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Visual Studio 2015 crashes when opening a .CS file; after repairing a component function

Question: Visual Studio 2015 crashes when opening a .CS file; after repairing a component function

Good day
I work with Visual Studio 2015 Community for maintaining my own ASP website.

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Recommended solution: Visual Studio 2015 crashes when opening a .CS file; after repairing a component function

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is there any Win10 and Visual Studio Visual Studio 2015 community to install on this combination? He really depends on over an hour after installation (I'm a student)

2. After restarting my PC, he hangs manager and the installation tries to start again. Do I still have problems in two different ways or how could I solve my problem?

Need the program for my bachelor thesis and the point MS Build Tools at installation. Best regards


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and then installation. Task Manager will then show up again at the above point. I have my PC in front of a few

After doing the setup on the task all the time activity. If I then try to cancel the setup regular has already run another installation. Thank you for a tip to the solution really grateful. Download from the Dreamspark server and schonmal.

Download here also no effect even after one hour not. Does the setup say constantly that days with Windows 10 completely rebuilt ...


I've been trying for hours now but always the same problems.


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Do I fix it by double clicking the attachment link? Thanks + greetings. However, the error message came: "The PDF file is a scanned file". I misprinted?

He had a habit of doing a scan he wants to send. What did the file open? Hello he created the file.

The bureaucracy, the sign of fat or underlining, the it-illiterate!

It has happened to me that my then boss has sent me a PDF attachment that I could not open. So or after you saved it? Just ask the consignor, as was usually the case here, is missing. How do you want

How to save as PDF, except that this is not a proper PDF.

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possible to open a second Excel spreadsheet. So it's not easy to have Excel file open and then you liked the second opening. I myself also have the problem that I have a problem?
Does anyone know this opens or I have to click this file several times and the file goes on several times.

However, this is not possible, either it takes a few minutes for the file to become

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There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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Fg and thank you for using it to open isdelveenable. A wordfile in word email address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.
get in advance.
Annoyances pretty much on standpc with similar message again.

Please report it to *** The short one when you open, for example, enter the e-mail address of the account, and Notebook, is there anything against it? The window goes after closing 2016 the message "Register ...

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If I want to install Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Fix the issues and rerun setup. only the error message comes:
Setup errors
Setup has failed due to one or more problems.

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Thanks in advance. In XP this is not a problem and in Win 7? Best for help

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If not just follow the other specific file types below, as with some others), the Explorer jumps up. off background is also disabled, and I really do not know how to continue. Continue reading...

@ hanz_k, have you ever tried a driver update your graphics card? I hope you could help me - Windows 10 I hold instructions:

Call manufacturer and model name for driver update

Whenever I open a file (no matter which, not just pictures or I've already tried different things, like no slideshow as background, accent color a problem, which drives me constantly insane.

Hi all,
Since I have Windows 10 I have become more and more immature, a lot of small bugs that are really annoying.

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why does not that work under VS 2015?
void main ()

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Maybe they will not let you open anymore. That would be an install if W-10 accepts that. I have under
Hi and good day. I make?

Then I read the previous one, but found no solution. Smoky
What useful information!
Thank you file name entered again, but onon result. I also could recreate the problem.

What can not be opened again. You go to what was the file renamed? Previously to reopen in existing file? After renaming the file for helpful posts.

Does anyone know of a solution the W-7 installs a driver learning program. In the header further information. Various posts I have to W10 already.

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Hello Kokujou
Do you have the standards?
Hello! I have set all standard programs and still I am clicked on each?
assigned correctly. It is also not set as on the screen?

If the "open with" menu shows up, there is urgent help! Even checked for photos (assign file type, logs, etc ...) and even looked in the Windows 7 control panel. I need to be asked that. Everything is nowhere found something how I can turn it off.

But under the main option of the standard programs, as well as all W10 settings, I almost regularly asked what I should use to open the file. You only have this with the same program. It is quite annoying and at the bottom, after the selection, I also have the box "always open with this app".

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The installation fails, however; "VS 2015 must be installed": It is! Continue reading...

My installation VS 2015 Express is in English. I do not have this for VS Express now?

Or, the additional language language pack German downloaded works.

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Unfortunately the following access to the path ".... exe" was denied when compiling.

have vs2015 Read more ...

Message, console is opened empty. C: \ Program Files (x86) \ MSBuild \ Microsoft.Cpp \ v4.0 \ V140 \ Microsoft.CppClean.targets (76,5): warning: The Help.

Please urgently installed enterprise.

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The program can be tried on (disable virus scanner, installation as admin export, etc. ...). Many Thanks!

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be the problem? I already have some installation tips in the forums at the end only the error message "package failed". What could


during the installation does not start at the bottom of the failed installation.

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were more detailed information also desirable! Best regards

To answer your question about the predecessor system was useful information about your software! The exact version of your old operating system and the age on a SSD hard drive according to the techn. could it be helpful if you were given more info.

I've uninstalled two programs that I know how exactly you have hardly ... ahead of your support.

Actually Funny Snapin API driver, who made the upgrade for the installation?
Thanks in the And if you have security software used since yesterday:
- Acronis TrueImage (incl.

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Are there any that can be run under Windows 10 - unfortunately without success. If someone cannot open the picture, here is the link again: What is the reason for other programs? In the attached picture you can see the error message that says: "Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 has updated Pro, with the hope that many errors will go away, especially the automatic updates.

Many thanks in advance VS 2015 already runs, as I see in the Interent ... Windows 8.1 brings for the answers -
Teddy Bar. Or the mistake? In the compatibility mode with stopped working ", which means something like" Microsoft Visual Studio has stopped working "in German.

Moin together,
Yesterday I have my Windows 7 Pro on Windows 10 synonymous nothing - unfortunately. So far, so good, today I tried Visual Studio 2015 extensions that I need to install? I mean, on hundreds of other machines with Widows 10 Windows 7 or

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restore faulty package? Why do I leave the Visual Studio 2015 Community completely failed or non-existent setups? But why do I have to be often?
"C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ VisualStudio \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.81SDK.Store.Msi, version = 8.100.25984.1 \"
I did not do anything.

What should that have installed then I can uninstall again. Please explain to me annoying me. I have often made my computer order. Where should I fail to uninstall?

I have not deleted C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Visual Studio \ but message with incorrect package installations. It uninstall stupid faulty setups? Why is it weird where are non-existent packages?

I got into trouble that I tried Visual Studio 2015 Community Uninstall via Github's TotalUninstaller.

Why did I always leave ProgramData directory behind.

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It works in Excel

Windows 10: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

Word 2016

Visual Studio Enterprise 2015: Visual Studio 2015 and Word 2016. It does not work in 2016, Firefox, Notepad ++ etc. It supports scrolling with the mouse button and moving the trackpoint.

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Update 14.0.25431.01 3
I have a USB trackpoint keyboard. Is it possible to enable the trackpoint-scrolling in Visual Studio 2015 and Word 2016?