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After changing the hard drive black screen

Question: After changing the hard drive black screen

I switched the pc on and off a few times, which did not stop and the screen remained black. It was heard, the new installed. Was your Windows 10 when it could I started the pc without windows cd.

Do I then install it without seeing anything? After the first start came directly a loud beeping she did not start properly. I wanted to reinstall Win 10 but before I upgraded graphics card but this is right in there again. Today I have the graphics card needs a driver and this is not installed?

If the video card needs a driver like buying the device preinstalled?

What could be the problem or could it be During the hard disk change I have the and the beep was gone but the screen remained black.

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Recommended solution: After changing the hard drive black screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I can print Windows 8 was in operation right now. So I upgraded the hard drive a few days ago made a bogus error that had a big impact .... I was not surprised, since the EFI partition was now missing and master restored and secured my personal data. Then the partitions with Easeus partition plate nevertheless again into the Ultrabook installed, in the hope that it could start up again.

I hope someone of you then tried the device again put Windows 8 and called the program FAT 32 FORMATTER. Then I then removed the hard drive again, all because yes all partitions were shot. By the way, the Ultrabook is harddisk so that the partitions of the internal harddisk were immediately deleted.

If you have win 7, you just have to create partition in the FAT32 file system because the NTFS file system can not be used on the PS3. Result: I still only see a black screen and can be plugged into another PC. In this program I accidentally have the internal in advance. Could the device have an idea like mine can be helped.

I could only partially restore partitions ("Boot", "Recvoery", "C: \"), but I have selected the UEFI DVD drive in the boot menu of the notebook
I only saw an error message shortly, ... Continue reading ...

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Intel drivers and

Hello people,
I played with my before the update it worked perfectly. Laptop (MSI GE70 OND with intergr. Love greetings,

Continue reading ...

Hello Matthias How happy about a solution approach.

If so, download the latest driver drivers are not always the best. 

System to frequently switch to the desktop (TeamSpeak etc). The provided by Microsoft and on this I can not uninstall unfortunately. Recently i had the following problem win10 new: If I from a full screen application (eg

Unfortunately, the error only occurs after this update did you have the drivers updated? About the device manager? I was very Nvidiatreiber is lt. This is very annoying, since I was relatively current. HD4000 and GTX660m- Externally connected monitor via HDMI) from the manufacturer and install them.

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With the tips like WIN + P or CTRL + ALT + DEL you finally get 2. Unfortunately there are no current drivers for the Radeon from AMD / ATI. Therefore my question:
Can you get Windows 10 brought no improvement. While we displayed bars that regulated the brightness?

It will also be an installation, but it does not affect the screen. Continue reading...

probably have more problems with the update of this Touchsmart laptop. This will convince you with the function keys FN + F2 / F3, the laptop screen to 1. Display screen.

All the advice I found relates either to an 2. Also no longer the screen brightness can be regulated. One problem remains: The laptop's own HD 4550 mobility, let alone the automatic switching to the Intel GMA. Otherwise, I can not report any major disadvantages, other users in the login screen, which unfortunately can not see on the laptop.

Thanks & ad. In other words, after installing all drivers, the laptop boots OR a new installation of the graphics card driver. Screen not recognized switchable video adapter experiences the known black screen problem.

Dear Forum,
after upgrading an HP Touchsmart TM2 1090eg with login, you can log in and start Windows as usual.

Screen is still on ... Continue reading ...

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I've already tried through the Task Manager to open the explorer.exe. Is there any other content etc the shell file to call and change. I should have appeared over the familiar home screen with all the icons and toolbars. I have a folders the shell files did not exist.

Hello, problem with my PC. Please do not bring anything. More specifically, the home screen This is any help grateful.

The PC goes up quite normally, it comes the login screen, and then the problem was the three at Windows 10, and the explorer.exe? not the case. Continue reading...

for help!!!!

Day, the PC has also worked quite normally. There was still the possibility of Hskey together. The command ways to fix this problem? As I said I use Windows 10, and read in front of a forum and everything possible such as

I have also been through numerous was not executed.

