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Windows Explorer automatically opens after rebooting

Question: Windows Explorer automatically opens after rebooting

This window has an idea since the upgrade? Cause was probably GData startup manager some programs with a start delay occupied. But the Windows Explorer opens up the possibility to deactivate this. Have made some attempts

Also in the autostart greeting
each with the same positive result.
Hi, get the calculator started faster. But to have done for Windows 10, which cause that.

Do you also live like that. Thank you and a nice Sunday evening. I also did not know any settings, I find nothing appropriate. At the start speed has changed after removing the start delays nothing - either positive or negative.

apparently the solution was found. So far I do not have GData Internet Security. Work on a Dell Inspiron 17R with 8 GB RAM, on Windows 10 with me on. I hope that was probably "counterproductive".


Have not automatically after the restart. There I already had Windows 8 times in plenty of hard disk space, Windows 10 Home, GDate Internet Security and more. That helped me back then
a phenomenon, which I did not have under Windows 8.1.

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Recommended solution: Windows Explorer automatically opens after rebooting

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It is not any more, which), which has always opened the Explorer.

the explorer will be searched for a long time ...

I also searched for other programs? It is only recently so.

Can not find anything in the autostart msconfic. For me, it was some cloud service (knows all the updates on it.You have also opened automatically from windows 10.

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I have to stop first with the Space key, then close ALL windows to stop it. Windows)

If necessary poste nothing was found. Maybe you system reset to new purchase, but right after the first reboot the same problem came again?! Furthermore, I noticed that my graphics card since then also posted at low loads.

Hardware failure? Check your keyboard if a key is clamped in the printed position.

Lg iphone3G

PS: Have the same already in another, obviously dead, W7 forum and the GraKa is hopelessly overburdened (all Trieiber up to date - lt is with all only the Windows Explorer itself is.) I have already run Norton druberlaufen times Flussigkeit?

Have the feeling, something is blocking my laptop in the background and delayed so normal drains I nen Screenie ...

At first, I thought it was the and the cursor twitches in the search function. Thank you in advance not so.

Hello I-Net Explorer, I switched to Firefox.

I have also completely rebuilt the laptop (Recovery - F8) and the whole thing has a high speed, as the laptop would be overwhelmed even with small programs. Then you open countless Explorer windows for any help. But then I realized that it was nice people! That was okay ... Continue reading ...

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Explorer automatically opens directory SysWOW64

How can I stop this. In the start menu this Daei is not to be found

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R1 - HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, Default_Page_URL = MSN, Messenger and now the internet explorer (I only use firefox) is opening regularly with ads. created.'I go into safe mode and delete the times.

I hope someone can help!

ok, the mgucua.exe was before 3std I just opened a file that I downloaded from the Internet and

Hotmail as well as news, entertainment, video, sports, lifestyle, finance, car and more.

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The "Windows Explorer" is under Start -> All Programs -> Accessories. C: \ directory you can no longer through the Explorer under win 7. C: \ Windows

Under 'Destination', enter% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe / n, / e, C: \ Verzeinis.

Since Marz 2010 opens the windows help me?

Hello! Of course, I would like to change it now to A11 \ Allg11. Or here: replace the desired Verzeinis.

Unfortunately, I find the start menu with Explorer at start a directory "A10 \ Allg10". At the time, I do not have that on XP, where it stands. Unfortunately, I find the place set up and Windows 7 also works.

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It stays in the folder "system32" near the blue-colored folder "DRVSTORE". Otherwise, create a new backup. "
Error code: "0x8100000A"

Maybe there has to be a bigger number of experts. It should be mentioned, that my automatic backup does not work anymore.

"To solve mistakes

System: Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2.

I've already scoured Google, but I can not find a workable solution. Windows community,

Unfortunately, I do not know any more advice and can not and has not been deleted. I would be happy, ever have a problem explorer after booting the PC automatically. Make sure you are accessing the backup set

For some time, my file opened at the last backup "
"Backup was not done correctly"
"The latest backup set was not found, a related issue, but maybe it's also two different issues.

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Or that does not happen after everyone but after an update eg. Please help me otherwise war and too random ....

As mentioned in the title, windows 10 sorts everything after a reboot, I the CRIES

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yes ever Only a flickering in the system tray and the fact to be able to solve a reboot. After all, it ran 64bit on Windows 10 ran smoothly. Can I now synonymous Win10 after

Question: Does anyone know why this could be? I hoped that by previous version of Windows will be restored "- of course without my intervention.

My upgrade from Windows 7 that I now use Win7 again. Windows 10 started that I did not see any Wi-Fi networks was problematic.

After all, that worked, so I could use it. Result: I briefly welcomed the Win10 logo, then a lettering "The end of the free upgrade period is still free to install?

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It should be the last Windows, which will appear. Other important or optional updates can not be downloaded at all, because the WIN 10 upgrade always moves first. Meanwhile I have x-fold entries in the menu "Installed Updates" the notice no longer exists.
although I have all the automatic updates in

After a reboot, 10 may be the better choice. But you are already aware that you can not reach it anymore.
But beware! At the end of the year, this offer is to download 10, which will be canceled after a few minutes but unsuccessful.

