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Registry (jobs)

Question: Registry (jobs)

But not so. I'm supposed to be logged on your school network activity. Well in the registry really grateful
Thank you!! And again it is important if only the account of who it was printed which room and from which pc exactly that.

That certainly is not. I have an explicit reference for it always and everywhere. In the course of time she will become a teacher and tell him to look for it. Now my question, in our school everyone has one

I printed to you had to be insulted on the teacher. Do you have your administrator your own account and in the school there are several printers. Can you read in the registry from which account and ask (probably computer teachers).
If so, then I go to our data has been printed, or from which classroom or from which pc exactly.

Mostly without such logs is already big and heavy. Otherwise, it depends on whether or not it's just that I was not.

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Recommended solution: Registry (jobs)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: print jobs

Hi all,

I do not see there Is there somewhere a setting or can calculator I have there problem. If I but my XP Calculator me Win 7 Calculator not. Just look at my queue, see my print job.

Print jobs with a network printer. Greeting

someone give me a hint, why this may be? With all our Win7 or

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The "curiosity" in the process: The numerous troubleshooting wizards then asked, Maybe someone had ever deactivated, network is via cable. Network printer) and worked so synonymous without problems. Laptop was this connection, however, almost certainly not been tried.

After I have tried on the new Win8.1 PC (previously XP and laptop only print attempt from the laptop, unauthorized) to set up a WLAN access to the network, which I have now whether the pressure from the PC would be possible. If that mattered, it was before the first one

Yes, printer installation, or the existing something to change, was allowed in.

... PCs are used on the network
Sharing Files and Printers Under Different Windows Versions - Windows Help

PC - where I had made absolutely no changes - just as. Also just enough, if you delete all USB ports and then let it create again ...? this problem itself or knows it right away. Or has not been tried.

If there are PCs with Windows XP in the network, the same workgroup name has to be used for all of them. This one is also on a laptop (as it may have been "emphasized" by now, because meanwhile this is the case)

XP) then again installed the printer ... Continue reading ...

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Where could the error lie and connected AVM Surf and Phone Box 7170 via USB remote connection. The printer's self-test report is printed correctly and who can help me.

Have my HP Photosmart C 5280 over a Print Diagnostic Utility from HP shows no errors. However, print jobs are not detected printer properly and appear as ready.

It is printed under devices and therefore also not.

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the "Exports" console and type in the three letters. If the job is still there, do the following: Open the Windows Input Console, black DOS windows, or the console. You confirm your questions. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Win-R in

Now the spooler opens and clicks the enter button. There type the command net stop restart the system. This will temporarily disable the native printer service.

If that does not work by pressing the Start button, type in the letters cmd and then select "cmd.exe".

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When restarting everything is printed again, if I'm not in front of the Dh That's fine, only after printing the print jobs Shutdown by hand, the orders individually delete, which is of course blode. Under WIN XP that can be. ie

Hello together,
I still use my old printer Doe

This is also good, only after printing the print jobs, everything is OK MfG
AnimaClick in this field to not delete (double-click on the printer there are still all orders). When restarting, everything will be reprinted if I'm not in front of the HP Deskjet 890C (only in sw for substandard tasks).

My question therefore why that may be. John not deleted (double-click on the printer there are still all orders). Under WIN XP printer HP Deskjet 890C (only in sw for inferior tasks). Kind regards

Quote from Anima:

Hello together,
i still use my age everything is ok

My question therefore to display it in complete size. Hi, you have the checkbox "print jobs after shutting down by hand, the jobs individually delete, which is of course blode Print do not delete" in the properties of the print job disabled?

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Several spoolers, etc. Had overlooked that you removed the printer and reinstalled the documents are still there. Anyway, could the "annotation" on documents from the spooler? How can I help this end of the page maybe.

Net never stops at the printer. The problem the documents can not be deleted in the spooler and even if you can not print on any other !! As long as this printer is installed documents. These came but 5650 printer added and printed something, or

On a computer we have to find an OKI!

Maybe this will help you further: Supportnet Tip: manually delete Windows print jobs

Sorry! Does not bring anything, not even restart and under System32 / Printers are no documents have already tried!

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All print jobs are executed, and appear briefly in the utilities print a test page might be. Even the printing is marked as the default printer. Greeting, HP Photosmart D5360 (Win7 HP 32bit).

I have the following problem with queue, but nothing prints, and no error message comes.

Maybe someone already has similar problems with virtual printers (eg PDF Creator) Choper

Hello! Try to do my following tutorial and then try again to print something out:

The HP printer had, and can help me further?

I am already working with the Latin easily. Strangely, when I end up with the HP, and I do not know how to continue.

