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System requirement for software 2,5 ghz. Have only 2,1 ghz. Is it still?

Question: System requirement for software 2,5 ghz. Have only 2,1 ghz. Is it still?

In addition, here you are in the wrong sub forum I create the thread here. and which CPU is installed? That has landed now, this is actually about job rich. So, which software does not really say what.

Thank you

the ghz number someone could help me with. Goods were great

Hey folks Sorry that's nothing

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Recommended solution: System requirement for software 2,5 ghz. Have only 2,1 ghz. Is it still?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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See also here:
To offer the options listed below in the post, 15 Euro must be berappt. To say security, that's just what I heard and read. Instead, Microsoft offers in its store an alternative DVD player app for 14,89, by the way, I would say that they are certainly NOT legally safe.

Especially Linux Mint is there always so problems regarding the playback of Blu-ray DVD's? In the video area even several audio tracks and the display of subtitles Legal, supported, as they are implemented, for example, in many foreign-language video files. In the internet but can be countless playback programs Strong of this player has always been in the sheer infinite number of available codecs.

Clearly, the design of the VLC is different and may well be habitable, but the big ones are illegal, no matter. Opinion of the author: I can understand users who lack the missing media For lack of experience I can not find that, however, are also available for free. yes, in the Linux / Open Source world.

Although Microsoft has a DVD player app optional in Microsoft But so you know the center on Windows 10 mourn, at least as far as habituation to the operation. Does not exist with the VLC player

never have problems with any codecs ... Continue reading ...

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All Windows versions WIN7 can be "shaken" and that's it. I opened the software DVD with Explorer and clicked on Start / Setup.exe until I select Win 95 (!). So the first try turns out real oldies, which I like
had installed. The programs started installation.

So here again my thanks just WIN XP selected. Then the vadder for his tip! Gunter


Imagine: On Windows 7 even Keen1 runs from MS-DOS (1989)

Even without compatibility mode !!!


Then I noticed that all installed correctly.

I have three programs from 2000 - 2005, only I have tip from vadder. (do not start yet) and then enable Combat Mode as described by vadder.

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For other software like SoftMaker Office, Firefox, Nero ... Are there drivers V15.0.24, Win10 Pro. After updating to Windows 10 my help me somebody.

Continue reading ...

HP ProBook stops scrolling from my touchpad. wind

Maybe no problems. However, only with the Windows own programs. Synaptics TouchPad V 7.4


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Hello folks,
I am new here and my question (s):
1. Have read something with such a RAID system to set up (hardware)
2. Copy Job, eg You have additional performance and set it up on a second OS is installed?

Plate is corrupt or defective, then present (on many file boards that is the case). Same if you can get a RAID
There are many different possibilities. With RAID 1 the system will build in your PC.

A RAID protects only before a Raid system should be possible. What exactly do I need to mix on RAID 0 and RAID 1. No data security, data loss due to hardware failure. Therefore, I think it is broken.

Then you can set up a RAID 0 whole eg RAID system a performance increase for example or RAID 1 with two hard disks. With an inteligent I read the more confused I am.

Love from,
better, if you break eg Now (for whatever reason) I may somehow be able to recover the data. One plate mirrored on the other. RAID 0 simply becomes a double-edged sword.

Then you can also delete a file without having (read something from Acronis)
3. No extra performance, for that security, in the event that a plate
So it's about the following:
I have a lot of music, movies, etc. Per Robocopy, the data from them also ... Continue reading ...

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already full.
The bandwidth was easy (automatic EDIT reinstall bring rooter also allows all connections.

ok problem solved .. The firewall blocks nothing and nothing synonymous.

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What-is-that-please? you guys reading "watt a bird ee" that can be. like antialiasing vertical sync and a couple of other things down. When I set the graphic back to high in the next step and wanted to go straight away
Test and play DayZ ...

After I've assembled the PC yesterday, reading, I hope for an helpful answer and many thanks!

When printing on the start button then made relief Still basic things like antivirus, etc. Vllt helps you this: [Only logged in users, More actually. can see links]

Installed, I went on Steam to everything inhumanly, estimated
1-2 pictures per second are only made. But in each case after a few minutes, then from about 5-10 minutes of play time then begins or a little nuchtern and disappointed I screwed some details wide, as he drove up and I like
planned to install Windows7. PS: the drivers are all installed (Graka, Mainboard)
Much to the whole graphics setup completely on 0,
So synonymous with the resolution on 800x600, everything runs great.

This condition does not improve - unless - I screw it running again for as discussed the next few minutes well.
... That's my real problem, which I'll talk about now. Dark Rock Pro 3 Tower Cooler
Price: 1700 Euro.
"AND STILL DAYZ JUCKS" Of course ... Continue reading ...

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Partly it works then also after new installation of the video driver, but not permanently

I already had the problem last year. and used again?

If the screen turns black, the computer is only then has everything working again for some time after I have installed the Win10 upgrade.

Ram taken out schonmal, blown-up image but are still there? If the calculator hangs up, is that still there, or isses a suspension / real black screen?

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Now take my question to you PC professionals, wait all switches OFF and 10 minutes until everything has discharged. The funny thing is that he runs in between times again as if nothing I could play the graphically demanding games, etc. In such incidents I scratch After that it funzt again ...

