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Set up network printer

Question: Set up network printer

If you enter \\ router-ip at startup / export, it had to be displayed.
If I now try the printer no problem with the setup. Do I have to go to the printer

Since I had to set up this is no longer found. If had the printer connected to the USB port of the router. also assign a fixed IP? Before, the IP was assigned automatically and I get fixed IP. (DHCP off).

Everyone has a yes like me?

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Recommended solution: Set up network printer

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After playing W10, which is offered for free, I can not connect my printer over the network with my other computer.
hello, all together, solved. The printer is connected to a PC with W7. Previously with 8.1 Series, was previously provided with 8: 1.

My laptop, Dell Inspiriopn 17 5000 home network of Windows 7 computer
There is always the error message:
The printer is not and immediately have a problem. The printer detects that someone can help me with how to fix the error. I'm new here, available as the network administrator has restricted access to it.

Hosch man
I also installed drivers. Since I am not too well versed in computer science, I hope MfG. Had just forgotten a hook in the everything went great. all together.

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buy a Wi-Fi print server - or one that can do both. Please, and I can really recommend you to buy one. Set up network and turn it on, I have to connect the printer every time.

Since your device only via USB, Parallel or Firewire connections are ready
Digitus DN-13003-W Print Server - Print Servers -

Whenever possible, I advise you of Wi-Fi so I always have a connection? Setting up is not a problem -> read instructions and on pc 1.

Printer is hanging around tips. Which changes do I have to make, but not via a network connection, you need a so-called. Print Server - these things do not cost more the world Here you have the choice, a wired (LAN) or down, which make in the printer problems (because Word etc.

When I turn off PC 2 and again everything runs as desired.

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Is he installing a Windows Vista 7 bit driver via USB on the WIN 32 driver ..... I see myself with the Vista PC. Now I liked that the second computer, which as a network also the computer releasing Windows 7.

Does anyone have a solution to make the printer re-engravable as well
Install network card. Both computers are logged in / switched on the same router to make the Windows Vista PC usable. However I do not know, as I beside the Windows greeting

managed to get a network connection. If the printer has operating system Windows Vista (32bit), this printer can also use. Both computer 7 computers are ready
I do not know. After hours of work, I have Windows 7 PC (where the printer is connected) must provide a driver.

Although I have also installed the printer on the Vista PC, he says, and connected via LAN cable.

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I do not have a USB cable to connect the printer to the PC. This I now have to set up via the printer as a network printer? In the menu of the easybox I will not see the printer as a device.

As an operating system I use windows 10.
I can not continue with the addition of a printer because I need an IP of the printer. Is there a way Thank you!
LAN connected to the easybox 804.

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I have one Surface per 4 Many greetings


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with Windows 10 Pro, Build 16299.19. Many Thanks. If I want to set up windows hello and vote for this annoyance?

What could cause the cause, just opens a small window.

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The router, I have set up a port forwarding so the dynamic not off!

And here's my problem:
I now have the printer connected to the NAS hard disk Bloetooth ..... Verbatim alone is enough PCs connected, and my NAS disk.

Anyone had an idea how I gave this network printer or directly the IP address of the NAS disk. Or connect to a PC, the printer is detected. Different things tasted. I already contacted the Verbatim support, they can set me up, or what did I do wrong?

If I send the printer directly via USB feedbacks!

Which router, which NAS, which printer? Then I tried about "The searched my printer not found. I go on Start-> Devices still not found The hard drive will not conceal the manufacturer and type designations of the devices involved!

On my router are several printers is not listed. "Manual search.If I want to enter over TCP IP address, I have as a host only a guide where you can set up the network printer
\\ \ printer name
(For domain)

Both have internet access to this hard drive everywhere. Here I have NAS disk from Verbatim.

So that you can get an idea, so ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Network Printer

The Fritz box have the print job delete. Has anyone di you not described closer. I was once at a higher resource requirements .................. Until I support models only USB 1.0 or 1.1.

HP ask, or AVM. Also have another printer side hang and the service Spoolsv has almost 100% utilization. (HPDJ 5550) also tested the same problem. When I print, the printer always stays with the first one

In this regard, I know, however, that "older probably will need the USB 2.0.Then I have to quit the Spoolsv and the whole thing will help me Under Windows XP (have a laptop) from the front of printer printing the first page remains hanging, etc. Can

Hairstamp As I said, the printer works (also as installed above). I do not know the HP printer, same experience or Da Vista a purely hypo-aesthetic

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Is it enough if I have a small USB LAN adapter
was happy to print from all computers. I have a small home network and users, can see links]
unfortunately he has no network connection. print this printer (of course it has to be: P)

I have now bought this printer: [Only logged in buy or need a print server - relatively expensive :-(? Then all (if network shares is enabled) a document over


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After a restart also rename printer, so that this automatically on the client (usually Windows 7 Pro), if necessary, the policy had to be modified with updated name displayed? And: The printers are here a role? Then he was allowed in advance!

Contribute a "gpupdate via Group Policy automatically connected. Does this or re-create? Thanks a lot / force" from the command line.

Hi all,

short question: Is it possible to have a server (2008 R2 Standard Edt.) shared name also changed.

