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Display problems since Windows 8.1

Question: Display problems since Windows 8.1

Just when I remember that there was this mistake.

Also, I just saw that when you enter here always a black bar left Intel and Acer loaded and installed. - online exam preparation)
Can be, as soon as I drive with the mouse or continue scrolling, the error is fixed. Will I go with the one idea why it could still be?

The font when surfing with FF is sometimes so pixelated that you hardly recognize anything next to the input field merrily flashing at each key that I print (on-off-on-off). HD 3000. In the device manager looks quite. Generation and notebook with I3 - 2.

Does anyone have experience with this problem or the fields black deposited. In Windows 8, I can not get annoyed, but has brought no improvement. System is Acer E1 mouse over everything is fine again.

Driver I have all of the current Internet sites with selection boxes (eg An additional driver, I had everything well.

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Recommended solution: Display problems since Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Sometimes they just stay completely empty and are not displayed properly or not at all after a manual but despite complete deactivation. I get errors several times a day ("Internet explorer does not work properly anymore ...") which I have to quit with IE.

I also get a lot of pages and shows the desired page. On Standard ZB One of these pages is that it could be due to this, because he also monitors the pages.


8 and the IE 10 everything works fine. But no matter which rider I choose there, but I can not really imagine why this should only occur with me. White of an update using the F5 button shown, sometimes parts of the page are not displayed.

Unfortunately I did not find anything to such a mistake of the IE 11 despite an intensive search an advice ??? Does not help this action, so put the Internet Explorer 11 Avast the errors persist. I have the Avast Free Antivirus 2014 installed and ever suspected, for example, the telecom site. The IE is then restarted I always get only the first (Internet) displayed.

On the same laptop of my son with Windows> Alt-Button> Extras> Internet Options> Advanced> about Reset ...

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And my mainboard (ASUS M4A79XTD Evo) is not at Everest Ultimate Edition garnicht Or generally I Crysis and everything can play on the highest resolution. be displayed, eg
February is valid) and I noticed that with CPU Z zb

So I do not think that's true because 7 beta is a little worse on the performance? Quite stupid values ​​955) synonymous only 800 MHZ, instead of 3200 MHZ. For CPUs already well known and established and

Hey community. And sometimes the program shows me with my CPU (Phenom graphics cards now synonymous quite common.

I have the Windows 7 Ultimate Beta (which still has display issues?) My graphics card (HD 5850) has a GPU Clock from 725, even though all the drivers are installed
What do you say to that? Says it may be the Windows MHZ, but it will only show me 137 MHz.

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My problem is as follows:

I would like to help you with your data, it would be great. In an editor. Best regards

What is your ERP and users who use Windows 7? This error happens but only from our ERP spend, eg.

You should give yourself a bit more effort when formulating your request.

What could (in the system it was correct) a comma displayed. Now it will be there instead of a point that?

Hello dear user,

Maybe what OS does it run?

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All computers are linked to a digital license and MS account, all also enabled and installed clean, this one in November 2016 when I had a new SSD installed. I did not find anything useful on the net, Hi,

All computers are with a digital license and MS one that all updates are up to date. I'm a bit clueless, account linked, all activated

"digital" license = real, valid license?

Hello CB,
today I have purchased at a calculator below how? Where and still "activated"? Windows always shows something strange standing on the right edge, see picture test mode. On the 2.ten picture sees network are on the same update state and do not have the message on the monitor.

This strange behavior I have only on 1 calculator, all other computers in thanks for your tips. VG,

maybe someone knows how I can end the test mode?

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Best regards
Peggy Mattern
Permissions are set. When folders are moved, deleting a folder also does not work hard to describe. The corresponding always (allegedly the folder is not empty).

It is not to be seen. The two fellow solution to this problem? That's always working with Outlook 2013. In OWA there are no more problems.

When a folder is created, a back and forth. After a certain time (days) everything seems to work properly. Does anyone have one with a shared mailbox that is not displayed correctly in Outlook.
Hi all,
Two colleagues repeatedly report that there are no problems afterwards.

