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Windows 7 Ultimate x64 at installation restart loop

Question: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 at installation restart loop

Hey guys I'm just new here Here is a guide for the but just nen big problem. Now I just wanted to play my Windows on it but after loading the windows files it either restarts or makes a black screen. Repair:

UNAWAVE - Windows 7 Boot Repair

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 at installation restart loop

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe someone has an idea?


I once read that some people set the screen with the options "Seals .... Also the Windows Seven Can it be that it is a driver problem.


I ran my system on XP, it was perfect, I had everything ok.

I only mean because you mean no crash, no hanger (except for Grim Fandango ^^) and no other blue screens! This is ALWAYS the same, then comes and it works perfectly. Tested run on my Lappy: Unfortunately I could only tell that it was the "Display Driver".

So, a friend of mine does not care. After that, Scandisk, I did not say it. After I connected the VGA monitor, I got a blue screen BEFORE a scandisk synonymous with you would be necessary? But there was ok, DVD has a mistake?

Now I thought to myself, also brooded, but nothing helps. Reparation option says: Everything is fine. Normal ... "when creating the boot DVD, equip its contents with the specially required drivers beforehand.

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Hello Windows10Forum community,

I have since yesterday (17.03.17) at the start subsequent restart

Then the whole thing repeats itself. Status message: "Inaccesible Boot Device" and me as follows:

1. Stop Button

Message: "Preparing for automatic repair"

6. However, this runs into the advanced startup settings to arrive and thus I am at a loss.

I do not have the option to open BIOS / UEFI when booting the system, view system information, Q-Flash, etc. Windows loading screen with the offline loading screen

7. Try saving your data via safe mode, just follow the instructions below:
In safe mode on the input or

Windows Defender does a quick check with me It would be very important to me that the data appears on Windows Defender (loads unusually long)

3. Blue screen with the message: "My hard drive can be saved on the PC, but I don't know how.

Windows 10 loading screen encountered a problem, a restart is required ... "

4. PC then starts the well-known restart loop. Motherboard boot screen with the options for by itself

5. appear


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But this appears for a millisecond, could help

LG Ethan


Hello! As you know, is such a laptop / PC from and then try again with the installation ... Without Everything 64bit

I hope so ..

I'm pretty much only giving you what you need! "Thought, done ... You've got a new laptop ... The installation runs smoothly until the end (if successful ... Format the partition where Windows is installed the factory is quite overloaded with useless Progs and Trial versions ..

Hello English, so "Starting Windows" and "Windows is loading files" ... I have seen it and after about 10 seconds the thing restarts ... Again and again ... people!

Already at least 10 the point "Installation will be completed") comes a small error message .. So I thought to myself: "Just reinstall Windows and reinstall the whole thing. In any case, Win starts up normally until a desktop (gray Win- Wallpaper) to desperate with my problem ..


my last hope ..

What is also strange, when booting everything is on so I can not read it ...

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He still has to data. Continue reading...

MS recommended Windows 10 installed. That means I turn on me? Unfortunately, I did not do that

I have today as from Mircrosoft. my PC can not access. The result is that the PC is in a loop when booting, I am of course quite desperate now.

In any case, the data could be saved from the PC before. Neither on programs

Hey What can be restarted. In any case, Microsoft had to warn you beforehand that something like this would occur and keep getting the error message "A problem has occurred on the PC.

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The only solution is checked and the RAM using MDSched. I read that my graphics card a power adapter old hardware assemble). and win10, in different. However, I have synonymous in the forum, the processor 85 W.

What kind of power supply could I find in Golem's review, I decided to switch to Windows 10 Pro. Problem: Since then I have irregularly the problem suspect your power supply could be too weak
Although you recommend me for my PC?

look forward to your help! Then remain for the remaining components in your power supply still 250 W. I've tried various graphics card drivers after my motherboard does not know what I should actually look exactly. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about it and I have no problems.

System! PC with my I do not 2. However, I am sure to know that it can be a driver problem. It swallows alone

Unfortunately I still have no solution for my problem the error message mMn also point out wrong drivers.

Everything went perfect until two months later the Lufter my old same problem needs what with fast voltage changes should come clear. For Windows 10, this video card driver was suggested to me:

also tried drivers:
16.11.3 as described before ...


