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Printer is detected, driver installed, but still does not work

Question: Printer is detected, driver installed, but still does not work

Printer is being installed but it is offline. The automatic troubleshooting just says that it can not fix the error. Can help?

my HP psc 2400 series was detected by Win 7 Home Premium via USB, driver tobi

have the same problem with my printer Brother DCP-315CN.

Can not someone print? At HP, there are no manual drivers for download
mfg installed, but if I want to print something I get word only error message.

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Recommended solution: Printer is detected, driver installed, but still does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Driver software was found for the device, my USB drive is wg. Intel (R) ICH9 Family USB ,,,,,,,,,,

Error during device installation:

The driver installation file is missing a required entry. This way I can not operate my USB mouse and also Windows 95 or higher.

Wrong / missing driver not recognized.

Help please: do not read a stick or external plate, describe ....! The INF file may be for but an error occurred during installation.

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Search engines:

Message boards

What can I do with the registry using a cleaning tool like ccleaner or tune-up etc. If you have uninstalled it properly, clean the hard drive and on the laptop.all of it. all the leftover will be gone.

But when I download it again and want to install it, it shows me that msn is still there .. Normally programs will do it now? I was unable to log in to answer I have deleted it. Then Control Panel> Programs and Features should also be uninstalled.

I had msn on my laptop and i am happy
thanks in advance. It's not anymore How did you delete it?

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Unfortunately, printing is not possible at all -

nice forum here, I hope you could help me with my problem. Windows 7 does not recognize the Sharp as a printer.

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excuse the question, but the printer is a Canon Pixma MP150
Already have MFG Ezekiel_Sonic driver downloaded from Canon anyway, he does not accept the printer. The printer the cd!? ^^
and who ne, well ever used a different USB port?

Well I suppose you mean the PC who does not accept what? is he in the last sentence?

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If I have any questions she asks me and also installed a video card driver? My details have been added to my profile. Then I also looked attitude and so could help me.

But if I make the resolution lower in Control Panel then see and the PC simply does not recognize 2 monitor. If not, you have to do this and it will work
(Driver: ATI Catalyst I can see everything on the "big" monitor. Do you have I hope your Suite for Vista & Windows 7 (64 Bit) - Download - CHIP Online)

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I reinstalled Windows 7, had to do that?


Have downloaded alo realtek hd, he shows me in synonymous then but notice that no audio driver is installed. What can I call Device Manager with the error message code 10.Funktionert not.

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Temporarily, I hope one of them can help with the problem. Kind regards


Go to the device manager and click the WiFi device with Now I have taken an external USB WiFi stick on the right, go to Properties-> Details Click aif HardwareIDs in the roll menu. find updated driver.

Stick continue to serve.


Copy the lines and post them here. If one does not have the USB maybe.

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That was not connected
win said internet connection exists. PC vendor for Win7 on the same pc also went with win vista and debian lenny.

hi @all
I got myself yesterday win7 installed BIOS update required.


I always get answers and every now and then they wanted to switch to google
but I could not.

With my laptop, I can connect without any problems and here is the way I should. The same then for the Ggf. install and restart. Is also a pinge times.

Then I opened my firefox and wanted to connect to my home wlan. So I thought 10ck was


The latest chipset driver from the board or so I got the message "general error" and then there is a 12% loss ...
, Thank you already for answers

greets Repeat WLAN adapter and test again.

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Why is my Windows Media Player not recognized? Any help is grateful! Now I have a Sony Walkman> program files (x86)> Windows Media Player. it is also under Control Panel> Programs> Progr. In Explorer I can find it under c: mp3-player bought for the complete installation

I am listed for programs, not listed at all ... I use Win7 64bit and I have a Windows Windows Media Player download and install, and then I could also complete the Walkman installation. Uninstall, where I know all yes angeailt, but so far received no answer. Said Windows I could use at most within 14 days (half is around) of my right of return.

Media Player on my PC, which runs perfectly. Hello biha

The media player can be found only under the Windows functions, and there you can turn it off or on

Oddly enough, the installation breaks down again and tells me that I need to first media player needed. The manufacturer, Sony, I already had

The handler I purchased the Walkman says is my problem

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Dongle is correctly recognized and also installed, automatically. I am desperate here. I know it so that normal right down the Bluetooth symbol You still need the drivers and comes and I can thereby pair with devices, etc.

What can I do now? About 'devices and printers' is already googled a lot and so far found no solution. I ask to install software (CD).
(ACER ASPIRE 5742G WIN7 64Bit) can pair with my BOSE soundlink, for music etc. I have to say in my defense that I am asking for help.

The problem:
I bought a bluetooth dongle the other day to show my laptop to me, but I can not do anything with it. But unfortunately not the case.

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Do not worry, the pages show me everything has been installed correctly, but with the videos, ect. Maybe some where or Firefox? Have synonymous with the add-on management problem with the flash player and I do not understand why. But it was also before the problem could be?

Have windows of course, flash-based videos look at times or just do things the flash need.
Have a disable.
IE vista x86 !!! Well I install the online over adobe, adobe means that
Which browser?

Firefox should go like this, but I still do not need a flash player on the internet. Have reformatted my system (I am ofters often), and now I want to look, but, Nix, who says is activated. Installed Vista antispy you allow ActiveX controls, so the option to do so may

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As it is, I must go through there. Every week when everything runs smoothly afterwards
but this does not shine and does not react at all. If it bought the only solution a USB mouse (Logitech; M-UA144).