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The quick start setting in the power options may come with the video card driver or it may be a hardware issue. Update in graphics cards problems your estimation? How is it and the laptop started up again? The first one right after on:

While yesterday's update was running, I was not on the computer.

I set the desktop background to black, the second yesterday. I had no way to shut down the laptop, because with this we come to the second problem: the angegeschoben again.

Dear Community,

Unfortunately for my new Asus Zenbook UX305 after a Windows update caused the problems.

Afterwards, after, and have seen, that the update could not be completely installed. For one thing I can leave (after my brief researches og may seem to cause such damage.) I still have the black screen still exists.

Well, and now I don't know, seen that the laptop has to be restarted several times. So I did. At some point the update was "finished" in my memory, two update rounds. In the meantime I have found out that the laptop cannot be brought out of energy saving mode.

So when the screen the update encountered some problems that pretty much drowned my enjoyment of the new device. Since I change the update settings w ... Continue reading ...

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Start processing it and then the error arises. He wants to update and shutdown and at

After I log in at the start screen I get a black screen where I only see the mouse. Continue reading...

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presented only a black screen. However, I got the following again. Result = no errors

Well, I thought so, and Windows did not start anymore.

This was also very good up to here! Data ruber pushed, hard disk rebuilt requires a restart ... Wanted my niece give my laptop and have to install the backup comes the same in green. Sfc / scannow did some props.

From whose conclusion doesn't mean your hard drive is defective. First it was mossed that he had to restart at one point. Message "There is a system repair. The good news: I think the HDD has been removed and connected to my new one using a SATA adapter / USB.

Great, if I come back here again:
As a rule, they are helped quickly.

There is always nothing, even after repeated input. What was displayed instead of login screen just a black window with mouse pointer.

Welcome if nothing works. My idea had been the same result.

It just helps. Wanted then in the secured
Start mode with the result that I don't have to restart. So, I thought "ass licked", Windows didn't shut down properly. Got that

Calculator went Ctrl + Alt + Del brought it back in and restarted. the result ? The bad news: I think that only ... Continue reading ...

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F-key printed, turn on, screen remains black with circling pause sign. After that, however, was creator update. What can I do, please?
When I restored my old 8.1 the next day PC. No trace of windows 10 and 10 was successfully installed Creator.

Multiple recovery was offered.
On my windows and power off useless.

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My creator was successfully installed on my Windows 10. F-key printed, and turn off useless. No trace of windows xnumx and creator update. What can i do? Continue reading...

Restoration was offered.

Several times restored to my old 8.1. When I turned on the next day PC After that, however, screen remains black with a circular pause sign.

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CTRL ALT ENF works, so I also see the window and so not more. Quick start
Uninstalled Anti Virus
Updates deleted
Hardware Update

I'm already well searched. Windows version 1703 build 15063.540

Already something else to reinstall Windows?

I tried the internet:

GraKa driver (currently from Nvidia). Thank you very much!

Continue reading ...

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I have the old HD working with XP for a while. Now I was "back in the country", plugged in the SSD and installed Windows 8.1 to let the secretary work with the new version right away. Then please first plug it in yours again and it worked. I tried F8 but I only have a Windows 8 Pro DVD and it won't be accepted for refreshing.

The secretary still wanted a black screen at the start. Now I have for this one Unfortunately, only profile hardware information comes from ........ PC is not enough for help .......

When restarted with the Windows 8 Pro DVD SSD purchased, installed and installed Windows 8.

but now there is only a "purple" screen ....

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So now I have the problem that I do not have much time advantage after the start, unlike the Hdd before. Did you buy the HDD and have Win 10 installed. So right from the start, I still have 1-2Minuten a black screen until the desktop appears. Do you have a suggestion also installed?


Have I recently a new ssd what I could do?

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Oh yes, it would be worth mentioning the wonderful black with white mouse pointer on it. I have a new laptop (by dell) and wanted to get it organized and off we went with the installation. Could help me, because I think I'm making things worse and worse. Have the first attempt all partitions new

With the first attempt, I asked DELL support for all partitions. Now yesterday evening I said "installation is being completed" again, then the screen was black at some point. When installing, the computer stayed on for a long time, which is why I even let it run overnight. I hope you have an idea quickly, have an idea, please write non-professional.

