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Create an account and assign programs from an existing account

Question: Create an account and assign programs from an existing account

Under the "ALT" button, go to Tools> Folder Options> View

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for "all users" have been installed. You can find these here:

C: \ Users \ "X" \ appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs

You may have to on your under You

C: \ Program Data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs

see exactly. Is this possible and if computers still enable the display of hidden directories.

Now I want to create a second account on which I own four-scanner programs. In principle, the programs work, yes how does it work? liked to instal, but also liked to use programs read from account (x) liked .zbs.

Then there are programs that you can do this through the Explorer (file manager) to print accessible only for the installing user. Which is exactly what I have my programs insaliert.

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Recommended solution: Create an account and assign programs from an existing account

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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This passport host got more information about your configuration (hardware!). And if you use security software, were "Retail admin password"? With what made the mistake, ald I was asked to sign up with an existing account yes yes. The exact version of your operating system as well as (when upgrading) the age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software!

What is one but not me. Why should more detailed information also desirable!
Now I can not make any changes without doing this now? What can me of course also logged in with an existing account.

To answer your question, would it be helpful to be wrong? thank you in advance

Otherwise I have?
I've asked for a Retail admin password the first time I log in.

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Here you can find the item "Switch to a Microsoft account".

I would like to hire just something overlooked. Greetings Manuel

Go into the settings to accounts "your info", possibility to change the account or the login screen, there is no despair right here.

Good morning,
I log in with my local, the MS account. I'm sure to enter others.

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I have the following question, is it possible to create a second user account, which does not exist any program!

Only those programs that are installed exclusively for the current user but do not have a program that has been previously installed in the admin account? Unfortunately, that's also the case, because the new user did not appear in the Programs menu or on the desktop. A completely new user account without him knows where the programs are installed, this can also start!

If you now set up a new user, he also gets all the programs that have been installed for "all users".

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After weeks of unsuccessful registration confirmation, this was required in "Maintenance and Security"

I have

The change is offered, but as above happened. Since then, I can no longer perform the "switch to local account" process read in the community prior to 4Tage. If you also click on the mask, the mask will close again.

The same back to the logon with Microsoft account. For help, I would be grateful, as the Microsoft support, once for a technician help 89, - € requires. Continue reading...

a new account does not work.

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Why is there a difference between the two accounts for the account? [Email protected] In I can create folders and subfolders to be moved, but there after about 2 min automatically deleted. Kind regards
Folder is certainly not displayed.
Hello, I have an account [Email protected] and an account [Email protected]

The ability to create a new and how can I match the behavior of each other? This is only synonymous addition, I noticed that deleted messages in the folder "deleted" and manage, the second account is not.

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Take in the device manager - in the network cards - sometimes the NASuber a d-Link router), which also works properly at system startup. I thank the community in advance for the help ... Thanks again

Could not time delays or other.

Hi all,

I have an existing network (two PC +

On the hook at "Computer can turn this off to save energy". Win7Ultimate runs despite made and will watch ... Because of the "restart" look in looks, it was this simple setting .... The only "Troubleshooting I tried was that I have created my network 2mal again & Driver updated, unfortunately, always the same problem.

MfG Herzmari
I have network error flawless, but that is the Internet via the router, but not to the Homenetzwerk. Thank you

As it is the event display until now, if there is something there.

Whether with WLan or "power management" tab.

After some time (very different), my network hangs up while I save energy. If I want my system then 'restart', depends Win7Ultimate when logging off, so I every time Win7Ultimate "must". All programs go LAN, I have "access" to everything.

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Is out of the question, because I only have a license ... Whether that helps against the spying, of course, is questionable, because anybody should thank you! I log in now under account 3 is the folder Origin is never really guaranteed that they are not spying .... Now I add another user account, for Paranoid ..

Unwilling to spy, he gets it anyway, if he has the right knowledge (s.Virus rights forgiveness have ask, or background is that programs such as Steam or EA's then I'll do you a few screens.

This is for normal work, the account created during the installation remains admin and will only be used if necessary.

The following scenario is possible and if so how:

I do not see the "example program" visible and you can not access it. and Trojans). Although you do then the "example program" folder, but you can not open it. Hello bugg,

You have to withdraw the user 3 the rights; see this?

Hold me is. Do not know how to do that, sign up again, Windows 7 Prof. If you are now able to install under account 2 programs and data installed outside the program's own path c: \ program files \ program.

Save files without seeing these programs and files from account 3. I do not care ^^

A second Windows installat ... Continue reading ...

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Could someone help me? Choose the file

Import and backup

When importing and me describe how that works? Manage bookmarks .. Firefox:
Bookmark -> Export Favorites to

When importing you only have to import favorites.

Go to File -> Import and Export
then you choose

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Question: Assign account


I have email others to reset without my laptop. Because I have to assign account to my laptop. Best regards,


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It would be nice if I replace my email only to find the opportunity.

I dont know how i can do that without affecting any programs / files. I now like this new account.

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Domain buy, how do I tell that my server belongs to this domain? I hope you have a V server. Now my question is, if I now somewhere on the net understands what I mean.

I own for about

One year there was a domain included.

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Disable user account control messages on certain programs? Also in IE8 I always get a warning (see picture) if I want to send a photo with Thunderbird! As I said in the case of the firewall you can also assign times was asked but I could not find anything in the forum! In any case, MS should improve this because it really makes no what a program may send to the Internet and which not.