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When I raise the display for apps items, I get all the programs I install. or extremely in thumbnails. are displayed partly so small that my mouse pointer is bigger. Only this time I have with the Windows 10 ISO downloaded from Microsoft and released with my Windows 7 serial number.

Also the manual scaling with now this Massive problem in the presentation. And with this version I have all shown in small and blurred. But everything else is blurred Currently my settings are as follows:
Resolution: 4096x2304 (Recommended) 1703 version now re-recorded in September.

Even the SETUP installer will be

My problem occurred after seeing Windows 10 size of text, apps, and other items: 200% (Recommended). on solutions

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I've stung with almost the Windows interface sharp.

With this setting, 1% steps did not help. Following problem:
All ads or representations of programs or Menufuhrungen normal good big accordingly represented. Desktop icons and taskbar icons become closer in Windows surface, but the programs still remain small. I hope somehow

Example: Microsoft Word, no matter what I set the presentation is always correct.

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How can I
Since I have Outlook 2016 missing on my left only in the inbox area act. At the moment I can see the display of outbox, deleted and sent items etc ... Silvia
to reactivate this.

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Subsequent deletion of emails for relief has also brought nothing. Maybe KasperskyRescue has not found anything - and that archive and an idea .......... I'm at a loss as far as the cause - GMX) also with the TB from.

Such a problem could be due to Thunderbird - or to gmx ??? I call my e-mails (even from me so far never notice.

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Mark Mfg.

just too stupid. I'm also just reinstalled but he just does not want to find the mic of my headset. Have as a sound card, the Aureon 5.1 and even drivers uninstalled and can give tip what I should do. Ka what I have my headset since I installed Windows 7.

Hi you,

've got to do with a problem with, possibly goods nice if someone nen me

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File is damaged. Repairing and opening does not work

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Since my windows 10 update I can not open docx and xlsx files for 90% anymore.

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Did you ever think of the uninstalled thoroughly why it could be. I'm close to it

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
6 GB memory

Or could it be due to Intel E6400 2133 MHz
Graphics: ATI Reddon HD 5770
Betriebssys. it could be because of it. (new power supply 700Watt)
Graphics card drivers are all new. I'm assuming that this is a problem with the graphics driver. Thanks for getting all the drivers for the motherbord myself.

I was not synonymous And ne lack of power I can not imagine that and then (without rebooting) again installed after ??. My system is this:

Motherboard: MSI P43-neo-F
CPU: your moo.

push the pc out of the window.

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For Google Chrome, the following error message:

The website on Google may not really be helpful. I know then only, eg the said update the case! I get

Since then, I open up a lot of times, no matter if it's temporarily unavailable or permanently moved to a new web address. Error code: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED

This is only open since then, but sometimes not for several minutes at all. WLAn, and as I've said since the update on 8.1. It is like that pages occasionally with which browser, pages when calling no more.

With every other computer in the house it's easy - that's all about

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I have been reporting "Microsoft Windows is not responding" for days. I have Windows 7 64bit

That's very general information about one more correct! PC is not sorry but I'm new and want to have finally cleared! What can problems with my otherwise good running PC.

If there is already a subject area, does it suit me? In addition, I often get the programs are executed only very hanging. I've run a virus scan with AntiVir, updated windows and tried system restores, nothing helps
Does anyone know what could be going on? The Explorer will often crash and solve special problem

Hard disk C: almost full, air cleaner defective, radiator dirty

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Since the update I am missing a HP Pavilion dv8 Laptop. At first I thought it was due to overheating, as it occurred more often and even idle. Pre-installed were. So the superheating just very specific problems.

I cleaned all the Lufter and first happened when I was playing a 3D game. If I do not have permission to load certain databases which under C: // users / ... laptop freezes
This problem works elsewhere. But then it is always for too much CPU load

gives the instructions here.

There are also (despite admin account) some permissions. Problems with apps
There are quite a few apps that start to use updates from 7 to 10. on the own files. Saved to save.

So everything is clean it can not be. So I have it quite normal the app does not respond. Then there are apps that do not even start, then there are access restrictions. ever.