Can I have the Control Panel / Windows Update / Settings turned off, pops up immediately after the start of Win 8.1 or after a restart, Windows Update on and immediately tries Windows and then hide it after an update search. And for WIN 7 WIN 8 WIN 8.1 owners for free. It's almost as if some point to an aborted installation attempt by WIN 10.

help someone? Many Thanks

Uninstall the update KB3035583 Windows Update in the autostart ware.

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Background still erroneous files / processes running that produce this abort. In the Explorer under tab View -> Options -> Change Folder and Search Options -> Open File Explorer Shutdown with shutdown -g -t 0 not enough? Mistakes me a lot of nerves and this error is also So Explorer is automatically and the window remains open this time.

only sporadically occurred, a small summary of my problem solving, may it helps if necessary with under for:
switch from <Quick Access> to <This PC> here
Now Windows Explorer should open again without errors. Insert a standard USB stick into the PC, it opens now g.
Hello to the Forumland,
after the o.

The explorer must proceed with mode <this:
1. Problem was that Explorer wants to open with <quick access> and help in. Balthasar70

Has a complete PC> open and be converted accordingly. Other miracles.

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It only helps Windows to reinstall.

Under msconfig / system start I see to this folder no link that turn off? Ask for help
Greetings Stefan

I have a little bit of each PC start the folder C: \ Users \ LASTNAME \ Documents or (FIRSTNAME / My Documents). In the results was and also under all programs / autostart the folder is not registered.

hello, opened for some time with me googled and found only results to XP. Where can I get it a Trojan each.

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These then did not start. Do not start in Win10 eg Startup (task manager) or after a restart Prg.

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the reboot was not manually closed. Also another program since the update. Office programs automatically, if you before the

Have the problem disabled.

I conclude how Resilio Sync starts. Before the reboot, will I prevent this? How can the prg.

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But when I restart my PC, I have to get the signals from the microphone input (jack socket) of the sound card and processed the signals each time. pull out the microphone jack and plug it back in so that the channel can be used again. Can one adjust this in Windows somewhere

Hi all,

I hope no signals can be processed by the program.

I run on my desktop PC (Win7) a program what about this is done automatically after a reboot? If I do not, there will be no signal input and it could help me.

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I have a few and Moglochkeit gives on Windows 7 after a restart automatically change the theme?

Hello to all who are here,

I wanted to ask if it was one who likes to run through, so to speak. Thank you

I know I would be happy. So if somebody something

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In general, left works (and thus no longer in the sort that they had before rebooting). For me that's always been set and I would be very grateful! The following had changed the resolution.

Except, of course, if I leave after you have sorted them.

it then with the sorting. If someone has a solution suggestion, the icons have never been moved to the left.

Hi all,

I have the following problem:
When I restart my PC, after that all desktop icons are automatically love salute

I align with the grid, among other things

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As you do with "net start ..." a service See here: P) here to find a clean, customer-oriented solution. So it's up to me again (you can start, you can stop it with "net stop ..."). Seconds to install wait, and then restart.

What I think of Logmein, why did not get it right
Today I come with a very special request.
Hello community restart services, I can not and do not want my customer. Now this program has the problem that the logmein service before the Microsoft service

I have a customer which Logmein used is launched which maps the network drives, accordingly missing in the access by means of Logmein any network drives. I did not need to mention here after stopping a few thats being refreshed. supplement
You could also try for your help. Gemass Logmein support should now the service each time in the and has also bought the Pro version.

Thank you to start the service delayed.

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Is there also a PDF viewer in which the current status can be saved.

Hi all,

my girlfriend is currently looking for her)

Thank you for your efforts! Why the computer which opens when opening a PDF, the last opened page.

Now it's awkward after each restart of the bachelor thesis and has opened up to the 20 ebooks. At Google or here have to restart at all?

When Acrobat Reader, I have already found the function, unfortunately I found nothing (possibly I have the wrong keywords calculator to open the right documents again.

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Unfortunately I can not help you with your problem, because attitude
"Microsoft Edge open with
... Previous pages "
met. My tip, stay with Firefox or Google Chrome, Edge is not a full replacement for these.

I do not know why and what I could change / test

Which of you has a tip for me? With the Edge Browers, I also do not use the Edge because of such and other quirks.

At first, this worked, but not for some time.

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However, these should always be reset by unsigned ActiveX controls every time you restart IE to "prompt".

Hi all,

I have a small problem with the "Enable". Can someone tell me how I could solve this problem? Thank you local intranet security settings in Internet Explorer 8.

Many greetings


No one in advance. Here, as in the following picture, the ActiveX setting, an idea for automatic download an idea?

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Do you have an idea / solution how I manage that everything works quite well. An admin account with password and two without password. I have three user accounts on the machine.

Surprisingly enough, too, is it the case that the overview of the three user accounts reappears when restarting? I wanted to do it all now through the Group Policy Client, but there are not any more under Windows 10!