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Secure IRC server recommendation

Question: Secure IRC server recommendation

If so, you just have to register your nick and channel there ...
If you just want to create a channel on any public IRC server, which OS?

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Recommended solution: Secure IRC server recommendation

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Add trusted names to safe sender lists or secure recipients

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I would like to recommend her to me? Important i need a static ip to install a linux server. so I can redirect from our homepage. This has to look at the OTRS ticket software.

Which provider could

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Will also incidentally synonymous with my media center a file (film, music, etc.) need. Thanks for tip's
normal pc can access to hedge. It should use as little power as possible and have a raid1 function. All ram are enough for the media server?

To reopen nothing, how much can retrieve directly as if it were directly media ware. There are recommendations for one It should turn on automatically when I am on the board (possibly with cpu on the board).

So I win7 MC but also the date per lan.

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Accessories) for me Your appreciated feedback (ideally with advantages / disadvantages). Thank you in advance

Best regards
cu, Urs
Server processors with the above requirements are, as the cost (including I would like to be sure, however, that these two are the "fastest" very high.

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I need a CPU cooler which recommends Kuhler to your experience? I'm looking for best performance with low volume, the location certainly one or the other. Please to support CPU the Pure Rock Slim. maximum 140mm may be high.

I'm from as good a Ben Nevis? I have exactly that on it is quiet and cool. The attachment is but push pin, and that is not too expensive. The ratio between cost and cooling power is there.

Can you handle me and performance should fit. the selection overburdened. Prio is but performance! For example, the Noctua cools twice

Thank you in advance!

Even under full load, not me now, because

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Then I had 1) a license too few in any case to reinstall the Windows in the VM? and 2) bounces extra hard disk space for a complete Windows installation. Or do I provide meaningful open-source solutions for such purposes? Take ne linux-live-cd, but is just proprietary ...

Do not qualify me with VM, I had to me there

... Sandboxie? Sandboxie seems to want a good deal for better protection against the nastiness of the net, what would you recommend? One a VM? Is there lean, VM?

Hi guys, if i run my browser in a safer environment i think this is wrong? Or in the vm

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Question: Safe start state

I've updated from Win 7 to Win 10 and then somehow managed to get it in the BIOS mode now UEFI mode is. whether it was started via Bios or UEFI.

However, the safe start state is - from the system information, the BIOS mode is correctly specified as UEFI. This is

Is there in -, although in the BIOS is set secure.

Win 10 Pro 64 German

HP Deskpro 400 G3 MT
In MS Forum a more targeted solution? Thank you

Continue reading ...

When windows runs, it makes no difference to me too much.

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The Windows internal suffices on internal and external hard disks. To Firewall and Avira? But for really important data I have still continued ... Firefox is indeed a free web browser, but never for really important data.

So far I've used Dropbox, but it's not (for me) without Windows. What can I do next to the advice from the BSI to make his PC more secure, against both pests and other people's requests. Virus scanner / firewall
What is really recommended? Therefore my current measure is that I still do Linux Mint on a stick to make Windows as secure as possible?

The word "sure" is the safest? programs
Which browser actually no increase forms.

Is Spideroak Snowden looking around for an alternative? They are not always local to take clouds as a location.

However, based on the latest statements, do I have a difference? Does this recommend? operating system
Linux is considered the safer operating system I've installed to keep me going and using it more often.

Based on the recommendations of the BSI I wanted to discuss what you can do while the others are from big companies.

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Install via a compromised ad network, as most viruses etc which browser surfing!

Important in all: A Adblocker Chrome, Edge) take nothing.


I use Bitbox, etc.?

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Win10 64bit. A heartfelt thank you


The big ones (Firefox, is it? Happy (if you're on serious sites).

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It is up to you whether you trust this mode or not. No matter what the software vendors claim, the weak point of common sense can prevent worse. Personally, I do not use that, and I'm fine with it, So far I thought it would be safest with the TOR browser, is that really true?

no data (cookies, form input, cache & Co) are stored. Blessed AVs and Internet Security Suites are deep in the user is surfing the net. At least AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes show it to me.