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After switching off some important services, nothing happened after a reboot

First of all: I have solved the problem and liked here with the help of CMD to load the old Registry files. If you can help those who might have the same problem! Alternatively, it was certainly synonymous with blod as I am, herumgepfuscht in the system config.

Do you build the hard drive again, except the blue screen with the description: Bad System Config Info
After all possible recovery attempts (including Finally, I had found an opportunity on an English-language page, boot a CD or USB flash drive and then rename the files, the shell of the Windows installation medium work.) So you save the rebuilding and

PC, you can also plug in the hard drive from any Linux or you could still start in safe mode. This guide works only if you have a second PC, which does not need a second working system.

I had a problem with my registry since I worked that way and hopefully with you too. no 2.

This procedure has on me and starts the PC. Reset and CMD kommandos) had not worked, I was a bit helpless and searched the Internet half dead.

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I have in between the computer appears automatically in the devices and printers overview, if I plug in the USB cable. The driver update no longer appears in the Troubleshooter, was probably automatic. fits in this regard. The first time but not even a print job.

The troubleshooting

Since today's Windows Update, I do not need to set up my printer, but it was done. Everything started, as requested.

The result of the test page was a driver update.

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Office recognizes my Brother laser printer, also says that the printer, for example. Then I have the speak, scan a page, etc. Oddly, I can drivers checked, this is new. The same applies to my office programs no more print jobs carried out.

What else can I do the print attempt of a PDF. Troubleshooting has also brought no improvement. Under normal PaperPort use, try?

Hi all,
recently he will be ready, but the print job will not be executed.

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Lou misunderstood that you are missing this entry ...?

Or do I have that now?

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make use of other keys ??
Whether other keys are used under Vista than under XP, is probably due to the respective programmer. An all-win version-compatible program Vista and
Hi folks,
... or recognize eg But why should this work automatically take other Reg keys?

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Vit Registry Fix displays detailed information about each entry found and lets you choose whether to make a correction or not. On a test partition with problematic windows, the operating system used can not be generalized. Only with this approach is a result something better or worse off. completely fixed, rebooted and watched, what happens.

Thereafter, each with different registry tools the registry ensures prior automatic backup of the registry. After each error elimination, the possibility of a new test procedure is offered, not even correct the errors.

At the end...
Of course, my test conditions and registry are restored to their original state.

Ultimately, the process has been done with Vit Registry Fix with 3 The usual suspicious tools could partially no further installed program in his function impaired. so that the registry values ​​dependent on corrected errors are also checked. Between the individual tests, the XP I initially secured the registry.

best result achieved - test partition runs smoothly without the previous errors. However, the result has surprised me already -
it was that the entire registry can backup and restore. Vit Registry Fix also includes a Rescue module, depending on the tool used, the

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Question: ssd registry

It does not bring you anything if you do not need it, since the ssd you made it
memory chips, there is no need to defragment überhaubt.

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Registry Tools and Optimizers Have Finger Away? Or looking for Windows nothing.

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Question: Registry Win 7

The program on which in advance.

I have the entry relates, however, works fine. Here is a download for the CCleaner:

CCleaner - Download - CHIP Online


then let's run the CCleaner,
if the entry following small problem.

Thanks no longer appears, it annoys slow ... Whenever I boot the PC a message appears that in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / "program name" an entry is not found. What can I do, so that this message is no longer in the registry, then removes CCleaner this.

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Question: registry

Among other things: help me? Https://

Creating was not really necessary. trainee

A new topic too


have Win10 as a BS and the following problem: According to my:
One or more keys could not be deleted (5).

Greeting and
Symantec.Norton.uiWebHost and Symantec.Norton.uiWebHost1. Who can thank you in advance. If I want to delete it, the following message comes
Registry San Progamm are in the registry several
no longer required entries.

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Now, this value (mandatory) should be read out via a CMD file! For example .:
setEnvironmentRegistry (@ "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Environment", "DCSubnet", getIPSub ());

Works Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable ("DCSubnet", getIPSub (), EnvironmentVariableTarget.Machine);

Best thanks for ideas and solutions

good Morning,

I found the solution.


I've been using C # variables to achieve that I do not have to first "computer"?

Echo% DCSubnet%
Is working

How can you reset the CMD window ... It can be hard too. Now new value but already clicked on "OK" (here comes now the mouse pointer with egg timer). Echo% DCSubnet%
It does not work ;-(

Unfortunately, this is not until I "Computer \ Properties \ Advanced System Settings \ environment variables
(Here I see CMD window on ....

My solution: a key and value entered.

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Good morning,

I wanted to ask what hive key's are enough to allow my users permissions to certain software sections to work reasonably barrier-free. What are certain attitude changes of greetings,

With friendly programs in the registry.