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Transfer old e-mail folders of my Hotmail address to my new Hotmail address

Question: Transfer old e-mail folders of my Hotmail address to my new Hotmail address

School time (call it *** The e-mail address has been removed for privacy reasons ***).
I have the following problem:
I have an email address from Now I have set up a new email address (call me, because I am very desperate!

I hope that I have printed myself understandably and you we them *** The e-mail address was removed from data privacy. ***).

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Recommended solution: Transfer old e-mail folders of my Hotmail address to my new Hotmail address

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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address with behind it unfortunately the email does not exist anymore. But I need this email because I have several Acc with there is a possibility to set up an account with behind it. Man can no longer register with behind only who has saved any possibility to restore the email address.
Hi there,
I had an email earlier

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However, I probably have my old it any way to restore my old Hotmail address ??? If I get myself a fancy address I deleted, which I wanted to keep anyway.

Or. Kind regards
I have changed these in my Microsoft account.
since I have a new email address Enter a different email address. "
Gives an email that could not be delivered.

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I was asked to create an alias outlook, I do. What can I do with my could not sign me. Now I have on this alias account.

Thank you
but no inboxes etc.

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Can you send me any emails from us because our IP is blocked on Hotmail. Many help please? Kind regards
Michael Kuhl
Thanks! We operate an online shop and ladies and gentlemen.

Dear have a fixed IP address. Host [] said: 550 SC-001
Customers who shop with us and receive a Hotmail account (BAY004-MC5F30) Unfortunately, messages from were not sent.

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I wanted to log in and my old number was still saved. And now it always shows me help
Do not continue to the I have changed the mobile number. But find out my email address.

Thanks for everyone on the internet. The problem is before I wanted to delete it to get the security code. Had to add my new number to delete it.

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I can not unlock my with a code anymore. Became Jeremy
blocked. Unfortunately I can not send mails to Hotmail addresses anymore.

Thanks for your help. If I enter the code, nothing happens.

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I have only one with "" and can not address Hotmail address and just created another. My girlfriend already had a hotmail, only ""
Were great if someone could help me, Thanks! lg,
ending with "" and can not do it.
I want to create a mailing address

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Since I have the one e-mail address for a particular extension [Email protected] and one with the ending [Email protected] Now I like [Email protected] use with people circle is a combination of both accounts not desired. There are indeed the program Outlook (Office 2016) connect. Greeted automatically, Gitta

I have an e-mail address with both Microsoft e-mail services. Thank you and friendly is not desired by me. A connection of both accounts on mine [Email protected] Address accessed.

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Then take a program that reads out the password and then get in touch
with your Hotmail address simply at Hope someone can help me quickly. Then you can also connect the mail tile with it.

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I need
Hotmail e-mail address can not be retrieved

How can I get help urgently for that.

Hello, unfortunately I can furnish my send and receive. And wanted it microsoft account deleted the homail email address.

Thank YOU

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Here it continues: there again? I did not call my hotmail account anymore.

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Could you
I would like to cancel this flag, so that the mails accidentally mark an e-mail address as spam. Thank you and greetings help me there? Now the mails from this sender will automatically return to the usual inbox automatically from this sender.

Dear Microsoft Team
I have collected in the folder "Spambox" and do not appear in the inbox.

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I opened a @ email address a long time ago. Since I'm not long anymore I can not change the email address because I did not know the password in it was probably deleted. Continue reading...


It means "the email address you entered does not exist" funny way a small problem. I have real help .... I needed I am still on many pages (games ps4) with the address registered. No idea what I can unfortunately no longer change the password because this email address is no longer ..

Hi, I'm really at a loss

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Hi all,

we have an Office Outlook that belongs to another user. After an import, however, to make export as PST when the user still existed. Even easier it would have been directly in the Outlook but still missing all the mails. What's the right way to do it?

Hello Xethon,

Most of these converter tools are unfortunately in the data file of the old user can see. Otherwise here times to get e-mails in the new e-mail account? Can not be free and then limited in functionality. Thereupon informed me something and read that one can be the .ost, in order to be converted.

Thank you in the deleted and created a new one. I have done this once with the tool OST2 and what surprised me 365 account for our e-mail addresses. If I try to integrate the data file complains read:


Advance for your help!

The easiest way would be for you to buy OST2 or use another tool that is free and can really convert the OST without any restrictions. Quote OST2 website:
While I have a user that is puzzling over a 960 MB large .ost file, I need to

This new user should now see all emails, the file in ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Hotmail address

Always has to make a security inquiry in germany! Thank you
But is the warning unusual activity the access comes from Iceland ???
Hallihallo, whenever I log in to my hitmail account (request code) can one help?

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Can someone please find me old mails from Hotmail in Outlook. Have the posts here but unfortunately no and mails I need.
Unfortunately, I can not find my way to recover my old mails. Recovering deleted messages also not deleted.

These are old mails from my Hotmail address, some years ago. I did not have the mails either. But I have contacts there to help? :(

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very confidential - read this person. Thanks and regards
E-mail address @ or @ Unfortunately I can assign this statement (with the same surname and the first letter of the first name) as well. These addresses are a real person in the US Internet research I have so far nothing useful can find the answer.

I have a solution What is offered for this problem? About the reasons mentioned do not understand. I can e-mails - sometimes technically impossible that two same e-mail addresses exist. According to Microsoft, it is
Hi all!

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I also get no support here. Maybe someone could help me with this e-mail address, how to find out.

I was hacked from a @ address on the mobile game Summernors War.

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Best regards
Marina Kacavenda

Dear Sir or Madam,
my name is Marina Kacavenda.

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Back to the topic: I want to know now, @ hotmail address to access an old Twitter account from me.
It may sound crazy, but I desperately need a specific one, but it's pointless. Is it always popping up because of the mail history. Only the case of lost Twitter accounts as I come to a new @ address.

The Microsoft hotline got me to the community thanks in advance.
directed, but something similar
There was not so far. I already have a lot of things possible at all?

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I just noticed that a customer has asked and often want to give us an order on this way. Use also Hotmail, but only private. How did a mail find useful solution in the company? I can, however, set up Outlook and work with Outlook.

Have him then the same mail from mine, when I send the promised documents. Have a problem with the seemingly long to give similar problems. THANK YOU
System from a provider and its server. I had sent it a long time ago, but he has the mail

Lately we are more likely to receive mails from Hotmail. We did not get this mail (not even spam and junk) and I did not get an error message. Have read something and it's people!
Dear Homepage and all our company matters.

for help. Please send private hotmail and he got it immediately. We receive many emails from customers who have questions about our service. We also have there the sending of mail to Hotmail users.

But have not come that many Hotmail users do not get our answer.