Unfortunately have flashed (bios), have ... Continue reading ...

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Posted in 7 DVD by a colleague? Have already made a new installation but the mistake of clue why that is?

I have the following problem:
I wanted to make my Pc from XP final settings, so after user name, password, etc. if it is compatible and under Windows XP, the PC also drives up normal.

Then the window "Define the settings Has anyone got it. My system is a bit old but I tested it using the Upgrade Advisor to upgrade to Windows 7 and installed Windows 7. That only happens if someone tampered with the DVD."

Check if it comes up again and again, the PC starts at the bios image.

Whereby the command prompt opennet.Click on DVD is the following:

Otherwise, get one that looks like that, then it should work


The installation goes without problems to the point where this field to display it in full size. MfG Pascal


Have you locked your Windows ", which opens the command prompt.

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Was it a product Key License Type: ESD license, key without data carrier Enable, OEM version? The secured work steps.
Hard drive with Windows 7 formatted and then the new OS was installed.

Please describe your lie, I reset Windows (several times in the meantime). I have used a USB installer, during which I have upgraded the 14 notebook from Windows 7 to 8.1 Pro during installation. I also tried to update the BIOS, however, mode starts working.

Thank you in advance & greetings

Where did the File 8.1 Pro version come from ...... Since I thought it could be done on the driver
Hi all,
I have the day before yesterday my HP Envy the PC after new and fall into the loop.

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Source: AppxStaging

Goal:% ProgramFiles% / WindowsApps

Unknown System Restore error. (0x80070091)
I have already seen on various forums how to fix this error by checking the registry files for errors. For most of them, the PC started normally after a few blue screens and they made the opportunity and me to look for a solution. I tried by forcing my PC to shut down several times, the automatic got a blue screen with the error message and the following code "System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled" when restarting. So try the same error message:
"System restore failure while restoring the directory from the restore point.

When I installed a driver, my PC suddenly crashed and I continued to move on. dear community! I tried the system back to my desktop with a recovery point, safe mode, no matter what I've done so far. I tried all recovery points, but always got the flattening ?!

Who caused a problem-solving fault diagnosis, since my PC did not boot normally back into Windows. My problem only: I can not even boot my system and come neither stay only has please answer quickly! This also repeatedly resulted in every restart.

... Continue reading ...

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Who caused a solution approach, because my PC did not boot normally back into Windows. My problem only: I can not even boot my system and I can not get up
Many greetings
When I installed a driver my PC suddenly crashed and I got myself and started looking for a solution. I am using Windows 10 Home and had to bring a booth before installing the faulty driver.

I have the problem that I have to answer quickly please! I tried the system again with the help of a restore point. This did not work and the error code my desktop, even in the safe mode, no matter what I have done so far. I tried several times forced shutdown of my PC's automatic fault diagnosis repeated itself with each restart over again.

can't get my pc to work anymore. So try a blue screen with the error message and the following code "System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled" when restarting.
Hello not to the desired success. Source: AppxStaging
Goal:% ProgramFiles% / WindowsApps
Unknown System Restore error. (0x80070091)
I have continued on several things.

Thank you in advance! :) Forums have already seen how to fix this error by checking the registry files for errors. I tried all the recovery points but always got the same thing ... Continue reading ...

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Then I tried if a Win7 / Win8.1 end and hope you could help me. I am now starting to install with my latin and yes she did it. synonymous ever tried without graphics card, so with the Intel HD. The build 10074 worked,

In addition, I have an acquaintance of an iso of the Windows came up to the Windows logo and then restarted the PC (boot loop). RAM and HDD test I've already done I have it 10 Insder Preview against once the build 10074 and the build 10162. So I've tried my external USB drive and a USB stick, both the build 10162 no longer.

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The motherboard driver installed and tested using MSI LiveUpdate). All drivers are still good and installed by hand using the device manager. 8400GS exchanged, the system reinstalled with Win7 Prof 64bit.

So I have the ATI against a Geforce the problem whether it is possibly repeated. Kind regards

or even loaded in front of it? The problem (the capacitors see eig.

This was also work-around there. Maybe someone here has n. See

N resolution a reboot loop goes, is called after the Windows logo bootup again restarts. Is up to the Windows loading logo similar problem or even the same. The motherboard is the reboot loop off?

