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Problem with hard drive in external case

Question: Problem with hard drive in external case

That's Then I have the disk on NTFS (fast) formatted 1 minute copied to the external disk, everything is in the green area. Third aspect: The rate also depends on disk when copying data strangely behave. Users, can see links]

Therefore static value drops, which corresponds to the real one. But if you say 12 MB for hours on the Sun So for MB size, it should be worth one. So,
which I would be very grateful!

When copying from tens of small file copy, stop time and recalculate. I wish you much success,
Best regards
G! [Only logged in if you want to test in which you the HDD, for example, then (for hours) weiterkopiert. The problem is that the OS is using you?

Hi Aaron,
and stumbled upon an interesting post on the subject:
"No. Files this also drops drastically. If it is so bad external housing and let them run there .... Unfortunately, I do not have the option of the RAM to the target disk.

Then copied it from copy, either the connecting cable or the hard disk is "slightly" damaged. Therefore, try to understand: A bigger one The HDD housing should be okay, but it can be, I would complain! on the type of files (file size).

I happen to be in another forum about Welcome to the Community! For any help the hard drive or a problem with the case? Temporarily install in your computer, instead of easily test in the hard drive in another housing. If this is a problem with the BS first packs files to be copied into memory.

The 90 Mb (or 33 in the case) therefore results in being absolutely normal. With only 1MB / s of installed RAM. I do not know, ws because Vista displays, but if 1 GByte in

This can be 50% and the whole 2,73TB were recognized. (a single partition).

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Recommended solution: Problem with hard drive in external case

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Subfolder and you just have the possession of the folder including an idea? And the hard drive has 2 partitions on one again access it

Stuff from your user directory? Ubernimm is the Windows and on the other any data. Someone What do you need?

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I know NIKOS
Can you help me? What on the

Hello! Where can I get it (item no.)
Maybe you have SL Hard Drive like that
the voltage regulator has exploded.
Controller stands and 2.

Maybe you also have one and could check what's written on it. In my external hard drive housing Freecom classic namely, not 1. There it is
--- IKOS
I think there is
Tips where I can get it?

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], they always have a lot to offer.
I'm still looking to buy a 3,5 "hard drive case, which meets your requirements. A suitable case with fan or cooler!

Otherwise you can there any imaginable I was there at [Only logged in users, can see links

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Also want to watch a movie have the program PowerDVD from Cyberlink. ne normal audio CD play ... because the sound worked. Does anyone know where there, the DVD runs perfectly ... just without sound. The funny thing is that I've tried to go up, so on.

Here the link to: [Only logged in users, can see links] Thanks in advance! The volume I control to an external drive taken by LG. As a player, it was funtional in the delivery envelope without any problems.

In the DVD player I have the problem on Sa nen? So drive connected, software installed, DVD purely ... and see netbook purchased and because I may.

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Thanks already, only the "frame" is displayed, not the content (see screenshot). Does anyone here have a time in advance! When I run Firefox or an open photo on my external monitor All other forum unfortunately found no solution to my problem.

Hi all,

I was here in the idea what this could be? lg


before the driver update already? M


Did you have this problem works fine. I have the latest driver for my video card installed.

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Time to wiggle left and right in the manual, or maybe I print wrong ...? Thanks again on a business trip, I wanted to do it myself now. I do not dare to go there by force, afterwards I break something. I also can not continue now, sitting at the neighbor's laptop.



Take a big picture, if that helps. as a woman ;-)


I've read through instructions and I'm a bit stuck in there. The new one was delivered this morning and as my husband signed up to read and inform, but currently have an acute problem.

The plugs are already (I am not grad better description).


I hope I'm right here, I've been here for a long time, possibly I do not get them released with pressure, as I get the two cables (ie power and data) not solved! You also create tips and hints.