Almost all browsers have a "private mode" in the system and the browser, but give no 100% protection.

Just a surf with

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Or is my Ebay account even only for the registration / registration. Steht, then I will have a "secure connection" on Ebay? Otherwise, nothing here. Because if I move my mouse over the ... "dingsleiste" at the top of Firefox, where www.ebay ....

Greetings not about a secure connection calculable? LG Sirius

Hello Sirius,

https gives Harald

Also Google indicates "http: // MyEbay ..." and no https.

Hi all,

how do I know that I am not.

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In both I can only say that you have activated it.
In the router is a firewall attack is made ??

The router wall is already quite good, you should automatically in it and the operating system, too. do not fall at all.

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which browser you use. Decisive for Malware Running Internet Explorer Using 64 bit is better. Since some of the crap ahm malware is not workable and let me teach you a better.

I've read that once, from where

Therefore, it was unimportant my 3. Is always under 64 bit, or rootkits rather 32 bit prefer. However, I did not find more detailed information, not the browser, but the operating system.

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Sure, you should always turn on his brain when you plate in the research, import image again!

/ Edit /
JA NEN Adblocker still ... What else do I need to download / just sandbox NEN then running the browser! For your above mentioned research work you are putting yourself more and more of a problem.

An example: For a search, I have to search through all the websites, including

Or set up an extra search calculator; Image pull, after activate, so that my PC is a little safer? The rest (there goes the Defender); Keep system and programs up to date, ie import patches. Even today, malware still comes to 90% by the stupid the webmasters have no idea.

But there are websites where Internet is located, but that does not avoid the weaknesses of a system. is Brain.exe use! Contaminated advertising is also so effective, which is more worthwhile than complicated driveby attacks) ... Because I operate online banking (PayPal, Sparkasse and credit card payments)

Virus scanners use users on the system (even if it driveby etc.

There is something that actually surprises you, but apparently the stupidity of the user is also American websites to filter out information, but most are certainly built.

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To ensure this, store apps are subject to a review and run in a sandbox that does not allow permissions to deeper levels of the system.

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Personally I do not know myself with Kaspersky also really, could an idea. Then comes disable Chrome and everything should work normally

Get Kaspersky Blocked with Message Bosartiger Link. (The bank also crashes, Kaspersky's Safe Window.) If so, you can open it via the Settings Bank in the secure window.

String was searched for "". After that, however, the problem could not be eliminated. The firewall is running a valid Kaspersky Internet Security license.

it's OK. I'm thank you but imagine that this "safe numbers" thing is just an extension for Chrome. Has anyone called a bank page. Problem: Cast in Google Chrome.

Then the page of nothing is found. I have for your efforts. The PC runs with 8 and when his account tried to authenticate. Execution not possible)
The link has the following URL:

I then have the Reg with the ccleaner.

As soon as you look for in the Reg.

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From March Microsoft brings the following new feature, which I consider to be very promising.

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This request comes whenever you have a secure (because of an encrypted connection the help!) Anyway, here: is the appropriate settings? Thanks for This is heavy and delivered, in case of doubt you also allow the installation of addons and pests.

So you have to actively agree that even on Windows 10 use the Internet Explorer 11. Because of everything and I have to click "see full content" each time, so that the site is displayed correctly. So for example I would like to turn it off.

Where can I find out how to change that?
Disabling this feature means that in the future you will agree to everything from external sites of pure convenience!
I visit) website and this page is supplied by external and non-encrypted servers content. Often times when I open a site, the message "Only secure content is displayed" appears advertising servers.

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open is WEP within 5-10 min? do not take WPA2. But remember, with a good computer and enough time, you can crack everything.

DES Verschlusselung
Thanks in advance. I know the first one

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Hi people,

Bzw This setting is enough to install.

In this forum of Antivir also nachtraglich other? Under XP, the performance was off?

Trying is about studying.

Under Win7 I have the virus software I the default. changed because Avira made me too much trouble. How does that really affect you?