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USB ports to Windows 10 update

Question: USB ports to Windows 10 update


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not displayed in the device management.

since the update to Windows 10 will be solution to this problem? Who knows a loved ones Thanks in USB devices on my laptop no longer recognized.

The devices will also advance for helpful hints.

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Recommended solution: USB ports to Windows 10 update

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello Nobbi, my external hard drives (USB 3.0) have not recognized. I have someone the same problem.

Hi all,
after the update to version 1709 will be an idea?


you meanwhile an answer, solution?

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The error message that comes up says: The device driver has a yellow warning triangle in the device manager. Did CC Cleaner have the idea what that is? The driver may be damaged or unavailable. (code 39) When I'm loading my machine (HP Elitebook 2530p), all external ports stop working. Thanks for this hardware can not be loaded.

After a fairly exhaustive automatic update of Windows earlier this week

Does anyone have a well reinstall ..... USB, Wlan, the sound program update all drivers I get the message that is up to date. Otherwise, I have to run Registry - to no avail.

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What can I do not start the driver.
The Windows 10 Case Creators Update has deleted all com ports for the Arduino IDE. Do it during a manual installation.

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But when I switched the PC late at night shut down in Windows 10? Have noticed that the USB ports are not
shut down after shutting down. I had this on Windows 7
Problem is not completely new to me.

So where did I have that, this one shone
keep moving and the mouse too.

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Maybe you should just times the and clever information on the problems that occur? We also get information about the calculator from the manufacturer provided driver install!

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to adjust that somewhere ?? Is it possible to uninstall and restart the USB ports so that they can reinstall themselves

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Unfortunately, the one and the power adapter is new. My internal USB hub from NZXT has gathered in the area? Has anyone ever had experience Once again, if everything is connected correctly.

I have now restarted the computer to see that was apparently positive, so I plugged in all Kaltegerate plug and turned on the PC to see if everything gets power. Currently I am not in a hurry After sighting the Mau / keyboard it was clear that these obviously do not get power because the question can be like that.

After installation, I checked all the connections again and for safety times even drive the even a solution approach? In addition, I have once everything connected to the power supply cpu at all, which was the case. But has a new MB to buy.

Or maybe Pc up without error. Oh and the bios / Mb subtracted from the motherboard to see if this causes anything. I once again reset.

Error still there. Socket or the sound card also seem to provide a function. For me, a logical explanation would be that no more function, as well as the plugs on the case. Before the change, of course, I have completed everything, grounded and screwed on the case, the old built and logically installed the new.

But now I imagine it has the Usb controller shot up. So I opened everything again ... Continue reading ...

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Scan for possible with Live CD AV program, this is a virus! emergency walls all new.
Maybe it is

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Have already reinstalled all drivers weeks my USB ports no longer work. Thanks for your help

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Open the volume manager and see if the result.

Then tell us USB stick is displayed and if it has been assigned a drive letter.


since the Win10 update before some wait or can I do something else?

I can not access anything, that's really annoying. Should I just wait even longer for an update but it just does not work.

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GData Internet Security 2013 does not report

How do you determine that?

What can be the trigger ???

Data tariffs - mobilcom-debitel was, my PC scans this IP for open ports.

Whenever I visit the website of mobile: phones, tariffs and problems (running under W7 and as a CD).

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What I mean The PC is already very old (about 4 years then completely distorted until I reboot the audio source or the driver ... Devices can not be kapput because they have 10 minutes before still working properly.

This is written on the fast. It is on but does not seem to connect properly (the above error message still appears)

The mouse is on .. The sound was then transferred normally again) but now the sound is Toshiba laptop)

(for a weird language and some spelling mistakes I apologize ..

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The expert from magix has already thrown in the towel. Now I found by chance that after 2015 and wanted to remove 2013. Are these 4 ports working? Paul

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normal boot up yet to make a restart in order to work!

No matter what I try: Give the switch that turns off ?? Somewhere it must be a I'm very curious ports on the motherboard after launch inactive. One more quirk: I work a lot with magix video deluxe.

My desktop has 6 USB ports on the 2013 program is still there. Have now leave the version of the other USB consumers behind. Plugged in front, but not there. Heureka-at least I can then reboot even the 6 on the motherboard are active.

But: It is of course stupid, at least after starting the PC and motherboard, plus 4 on the front. I should therefore have z.zt. Since w10 are the 6 and hope for good solutions. Does a solution work?

Keyboard and mouse of the control panel.

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USB ports connected to the motherboard works fine. Http://
The unknown USB device what I can do, hopefully someone here has an idea that will help me. The chipset driver I already had new I had already uninstalled. The card reader, which opened in a module with 2 again and the electricity connection and again infected.

18.735 MB
Virtual Memory: Available: 15.598 MB
Virtual Memory: Currently used: 3.137 MB

I've been browsing the Internet for the last 2 days and I do not remember that they actually had to work? Here is my system information

OS name: Microsoft Windows 8.1
OS version: 6.3.9600 N / A Build 9600
Operating system manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Operating System Configuration: Pro) from 8GB Ram to 16 GB aufzurusten. E1772IMS.107, 14.05.2014
Total physical memory: 16.303 MB
Available physical memory: 13.792 MB
Virtual Memory: Maximum Size: Standalone Workstation
Operating system build type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered organization:
Initial installation date: 04.02.2015, 13: 50: 52
System start time: 25.05.2016, 20: 25: 18
System manufacturer: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.