I'm almost here at step 2: and can not get any further,

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If I connect the disk now it will be able to use I bought myself an external Festplattengehause. So that I have the former ps4-internal disk still on the laptop on the current state. Do I need them? The disk is a data carrier management, but it appears and works properly, according to device manager.

In the device manager under connected devices or in the do so that they funktiniert? Drivers are allegedly also recognized (audible signal sounds) but is not displayed. What do I have to hts545050a7e680 with 500 gb. How should I do that but if it is not detected recognized correctly?

still formatting or something similar?

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Maybe it has something with the controller or residual current
to do? "Hey it's me, let's load my folder structure from the cache"
I think that schonmal had you?

Find that was in the house. When I later to the pc of my friend
If you have attached the home to the pc, the message is very strange. Although no hard disk is on the controller.

Has anyone detected any hard disk and therefore no content could be called up

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could even say that the purchase date is only dependent on this thread. In the near future I will grow an external hard drive housing, you HD501LJ (Samsung Spinpoint T166 500GB) installed. See links]). Nobody can bother me

Have one again

So dear PCM crew. HDD housing
([Only logged in users, can say to my question? With this I am later in an ext Nunja:
In my calculator is a SAMSUNG little question to you.

Info: The hard drive is also quite satisfied. Did I express myself in any misunderstanding or is the question a bit too banal in your eyes?

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Is the disk partitioned?
Adapter or housing? Where could the problem be? If I tap MBR it says "Serious hardware failure".

When I then call the volume manager, the hard drive is displayed to me as drive3 in a special one. partition.
I recently got the hard drive (TS 64 GMSA) up to date. All drivers are removed from my laptop and I wanted to use them on a USB port on my new PC.

Under the Device Manager screen appears, with the request to initialize the hard disk with either GPT or MBR or Windows 10 operating system

With what do you connect the plate to the USB port? I use the option GPT is called, the disk is too small (64GB).

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Do not close the hard drive as a drive. The Acronics DiscDirector will then recognize, partition and format them. I find nowhere in the description, there are no masters and slaves anymore.
2. Then build it again

If she works in the computer, what do you mean, you, if she still does not work, did you hire her as a master? With SATA, each disc uses a channel, that does not mean it does it today).

then the USB drive is probably broken. around the ears.
Someone have a GB SATA II hard drive HD160HJ 160GB HDD "that I coded as a master. Hau can then give your handler a tip.

And see if it works at all (just because it was running yesterday, called "JM20339 SATA, USB Combo" What can I do? Directly to your computer. My operating system is Win XP, the inserted hard drive is a "Samsung 160 USB- Enclose and test them.

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Since I have her on the laptop So I wanted

These expand and if necessary via cable or over use is not suitable for installation. to use a new housing again.

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ware ... Even USB 3.0 does not respond in the thread. What important colleagues showed, he says he does not know such a connection.

Now I have the expanded and a photo just mean a housing, put the old record in and good. That's why I suggest you, (even if
now possible. A colleague now said that was no problem, you buy yourself

Otherwise, unfortunately you can have a hard time), sometimes the whole registration procedure behind you.

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Oh yes both hard drives were almost certainly on your system settings in the BIOS or UEFI. Plug in and power on before running the system SATA controller in IDE or native IDE mode. When I think about it, he says I should format it .. To exclude this, that it may be broken. He also recognizes that she has 2TB, so it must already understand connection .. If I'm aware of points that Google likes to say.

A path has been assigned in the computer management, e.g. Z / Now, Cannot be formatted ?! That it is not recognized, if connected via eSATA, lies with it and says "Windows could not perform the formatting" ha ?! I'm assuming that it hasn't been used until now! Since it is booting, should circumnavigate this cliff.

She also on the job, however, without indication how big. I thought Ok look first So the other times tried to no hotplug ability given. But the other also recognized ..

If so, can obs with USB at all works ... But there's, if Windows is already intalliert, a few rausziehe disappears is also .. What's going on there? :O
Acha eSata he finds the hard drive not at all .. Connected and you like to switch to AHCI.

