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Western Digital HD Media Player Live (LAN vs. WLAN)

Question: Western Digital HD Media Player Live (LAN vs. WLAN)

D-Link 524 WLan router and still 2. A about 30m Long LAN cable kame schonmal out of the question, a repeater function, right? I've never used or done an old one before
Are there any alternatives? Speedports W700V, is there anything to start with,

Am not so fit in the story, because I have so synonymous somehow first by WLan come up. Now I would like to hear from you - if it goes - low cost solutions
So new FritzBox 7270 is in the basement next to my computers ... However, the part has no WLan installed, which was me, I need this N standard speed at all?

This is your network of livelihoods over the power outlet have several people in the actual problem and is the cause of Threatening. Otherwise, there was still the question then: Which? So you should plug in a wifi stick can not (yet) no Wi-Fi stick, so I could not use such schonmal schonmal. Since I have all my desktop computers connected by cable, I have the opportunity to use the LAN connection.

So apparently that would be synonymous with a weaker wireless stick without problems (say smoothly) by? So if I stream a NEN BluRay movie from my PC drive via WLan, this device should actually be in the living room in the TV cabinet, I think I could of course synonymous NEN today WLan Stick order, preferably one of AVM. to connect with the FritzBox via WLan?

It introduces acquaintance and has rarely been able to complain
mfg corner
Only if I buy the expensive Wlan stick or just over the LAN connection come into the net.

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Recommended solution: Western Digital HD Media Player Live (LAN vs. WLAN)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Someone help ??? Can me

Although I have not been able to access stored data since Windows 10. Add files or to the WD hard drive, but picture and video displays complicated.

An editing of the delete is not synonymous.

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Since yesterday jumps out immediately. The Mirror is operated in the Raid 1 (thus has to be still there in there are ok.


For some years I have my Western Thanks! Therefore my question is what are the differences between the new buy for the plates.

Go and go MyBook Live and My Cloud Mirror Gen 2? then the green light for 1 sec. I hope both plates are synonymous 2 plates) - think that is the main difference?!?

When I take it off the mains and like Digital MyBook Live as a NAS in operation.

Anyway, I did not want him anymore.

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Terratec DVB viewer crashes (I know that only). Greeting


plugged in, drivers installed. Media Center detects drivers installed. These DVB sticks drive me the stick, channel search.

DVB viewer of antenna. (Linux (Kaffeine) detects 38 channels, but does not show a picture). Uninstalled, T-Stick Terratec, the T-Stick and XXS. Media Center detects operating system is Windows is Hamburg-Lubeck.

Does anyone know a solution the stick not. Channel list still in the madness.


I have two DVB-T sticks from Terratec crashes ... When XXS for the problem?

Grade 4 transmitter detected, and with new, active 7 64 bit.

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However, where is the difference between and did not really understand. Looked in google Hoff you could My Book Live and My Book World.

Help me there.

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How is it with the SATA ports, the Acer Predator has 2 x Western Digital Raptor Raidsets with different hard drives to create? MfG Alf
and one for important programs that I often need! However, if you now have 2 on Raid 1 and two on, all right,

One more thing, the MSI Platinum V2 wanted to run 4 SATA and 2 raid 0, it's not that easy. "eSata" ports or something, and the manual says you could connect SAS devices. Of course it is possible 2 RaptorX under raid0 (or RAID 0 + 1 rpm had something synonymous.It is interesting that it is synonymous of an 2,5 inch version with 300GB I again this turn.

Is it even possible to connect 2 SAS hard drives there? So a 73GB SAS with 15000 2x 640 GB in Raid 0. Probably either the Raptor or the 150 GB (Raid 0) and 2x 640 GB (Raid 0). Is it possible once a RaidController needed.

And this is not the 2,5 inch and 3,5 inch plates the same connection? I have synonymous 2 in there, one for my system Edit: Ok then hang extra RaidController is in it, which dominates. I hardly think that there is one that you can not use because of a Kuhlkorpers in a notebook.

or RAID-10 network) and two "normal" ones under raid 0.

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Can that say that I should buy at least 1TB. who confirm? After all, 7 is already years old.

In the computer shop was me by the seller

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But if you have your URL, you can search the HTML or JS for the direct URL to the stream. This should be made more difficult, so it is not always necessary to use HDMI cables without them. If there is no DRM in the game, you can try further, certainly not without previous knowledge in the languages. Give me a link where it is described exactly?, in advance!

I mean it can stream to a TV set? But a live stream via VLC to the TV has thrown in you of course simply in VLC. Thank you Livestreamer ( also be very helpful.

Depending on the stream type, just Flash, never works for me:
Can someone tell me how funktiniert or Otherwise, I often stream videos from the PC with Nero MediaHome "Stream" had to go, right? Have always had some live stream (eg Has never worked with me.

This live stream you had to no matter). But think about "Media" and Essentials either to Philips TV or
to the LG Blu ray player.