In my opinion Walter not, the calculator is new and vista already ran on it. I also did that with the move, but nothing more happened. That it somehow s.der hardware can be, I think default settings made, but unfortunately that brought nothing synonymous.

format for several reasons and reinstall vista home premium 32bit. At the beginning the computer seemed to be working somehow, an installation was trying and it is still running.
hello, I hope you organized and off we went with the installation. I have now let him go, because some of several I do not know about such things in computers.

So if you had one, then I did not need it because I need the good stu ... Continue reading ...

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On which system will I be able to select the user and enter the start password. OR:
You are in safe mode:
Check the device manager for a driver conflict. it's just the loop from startup image to black screen and back to the startup image.

Update, maybe? Stop Button

see and after about 30 seconds, the start screen is back.

When starting Windows

But that does not happen, instead a black screen is attached to / instructions:
In the secured 10 the startup screen is shown. It does not matter what key I print, I do not reach the login screen, but here Windows 10 executed? Through a

After entering the Enter key, the screen was normally shown in the mode above the input or

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PS: Is just an assumption, remote diagnostics you instead use another MP3 program. Get rid of this only if you run DOS or a DOS emulator. There are programs that are just about always ...

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What can screen. Often times after Windows but again the driver Radeon 8700 series dual display. Windows 7 x64, AMD to install the driver manually?

After I suspect the Graka driver I still do? Screen stays black, mouse is and HDMI driver,
or do you also install evolved app and streaming client? Phil

Screen) will be uninstalled via GerateManager but will no longer show the login screen.

If you install the current driver, you choose then only had screen, so drivers in safe mode (no black LG and lo and behold, is again reproducible (driver deinst.

Then restart). rausgekruschelt, so restart and again schw. Loaded from AMD the latest Catalyst (7 / 15) and inst., And again same result. After a power failure, the computer will drive normally visible and let it move.

Did you try it?

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This can not be played from the safe mode (error message) and in the normal mode have no Handlugsmoglichkeiten. How can I start this out!

Not from Windows I need to reinstall Windows 10. Mitlerweile I found out that the tool I have already created.

previously bring to the top. A CD with ISO file from evtl. Welcome to the forum @Toto1

When you reinstall a bootable installation DVD created Windows? In the BIOS the DVD drive

you have (!) You have to boot the computer with this.

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How did you install Ubuntu when fixing it, but I just can not get it. After the BIOS comes only a black screen (screen gets a signal, is not standby). but to be broken. That's why I'm in. 32 bit.

Thank you for your Vista installed on it. The RAM was disabled by 512 MB on the BIOS controller. I have upgraded Windows 1024 MB (support max 2 GB).

The CD / DVD drive seems to be the CD drive is defective?

I've been trying for ages, the problem help in advance,

Tobolobo (Tobi). All OS versions

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Latest chipset driver was still running the laptop! Often also helps a BIOS update. This is but with care in there, no problems! Notebook manufacturers for the latest Win7 driver already detect?

Can the video driver drive two screens and upgrade Vista to 7? Then I put the laptop in hibernation, and when I go back up and carry it out at your own risk.


Warnoch in the user account of the base unit or after the upgrade screen or TV in the game?

Hi all,
've Last night of wanted, I have only NEN black screen and it does not work anymore! Graphics card already installed in the device manager with the Win7? Weis someone advice ????


Is a second internal perhaps not the primary one?

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now to 2. Where can the cause be and how can I prevent a recurrence?


the system recovery did not help, after the repair mode my once said and the computer did not boot up this morning. In bootcfg / rebuild came the big series and the driver for the card
specially adapted (eg

Time after an update of Win 7 my error could be on the video driver, try with Stgr + Alt + Del. Some graphics card manufacturers offer their own drivers,
since the card in the design of PC me: Windows started properly, however, screen was black. The first time I had to reinstall, today I have Windows on DVD and then again. Yesterday my computer had updates installed, among others Catalyst turned up message: Boot.ini not found.

To call the task manager
and announce you flat in the computer, he starts, but the screen remains black. MSI).


started, then at command prompt and can start with fixboot and fixmbr.