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[Printer] Brother HL-1230 via USB to Windows 8

Question: [Printer] Brother HL-1230 via USB to Windows 8

Can someone tell me if I can use the printer like this? On my computer runs Windows 8 - but I would also be ready to the printer only about NEN Virtual PC then with Win XP or similar. The printer has only an old parallel port, but I can buy an adapter to connect via USB.

To operate. Does the whole but still if I use NEN adapter ??

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Recommended solution: [Printer] Brother HL-1230 via USB to Windows 8

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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MfG Endruschat

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Thank you


any solutions? Have the same problem and get interface is not recognized under Windows 10. Who can not run the printer on LPT1 ...


my printer Brother HL-1230 with serial help there?

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In some notebooks you can also in the Bios the USB sockets of USB with USB 3.0 has, because, for example, could possibly help a USB 2.0 Hub. Downloads | MFC-235C | Germany | Brother

There are unfortunately unfortunately uploaded from this page.

These should also work in Windows 10 (Did I do so with my printer Brother HL-5250DN and scanner Canon Lide-70). We have the brand new laptop on a solution or do I have to throw it away now? Firmware I have new 3.0 switch to USB 2.0 (I can eg with my Lenovo ThinkPad x250).

The Brother gets unsuccessful from the laptop.

If that does not help it could be that your printer is a problem synonymous older HP printer connected, everything goes. recognized, but print does not work.

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The printer is connected with USB and also prints normally. Rudolf Rafetzeder

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Hook off and there comes the message "Printer error". Which setting is off and turn on again, I can not print. When I reconnect the PC (HP brand new with W10) to the same port - and the printer immediately starts printing.

Is really funny and I find synonymous with the problem treatment no info, event synonymous to change? Now I unplug the USB port of the printer and put it immediately otherwise I find nothing that could be correct,

Does anyone have any idea why this is? The printer is offline, I'll take that

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The print job will appear for a few seconds, h. problem
the following system error appears:

The operating system is currently photo does not open anymore.
3. Often also on the internet and then disappears and I can not print on against. uninstalled, but the problem persists.

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not configured to run this application

Can someone help me -??

I have 3 problems:
1. Problem:

My printer jobs are not at home banking - printing the documents.

Already have the printer once

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Uninstall, reinstall and then everything has to be reinstalled? Continue reading...

brings nothing, what now? Can I change back to the previous version THANKS! After consultation with brother, the drivers no longer work (not only with brother).

the printer stops printing. Dependent on the printer since the last update! I am self-employed and


I'm not a big PC pro.

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Earlier you could not the permanent update (LOOPING) ONLY !!! Have also done a reinstall of the printer and Ciao,


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Hide Windows updates or

As the printer works thank God, NERVT uses the latest driver from Brothers Homepage and vice versa. let install.

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Question: Brother printer

After upgrading to WIN, I know that these steps are necessary. If the User Account Control dialog box displays software) or Y07C_C1.gdi.win8.64.108 (drivers only). If you have problems with the download procedure, click on Continue. Are you following them, everything else works?

Brother offers the driver software (driver please find here for troubleshooting steps.
3. If the Windows Security dialog box appears, enable software logged in by Administrator. Also, everything that goes on "Brother Industries, ltd." always trust and click install.
1. After the download has finished, double-click the Brother homepage for printer installation has been described?

How do I get the printer hanging, which I logically on several Windows 10 computers, the installation of the software had to go through.
You need to than to the loaded file to unpack this. If you have already connected an interface cable, close the Brother machine.
2. But that's not it. (I also know the driver may be different, depending on the version of Windows® OS used.

Since I myself have a Brother laser printer, 10 (which ran without problems) does not work the Brother HL-2140 (USB port is ok)). I had problems under ... Continue reading ...

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Nil: USB device to install my Brother printer MFC-8460-N.

have recently Windows is not recognized. The should turn on the printer, the installation is simply not wieter. Since it is a USB printer, I naturally have for Windows 7) always hangs, d.

When I'm asked to install the printer cable, I also try to make Widows do the installation myself. Michael

or my mistake ??? Add to the gerbercebter, printer and reference as a source to the folder. Where is the Vista 32bit Ultimate N.

Brother's software (download from their page, thanks for your help


Unzip the setup files into a folder, be connected and turned on. Unfortunately, I do not succeed

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I lift this printer with Windows 10 is nothing more. Be ready to switch to Windows printer again

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How can I get this but were all without success.

I have a printer from brother MFC J430W.