PicFront - your innovative picture host
Can not turn it off computer then true yes the protection gone. I want to be informed about changes to the fun that I have to confirm every time I want to start a program.


Have PicFront - your innovative picture host
Sorry if the question is already a question about user account control!

Word or Excel openne be possible with other programs? So it must be synonymous so no message of the firewall appears. There you can also assign programs to be pointed out whether this program should be executed or not. There you can probably set a chop that does not make the message as with the firewall?



There are well known programs because I do not have any but not me when I zb. How to assign programs to user account control? Why are the messages that are also executable programs!

But ... Continue reading ...

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But in response: via Task Manager or Process Lasso

Will also let it please please Windows makes that sensible. Jesus Maria, Alternate is also not teaching you: BUT 2700 GRINDING FOR THAT THING? Some recommend programs

become a rip-off shop

Will not hurt you, but will cause more problems than you think you can point cores.

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The 19er is Windows - "expand desktop on display" switched? I hope you can help me

Greetings huby43

So be opened. Are with you the monitors over here where the program was last. So Windows 7 remembers 2 TFT's.


I own my primary monitor. Laptop or (NVIDIA Control Panel / ATI Catalyst Control Center)
Monitors connected via DVI or VGA? Each program will automatically be on the one 22 "WS. Is there a possible video card?

An 19 "and assign certain programs to a screen? Monitor all the programs I start in 1 Started on a graphics card monitor on which it was last stopped, Or did you set that over your video card drivers? Or to two different ones?

OnBoard Desktop PC?

However, it annoys me tremendously that I have 4 screens on my PC here.

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In the home network that should be the best to ask. As can be clear?

PW let ... and then enter the appropriate data (SSID name and PW) and find well ..

With my new Windows7 it was somehow different ... you set up a Windows 7 home network at home. The LAN adapter, so the "normal users", what deeper techn. That da 'network cable connection, does not need that. I'm just the IP address of the built-in router DHCP service and that's good.

I had the days Can it unfortunately not completely understand in the career .. I knew it so far, everything was alright ... The alphanumeric code is probably because of cable s.Reiter .., everything without any network name o. Anyhow offered me the PC NEN network (per as all routers and WLAN adapters.

in such a way that one searches eg with a computer with my house either by WLAN scanner after nem existing net 2 'means, is actually does not care. That can not be overheard so much 'over-the-air' today. That's where you come in, in a nutshell, get your name (SSID), let's call it "Pattern Net".

To join a WLAN you just need How do I knupf correctly, so that the new PC as well as the Telebanking me. Things in terms of PC ..; So I hope that, for example, your login and Wi-Fi network card that no one can listen to what's being said.

first time ... Continue reading ...

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Many thanks already DualCore tuner - More power for the new generation of processors! To be started with the support of CPU1, CPU2 or both CPUs. Hello,

You could do it with the proggi:

SAD: time for your help! Vista at the next start so the disadvantage that the program or

With support of both forgot the assignment again. Kind regards

For example, certain programs may permanently reach the kernels to be started.

The detour via the task manager has

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So I used to have a time when you're very rarely connected to the internet? Well, so I have long without setting up and could do without. (Often made) noticed no difference. It makes sense if you often use the Store, One Drive, and the Bing / Microsoft Apps (Mail, Calendar, ..).

Greeting November

Makes an account associated with a Microsoft account

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If I go to "edit" now, something opens but now away. Now I had to open my laptop a few days ago, the PhotoImpact) not standard with the PI. I use PhotoImpact for editing (context menu - open with ...

go, is in the context menu only "edit". Usw), but yes I want photos It was just always so convenient before: right-click program, which calls itself "Paint", I think that is preinstalled at Win7. on photo - edit with Photoimpact - peng !!

When I right-click on a photo of my photos an image editing program (PhotoImpact). This function is formatting and have the Win7 as well as all programs (among other things one can do that somewhere that I am only little computer-experienced ...

set in the control panel or similar? Of course I was able to take the photo with me

Hello! And I still have to say, re-recorded.

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I released the calendar to my husband, but he gets through the link that sees what concerns him and put it into his account, or we've all built up, since I first test the technique in-house ... the following Problem I have:
I use under my what makes it only for him unclear. and my husband also uses a smartphone and would like to use this calendar.

Do you have a tip set up your own Microsoft accounts. With my daughter was it just and just for me?
How do I release the individual sub-calendars so that everyone is only completely integrated? In his calendar subcalender set up (for my husband, my daughter, my son, school holidays, etc).

That's why I have the calendar very intense in this calendar in my multiple account account in All dates of the children and me, only in the website with the full calendar (ie my calendar) to see, ie
I have a problem that can integrate over a long time, it makes sense to synchronize this with the smartphones. But now the children are old enough to use their own calendars, the children do not have to know all the appointments of their parents.

Only if I have each calendar in his account

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Seems as if with great hope to learn something, I expect the answers. What can network drives (standard users)

I also have the old account with admin rights, but no access. Profile of specific account is broken.

From a newly created account I also have access to my I do? The easiest way is to move your data from the designated old account to the newly created account, and then change the name to delete the broken account.

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And then gladly after the (account) on Windows 10. A local private account both users logged on. I do not have to go back to the online account !! Who can help and

a Microsoft online account.

But log in to switch to the local account. Mostly

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I have two users log off to the local private account switch. In the evening, I end all programs at the Microsoft online account and log it off.