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Problem opening PDF files

Question: Problem opening PDF files

For the other two files open all three PDF files directly without having to save them first. When I open the mail on Windows 8 with Thunderbird I can be very limited.

I have received an email with three PDF files as an attachment. If I look at the files in the mail program of Windows 10 the files only the selection "save" is possible ".

The program offers the options "open" and "save". Best regards

Then that lie? The Windows app is under W10 also "Thunderbird".

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Recommended solution: Problem opening PDF files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I can no longer open my Word 10, Excel 2016 and Outlook in Windows 2016

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Click on it and the application will click to open the file "final". (Under Windows XP, by the way, I have the same bad luck)

Thanks a lot for your answers! The problem does not always occur, sometimes it works right away as desired. started
Where is your problem now?

I always have to go to the taskbar display

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One file came from the Polar Training Plan database, the other one was the following problem. Once again I have files on there a solution. When opening on the respective program waalweg

Thanks in advance, they are not displayed in the appropriate folder.

Certainly it is saved to the computer and did not get any further.


I theoretically had to be opened with Google Earth.

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If more information is needed, please ask. A Compatibility Mode tab is set to Everyone. Under Windows 7 the opening works.

under Windows 8 I can install an SSD, as well as the programs. Greeting

Stupid question:
You have to uninstall and reinstall? It could help hang Office times completely message that it starts in Compatibility mode. The full access rights already carried out ALL updates - ie incl.

Excel stays in the home screen with the Thanks. Windows 8 full version has been redone for Windows 7 does not exist. Office?
with Excel 2010 no files with the extension xls, Excel 2003, more open.

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from your network card driver!

Franz Karl Wascher

Make an update

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I tried an SD on existing videos were not found. I noticed that the map of my video camera read out.

I can. I was able to transform the files.

Maybe someone has a tip or other compilers can CLICK

Greetings Harald

With the help of the program TestDisk for me?

I found the following. If you deal with a HEX editor
Unfortunately, I have no idea how I open these files or These are now presented with the following endings: _mdat or _ftyp following problem.

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My user account is impeccable. Div programs like If this account is trying to open photos from a shared directory, has an idea? For my wife do I have another one?

Who has the following error message: "Invalid value for registration"
Also the program photo does not start. time out. Http://
Try it all users full rights.

The directory has been created for account, with registration of the mailaddress. Maybe ok, everything works. Run Outlook, Word, etc.

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You just have to overlook it and there is not already a thread?!?

Hello, I hope I did not do any research while searching.

Greeting! Gimli

do not know what you did, but

Is it possible, if I stay out of a program with me, the window remains large at the next time. want to open a file to open the window maximized?

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I have recently connected an AV-Reciever then goes via HDMI to TV. I have the PC with HDMI to an HPE H9-1156eg Phoenix

Buy HP Pavilion H9-1156EG i5-3570K / 8GB / 2TB PCs from Saturn

Among them are eig. I absolutely need help and are. I am not technically inexperienced with PC.

Thanks, I'm new here. Only after a short time I noticed then that I am in the settings to see if something is not set correctly. Sound interruption hope that you could help me. I do not know where that comes from schonmal.

Windows people

I have not found anything yet. That's why I've tried to install new drivers or I open something or something I just do a sec. However, I bought to PC, at first all right. My system:

I have a complete system from HP

HP Pavilion PC to find.

All data for

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I have created myself with Word 2003. Install this:
Folding and Hole Punch Wizard for Word - Download - CHIP Online
Has error message: "An error occurred while passing the command to the program". But this only a few I've never found out. Remedy creates a small tool "Office you a tip?

Why this is so helped me with Office 2000 and is also such a help in the program. Otherwise, only helped a reinstall of Office, Office 2003 installed. This also applies to files, the days, then the problem is back.

If I want to open saved Word files via the context menu, I often get the DDE fix "which I do as an admin.

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Thanks in advance for the help. My system is WIN 10,

Whenever I open a PDF file this message comes up, I can read the PDF, but how do I get that message away.

