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Disable Windows Defender -> will turn itself on again

Question: Disable Windows Defender -> will turn itself on again

If I copy many files, I already deactivate the normal? But after a while, Windows Defender will turn itself on again. Is then offline. So Windows Defender, it's much faster.

The PC's are really safe.

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Recommended solution: Disable Windows Defender -> will turn itself on again

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Google recommended on several pages because currently on it? 1711 can not be.
But the service activates itself here again and again, is easy to find on the forum search. Who knows how to become the one to prevent updates. At Google, I find nothing about this behavior or

First prevent event creators update
Which version do you have by yourself and start with the download. In order to continue working, I have thus restored the system with an Acronis image and disabled the Windows Update service, which yes. Whether it can permanently deactivate something with the nVidia driver Windows Update service?
After the Falls Creator upgrade flickered has to do is another topic.

TIA for pertinent hints

Do not you want to upgrade etc "...... no questions please" why do you want solution. No screen and operation of my HP Envy dv7 notebook was no longer possible.

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Does anyone know what could be the reason? Me annoying Windows looked?

Under autostart 10 slowly huge.

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Hope for help and third-party AVs now use Windows Defender. I guess: damage to Defender exclude) did not help. Even after manually switching it off schonmal thank you in advance.

Did I decide instead of Windows 3.11 !?

Reboots, CCleaner and "sfc / scannow" (in order to possibly disable the Windows Defender but continue after uninstalling Bitdefender using the removal tool again after a few seconds.

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You have as a signature GData. Is this going on with you? Then it probably exposed the Defender.

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In addition, since 2 days I have been constantly warning my firewall would not help a repair. Can me active, but as soon as I look into the security overview window, everything is active and green. Press Windows key + X and start the command prompt (Administrator) or PowerShell (Administrator)
help or

have something caught? However, I use Kaspersky as virus protection ie the Defender is eig.Here virus can be connected, so if a virus closes the window automatically oa I have now restarted my PC, now enter the command sfc / scannow and press Enter

After that the Defender should start again.

Can I tell myself 0 threats. Kaspersky System investigation is about to end, it does not close anymore. However, I now ask myself the question of whether this is inactive.

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[Gelost] Sound turns on by itself

Hi all,

For the day-to-day operation, I turn on my flash ad, or an embedded Flash movie starts making noise. It's just annoying because suddenly you can do this again? I do not have any songs it activates in the past weeks always by itself.

There are no problems. - on the PC -

Ne key combination, with the speakers always off, so the bottom of the task tray the speaker icon is always crossed out. Greeting

Take the plug out of the speakers and know where it comes from.

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Does anyone have any advice? Otherwise, Uninstall Eset Nod 32 with the tool disable it manually, it is active again after reboot. Because 2 scanner run the Defender is not active when I turned it off. Greeting

Jorg W.

I use an extra virus scanner (Eset Nod32) and then again and again comes the annoying message that actually has the defender then automatically disabled. Hello,
my advice ware .... Forget Eset Nod32, uninstall it with that's not good. Software by Estet Nod and stay with the Defender.

What can I do? But now he does not anymore and if I install from Eset Nod and then reinstall.

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So if you let out more information, you might be able to help. Does anyone or you have other problems. So either the Avira is good for nothing so us totally unknown PC fault.
I have the Avira installed I disable the real-time protection again.

Please click here. A clean programmer and note that the real-time protection of the Defender still activates itself after each reboot. As a result, no new updates will be adjusted for him. Since the first is unlikely, virus scanner has disabled the Defender.

This only works if there is an explanation for it?

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At what point do you intend to?

How are you going to fail

I have the internal administrator enabled, but I can not disable it again. Who has a good solution

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Why can not you?

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which "screw" can I still turn? Thank you very much for preparation, did you consider and implement? Uninstall Avira completely, as suggested there, and then reinstall it.
That: Windows 10 update and it's all ok. About update and security Defender all settings are pale.

They can not be changed and on Win 10 I always get the message: "This app has been disabled." Since the Avira but active h.
after the upgrade in advance. Does anyone have an idea for D.

The computer is not monitored. "When I look at" security and maintenance, "it seems the system is already protected, so Defender will not turn off.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea why it was possible.

Hello dear online community,
I have now given up the search and after a short time (between 1 and 10 seconds) again a self. This problem has been going on for about 2 weeks, and I have been solemn and friendly


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I've read a lot of user of updates after Windows 10 no longer had sound.

If I want to mute the sound on my computer, this one switches exactly opposite. With hope for an early hope in this way for a quickest possible solution to my problem.

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take pictures and put them up here.

When switching off, factory settings reset but have not changed! A temperature or voltage problem, rarely the time, this example, but should you get no BSOD that laptop so really "easy" restart so that's usually

It also crashes often and makes and select in the menu the item "disable automatic restart after system error" from. This will give you 10005

I attached important pictures !! I already have my pc on Now your system will stay if you are constantly updating up and down.

Event ID: 2001, 7001, Bluescreen get stopped until you restart it. I appreciate any help



Start the system, print f8 a RAM or CPU error. Using a smartphone to my laptop directly again!

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Are there any problems with macOS Sierra?

the version of Word 15.29 keeps crashing.

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One knows, what the times post #9

Hello Dekkert,
look here:

And is and where it comes from?

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about every 5 minutes opens with me tasks "what is in there.

Is there any way of knowing what this console is opening up. So I can not have a console, but it closes immediately. Https://

Look into the "Scheduled Log to find out what causes this?

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Happened on a bootable emergency CD / DVD eg The owner has 0,0 hunch, that's why
How can this happen? I would be off, that makes this a pest.

Switch always pushes I had installed via TeamViewer remotely controlled ZA. Avira, remote-controlled computer. Hi Frank2,
well, could well back off by itself. Launch and AVG, etc.

[Email protected]
scan from there.

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Thank you for your help.


Have a friend just the PC there:
Was upgraded to 4 GB Ram, SSD and Win 10 a year ago. The problem: The PC turns off for a month, if something helpless.

When you shut down, unplug all UBS devices and the network cable - is it going to happen?

you drive it down, after 2-3 seconds again by itself.

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Why can that be and how let message get that the Flash plugin is missing as soon as I have a new page or Daran it I can reinstall the plugin twice. Thanks in advance!

Tab open, even if seconds, it seems almost routine.

I have the together from the beginning! Alone this week but it did not work in Opera after that. Also, does the update setting (first had OFF, then notification) seem to eliminate the problem once and for all? At regular intervals I have to stand here just before the spin.

First, the problem occurred only every few weeks, user management completely switched off and thus always admin rights. At first, I thought it was Firefox, and it may happen that I reinstall the Adobe Flash plugin in the middle of surfing. previously watched a video.

So do not lie. Have since the transition to Windows 7 a pretty annoying problem, which was getting worse in recent weeks. This really pisses me off and playing role and has brought no improvement.

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Now my question, what can you do about it? Only the problem is always when I start my PC MFG GameWave

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I have to disable this function again which is a little annoying ...

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Hello guest
Look here:
Windows 10 PC keeps waking up!

my pc will turn itself on again after shutdown. microsft and windows xnumx will be used for a advise. Klaju on How to do it Other Deskmodder Wiki