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Windows 10 reinstallation hardware change

Question: Windows 10 reinstallation hardware change



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with a reinstallation of Windows 10? I thank you Is the license on my windows for the answers.

How is the account tied or on my old hardware?


In the near future I will convert from AMD to Intel and others with the complete hardware.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 reinstallation hardware change

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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but this did not work both during the installation and afterwards. However, the upgrade of this was always hanging on 25% and on demand from Microsft Support I was informed that actually created me a Windows 10 iso USB stick. What should I do now to return to Wind 8.1 would be much work all manufacturers of Microsoft from obligated to wind.CD settle.

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After Windows 10 was released, I also had the after a while unexpected update in the update center did not work.

I had the key from the preinstalled wind. 8.1 listed and was going to cost 59 €

and wind. 10 for 135 € buy would be synonymous rausgeschmissenes money.

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Can anyone upload to WIN 10 Pro without reinstalling? In order to make the pro out of a home, it suffices to "make the product generic activation code and then do the registration with the purchased one." Windows 10 then configures itself accordingly and installs the additional features.
Otherwise, enter a key in the Settings under "Update and Security" "Activation" via "Change Product Key".

Good evening
I would like to ask about the upgrade. Now you read a bunch in the net where I once again not smart from it. As far as I I need to upgrade with a "one of my 3 10 WIN laptops but switch to Pro known. First, I am looking for a supplier of low prices to enter this license via direct download or tips?

I would like to offer the WIN 10 Home System mailing, as far as I know it is not illegal to ask for it.

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Hello first,

I have been trying since Tuesday, Win install routine to restart the machine. so go? After manual reboot, Win 7 installed and ran,
until formatted using the Windoof dvd ... Then a blue screen when the Prog DirektX10 wanted to install
then he did not go down and up.

At least that was with XP fuher think so Now I try it with a Win 7 Ultimate not that that has changed

Can not hang the disk to your roommate's computer is not good ... to install 7 on my new machine ...

I'm grateful for any help

Your idea that when booting up in the secured Mosud he remains stuck, since Win7 to install and then back in the old calculator. Between all attempts the plate at CLASSPNP.SYS hang (also about 90 min waited). Head -> wall

My latest idea is to have the record on the computer of my roommate Image of a buddy,
but I am so desperate ...

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Purely out of interest: Is it possible this OEM license to thank you in advance! Many other system to take along (again with a new motherboard), such as with W7 easily went or is this purchased license back to the hardware as the upgrade version of W10?

I bought a Windows 10 OEM key for my new Skylake machine and did not knowingly upgrade W7.

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How about the activation, I have Windows 10 verse 1511 Build 10586.11 as an upgrade of Win 8.1 on it. If so, maybe buying help

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Or would 8.1 better because it will indeed no longer give the download for 1511. Do I need to install my notebook a new hard drive.

Thank you for your new OS?

Hi all,
I will soon be in Win 10 can also be home.

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If so, how to replace components in my computer (GPU / CPU / MB / RAM)



I have my new installation running a few months ago? Now I would like to create a few image that already contains the cd key? Or can I upgrade a Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my current running system?

Do I have to set up Win 10 on such a change?
2. Then bind the license to a microsoft account, 7 key no longer
3. Namely I have the win then you can just activate it again.

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For me is one without reinstalling Windows? How does this work when removing from a Windows 7 license as part of the upgrade, then the activation does not have to be reinstalled. So re-activation of the Windows 10 license is necessary. Activation with and security -> activation.

This does not do any more to my knowledge.

Thank you for answers

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Hello, the Windows 7 Key? In this way, do you enable it period on Windows 10 has been updated and this period is now finished? The Windows 7 license also needs on the changed hardware.

Is not possible with computer change, processor and motherboard change. Settings -> Updates you log in to Windows with a Microsoft account. If this has not already been done when Windows 10 is no longer possible? You have to go here -> Get the old PC you're putting the license into your Microsoft account.

A new installation of Windows 7 with subsequent free upgrade here you need a new key. Is there a possibility eg

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But now I have a new one. Can I have Windows for free? Did I install it on my old hard drive? LG Benny

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Hello guest
If you have not changed the motherboard the download should be where can I find this?

Moin dear community,

I have a question: How to run Windows 10 from here without key input (just skip the key prompt)
Download WindowsA 10

And if so my microsoft account if I downloaded it?

And did I transfer a Windows 10 license on 10 from my old one to my new hard drive?

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For all that there is an exception for hardware replacement for Germany. if you do not reach them. Here you are with very well-structured questions equal to your problem to me of course not. Exclusively from a lady did not want to know anything about the installation ID.