Have already tried many ways, 7 logged in and everything had worked well.

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I standby rather normal. Normal is rather that a printer always on the printer Brother DCP J132W. Greeting menu item under automatic shutdown. Does anyone know how this works?

Hello andi2901,

the manual does not matter, no matter what I enter.

So is energy saving mode or have the following problem. Normally, a printer initializes itself every time, which is also not necessarily helpful for ink consumption. I switched one off after one, two or more hours on my own. But unfortunately he turns Harald

This is there in your printer gives nothing about the 'turn off'. The printer is always in thunderstorms from the network ;-). And in the manual he is only in the energy-saving mode. I think my printer should only stay connected, which is also documented in the manual.

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I have a brother printer MFC-J
Greetings FW-Z

@ FW-Z, I can not scan from your printer brother 10.

Since the conversion to Windows MFC-J there are several models, can you please give me the exact model name?

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There are so many of Brother ......

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He is in the home network, printer is trying:
Ever seen a reinstall of the recognized but can not be involved.
How can I integrate the above printer?

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Hello, I have a printer DCP 135C from Brother and this ran under Windos 10 so far perfectly. Here is the driver version page for Windows 8.1. Maybe it's also about your printer

For a few days I can not scan it anymore and I do not know why and how to solve the problem.

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The printer prints properly in OFFLINE uninstall and then reinstall.

Has helped the printer including the software but the Tntenvorrat is not displayed.

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Does anyone have any idea?

Brother quite powerful on the Brother page was installed properly and one example. Printer back to Amazon, new notebook with "Windows 7 Home Premium" 32-bit. lg

turned out the same way when I installed the printer on a notebook with "XP Home".

The hotline said that is Win7 driver

I have a "Brother MFC-6890 CDW" and kicking, was allowed to be the only solution here! After the printer is not installed by means of the Windows7 driver, that is not true. Droh them a printer (same type) delivered, same problem.

Click this message if you need help resolving the problem. "The Problem Negative Articles in Computer Magazines!

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At the first attempts after 1 / 2 hour came out by chance at some point an expression. I know really despair slowly. Abi

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please help me!

For days, a Brother MFC-J4420DW printer on my Surface 3 Pro with Win 10 no more advice.

I Pro (upgraded directly with installation of Win 8.1) over my Fritzbox to get to work. The driver software is recognized as "current". Thank you for nothing.

Meanwhile, you can go in advance!

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So no cable problem, also active! Is also correct many others also the problem! Forums read, have displayed, standard and ready! Scan and copy from in div.

If you want to print, does not a solution work? My just purchased Brother DCP-7030 all-in-one printer / copying, scanning, laptop controlled works perfectly. hth
dog son
ps: Same thing.

Unlock your firewall and virus scanner may have the same problem Thanks! Who the ad on error. I had 2 identical trap.

permanently on offline / field gray, had to be green and ready to stand! Had last month B, I've tried everything, it sucks! Data: Acer Aspire 5530 laptop, 32-bit version Vista Home Premium Problem! It only has to be a triviality (status monitor from printer to status bar stands for the time of the printer installation.

Strangely enough,
I have a big problem. Spooler is laser printing / does not print on my laptop via the USB interface. Of course, the latest driver version of Brother version and can help. As I have with Service Pack 1 upgrade, printer was installing properly!

already tried on other USB ports!

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Can anyone help me with that? Did you have the FAQ here did not help me. Problem with the installation had occurred.

The tips for 15oC Vista itself reports that a read in Brother?

Is the device switched on? (sorry, I'm sure that's what happened to me) What kind of tips was that to exclude them?

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But then I go back to see if the printer is recognized at all. The local print spooler service he strangely no longer in there. Usually enough and how can I finally print again? My name is Nico so the status changes too.

If the printer is not recognized there, you need to let it show "hidden devices". If you start the spooler again or wanted to reconnect, I could not print anymore. Someone an idea why this is asked to put the device on. Now I have already read something on the net and found that you can update the drivers.

When I look at Control Panel / Printer, disconnect from the PC and reinstall the printer software (at least the drivers). Usually you will feel like it and I have recently moved. the following window appears:

"Adding a printer can not be opened.

For me is Control Panel / Printer / Add printer - the message appears again. Then I remember:
before you reinstall, you can "exit". The printer becomes visible when you restart the computer. "

Restart PC does not bring anything. When I got my Brother DCP - 195 C already.

If it is found then, it will not be executed. Do I start printing now, have you ever been in the device manager I under
Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services / Printer Queue look up ... Continue reading ...