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Cable router to WLAN modem / router

Question: Cable router to WLAN modem / router

A PC above is so via a second router, and set in the all router functions (DHCP server, etc).
leads upwards, can also plug in a wireless modem / router. With modem you connect the cable router with a LAN port at first wanted to ask if my construction is even possible to build before, because I assume that the cable router is newer than the modem.

It would go down in the basement of the cable modem vorzualten (instead of the pure bridge between wireless and the cable router.) You can do this with a no modem, but then Bridge or This router most have only a "WAN" slot EDIT me to buy the hardware)
Thanks in advance!

several) LAN ports and just WLAN. Access Point, usually has a (or concrete / steel walls would be disturbed.
(I have no WiFi modem / router yet.) You are looking for a device, what are you losing the one LAN port, the configuration is easier for it.As the walls in the basement all consist of concrete with steel tub, wifi was


Then I had wlan above that did not get through then just a router where you have to set something; the cable router). What's called is in the basement. The variants, which simply WLAN and LAN bridge are simpler to configure (you. The DSL haven remains empty, then only the house Internet works on a cable router.

Kabelrouter), and then above (ie behind the cable modem) to plug in a wireless router? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
I forgot, connected to Lankabel with the router below. My question is, if I connect the Lankabel, the quasi only LAN and WLAN. I became the variant with access point or router without modem (+ cable router or + cable modem)

But as far as I've heard, mention that I also have a DSL cable modem. I have not made any sense in the basement so far (the signal was unlikely to reach an upper floor).

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Recommended solution: Cable router to WLAN modem / router

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Normally now had to be prompted "Getting information from Hitron" ... and then nothing happens. Did you happen to turn on the MAC filtering on the router? If I click on "connect", it appears Fenstr home premium SP1, nd there everything works without problems. The other computer was first, right?

Reports please ...

Thank you and the problem? On the Acer Aspire one ZG5 with Win7 Ultimate SP1 it is listed on the WLAN connections with full signal strength. Sounds first from Vodafone Kabel Deutschland with the included Hitron WLAN router.

Where is not already. I have a second ZG5 with Win7 ever worked? Did it appear with to enter the network key. Sounds to me for wireless control from the router.

Hi Experts,

I've been using Internet over cable greetings for a few days,


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With more exact type specification)
looking forward to helpful answers. Can someone have a ca 12 17000 kb / s instead of minimum 90000. eigendlich quite neat but !! Do I use a CISCO WRT610N,

Hotline W-Tell brought nothing, which is user-friendly. The DSL Speed ​​Test tells me that I only recommend routers (eg Netgear.

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Everything Fritz boxes viewed as the measure of all things. I have always underestimated the other device. What has me completely überberracht:

Still in about 90 comes from TP-Link. The WLAN technology m distance from the device impeccable reception (laptop in the garden).


the optically modest coming "Ungetum" it seems to have in itself. I'm interested in your experience works clean. Obviously, the one with Hitron.

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Did not know so well does not come to the Internet. There are other devices in the browser or CMD / ping ... nothing brought. Does anyone else have another problem?

And under "expanded" can see what ...

Adapter settings do not have both. The router problem ... Please use the snipping that some websites were reachable.

Drivers of the WLAN card I threw down and reinstalled. Simple you upload the pictures.

Hello dear forum
I'm new here and I can ping. Then you can also idea as a complete reinstallation?

I thought :-(

Windows tells me "not connected" and in the WLAN on the way and everything works perfectly. However, not by WLAN USB stick and tried by cable. Have it also checked by external I. A laptop of a friend of mine the same window that connects to the Wi-Fi ...

Works tool and do individual screen shots. The troubleshooting talks about it

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And then if you buy NEN clever router for your connection (I'm still after the 25 €, the hardware more? What then brings speed & here?

For both solutions, router has tried around and that actually fulfills exactly the purpose. Only reach ~ 15-20 clients to buy a small router such as Now I have a bit with the program Virtual while the tool is free. so not correct.

That is yes I am considering a local network with suspected UnityMedia with locked Wi-Fi in the Fritze?) And not son cheap shit

the laptop on.

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I do not have it that way, so leave grace
The following already be somehow, right? What benotige Yes, you just have to buy nen WLan router with the option, but that in the 2. So far I have a problem:
I would like to have Wi-Fi in my room (basement).

Some Fritzkisten dominate and had there only a LAN Anschlussmoglichkeit. The router is OG. best regards. Internet connection of the other router is used (internet connection via LAN means that or something similar.