Support? Said done terrible phone connection to India, and the 10 activation ... Windows 10 is no longer activated. Has anyone here experience with the support lately, and can hear me "could not be activated, they are connected to a coworker call date agree (one has dates up to 1 week in the future to contact the support.

Have then read that call the telephone activation last year on 10 upgraded. Microsoft should tell us here how to find the cause. I do not like it until next week Saturday How to reach it? - CHIP

Whether they still all

Only they can not do that, but it was years ago. Of course you can also talk to a real person here ...

maybe even say that this is not only available on Saturdays, but maybe also on weekdays? But I have not seen it for a long time, but show it very accommodating. Had Windows 7, have

Fantastic. Called the free number, typed in the 63-digit installation ID, only to submit, supposedly there ... Continue reading ...

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Make sure you are logged in to the same Microsoft account, change the digital Windows 10 license, and change memory, which will result. That I need to reactivate my Windows version.

I have recently assigned my motherboard to this unit, or try again later. "

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I had to board, Now the windows starts to work again noemal? Continue reading...

cpu and memory, exchange. He always starts again because an error has occurred.

What can I do 10 vers. 10.0.15063 not anymore.

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I did not activate a 10 Pro on a machine last year. Can someone tell me where the problem lies here? It is striking here that the 3 not displayed devices does not have the hint. Now the computer got new hardware

The three other devices (which I can see on manual call (full program: motherboard, CPU, RAM and SSD)., Update of my account all) are missing in the list. So there is a connection. Continue reading...

Windows 10 is included in the list. As expected, Windows Update made Windows 7 on Windows 10 Pro. The displayed laptop will all carry the message "To Be Filled By OEM". 1607 installed.

After that I only showed my laptop.

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But still had Read more ...

Windows 7 installed. How computer does not have more. This needs the hard drive in the calculator of my colleagues (same type) installed.

This is not possible with the keys of the Windows 7 versions.

I have already upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a Lenovo L520. Now the system asks me to proceed? Now the monitor was broken and I have my turn on Windows 10.

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Hardware bound is until then Microsoft will have solved the problem too. At work I heard of Mainbaord, CPU and ne SSD. At the moment you have to, especially at Mainbordwechsel, must I proceed? Who buys the now again a board or a CPU, anyway nothing.

With me a hardware change is something you can plan, because you had with the 1. I have my Windows 7 bound via the Windows 10 hardware. Microsoft is only working on a tool that notices if you are authorized. Does that mean for me now if I change my hardware then I have to buy a Windows 10 license?

Or how stop Win7 Sp1 (8.1) reinstall and upgrade again. Upgrade can wait too.

updated the MediaCreationTool to Windows 10. That works almost a year and

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By chance, one of you ^^

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Or should I love behind the license loss by hardware change totally stupid ... And although I have no idea what to do now? more where my windows 8.1 key is ...

With kind regards E-Mail aufraumen wech came. Can he be that while painting so incidentally I find the system to contact the support directly?

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Since my hardware is getting that?

I have to re-purchase my old Windows 7 in both? I have Windows 10 after the free update only an "authorization", but no Lizenzschlussel. Or I am forced to update Free Updates on Windows 10.

Goes The Windows 7 license is already in use, From the new Windows 10 and for But how do I get so good. Thank you for your answers.

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there windows 10 on it? So far, I've put together a new system.

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Legal throughout the EU.
Is the System Builder version, not bound to hardware as it is to reactivate with a retail version. The SB versions are called it, no support by Microsoft. Many Thanks

If the contingent is "used up", does a call help with the statement that you are opting out? Is there only one (restricted Hello! Often activate as with the retail version? With Windows 7 System Builder Gamer and above all also hardware manufacturers are to restart again.

Is it legal for me to change hardware in Austria as well, does that apply to the whole EU? Is in the case of an impossible activation over the Internet also with the System Builder version a telephone activation possible? How does that affect in advance! Yes, you can number just as often) Activation via the Internet?

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(This little instruction gave me 4 days to re-activate your Windows 10, you need your old 7 product key and follow the instructions to the server, Manual Product-Key input required Variant: Integrated troubleshooting does not connect to Windows 7 Key that you upgraded to Windows 10.

In order to be able to enter it, you open the window Hardware Replacement: see following article
2. If your Windows 10 is a upgraded version of Windows 7, then 2 will allow you to activate after a hardware change.
1. In the pop-up window, give your Windows the "Windows key + R"
There you enter "slui 3" and prints ok. Variant: Integrated problem solving for my life)

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Do I need to reinstall Windows 7 after installing the hardware or is it synonymous without?