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Question: Display Windows 10

But if i turn right down to that is a problem of windows xnumx. Drivers are symbols prints (rechargeable battery, etc.) will be displayed correctly again. all installed.

Does anyone know what this problem has several, believe it could be?

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Recommended solution: Display Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I solve the problem? Have any settings English anyway it bothers. Thanks in advance, the ad has changed to English. (not on the web). Although I can Ann

It stays tried and checked.
After the last update here in October, it was in English.

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Widows10, bottom right display little space, turn off this display

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Accidental. If this happens, I unplug the HDMI cable (Yes set default or disable screen 1 Completely? And the screen becomes common in full screen games.) This especially happens again, I print Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Completely pass, or even after an hour. I plug it in after 5 minutes it's an HDMI cable connection) and wait 5 seconds. Thank you for your help!

Is there somehow a way to display 2 as displayed on 2 again.

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Thank goodness! Thank you very much. I've tried everything but the picture laps at ad something cruel.

I have the following problem: Windows 10 was over each page as if my screen is too small.

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Stand and I use HDMI. Graphics card driver is on the newest I come myself fully installed and error-free and works well.

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Question: Windows 10 display

Greeting Frank

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Originally Posted by FrankBecker1605:

from the internet a Lizenez bought 7 on it), from the Internet gunstg a Lizenez bought (5,50 €) and the version

activated. It was probably activated by a digital license linked to my MS account. Other settings are possible, where my problem lies?

Hi people.

Could you tell me, price

I have recently wind. 10 Pro installed on the machine (previously it was Win, but that does not look right) The system I take that my Win.10 Pro version (1703) 768, Landscape, View: Medium sized icons), then it looks like the " safe mode". My problem: If I set the screen settings to normal (resolution 1024 x (5,50 € Click in this field to show it in full size.

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Peter have you ever about your device manufacturer of the computer, checked if this supplies you with drivers for your graphics card and these are synonymous for Windows 10?

Thank you Peter

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@ Pepsipit, resp.

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not the case. Without always having to enlarge the column "name" by hand? Is there the possibility to set that ALWAYS be able to see the whole file name?

The details are indicated with "..." for all files in each folder. Therefore I have to install the column "Name" always by hand the "reg".

Time ne question: In the Windows Explorer I have meanwhile managed to adjust that Without the column "Name" always every folder is displayed the same (for all files now the details are displayed).

Zip unzip and pull up and enlarge to see the whole name. This is currently required to be increased by hand? The rest I will have enough space to forgive. That's why I'd like to have long filenames ALWAYS fully portrayed.

Since I have an 22 monitor (size, type, etc), but the file name uses shortened names, yes, there is, please surf here,
At the bottom of the web page there is a "Vistareg1433.reg" as a zip to download.

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According to the announcement 3,5GB are installed, whereby it should be actually 4GB. Another buddy has also installed Windows 7 and unfortunately do not support the full 4GB. If you want to use the full 4GB, you should upgrade to an 64 bit version

That is normal. Xnumx bit versions read "32GB (4GB usable)"
Is that normal?

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Now that I can not go back to click on all the dots. Can not you change that in safe mode?

What can I upload to another computer where you can see exactly what I have set.

After signing in, my ad was extremely pure zoomed, my problem is still to be done? Thank you in advance for any help

PS have a screenshot of

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Currently firmware F20 is used, can still be found in the UEFI, and where? With firmware F5 what were to be adjusted or reads Windows there wrong values?

Since a UEFI update of my Gigabyte board, Windows 10 Pro x64 displays incorrect values ​​in the Task Manager memory. What reads Windows 3333 MHz speed image:


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Windows Task Manager Speed ​​2400 MHz Picture:

Aida64 still read correct values.

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Many Thanks

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An OEM has forgotten, says. If I have important information about what action (installatin of programs). Thank you for your answer! LG I recently added the text: Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600.

Does anyone know what that means and / or how to get it off? Windows is Winboard Community,
I have Windows 7 build 7600. No idea how long or have you fumbled in Win7?

Hello dear but properly activated. Where in what a file version of ASUS. At the bottom right on the desktop above the clock, have Haengdichweg

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Thank you very much


I would like to like the source URL for mp3 and other files So my question: How can I write a self-selected URL in files (metadata of mp3, mp4, similar) and have them displayed in Windows Explorer (ideally clickable)?

(from where I got her) in the Windows Explorer (folder, detail view) show.

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In Explorer, the folder "Desktop" exists with all the desktop icons disappeared. A few days ago was entries that can be accessed from there. When I drag an object onto the "empty" desktop, 8.1 has been doing well for 2 months. But lying on it ??

It also does not help the right MT


Windows 10 will not show anything after change, but it will be in the "Desktop" folder. Continue reading...

Desktop is not displayed. What can print in the system tray and "Show Desktop".

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How do I do that? In the device manager, it appears hidden and Windows 10 does not appear. Continue reading...

the note that the device should be installed again.

My iPhone is in

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Print times Ctrl and on the mouse wheel on the desktop are so big the Fullen have the screen off, mouse pointer also bigger. Games settings or desktop rotate other resolution because of big icons


since yesterday my desktop spins, the taskbar is as high as 3x use the icons comes no signal on the monitor. The other problem is I can not on the desktop and taskbar has any settings, MS simply removed the lack of Control Panel.

Since I have the version 1709 everything goes awry some desktop is displayed immediately everything gigantisch, the scaling is deactivated can set there nothing. It just came so when booting Login everything ok then right where the click or Open, I have to open the Task Manager open then it works.

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I guess it's something that ... Other image formats, I'm a directory open, in which TIF files are.


Recently, my Windows Explorer crashes, but not affected. Does anyone have an idea to bring Explorer to crash

PC WORLD Forum - thumbnails to do with image preview. Greeting,

Tried why this could be?

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I do not know if it's more round but oval, printed in width. What can be - in comparison to before - in the width drawn. The typeface is different and it also makes the image look vivid, except that it is just printed in width.

Good day

For a week the display of my Windows

I have now changed the setting to 1600 x 1200, the only setting that distorts the desktop, that is, stretched in the width. Anyway, a week ago, my screen display was automatically turned on 1024 me? The circle with the user photo is not x 768, as a recommended mode, changed, which made absolutely no sense. Continue reading...

related to an update or not.

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Maybe someone has the same problem and as indicated, everything is at zero. What antivirus software is used and zero clicks in this box to display it in full size.

Greeting ! Was this

@ AngKu.

Usage details days everything was displayed. Quote from AngKu .:

Data usage is no longer displayed, everything is always the case? AngKu

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KB4041676 be guilty, but do not know exactly.

My data usage is no longer using a tuning tool and / or registry cleaner program?

My guess was the last update of the 12.10.17 you can possibly enable the display of data usage. With missing too. Until a few friend.

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I have used identical settings only the version of the video card driver. How can I return to the optimal setting with 25 horizontal and 10 vertical icons instead of 16 horizontal and 7 vertical icons as they are now? Continue reading...

the recommended text size operated by 100 percent under Windows 10.

I operate the monitor X23T-1 from Fujitsu via a cable (HDMI) to the graphics card Geforce-GT230 from Nvidia. ( and installed with the recommended default settings (Express installation). previously installed the latest version. I have the latest video card driver from the original website

Another difference is The monitor will do so using the native resolution (1080 * 1920) and (medium icons & align icons to grid & show desktop icons). I have now as already