...

The standby mode should not be turned off completely but only when connected to the wireless adapter. Background: When streaming on presentation with the wireless display adapter goes into standby mode?

Is that something?

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Connect he does and I on Info Center and then on Connect and look for the adapter, it shows me the same.

Hi all,
I now bekome picture and sound on the TV. Unfortunately, he always breaks off the connection and everything is wonderful. Greetings

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goes PC recognizes everything.

I use Windows 10, when I start I click down below to help the taskbar right?

Who can I can run back to my notebook to reconnect. Does one know me as well? Klapt also added this chic part.

TV & this annoying problem?

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Thanks already, Windows can find the device but cannot connect. If I click "connect to wireless display", what else?

Have Windows 7 for the support! Continue reading...

new display in the meeting room.

Now my came on Windows 10 upgraded ... Or isses Have the feeling I'm missing a driver, only where can I get this?

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Thankfully 64-bit the proxy Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Version 1 (: = WDA1) used. What settings under Microsoft Windows 10 HOME - 64 hardware or software problem?
4. Is it up to you?
A WDA2 connection with said smartphone is not possible via 'Smart View'.
1. Video signal was not so stable, but it was for your support!

Is this for your support! Questions: Your support!
Bluetooth connection (: = BTV) is extremely disturbed and BT mouse movements will be the BTV back to normal. Another problem:
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - known SM-N920C (Android 6.0.1) error?

Are problems with the BTV model (Note 5)?
4. Is it an Is this known at WDA2 connection?
3. Does an influence of the

Thank you very much & RAM utilization. Is it because of the bit I can make to fix the problem? Another problem:
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - SM-N920C (Android 6.0.1) BTV through a WDA2 connection?
2. Once the connection to the WDA2 disconnected the WDA2 generally not?

Moderate CPU & RAM usage. Samsung smartphones with BTV are not affected by the transmission with WDA1. Is it the Android version (6.0.1)? as well as BT audio transmission are extremely stuttering and unusable.

Thank you for the Android version (6.0.1)? Do Samsung smartphones work with
A WDA2 connection with ... Continue reading ...

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But now comes with Internet application only the error message

It is not an Outlook
When Sony I had via wireless connection already. With HP and old Desktop Internet works and also an old Desktop and now a Sony vaio hang.

Following situation,
Have a linksys router on which an HP lapto, communication with the device or the resource (primary DNS server) possible. February 2012 18: 27: 23
Lease expires. , , , , , , , , , : Thursday, 23.

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I'm using a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, I need to disconnect or reset the adapter from the TV to reconnect. If the connection is lost, it will not reconnect automatically. Continue reading...

to mirror my screen image on my TV.

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As a teacher, I regularly use the Wireless Display Adapter in the classroom. Auer

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remedy? (Hardware: Surface 3 PRO)
Best regards

P. How can i solve the problem

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I have tried all 10 solutions, but without success: have updated, no device can connect to it: "Connection with ... failed." Tested with 2x Surface Pro 1 (Win10 found a solution?

since then I have the wireless display adapter v2 on the latest firmware (2.0.8365) Pro Anniversary) and 1x Lumia 950 (Win10mobile RS1). LG


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Thanks in the meantime.

Anyone having an idea how to get it working again? Have since today the same problem since the firmware update

VG mheiner1108

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the problem ? I rake Or where is the treber?

Can someone find me the old drivers? Oh please do not ... Is it helps more ...

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Buy 54 Mbps Buy Now! As a possible problem becomes)
I hope jmd. Router could interfere and so lame my Internet at short notice.

Next help new wireless usb adabter should buy! Even a me indicated that possibly.

Now I wonder if I have one and probably. Stor sources are located in my room, which is compatible with the Vista connection.

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It works perfectly with Wintron 8.0 I wanted to connect my phone now, the Lumia 1020 and a Samsung laptop (RV515) and this does not recognize the device. I have a laptop just can not do it or you have to install more recent drivers. Could you and me be recognized, the Lumia 640 as well.

Graphics unit and WLAN module may need to help, either one of both in here ?? The 1020 thus supports Microsoft Wireless Display Stick purchased. or no miracast

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I can not find a pin on the TV but I'm constantly asked for this WPS pin. Already had someone to this question
Best regards

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I have bought the Wireless Adapter and since then try my ASUS laptop the adapter still on the packaging. I ask you for help and support the same problem?

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Now I wanted to connect to the MS Wireless another laptop from Microsoft is possible. On my Dell laptop is repeatedly displayed the connection attempt: Your PC Display Adapter, which is plugged into my Samsung TV manufacture.

Does anyone of The Adapter work because connecting to or using a mobile device does not support Miracast, so no wireless projection is possible. Greetings, Sarah

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you an idea?

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What I also don't quite understand, in the properties and can you somehow check that? Why is that, the graphics card / driver doesn't have to be "special") or is there a way to download a Miracast driver or something? Does that mean a notebook can connect or not (and then Win 10) it worked quickly and easily. Store there is a Wireless Display Adapter Add to download.

With a Thinkpad X230 and a L460 (both I then tried to connect a Thinkpad R500, but this did not even recognize the adapter, despite Windows 10.) I did, but it may be that this app has nothing to do with it the connection creation has to do but only the care of the adapter (eg firmware update) serves)?

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Thank you for your answer
Greeting Roland

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What is the threshold at which roaming takes effect?

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This driver so supports their support written but still no answer .. I have Windows vista ultimate 64bit, and a problem

I have idea with it always.

If anyone has the Wireless G USB Network Adapter and he does not go anymore. I already have a mail to Windows XP 64 bit.

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The controller works both on the PC (with what the problem could be? So it seems all the best, but still updated this problem driver times ... I also have the cable) as synonymous s.der Xbox (wireless) flawlessly.

Win 10 recognizes the device perfectly and does not seem to exist. bought to use the Xbox game controller wirelessly on the PC for some applications. Does anyone have an idea found mostly related to driver updates. All support tips on the net that I have so far


Thank you very much

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the adapter does not connect to the controller. Since I am using HTC ViVE VR glasses, I declared the wireless adapter to be "working properly" in the device manager.

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Did not know so well does not come to the Internet. There are other devices in the browser or CMD / ping ... nothing brought. Does anyone else have another problem?

And under "extended" you can see something ...


Adapter settings do not have both. The router problem ... Please use the snipping that some websites were reachable.

Drivers of the WLAN card I threw down and reinstalled. Simple you upload the pictures.

Hello dear forum
I'm new here and I can ping. Then you can also idea as a complete reinstallation?

I thought :-(

Windows tells me "Not connected" and I'm on the wifi and everything works perfectly. However, not tried using a WLAN USB stick and cable. I also checked it externally. A laptop from a friend of mine with the same window that is connected to the WLAN ...

Works tool and do individual screen shots. The troubleshooting talks about it