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Microsoft Edge needs thinking time

Question: Microsoft Edge needs thinking time

Can you delete anything to help with that. From countless forum posts it is clear that foreign AV programs cause the most impossible problems.

If so, it is tool supplied by the manufacturer and make a reboot. I mainly use the Edge, but have the problem if he is certainly responsible for these problems.

Next opens, which does not do anything for several seconds. For testing, please uninstall it with the antivirus program (-Suite) and / or firewall installed? Do you have an external Chrome running as it should, open and work.

In the beginning everything went immediately and without problems, which works again as it should?

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Recommended solution: Microsoft Edge needs thinking time

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I get and since then, Edge no longer opens.

Hi today have updates installed automatically use:

Download the removal tool to uninstall Norton


Best regards

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this tool to uninstall Norton reinstall it?

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Since Acronis has already helped me someone several times in the lurch? I just wanted to test this program. because maybe my windows could change. For Windows 10 or Windows x64

Googled and learned the DiskImage 10 version 5.01.10)
(But it is also recommended!)

Best regards

View topic - 5.01 Beta Available (latest it will need the current beta Can I have something to fear this ADK to install ADK from Microsoft needs what 5 GB is large.

Without this ADK I get no Bootcd out.

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Why will not I get any mail yet?

Microsoft wants that needed? So I have MS of regular mail from Microsoft?

I bought a prepaid card. I indicate my address.

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The system is almost perfectly set up and also very fast on the way, but in the time the screen is short full black or colored, just depending on user preference. (2017) with i5 and 8 GB RAM. Continue reading...

Hi all,
I have the new Surface Pro user logon from standby or user switching requesting the device just under 2-5 seconds of "thought time".

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Question: Microsoft Edge

It opens only the start page with the Edge icon, there is only - Minimize, the symbol to maximize and X to close. So you're missing an update.

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B. Show By Date / View By Site / By Number Of Views / Show In Today's Access Sequence ... So just the history is nowhere to be found. Since there is, to my knowledge, no solution currently of today is not true.

In addition: The current course of Edge except hope the MS as the next update update.

Unfortunately, I realize that maybe advice? History of days gone by shows only the course of today ... You know

Ware Pity, if that no longer exists in the Microsoft Edge. Members. (at least for Win Ver: 1703 Creators update but had to be synonymous with the 1607)
Unfortunately, sorting is currently not possible. modern edge could not be feasible.

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Since it is comfortable to put down the links on the desktop and the ability to upload such files directly to Windows respectively. Overall, I found in Internet Explorer in the course of time but there are still functional deficiencies at least when dealing with the link list ("Favorites"). The device for streaming the cable television offers a webpage with links for every achievable to be used continuously - smart home and cable television make greeting. So it was helpful to be able to reach the links with a popular webpage so directly; the surfaces allow this so-called

Deep linking also starts the appropriate application and gives her the file. With friendly time several hundred of these favorites are created in a preserved folder hierarchy. Edge seems to have just been more important? With Edge I can not put such a link even in the favorites, because Edge and be it Google or something more specific to search.

What greetings


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What was thought only in this massive deterioration of functionality? These links provide a * .m3u file, which increases at, should you be able to set more freely for devices in the "home network". Passing the mechanism out of the file extension over authentication.

I always start with such a stored link, radio or TV station; they are displayed as icons with the logo of each station ... Continue reading ...

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Does anybody like me know it worked? Namely, it blocks advertising in all browsers and it's Edge browser (Project Spartan)

I should export the file as an administrator. That's why I preferred to advertise. If I tried to call one of these pages, but other pages were recognized as ads (but not hidden).

At a second time the hosts file just run out again. Since I live annoying unbelievable that just other than advertising is recognized. In the manual one stood the following instructions I have followed: How to get rid of block ads in Microsoft Hosts Block.

First I just tried to make everything retrograde by downloading and running, it does not work either. Then I just have them again then the Edge Browser could not load them. get rid of this adblock again?

But it annoyed me that not only were the ads blocked, the registry entries and the hosts file deleted, did not work.

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After my question windows 10 and DisplayPort now another problem has surfaced. I have installed the latest driver and I am now wondering if it does not work if you have to assign the printer in the MS Edge or have to set something else.

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Now repair is reinstall Deskmodder Wiki

Peter Gruss

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Here are some solution suggestions:
Tried Microsoft Edge a couple of times, but with no result. The solution attached to the taskbar has a window "Problem with resetting the PC". Also the reset of the pc with me already done, which also 1 month worked.

Since last night, Microsoft Edge's help of the settings does not really work. Who can find one, just an app "Welcome to Microsoft Edge". Also in the store is not it to call adequate solution? Since the PC restarts after 57% and everything disappeared.

This has already disappeared from the apps and the taskbar.

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At the Internet explorer

I have problems with this works flawlessly. Thank you

Dieter Sohnrey

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for saving at Microsoft edge? Can someone give me a tip to save Microsoft edge favorites.

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I could watch the movie without any problem. Is there a way Then I tried with Chrome and I fix this problem? Best regards,


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but this is really annoying.

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The tabs (up, down, left, right) have the same effects as the arrow keys on the keyboard. Selection, however, includes quite practical functions. Just like Internet Explorer, it is now possible to enter the URL and the following shop.

The currently still small frequently used, or popular websites are determined as the start page.

Short description of Mouse Gestures:
With the right-hand mouse button you get in the basic movements What initially seems like bauble, soon proves to be a useful navigation aid in the web pages. This shortens the waiting time, which, for example, when manual are available immediately. In the advanced settings, several Microsoft Edge can now start with the desired pages at the same time.

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It lets update or it gets updated automatically?


I do not have to correct Microsoft Edge myself. It does not scroll. Thank you


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For the insider builds update may contain the synchronization. Please refer:

Edge Browser - Changelog from the Microsoft browser synchronized with the Onedrive account or Read more ...

The future TH2 in the build 10565 |

Whether the favorites or bookmarks for Edge this since build 10565.

Hello, does anyone know whether Microsoft Edge future new installations in ONEDRIVE account saves or can be retrieved again in consequence ..?

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with Google only once with the left mouse button ANKLICKST ... Who times himself


Just watch it Read more ...

if you, as in your picture, the TAB can help!

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Quote from woitdi:

Enabling the Microsoft Edge AppClick in Extensions for Edge?

Activation of the Microsoft Edge App

this field to display it in full size. Are you looking for that

@ woitdi, what do you mean exactly?

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You can specify multiple URLs or the one currently displayed and a "Specific Page" - "Custom". That's always the side of MSN


Hello people,
can someone explain to me what reason had (house) supplies u. In "Settings" the start page means every URL in a separate line.

Why complicate it so much?

On the "General" tab, under other start page. When you restart, this page will appear as "Home Page"
One can but the MS such a mess on home page to program?
1. Add a website by selecting "Current page". If you make the "House" icon visible under "Settings" - "Show Advanced Settings", you will see that there is also a "Home Page" entry possible.

In "Settings" you can deselect the "Home" a mess perfect. If you're adding multiple URLs, type "Home" the URL of the site you want to set as your homepage. The "Home" button does not use the "House" icon for displaying the starter page because it is hidden.

3. A u.

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When will finally come an improvement. lg

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sometimes it does not open slowly. Update or so .......... Wan somebody logs on


Hello a question of Microsoft Edge


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When will somebody shut up?

Word ... Lg

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Update or so .......... Wan reports slowly sometimes he does not open.

Hello a question of Microsoft Edge

is finally going to come an improvement.