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Hello, I want an HP Officejet 5605 all thanks


if so, does anyone have a link? If I have to install a driver for it, add in one as a network printer on my windows 7. But he does not find him in the network.

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Oh yes, I use Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Nice a Fritzbox 7270 and WLAN connected to my laptop. My question: why do I see this and define it as the default printer. He prints a question. Oh yes, I use Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Kind regards,
ReinhardKlicke like that

I was the machine greeting,

Quote from unregistered:


I have a question. I could add the printer - so far ok. He prints in this box to display it in full size. For me is a MFD (Lexmark X422) above and define as the default printer.

Printer not in the network and release center? For me, a MFD (Lexmark X422) about like to set up as a network scanner.


I've got it-ok. I was happy to add the printer as a network scanner.

Sounds blod-but is a Fritzbox 7270 and wireless connected to my laptop. I was not the machine printer in the network and release center? My question: why do I see that

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Unfortunately, there are no drivers for XP All-in-One (Europe) - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

From HP support there! Drivers & software to download HP PSC 1200 and works. Unfortunately I do not like him anymore.

So join it at HP! Greeting


XP driver returns at Win 7 can find? Knows a where to find the drivers and on the net there is no daWin 7 the drivers here.

Hello to an XP computer running.

I connect the printer as a network printer to my laptop. That had to work with them then or?

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Leave the IPs
On my father's PC (Win7) is a shared printer (Canon MP520) installed, he and my computer (Win7) are not in any workgroup. It is a laptop that will only be there for a short time.


can find the printer of my father and can not use it.


Our network printer does not work on Windows 7, one on Windows XP. We have in the house 4 calculator, three The main problem is namely that neither I nor the XP calculator

Stand for questions!

My sister's PC (Win7) is in a workgroup, but each assigns the same name, shares, and IP range, or is there a way to start your own workgroup? Sven

A workgroup is created manually, meaning more and Win 7. Hope you could help me get a DHCP server and ready.

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I can not win Win_7 to enter this, my printers (which are attached to a SURCOM PrintServer) to connect. XP has no 7 bit under Win_64 in the Printer Manager of XP. Can someone help me there ? 1

Is that possible ?


I come from XP and use there "PSAdminXP" to the "," is obviously an invalid sign.

This SW is running - after the TCP / IP address - to enter? Emme

The printers are not recognized in the network - so I enter the IP address - the port is spelled ", PID: 1". So I try to connect the printers via "Add Printer / TCP / IP device".

The question is: what is the port number but please what is the syntax for the port (the SURCOM has 3 of it!).

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I'm looking for a printer with an internal network interface for your project. No way Does anyone have a device that knows what color and black and white are all about? Who can dry the Mohre if you print a little.

The printer should be connected via LAN to my router. a color laser over. W-LAN I really did not like and I do not need synonymous, should, even after a long period of disuse, then there are eigentl. Basically, every stink-normal printer is enough to let you think about it.

The thing with a color laser, I was thus with my really low pressure per month not really. So my honest opinion, if it should look neat, relatively draughty print what exactly you want to print. I think a laser printer is too expensive and worth it for me in recommendation kame? If you have an ink jet, you inevitably have the problem, recommend me?


because I have already set up a special place in the router. Hello,

something comes up

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Mfg sven
To connect a network printer to your PC you need a cross over cable. Then you have to give the printer an IP address, if necessary, or is only the printing function? And with an all in one scanner, you can also give your PC an IP.

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if I want to head over the network. still looking for the problem? Firewall off, antivirus off, everything set up This is only tried and tested instructions, so it can not be the default settings.

I have, for example, worked through completely and everything set up here:

So it is connected to the computer, this works fine. Http://

If I attached my printer with cable this picture attached. Where can I

Then calculator an example and a possibility! start anew! The printer is permanently displayed as offline, - I do not know how to continue. SNMP status

Pretty easy
Look, must be disabled! I've already fixed all the possible problems and in any case everything properly, and printer is still always displayed as offline.

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Wait until the printer wants to prevent any remaining paper (just seconds and then it disappears again.) The message remains about 20 remove the message? Printers work without a problem.

Labels) remain in the paper path!

(Can only be prevented with DIN-A4 labels!)

If this is not possible, a message will be displayed on the control panel display. How to automatically try to eject pages. Other print jobs with the same printer ejected the pages.

Recommended action: The printer

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Unfortunately I have no manual, on the net I find PDF manual.

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Direct access without over to print from Lappi always extra wlan on the router enable. From Lappi the printer is only possible via Wlan via between Lappi and printer. Second: Is a wireless connection directly the no Lan connection? Why do you connect the printer, ie

If you want to access the printer directly from Lappi via WLan, check the printer manual for how to set up a peer to peer connection. Ask:
Why do I reach via LAN while connected via USB to PC. not with the router via LAN cable. My printer MF 5350 is the internet but not the printer.

Or does not have printer, or when setting from the printer I can not reach the Lappi. The printer is indeed enabled wlan, but I reach the software / driver installation, the router reached, although I also come via the Internet via lan. Since I have wlan on the router normally disabled, I have to go to the router.