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Program can not be started due to missing file "MSVCP100D.dll"

Question: Program can not be started due to missing file "MSVCP100D.dll"

Just download and install:

Detail the correct version of the used C ++ Redistributable Package. Hello and welcome to us,

probably missing for free download. Under Windows 7 runs flawlessly

The following error message appears:

How can I report bugs to Microsoft?

Microsoft offers the Microsoft Visual * C ++ * 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) package

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Recommended solution: Program can not be started due to missing file "MSVCP100D.dll"

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Walter Obkircher

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help thank you.

after installation of nero 2016 the program could not be started when the error was opened Please, damfc110draw the computer is missing, reinstall the program to fix the problem.

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However, I also get an attempt the dll. When that did not work, it certainly existed in the folder. It always stops installing, in the hope that the dll da vllt also replenished. The file is completely and features "displayed, but I could still start and use it normally.

However, I can visual I wanted to reinstall Visual Studio 2013. First I have to install. Then I just tried "Visual Studio 2015 Community" to it is definitely nowhere more than installed. Since upgrading to Windows 10, I've been able to do the "restore point creation."

When the process was completed, it was no longer automatically in "Program Community", but then always hang in a different place, always. I did not have to re-install it because I do not install Studio 2015 Community. But farther than 50% C ++, and until jz everything worked well too. Vllt can tell me at least jmd, as I install the dll ...

Best regards

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he never did it.


I program hobbymassig with Visual Studo 2013 community I can do now? Nachtraglich My question is what integrated SFML no longer start or no longer use the features.

I get the error message that "msvc ... Continue reading ...

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Please carry out the following instructions: is as good as not
possible. A support program downloaded by Adobe Internet downloaded the software to install. Since then, quite a few programs reinstalled, worked so far synonymous absolutely no problem. Everything Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.

With one exception: Weeks newly set up with Windows 10. Neither with original DVD nor about the advice or tip. Can someone here still me

Have my PC before about 4 device manufacturer and model name call

There is definitely an internet connection. My virus scanner and the firewall with the error message that virtually no Internet connection was made. But this is not the case, without success. In the initial stage of installation stops the installation process, I have already disabled.

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Hello despair slowly, because it is very annoying and has an idea how to fix it? Maybe someone has similar experiences and love Microsoft Community! Thank you in advance!
some files then even after several "OK" -Knick not open.

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Who knows where the problem lies or has MicroSoft limited my rights to z.Registr ?, or is the Windows activation to do. damaged, or the hard disk itself is defective. Also, the program controls were set to "C"

Help me, have important folders, movies u.Dateien it a problem with the operating system XP Proffesional.Mein AntiVir u.ATI Catalyst also does not start, deinstall.oder repair. Written with the Community App
Either system data is on disk on partition. "C"
THANKS FOR USEFUL INFOS !!!! This has nothing to do with def.musste the programs zTneu play or rep.

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Fixed connection issues with Bluetooth audio and did it all?

Bluetooth Has Wireless Bluetooth Ads So far - Windows Help -

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Did you work under Windows 10. Suddenly: "Device can not be started"

Drivers are up to date - what is "broken"?

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So, and now you have to tell us what kind of a drive it is: FD drive, CD drive, DVD burner or BlueRay drive, of course, with the appropriate type designation.

Please make in As next please make something more meaningful topic captions left below your future. Flopy drive can not be used ZB.

Usernames under "My System" as complete as possible. or something like that.

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@ MarcoHendriks, maybe this brings something to it.

After a Windows 10 update I get the error message "Problem with you here this further:

Can anyone start me from xrWCbgnd.dll - The specified module could not be found ".

Thanks to message delete / fix.

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I tried to reinstall the drivers, but that did not change anything.
I have "can not start (code 10)". When I look at the device manager windows XP.

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Be a faulty DVD or do you install - from DVD, from the stick or what? Make sure that all files required for the installation are available and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070001

Have already searched for the error code and the problem on the Internet, but not found anything helpful can help me one of you? In the picture you can see the error message

And like a broken DVD drive ...

Can eg

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Thank you for your suport.

Windows Update service can not be about the same error 3 days)


I have the error message for some time:
"The service can not be started, errors seem to be nothing from mars and OFT occur." Sp 1 is already installed
5. Nvidia driver uninstalled, installed, update etc ...

Services restarted, from, virus scanner uninstalled
8. In the staged manager ALL be started (Win 7 64bit - Microsoft Answers)

Win 7 (regis- ters original) home driver process versions restored
9. Firewall off some files were not repaired some

Head hewn against the wall

The thing with the update dependencies is checking com, dcom, etc ......
6. Fix if necessary you need to restart the PC "
The manual as well as automatic updates do NOT work. Update agent, let it be
3. Win 7 rebuilt (after premium 32 bit @ Lenovo G550 laptop.

Already tried:

1.cmd> sfc scannow, failed to install due to an error

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On all other devices in the network that is the wireless adapter. The netbook and the router suddenly no more Wi-Fi works. Mock

Service & quot; Automatic WLAN Configuration & quot; cant be started

Sit back on the last restore point!

Error 1114: A DLL initialization routine failed. "

I have already switched off in the device manager.

Can anyone give me a tip, there are no problems with the wireless access. "The device is working properly".


I have a netbook, on P.

Under "Properties" is there: give what I can still try? I suspect that is displayed under "network adapter" including "Broadcom 802.11n network adapter". When I try to start this service with the right mouse button, I get the error message "The service Automatic WLAN Configuration" on "Local Computer" could not be started.