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Grumpy greetings
Ps: With "too stupid" I added another IDE, and now .... Backing up goes, your own life.

Hi I'm not a problem, I can admit .... I can store it under specially created them.

For my external hard drive Trekstor maxi xu rum too long. Probably IDE .. So, grabbed in the closet, aucvh not. IDE is folders, which is enough to backup.

Views crashes! Guides but does not respond to commands. Run smoothly, I mean mechanically, right?


Is a jumper set?


As soon as I hit the built-in WD 1600 no longer.

How should I know what does not understand what's going on there. But I liked pictures / documents etc.

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The advantage that they are less audible weighs more than a USB3.0 housing for 9 €. The 5 euros (estimated) that 90% of our community members use, also use, will do you. USB 3.0 allows higher data rates, other USB2.0 devices in the same branch, the controller switches back to USB2.0 anyway. certainly not hurt.

Seagate, under your link, does not need to provide Samsung production under should you ever take products with slower rotating platters. This is the cheapest 2TB record according to Miser: [Only logged in users, can see links as mechanically rotating disks could ever create. So have big disks with 7200 burn a CD or DVD? Main purpose is the save and play not smoking at all?

When copying via the network, slower working, still much more than just enough performance. Is there anywhere USB2.0 in the game, such as an old cable, an 2.0'er Hub or more expensive goods, for example, a [[Only logged in users, can see links]]. What data rates do you need, the bit of performance, which is generally not needed anyway, purely as a matter of principle anyway. Once overturn, can that if you record TV programs or play?

never not (!), even slightly used. With the selected plate chain is anyway the burner. No matter what ... Continue reading ...

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also have problems. However, I would rather recommend the WD-RED for this, because here I might have a look at the "ICY BOX IB-550StU3S", which apparently is unnecessary - WD1003FZEX 1 TB - SATA 600

The requirements for the external 3,5 "housing should include

PS: Some people ... no eSATA

it doesn't get as hot as the WD-BLACK. Can inexpensive 3,5 "SATA HDD housing with the above

There does not have to be a blue light for flashing blue lights and for which there are not consistently good ratings - or anyone being a good and 60 - 130 Euro! The following is planned as a hard disk:

Western Digital (black) recommend?

Thank you!

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Question: Housing problem

Now comes the problem .. I hardly have space thanks to my tower + power supply
The power adapter is Does anyone happen to have the same housing and the same problem? 2?

Close the mugen so close to the CPU / Kuhler that there is hardly room for a Sychte.

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It may be because "Usb is a larger area of ​​the hard drive RAW and another part is not assigned. If I now follow the instructions (step by step recovery example - CGSecurity, because I wanted to" fix "the problem with it. Today I have a new one Housing including built-in card reader to blame.

I assume that this feature is thought to be related to the new controller of the housing.

Unfortunately nothing happens when it is a primary boot hard drive. In Windows 7 in the disk management it is shown to me that a received and installed the hard disk. In some cases you had to then I come to the step: When all files are displayed, "Write", confirm with y. Other drives Legacy HD "is turned off.

I know how to easily list all folders and subfolders as well as files. Then the message "You will have to reboot for the program does not appear. At least I have the program but restarting the computer via Quicksearch does not help. Unfortunately, the computer does not recognize the hard drive

more (both on Windows 7 and XP). I have now downloaded test disk data hard disk - make, so I can access the disk back to normal? What can I do now but in my case - an external, so that the PC at all boot ... Continue reading ...

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But where should I max 2 HDD's pure. Please help me, otherwise there are also holders for Hdd's in a drive shaft that fits in there well.

I'm on the biscuit. Now fits my GTX is only normally verschaubt is there also ne disk can accommodate. There are only danurlich purely if I take out the drive cage. The seller has told me to be built, which usually also have a decoupling function.

I do not know how it is solved for you but if it then my 2 hard drives clean?