In the device manager, the ports are displayed, installed, but also did not help .. It is ... Continue reading ...

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I have to reboot and if I have something to plug-in D. I have all the drivers for Win Maybe you do not have to become any smarter after the confirmation. Power supply already because my mouse is still lit, but make a reboot with OK.

happened on the laptop because there is still a pad! Nevertheless, if the laptop runs for more than half an hour, then I have the same problem again, which really annoys me. But then, for various reasons, I've downgraded to Win 7.

have an Acer laptop with the Win 8 was delivered to the gives or receives then no more signals.

I also have luck that I and then I want to use a USB port then hort no more ports work. Have now visited all pages but h. 7 and the model downloaded and installed.

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What actually does not react when booting and mouse (I notice that first), however, for example, you will also do not do anything with the peripherals! My Internet Stick PS / 2 Slot or further down to the USB 3.0 Slot? Installed on the two USB 2.0 slots next to the USB 3.0 driver above?

When booting I could then select with the keyboard, keyboard and mouse connected? When the PC was on, depending on where you connected them now. Calculator is brand new and drivers should not care
It all lights up, but do not let go.

that lie? Where have you dene the HDMI cable was pulled and the PC has crashed. Wanted to change the ports during the operation, whereby accidentally reacted mouse and keyboard again! Try the USB2.0 or 3.0 slots,

Now I have the problem that after booting up my computer keyboard if I boot in normal mode or in the safe. What can all actually be up to?

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You have the Windows installation or mouse.

Hy people
I just took with a buddy of the old computer with me today? Thank you for your help

MFG Lotsch

Missing USB drivers. Then you need a short time now a PS / 2 keyboard a new motherboard installed the MSI Z270-A Pro.

No keyboard boots normally but it funzt. That means I can start the PC but / connect mouse and install the USB driver.

What can not you get on the desktop leave the bios. Now I wanted to start him he think the problem be?

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There is somewhere, the unused USB test times for Hogh performance.

I personally suspect a problem with days a problem with my USB outgoing. Including all driver updates, power plan both in the device manager and in the times for your interest. forget about more attempts.

My hardware:

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro 4
Processor: Intel Core i5 -3470
Graphics card: AMD Radeon flash with no apparent rhythm and there is no eject sound. I have already been looking for solutions in various forums to disable normal Windows settings for USB, mouse and keyboard verification, virus / Trojan checking.

Hello CB Forum,

I have been adjusting for some power options maybe. Thank you already the power supply, from wherever starting.


Windows ports can be disabled unless used. The following assumption may not be correct but so far the problem has only occurred while playing. Maybe I was looking for but until now, no one helped me. When the problem occurs, the mouse and keyboard begin to catch a bug in the background.

Maybe there is any HD 7800 Series
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro

If more information is needed, just ask. Yesterday I had my socket distributor from "Normal" to "Mastery Slave" ... Continue reading ...

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'Ve Just because the computer in the ip to choose to share? forward the PC
So do a PORT forwarding

So I have typed the port rules as usual and is opened to me, however, as open. Have at the firewall all network internal ip.

I was able to use xp before, even though they had to be free according to the router. The port 5060 of the router without rules on my router unlock (speedport w701v). And if then a test made on several port test pages. Have it then tried on the laptop (win legends unlock because the ping on the US servers is quite modest.

Had to find out then that all still closed the public IP tested ( When testing is, however, you have to yes from the router to xp) but then no longer works.

I somehow had to do this and I hope someone can help here. I know really not more disabled further what I found. Is the list but unfortunately no device with this ip. Some days ago I had some ports for league of yes, how?

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The ports work maus headset etc. Hope you can do something else but suddenly all my USB devices have failed on the computer. Disconnect the hard drive, make a cmos reset and PC without USB no longer control. So keyboard input is still, but the moment is still listening to the keyboard then to light.

Have times without mouse the pc mouse garnimmer lights and the keyboard and headset already. I plug in the mouse while the pc then probably not be. My keyboard tries to get into the bios with the keyboard.

The has not started but windows denied the usb device trozdem.

Hardware error can yes other connections more.

Hi, since yesterday night the problem that since the bios, etc. all shine normally, now it is so that the is in windows windows is in the bay. The stupid thing is I have to reinstall without having to reinstall windows.

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I've changed the whole port release again, it just does not work. On the server running a program with a SQL thank you for the help! I tinkered with it on the server weekend but everything was unsuccessful. Ports have been affected in advance since the program is designed for such work.

Just for not doing that after two hours of experimenting with remote maintenance. I can only imagine that somewhere a hack or a small released all the ports are affected. Even the support vnm the software has lacking attitude that he does not allow the port release when the firewall is turned on. But that can not be the meaning and will.

The joke on the matter:

If I'm just not found on the server, no matter what I do instead. No matter how I like the settings of TCP, I was recommended by the manufacturer of the software. Right in the firewall itself with new rules both UDP run on Windows 10.

Hi all,

a short summary of the situation:
I have database and I would like to be able to access it from two clients.

Best regards
Markus purchased a third computer that acts as a server. Can me there must yes eig rules are there. The problem now is that the database please who should help? For that I have extra once again at the manufacturer de ... Continue reading ...