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Office staff to use 2 Pc's?

Question: Office staff to use 2 Pc's?

PC can not access it anymore.

I would like to activate Office Personal on another PC and wonder if I can get it on my 1.

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Recommended solution: Office staff to use 2 Pc's?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I install Home and Student Student 2016 64 bit.
I want to install Home and existing Office 365 staff, which will expire in a few months. But after entering the valid key for Home and Student will install my 2016 64 bit?

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Or should I better call the support, say how it works? that the
change for me?
Now my daughter's ABO expires in February and I do not have nothing to do with it. Well, no matter it is 365 personal, due for July 2017 to extend.

I think
I have an ABO Office for me as it is. Can anyone suggest to renew the ABO but liked mine
Upgrade ABO to Office 365 home.

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Hello Commnity,
have loved product key that I have NOT received. The confirmation I save, but there Lt. Spring 2013 Office 365 Home.

Now I like my license, only the info and links, no product key. Kind regards
Thanks! Is there a way to turn a home license into a personal license until Office 365 downgrades staff. Office support pages can do this only with an 25-digit without the need to subscribe and re-set up?

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Also in the following happens z. So far, was it all the club members with the 2007 If feature just too much? One opens the list with the 365er or 2010er version had no problems to edit these lists. Now with the z.

B. 28 brackets with which I have to exclude all club members with the 365er Personal version of the editing? Same version and in the cell "#Value" appears. Greetings
Formel: =RUNDEN(WENN(C$81=8;D$81*..............(C$81=1;D$8 1*$O92;0))))))));1).

The 365 version gives when opening B. Are there perhaps unknown programming tricks to me to create a compatibility or 365 staff's problems.
Hello, I write for a club Excel lists that also contain some more extensive formulas with the 2007er package. Are just "#value" in the cell off.

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Question: 365 Office Staff

Https:// () There are of course cheaper annual licenses on the net, always have the latest version to upgrade.

On Ebay I do not trust all offers. Directly at Microsoft, for 69 € a year, I have too.

In addition, you get with an MS subscription but again and again annually for the daily price bought and activated.

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To extend with a version given to the holidays (also Office 365 Personal)? De023790
Best regards.
I can also use my Office 365 Personal subscription

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Hello, Pay Now is Surface Pro 4 is still 2 years valid. How can I activate my Office 365 on my Surface 3?

My Office 365 Personal a Tablet! Here I have as a tablet or as a PC? read it.

Get different information here.

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I can my staff
DO NOT ACTIVATE WITH KEYS Excel 2016 ??? Product Name: Office 365 What can I do?

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A simple download does not extend without costing me for this extension. Now my old one has expired and after entering the 25coded code, I get the office back? How do I have to behave that I get a new subscription for Office 365 staff this year?
Hello, I have no idea when buying a new PC!

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if an Outlook mailbox is included. Greeting
Thank you. And if yes, how big is this mailbox?
Hello Microsoft,
365 Office Staff

Unfortunately, I can not find 1TB cloud storage for data.

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I was able to open Outlook normally, but it was a subscription from Office 365 Personal. So I tried again to uninstall the Office completely ready to answer other questions and also to submit one or more screenshots. I tried to connect in the options under the settings of, I opened the windows email app. Then suddenly synonymous synchronization between and Outlook App Objection just never wanted to sync ever.

But then my Outlook worked again for days not updating. First, the advance for the possible help was best thanks.

For a long time I use Outlook a way to find how I could fix this problem. I have completely uninstalled old Office and then the new installation has worked.

Since I was sick for a long time and so different things in connecting and Outlook app did not work. Thus, the Outlook app was subsequently reinstalled, but this error could not be fixed. After the installation almost nothing worked, then I did it, but only this one time and then the problem was again.

Afterwards, after many unsuccessful try - Outlook App with each other app (on the laptop) not. do not install new Office or to end a ... Continue reading ...

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Is not there automatically Outlock, Exel Power Point, etc. Is already very complicated purchase at Saturn installed. An Office Personal subscription to Whole!
On the 23.9.

Have ?

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All previous attempts failed to support the software was not sourced from the store. Can prevent. I from the Microsoft service were up for the garbage. From the side is might know the annual subscription.

In this case, the ABO should probably be informed and an extension of the 16.01. I would like to have instructions from you as I delete the ABO the dealer. The instructions received will not help if no help is expected.

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Dear Community,
I am grateful for your help! However, I have POP3 - have a question for you. Best regards
I have a lot of you and it still does not work.

Unfortunately in my Outlook I can do the categorization with IMAP and POP3 server protocol. I can explain why? Could you tell me appointments do not categorize colors.

Office package does not work I already know.

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Office too.

19: 00 Watch Out of Stock! Stutzig, but I think such a company for 7 € a month. For this one has always the one will possibly newest updates and Officeversion (z.Zt.

Alternatively directly from Microsoft

At the price also be deleted ... G Data Internet Security is not on dark machinations. Post could then 2016)

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With best regards
Home bought and most liked to work with this. Now I have a Tablet PC with Windows 10 for your support. I ask staff, installable on 1 PC, 1 Tablet and 1 Smartphone. I already install?
2-If "Yes", how can I install Office 365 Personal without any problem with keyboard part?

Dear Community,
I have a product Office 365 installed on my notebook PC. See the picture:
1 - May I have Office 365 staff on this tablet PC

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Uninstall my first year with the version and install the new one while entering the new serial number. Well, the standard procedure according to Microsoft is probably that I rumzupfuschen the existing somehow in the Registry? Greeting

Edit: Now appears on the "My Account" Microsoft page

the link "renew with an Office Product Key" to work again.

Is that easier without Office 365 staff ends next month. Now I have stopped the automatic extension for 79 € and Amazon again bought a version, of course, much cheaper (offer for 39,90) and yes it is serious.

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I own an Office 365 KG
Thanks and greeting staff license, which I have already installed. Can I install my existing personal license in my wife's 365 license. Now I would like to convert a home license and if so, how?

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If I refresh my (old) notebook sometime again ?? or even me for another year. PC and her buy version is now in the Microsoft account ?? Billing transactions listed. Everything went smoothly over the stage and it extends to 1.

new notebook zulege, how do I get back to the ?? Office 365 staff ?? zoom? reinstalled at any time on the same computer.

Year then automatically only for 1. But that is tied to your MS account and can at

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Windows) with the staff enabled to the staff. Payment ordered, then 10months for 10 Euro.

There is the possibility of activating the personnel variant to transform this directly against extra charge in Home. Home subscription is going completely different?

But I would like to extend further 9 months? have the home version. Or 365 Personal can be used to extend Office 365 Home - Dr. Ing.

Or do I have to first order Home and then (as described here: Free Office now s.besten before? How do I go there