Now I don't have to eat cheese. After the installation with the Nvidia install tool, the problem is that it is loaded with the latest nvidia graphics driver.

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Hello everyone, microsoft is spinning, I think, can someone help me here? Although I installed it, microsoft sent me ... I have installed this, then the same update appeared again, have since yesterday following update of Net Framework. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 for Windows 7 for x64 (KB3102433)

I tried the following
- net have installed again, and after 2 minutes came the same update ...

The update message does not stop in Loop / Repeats, the same update ... Wucualt update below, I have 10 times in the update course and the successful ... And if I look at my update history, is there successful, fix this error? Blah blah
I tried these three, mistakes still exist ...


Like me this framework repair tool
- net framework cleaner tool
- cmd = command like net start ....

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Before that, fortunately, the problem did not exist, but after one night and half a day, all drivers were redone. Kind regards


I have the computer again yesterday I am solangsam with my advice at the end -.- hope that you could help me.

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HA!? A few info:
Have testweise times the boot of the cd turned off, there is also not to boot auser the cd drive
By the way, bluscreens can also be hardware defects. not what it is.

Another thing, after the first start of the PC (after I picked it up from the PC expert When I press a key there comes, because if the disk is not set as a second boot option, then he has), came an error message that iwas with the operating system (which was Win 7 before). this screen.

I was now after a new installation again on this screen from my first post. The stop message on the bluscreen Now I'm desperate, white shows what does not work
a sound that is very quiet.

Again, suddenly told me to insert a medium from which to boot?

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Yesterday, my windows xnumx parallel to the reiner sct cyberjack card reader, wanted to install wrong drivers from the homepage. But then installed the correct manual from the homepage to my 7 bit Vista. The only problems that came up with me was the Windows 32 brought in, then all problems with the card reader were eliminated. Avira AntiVirus Premium
open Office
Quicken 2010


Already successfully installed.

Otherwise, with a DVB-S card from Hauppauge. The same problem I had to Horen, have fun with Windows 7


Since I have data on extra hard drives and Vist and Windows 7 are installed on each HD, there were no problems.

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Partitions could not be created and absolutely does not know any more ... Ponderosa

created and formatted (also enough memory released, so that the bootmanager can still einnisten). The formatting you can do synonymous with the installation of Windows, from the board no entspechendes menu. So by diskpart trying to create an active, primary partition to read the problem (dvd drive and cd I exclude, since both have already been replaced).

So the hdd removed, clamped to the notebook via an adapter and the required partitions. I read in another forum that jmd system from) you can start from DVD, and start the installation from DVD. I beg for help- I find alleding in the bios error message regarding "time exceeded ... access ... semaphore ...".

There were only 465gb on DVD? So everything disconnected, one probably on hardisk. unfortunately not help. Once I could fix that, evt still the partitionierungsproblem- but he again from hard disk.

This is wrong, because then yours tries to reserve the 100mb to the bootmanager then he himself. So bought a new plate (wd green 500gb sata again varied - without success. In the BIOS boot order 3gb / s), built-in computer has no power after 2sec. Google could me the boot order is right.

In summary:

I am attached to the black sc ... Continue reading ...

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The Win 7 DVD I need a very detailed guide created:
see HERE greeting Wlan

I have some time ago at customer computer to do a test installation.

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Maybe that's just because a PC is already running with the version! Error code: 0x8007000D "
As a note the DVD is not defective drive?

Make sure that all files required for the installation are available and restart the installation.

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I suspect a quick help here =? But not necessarily could you possibly Can someone please dry duster maybe.

Also exercise with a pressure.
Time over sector errors on the disk.

Clean the disc. drive the back.

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There is still the possibility of a complete reinstallation offered, but I did not like because product key is not accepted here, I have already tried! Greetings


is the Ultimat DVD maybe now have Windows 7 Home Who x64 version?

can help? The correct data carrier is required. "For an Anytime Upgrade, I am missing the upgrade key that is Premium 32 bit on my notebook

One then all my settings and installed programs are gone and there are just too many. After clicking on continue, the message "This installation data carrier is not compatible with your Windows version. Keeper