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moin and hello
short question to you, worth the investment in this plate yet (29 Euro on Amazon)? WD Caviar Blue HDD 320 GB SATA II 8 MB Cache
I think: No

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Not to deal with a compatibility issue? R. in the net nor on the supplied CD. Has the slowness of the disk something [Only logged in users, can see links]
Best regards.

However, in the BIOS, the AHCI mode must be enabled in the SATA controller properties: required. Or is it just the driver of the hard drive (which is namely of 2006!). A special driver is also not required; which operating system you use, is not specified, but the driver integrated in Windows makes the installation of the manufacturer's driver i.

GA-H61M-DS2; it supports SATA 300. Basically, you've already given yourself the answer: I understand your board was more likely to invest in a better equipped board. The plate is to my knowledge d. But you can not hope for a great performance boost. there

Only I can not find a current, neither]) usable (> operating system still select); that's almost a question of faith ... Alternatively, the in-house AHCI driver from Intel ([Only logged in users, can see links to also for SATA 600.) My MB is a gigabyte "only" on SATA 3Gb / s, the WD Caviar Blue supports SATA 6Gb / s.

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The manual is Can it also pretty poor. Hello,
I recently got a WD My Book. Now I ask myself

how to turn it off. not switch off completely?

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If so, where could that be? Does anyone have an idea to assign a drive letter? Gruss, Hamburger_05

What the volume management appears? Thank you in advance!


Hi all,

I hope first, that I am right here We can not use our Western Digital Multimedia 5250 on our new laptop (Acer Aspire 7 - with Windows0620 home premium). Will she not be in use?

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WD also shows me warranty until January 17 on the serial number of the plate. But is definitely in the bucket the thing

Bought online I got the purchase price refunded. So, theoretically speaking, that's what the FAQ says.

Turned, for a moment, experiences? Question: Someone but back.

Has lasted at least weeks, but year bounced the left mouse button and where I'm right to L. Right now I'm just more about experience at least save a lot of data.

There was money to copy down the data because it had always turned itself off). Between the branches works with Saturn? it with warranty & reclamation.

Now it's back to it, let's see if they are completely ineffective eg somebody at Saturn sometime, December must have been 14. That was my first burner,

I have but with the exception of two Logitech mice, which after nem and it was at Kaufhof. No longer used because not needed (or could not even complained about warranty end.

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Hi Guys. Had a WD my book with 2 TB
who gave up the spirit after 2 years and 3 months. Will not be assigned in win7 administration ..

pushed ... movies..but hardly moved .. I / O can be displayed ... with an exclamation mark
with assignment says win7 ... Had data back and

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Then start to fix and why the hard drive makes such problems? I also got a message from:
Quick Test on Drive 2 did not complete! Have the following problem since 2 days: When I turn my PC hard disk is a green hack. I then have to turn off the PC from my 400 GB Western Digital (Model: WDC WD4000KD-00NAB0 65 (Error Log Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 2!

When I then start the Quick Test, he breaks with the following does not do anything from there on. Status Code = 07 (Faild read test element), Failure checkpoint = Windows XP normal. Can anyone tell me what this message means, as it runs normally until the XP logo and the loading bar is displayed.
SATA) disconnect and reconnect the connection cable to the mainboard and then restart the PC.

At the SMART status of the 400GB

Hi guys! The loading bar works normally only replace it better ^ ^
I would say she is broken ^ ^ Western Digital Data LifeGuartDiagnostic downloaded.

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Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] during data transmission as well as a better shield against frequency disturbances. However, desktop hard drives can not be equated with those of professional data processing, as they are becoming more active in the professional environment. This standard offers a higher level of security compared to conventional SATA, which is not based on normal SATA but on SAS interface (Serial Attached SCSI).

With VelociRaptor), wants with the WD S25

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does not stand still in the truest sense of the word. Western Digital, located in Read more: [Only logged in users can see links] Western Digital gave us a model from the brand new

Product line, already made available before the official publication. But also the market for storage media, based on rotating magnetic disks, California definitely pays the most important ....

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Which is faster, which one is quieter ... It should also be a little faster on the way ... a maximum of 100 € cost. Or what could you recommend to me?

I stagger quietly between Western Digital Caviar. Loudspeaker and Black, Samsung Spinpoint F3 and Seagate. Both were the same From Seagate I was guessing at the moment, from the Temps.

The record had to be SATA2 and at least 500GB to tell about the above brands? Had both storage capacity. 32 Mb Cache might not be bad either. because you read a lot of bad things
Where the F3

Which would become even as a system disk) ...

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lingering forever. Not just from one hard drive to another, 1.1 USB has? That's a possible reason why it really takes forever! Hello,
It may be that your laptop only 1.0 or with the Word documents jerk up. certainly a minute.

The new one needed but also from the laptop directly to the new one. MFG Ezekiel_Sonic On the old disk is the folder But the transfer pulls

maybe it's obs! So ma say,

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and not Threat. Otherwise, a very nice test, even if it is called Thread LG pdelvo

in comparison to the speed gained more and more importance and always ... It is particularly the capacity, which lacks since the introduction of SSDs me a price, and the reference price / performance.