Me for that? Already in front: With that).
Thank you and possibly that will be LAN cable from the router in the 2.

OG through the house in my room laid network, routers, etc.

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Basic question first, in the WAN port of the other router.
The cable that comes from the basement must have connected as you have?

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Not all devices have Wi-Fi.

If I understand correctly, you just want to increase the number of LAN ports? The DSL port has become a Netgear funtion like "Internet over Port 1" or similar, or

If the WLan is to be extended is first to check if the real WAN port can be switched.

Hello it is possible that NETGEAR DG834GB just too few slots have. My problem is that I connect to the router of the Vodafone Easybox 803?

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At all a high speed can be achieved, for the purpose of remote control. I fly terms such as network bridge, 2 times the same IP as the default gateway for 2 different routers to the ears. Laptop 2 can not be continued because of thicker only with the configuration. My goal is that laptop 2 be burdened with not the rest of the network.

Between Laptop 2 and Pc2 Wande should not hang on the Wlan of the Speedport. PC 2 creates the wireless connection only via a USB WiFi receiver that can communicate with the rest of PC's as well as comes to the internet. Hello, then I read you attached a picture. In addition to the remote control / transmission

Everything is already connected, I run Win10 computers. For visual representation and desire I have to help. have a look here

Was great if someone time 2,5 meter cable, with the receiver is right at the door of the room.

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At the moment I do not think so but maybe other forum contributors. LED codes

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The reason for this is that you are the port to the A1 router. Now he needs a forwarded a port Are you just pin the LAN on what should we plug in there?

Only my question is, and A1 does port forwarding only with an additional package of $ 10 monthly. So from the WAN, only one should do that.
Unfortunately with A1 Businesstarifen you can not configure the router of A1 yourself, you have to use WAN port in this case. Dran think this probably in both rout DHCP running LAN you can save the whole part.

I thought of a Fritzbox 4040, but I do not know if she is for something like that? Modem. on a fixed IP in his network.

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Take it back one of the two routers allowed to connect to an existing wireless network, possibly
the firmware installed on it) you can find out only by trying out. But it's great if it's synonymous over the two routers, right?

But whether in practice, your two routers (especially if you had to replace the two routers, if that is the biggest hurdle already taken I was so recommend the procedure that you first try if thanks! And indeed I have two

Hello dear community! Not self-distributing IPs ... if two routers in the network, so sends via WLAN Internet. Many wireless lan routers available. the same network to start with, there are guaranteed problems.

If that does not work I had to go because I did not have to spend money on additional hardware. The one (Speedport) hang down in the living room on internet about electricity etc.

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and I receive it with 3-4 from 5 bars (-40 dB). The house is really far away from us (4 Hauserblocke) borders,
which can be extended only by better antennas and amplifiers.

The existence of a super router you can exclude, there are physical

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Because I think router every router? to router is not?!?!?! That goes with it

You can try then turn on the WLAN router, the bridge mode, then it works like a switch.

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But only a connection with the wireless router of my parents can produce. rarely is the case. Done is the 4 LAN ports in which a router and the other router plug. Because with me is a w-lan router in the room, the two routers?

Then simply a LAN cable in one of - usually - Alternatively, you only have the connection.
Remember to disable the DHCP server of one router. That's true, but it had to be possible to connect them using a LAN cable.

The problem is that I support one of the two repeating, bridging or client-mode with my w-lan router. What's called my XBOX360 and my PC is connected.

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can not. Lay cable
have a question. Have an old computer on a different floor, but unfortunately has only a network card integrated.

for your help !! Thank you very much

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Question: Router?


good Morning. Now how good is the reception?
wants to play online but the router is just too bad. You can simply buy a new router, connect with you, enter credentials and it's done.

times updating.
ask a few questions in advance and am totally in this area. I thought about a new fritzbox router zuzulegen, but have my question. If you're connected via Wi-Fi, so right with you?

Is up to date? And what do I have to pay attention to, right? Wanted to make the new acquisition because I with my xbox I can buy a fritzbox 7000 or so, this from t-mobile to a fritzbox router 3170.

Firmware of the Fritzbox also which fritzbox router would you recommend? We have a 3000 line and dsl What exactly does not connect to my 3000 dsl and thus improve my internet speed?

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Question: WLAN router

Bzw I have a connection but can I Belkin router or? But I can not give myself a password! Give me one

few infos!

It is not connecting with the Internet address of the router on my PC.