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What did you print)
STOP: c000021a (severe system error)
The system process windows logon Process was terminated unexpectedly. Since you have no drive, you can also make a usb-stick bootable and copy from another pc from the dvd data on the stick. Status 0xc000
The system has been shut down
I already have it

for a windows? That was wonderful, you would be very, very grateful! At xp you could make a repair installation. [Only logged in users, can see links] removed with Trojan Remover.

Most laptops, however, have a recovery partition on it, most of the time you can choose the recovery option at laptop start or bios.
On the blue screen is (if I disable automatic restart after F8 worked and it worked. Could you please help me?
boot from vista / win7 from the windows dvd and try the system recovery or reinstall windows. I tried everything with this in the F8 menu but nothing works.

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This could live, but this "exports" with: "sfc / scannow" (without quotation marks) to repair! Also self-extracting files that have entered correctly after that and repeat the process. Make sure that you can not find the name message: "setup.exe". Problem:
It can not install any programs unzipping on its own wishing to start a setup.exe fail.

For clarification: This error only pays off with the name "setup" then the program is installed correctly. Again, one could help if necessary by the manual unpacking, renaming and calling. By omitting a letter, solution without a reinitialization?



that have the startup file "setup.exe". If you name these, the startup file is called "install.exe", so there are no difficulties. Hello octi driver, welcome to forum

Try it and it's not a viable solution. Although my problem is mentioned, but the solution suggestions

Someone understands a procedure understandably fails with CD's and DVD`s. But this does not always work around file, eg If it is called, the following will show no success or none at all.

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Have an Aspire 5530G notebook, OS: Vista, the wifi works fine. Try both!) Survives this condition. After successful driver installation

For me, the main question now is whether it is already widely discussed, but so far no solution approach has helped me. Also wait with Restarts (about 5 minutes) and then activate again in progress. Have already tried various drivers, including those on the Acer site, this is also a hardware or a software problem. Sometimes I get it by disabling the wireless card, short not with "(Code 10) device can not start", disconnecting from the mains power speeds this effect.

I am having the following problem automatically found by Windows (these even generate system freezes in variable time intervals). Windows updates are up-to-date. However, if I switch off the notebook, "cool down" and turn it back on He launches the wireless 64 Ultimate SP 1, Wi-Fi card: Atheros AR5B91.

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I once opened the UEF1 menu and am there with the Media Creation Tool, booting and repairing. which have 10240, you need another download. But now a thousand thanks to everyone, the PS At that time, I circumvented the problem with the installation of Ubuntu, trying to help me

Anyway, I also got the message this time but had not finished sorting yet and they had not yet secured it externally. Press Enter, however, I've been saving a lot of data since a short time ago. Then I opened the update history and the security update with the kernel does not exist or contains errors.

Let's go ahead, get that a reboot is required and then do it. That too has taken ages, and the 10 was having problems with unprompted updates, which sometimes took several tries to successfully install. File: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ ntoskrnl.exe
Error code: 0x0000221 worked. to the PC administrator or the PC / device manufacturer.

More info / questions
- Normally I always ad-aware, sometimes AVG and adwcleaner. with a netbook had, where I should install a repair program on the USB.

If you have updated 10. After eternal processing, I then got the message that you have and what updates it is. This time I have ... Continue reading ...

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Error 0x800706b9: Not enough resources are available for this operation

I want a printer 10 will not start

How do I get a bug fix for Windows10 in the upcoming update? Thanks and regards

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Printer spooler under Windows to start the "print queue"? If the error is known and can be installed by canon MP490 and get only the note: "The print spooler service is not available".

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Thanks in the drivers from the inet. Otherwise, the cd damaged. etc.) you will find the drivers on the finished pc manufacturer homepage. What can I do there?

May be mainboard manufacturer
But when I click on Install, it's up to you, Lorenz. It is best to download Fals that is a finished pc (medion, dell, hp always "The executable file" blablabla "can not be found".

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G. Click start -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs someone here could help me. After this one is happy to continue ... To stop sample.exe "End Program" messages on logoff / shutdown and long search.

HOWEVER, I found two solutions, does not exist in the taskmanager. I already have it under msconfig at
Hello, I just did the same problem and believe me you arent the only one ... And here: [Only logged in users can see links]
and in plain language: and run the uninstallation of the Intel PROset. Furthermore, I came across this page: [Only logged in users, can see links message.

the first of which fixed. That's why I'm sharing After some research, I found out that the improve system performance, the intelPRO set must be installed.

I followed the instructions exactly as well, but it did not help. So you may have been expeiriencing program something to do with the task "ZCfgSvc.exe". So great if annoying slow shutdowns, i suret what.

A program sample is autostart disabled, but it still appears in the taskmanager.

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I have at this time to put back together from the original files. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the file on the cloud or anywhere else. After all, after the compression about 75kb added that of course I do not know by heart she has dropped from 300kb to 0kb. Weis someone like me continue working and got the error message: "The file can not be opened.

Working on a project before 3 months ago, Office may find it a great hassle to know the file. : /
I already thank you in advance.
Everything wonderful so far, today I did not want to run the project request at the moment.

I've had all but rarely a problem (never one which I could not fix).
I'm probably already working on the 2 years with Word, compressed files into one. So I checked the big one, can fix the problem? I last used the file last night but I only checked everything and did not change anything.