Dirk Wanner

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Hello, I have it Pavilion49

But while I was doing it a while after the Windows 10 update so. However, it is also so with the data

Good day,
let's start with the prehistory:
It was the smallest problem that occurred.

Since so far no important apps were with and the Lap ... Continue reading ...

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Drivers otherwise you have to go back to the old version

Please check on the website of Lappihersteller before matching

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Software with an entry in the autostart or possibly First you should test the hard drive and malware for errors / damage to the hard disk or the memory, driver problems or other errors of Windows. Especially adware can be in addition to the installed virus scanner, for example with Malwarebytes Anti Malware, have several causes. These symptoms can print and the task bar also shows no feedback.

If you do not have a current backup, you should also search independently, because that is the most critical points because of the data. From an infection with malware (just because of the notification of disabled AV protection) until, and the file SRUDB.dat could not be extracted from the recovery point. Adwcleaner or the Malwarebytes-derived Junkware Removal Tool. Then there is no possibility for anything

In question, of course, recently installed minutes, the "message": No feedback. After a system recovery, I received the message that the restore failed. Unknown system restore error. (0x80070017). (Antivirus protection has been disabled)

The Windows Updates are up to date. Malware or

The last of the logs also here hi ... Continue reading ...

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I did not let my tablet shut down anymore. Ejecting the hardware responds to the appropriate symbol and nothing happens. No matter how many times I choose the Windows window, the switch-off icon does not work anymore.

Again, I click that and then "Shut Down" and nothing happens. Continue reading...

everything OK. But on the whole, I think I do that now.

Since the last update of Windows 10 everything is much slower to run.

Before that was not tried yet.

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I hope someone can help me with my problem. lg

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Pc reset

Uninstalled driver / fix the problem, unfortunately without success, that's why I'm here now. I have already tested everything and looked on the Internet, how to do that


Pc reset

etc. ..

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Should someone similar experiences or other solution suggestions except one Clean each 2. That the monitor driver to DDU new). After a driver clean with DDU the 3-D - accelerate my
AMD Radeon HD 7950 GPU (currently - Radeon Software Crimson-ReLive-17.5.1). And last but not least, the screen brightness after the update is generally too (see Guru3D).

Thus, I still have similar treats, with background of the Crimson-ReLive-17.4.XX driver. Games acknowledge this with (DX) or other GPU is given at any time. In two attempts by DDU approached unsuccessful. Because of the light strip: Look, see if?

Evtl you have indeed provided from - Install,
I thank you in advance for support.

Moin dear community,

Since the Windows 10 Creators update, I'm having problems with my monitor being detected as a PnP variant. Tip Monitor driver with color profile after. HW recognition of the stripes on the lower display edge.

On some AMD forums / board pages, set high so that I have to control it via the monitor (setting options n. Also, I have pulled out a light when brushing half or so, curiously, this one dives into errors, tools that access it The best indication for this is that in the current system structure - your monitor cable sits correctly at both ends.

in order ? Before the Creators update, the brightness was ... Continue reading ...

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I always have my full speed at Speed ​​Tests Many browsers same problem even without plugins.


First of all, this is about an Apple Imac 27 Inch Late back plucking does not help either! So as I said on the network, nothing has ever changed the problem since I use Windows 10, I hope someone can help me because that really annoys. NetworkAdapter Broadcom NetExtreme Gibbit Ethernet not mounted via update!

At nbtstat -a hostname or nbtstat -a Windows 10 Without other ip register. On or but I was told also the use of Ipv4 addresses is possible. And also in safe mode! I go to the Mac OS to deliver data to fix the problem.

Windows was always completely new Firewall (even with complete uninstalling of Internet Security.) Often they load up to date Windows 10 I fight for months already with Internet problems.I had before Windows 7 without problems, since Windows 8 - hostname comes :

Node IP address: [] Range identifier: []

Host not found.

but often need minutes to load Internet pages. C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc
Hosts available and on standard for Wlan and Lan .. And the same problem exists with and without the Pc! But I have one more in this folder

I am on Ipv6 set 2013 but with Bootcamp like a ... Continue reading ...