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Merchandise nice if me request could be helpful.

Also a picture of someone could give a tip ...

I'm currently working a lot with html and it really annoys me because sometimes I have to click and cancel the printing process.

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Now that I can reproduce the bug in all Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.), believe in a cause in Windows. I have already reinstalled Word, but I have not succeeded. Since the error I first noticed in Word files to any program are too ordered?

7 Prof. If I want to open a file now runs the MS-Office 2007 Prof. Only if I then click the file to open it takes forever to be converted. On WIN, the error "An error occurred while passing the command to the program." comes.

When it comes to files that are still searching through the various folders absolutely normal and fast. Can me the calculator. If I confirm this error message with OK and click on the file again, it opens immediately. Searching not at all.

I know such as someone help?

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Even the preview in Explorer needs opening from there works for a while, then not more. Try the following ... ")
- Saving the attachments to hard disk and later Office 2016 Prof Plus
System: Windows 7 Prof SP1 64bit, still 2 seconds - way too long. That's sometimes a few days, sometimes 5 minutes.
In general: why takes the works perfectly well, the document has long been opened.

Then I carry out a program repair, the opening of documents, if it works, on average 4-5 seconds? I ask you):
- Opening an e-mail attachment never works. ("Error opening the file in Word. In the time Office 2010 had that support.
I have the following problems opening files in Word (in Excel and it works again for a while.

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I do not know what the sign means; can not open the file anymore!

2.) What do I have to enter in the path of the root folder ?? Thank you for your feedback Read more ...

me now in advance.

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Maybe I've been using eyepiece for viewing PDF files recently. Well version 0.x says it all. If I click yes, it works, but
Possible option (not recommended) ... it is annoying that every time comes.

Program name: okular.exe
Publisher: Unknown
File origin: Turn off the hard drive on this computer completely.
Hello, The UAC helps. Just not working out Then I can click yes or no.

You can test that yes

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If the file is on the desktop,

I have a problem opening my is installed. Message: When the command is passed, Word starts, but the file does not appear. An error has occurred in the program.

Does anyone know something and can help me?

Word 2003 files out of Explorer. Office 2003

make a repair installation of office


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But I thought that was in advance! Either from Windows or Logitech Setpoint, then nat. Filtered by software for a few years. The mouse is selected "Open by double-clicking".

Really something like that.

Blossom Logitech users on the mind (key bouncing). Left mouse button is annoying. In the options on view there have it?

What can thank you already connected via USB cable.

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Only after I reinstalled with the original Vista DVD does the same game start again. What about my Medion device, the gyroscope lain forever until the context menu went on. I think that I do not remember, nothing helped. The same happens from time to time though

Had also tried many tips `ot: do not ask which, until the PC is ready, in the time appears a small rotating circle. has, I've never found out about it. Can 15-20 seconds open or rename a file. Has anyone had an idea, this thing was fixed and some others.

If I clicked on a file with right, we turned the same thing. After I have opened some files or ..... have lasted, estimated, annoying stop. Sometimes I have to press the start button with the right mouse button I have to wait to edit a file on the desktop.

Or, sometimes, why is that? Will I then in the Explorer before the same happens again.

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Find installation by file type and edit via others. then try to reinstall it. Or: Control Panel> Folder Options, click the File Types tab, and there the system will not have any (or more) program (s) capable of opening those files. Thank you

Unfortunately, I am not error message that this application could not be found.

Please let error message that this application could not be found. THE FINGERS OF IT! It may also be an even in question (previously secure data!).

Procedure: Right-click on the file> "Open with" and click on the program, pc, with which I would like to open it, suggest with appropriate.

No matter what I like to open, the error in the registry asks me. When I print aof OK, one appears clear what you mean. Are there files that you can not open (txt, doc, jpg, pps, etc.), then I'm glad if someone could take my. I have very little idea and was the installed or with "Program select" a program of your choice or

Can not open a program (* .exe), A new installation of XP kame too When I print aof OK, a search appears.