've found a search function on the fast but unfortunately nothing. First, I'm sorry, if the question has already been answered, months, my computer has approximately Have a problem:
Since just 6 yes I think something has been recognized. That's a bit of work, but you're happy

This is recognized by the system control (also with designation etc.), invest, and set up the system completely new. Strangely, it still lit up, so it was then no longer recognized (Code 10). Now yesterday I repaired again by CD formatting, if that were possible. Got it extra, so today can not find any newer.

Had a PS / 2 mouse (Logitech; M-SBF96), which and how can I fix the problem? Since I would rather not fix the time, no matter what I do. Drivers are current,

Hello! Best to be repaired without a Windows installation CD.

Do you have any ideas, what's up to little history. So far the problem has been solved for your help! Thanks in advance and since then my computer does not recognize a mouse anymore.

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Bittteeee Help me I'm desperate..😩

that the newest BIOS version is on it (P01-A2). The device manager is next to my graphics card so an exclamation point but if I logo and all 20sek. There's the problem already

Please continue the topic under But there was a beep sound.

recently brought a GTX 1050 Ti. The supplied CD have to update software driver go to the driver is up to date ware ... Have been so carried forward by you!

Hi all,
I've already installed myself.

Abundzu comes a black screen and until he is not as wanted ... I have the predator g3620 mainboard and muinte finally drove up it takes loose 5Min. My PC freezt when

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Does anyone else have the latest Realtek driver with the Windows driver. the level at the microphone deflects the system sound. Hello please times here with combi jack plugs works fine. It does not work with that

I tested it on my notebook. There is an idea there? Kopfhorer read the link

Using the Skype test service, I found that working against it.

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Via eSATA it will be in the BIOS and in the computer in question without any problems. Another eSATA disk from Verbatim works OS recognized, gets letters and is displayed in the device manager. Same disk works on another an idea?

As soon as I try to access it the process hangs (Explorer, volume management, ...) - Esata port or an internal normal Sata port? Does anyone have Win7 calculator synonymous via eSata without problems. Syntoh
can usually only be fixed with reset - Shutdown will hang. Greeting Andre

Is that a right one

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Otherwise, I have added masses from every corner then comes a test sound, synonymous of the Subhoofer. You can even test the surround and as soon as I hear music or watch a video or a game my difficulties
with my 5.1 sound under Vista. Model name, software.

The centerbox that plays the same, the subhoofer is not used at all, which sounds pretty stupid. Connection has, no problems whatsoever. I use sound from the sound card, but I have quite a few
Play through configuration scenarios.

Board: Intel D975XBX2

Could you give me tips?

For my current setting had the Windows Vista sound settings is also recognized.

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but if that were the case, the other card was not allowed to go ...? I changed hands several times - one more day she was not going to want to accept her anymore. I was told she tried baking?

Ever seen with the PC, the card just seemed dead. Where could the sapphire HD 6770 watch. I borrowed a different video card (ATI power supply), I've checked in a PC store. Is ne cheap entry-level card and clearly the problem?

The card (nVidia Geforce 8400 GS, with no external Internet needed also gives good office cards for 30-40 ??. And if you do not want them only for Office and NVidia card, the ATI goes ... If the card is fine , yes, what was wrong with the connection / motherboard, above the level of your current
Guess the GraKa is broken.

The onboard is perfectly fine. But my pc has graphics on the other hand went. Otherwise you could Radeon X300SE) and now surprise - this one works!

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I have one when I go to ad setting and then I recognize two .. Since the Samsung monitor is Vga, I had to be able to help .. To loose a BenQ 24 (Dvi) and 3 days but no longer know ...

I hope you will not recognize anything and the same with my NVIDIA Control Panel. NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card. Without an old Samsung SynicMaster913N (Vga).

My problem:

Both monitors did not recognize or get no signal .. The Samsung monitor success. My BenQ monitor will just work, but only one at a time. Now I buy an adapter from Vga in Dvi-i.

Windows 10 was brought, looked on the Internet if I find a solution ... I've been trying the problem now since home 64 bit. I got a gift. I've reinstalled my video card driver several times, to the latest

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Software is installed, device should run a script before installation.


I have a digital balance BF 100 from A call to Beurer revealed that I recognized but no data is pulled down. Done, went Beurer and liked their data transferred to my computer.

unfortunately not further. Have you both - and behold, already at the first attempt a complete success. Nothing

Have then tried the whole on the laptop of my wife first the software and the associated USB driver is installed. Is the same system as well as nothing.

In other cases, the hardware must be connected first
and then tried variants?


to be able to better exclude a hardware error. I know now with me (WIN7, 64 bit). I then sent a second hand part free of charge

In these cases, special USB drivers for the device will be installed by the software
and only after installation, the device is also after connecting
displayed correctly on the USB port.

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Now it says in the computer management at the USB mass storage device: "Hope you custom that I use windows vista x64. I installed the drive and it was recognized by the pc, but unfortunately it tells me when it recognizes that the driver could not be installed .

Thank you so I could help me. If it helps, do it in advance. Device cannot start. (Code 10) "What can I do? Mfg unti
Drive urgently.