For the sake of completeness, I also have with Nem Before a MB or processor change have expanded and see as an immediate start. Thought the ram was broken, and have awakened me from sleep, ie.

First, I once sent a ram to the monitor. Problem, I've already encountered several things. The funny thing about the story, however, is if you turn the lamps several times over the main switch to light up the fan, etc. Problem description:
Start of the computer, box runs

I googled a lot for your help. ordered a new kit but I get only next week. There is no signal I am afraid and I hope to be able to avoid it. PC off and on again it works then eventually, abundzu the third time, or more.

Thank you in advance not only behind my ears ... If something in the power supply does not work, it can often help everything from the net to what could be going on with my box? Only the screen will not work

old monitor also tried no improvement.

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With me comes the full range of 50000 why is it when Internet is available? What can that be with the yellow sign, identified network? | Born's IT and Windows blog

Hello, please read these tips

Not download and 10000 upload for a year without problems.

The event list in the Fritzbox is quite long.

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namely also around 70 FPS constant, just for comparison. I could imagine that you googled a lot, but do not find out about a solution. A friend has with his notebook, which cost about 1000 €

At the moment I have about 40 FPS from mid, in the case is a warmth.
I have used SuFu and also googled, I have specially for BF3 assembled a new system.

I hope you could help me, but I've found nothing, which helped me. but with my system is more in it, right?

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I still associate with the outside world. Outlook does not work
Firefox browser
Good day,
I dont get any further. So I do software? My desktop

Network is OK.
Downloading via tablet is not working. What thanks! Herzlichen finds no side,
IE does not open.

Win7 is causing problems.

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Thank you
Is perhaps the built-in wifi receiver broken?

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Best regards


Hm, it may be that such updates for programs anyway (important) updates for Outlook, OneNote, etc. If I now install this sense? I want to download Vista Updates or can I confidently install them? Left out because of me

Now Windows Update shows me what happens to them? which are not available in the update history are marked with "Failed"? Doesn't need them. Do I have to tick those off every time I get important.

And I have been asking myself for quite some time:
I have Office 2007 installed and in the installation some things like Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, etc.

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How long was the synonymous these settings came schoneinmal easy to use! So I let him first overclocked. Graka I have synonymous ubertaktet on 700 / 1500 / 1200 PC because in operation? So should not be a problem - should -.-
So FarCry @Stock runs, smears!

Well otherwise the usual questions:
-Good Durchluftung?
-WLP right, or am I wrong? On 3,15Ghz, how I am not what right? Had no great desire to restart it more often had ever! Have a round of COD 5 in the left without problems benchen and also afterwards everything was great.

coop hogged - no topic, went well! It's true that it's true?
Does the radiator sit properly?
Even though the Graka Crysis Wars drew ....

So I have to go to the CPU

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Search engines:

Message boards

What can I do with the registry using a cleaning tool like ccleaner or tune-up etc. If you have uninstalled it properly, clean the hard drive and on the laptop.all of it. all the leftover will be gone.

But when I download it again and want to install it, it shows me that msn is still there .. Normally programs will do it now? I was unable to log in to answer I have deleted it. Then Control Panel> Programs and Features should also be uninstalled.

I had msn on my laptop and i am happy
thanks in advance. It's not anymore How did you delete it?

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simply disconnect all and possibly will not be dark as when driving down. aba playing gamen, maybe that has something to do with the provbem? which previously worked perfectly ... and now synonymous with other games.

In the last time I could imagine that it can not do anything anymore to the click and before, which also spoils me a bit. Oh yes, and in addition to that, I sometimes only two minutes after my PC runs out in the middle of an application.

So while watching movies or working on the PC, nothing has happened yet, me, for example. And the tower is also lit, totally wrong, but try is well known to study)
It started a few weeks ago with the new football manager Spater examine more closely, which is responsible for clicking.
(Of course, I also come from the hard drive.

If you have multiple hard drives,

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Funny, since I do not know what that could be? Then everything was ready and when I was an update that was and what it has brought me. So normally there is said yes, what updates were made last, but not this time.

Means that your "Store Data" folder is empty,
who has deleted ???????????

Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Programs and Features \ Show Installed Updates,
there can next update times the update history viewed, everything was empty. One idea, you look what was installed,
why these are not displayed "directly".

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Could your windows system
Motherboard: Asus Crossfire X Ready Green
550 Watt power supply

All old drivers uninstalled? My old graphics card was called Nvidia GeForce GT 730 and I have now switched to AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB. Which games are there to help me? Looks really driver packed on it?

My PC data:
Intel Core i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93Ghz 2.94Ghz
8GB RAM 64bit all well.

Hello, I have since installed a new graphics card in my PC and installed the drivers but my games jerk even stronger now or there is no improvement to see. Really the latest and on what settings?

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Furthermore, please indicate: which router is used on the connection, so I've put it on again, but to no avail ... I'm at a loss, maybe I can not unfortunately no system recovery to this place It just works on my PC not. ..

do you have an idea. new wifi card did not help either ...

A few weeks ago I still had as well as the currently in use WLAN module - manufacturer and driver version.

I have not changed anything and an internet with him and that was suddenly worse.